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We recommend picking one you are familiar with. But I do agree on using only 1, 6, and 11 cause they don't overlap with each other. Am I doing anything wrong? The modem becomes invisible at that point for most purposes. If the port forward did not go through or you are simply too confused, we recommend using our awesome Port Forwarding Software. Forgotten password of Bell Home Hub Router If you have changed your password and cannot remember it, you need to reset the Bell Home Hub router to the factory settings. Our port checker does not do this.

How to login to the Bell Home Hub 1000 router interface

Bob Bob to btech Bob Bob to lowping. Fibetech to Bob Bob Bob Bob bell. Hello, 2 days ago, a Bell technician came to set up the Home Hub Previously, we had the 2wire , which worked quite fine to be frank.

The 2wire used to be in one end of the house, connected to the family desktop, and my laptop was able to get reception and rather good speeds after tweaking with some settings such as channel and power settings from my room, which is at the other end of the house I live in the ground floor of a triplex. However, ever since we got the Home Hub , the WiFi speeds have been frankly horrible.

However, from my room, even after changing the settings such as channel settings, etc, I can barely load a YouTube video at p. My download speeds have been under 1 mbps. I decided to move outside to the dining table, which is roughly in the middle of the house. While the speeds did improve to the point that I could load a page, albeit with some time , the speed still wasn't good.

Occasionally the speed would jump up to 15 mbps, but this would be only for a minute or so. After that, it would be anywhere from 0. I decided to experiment and brought the laptop to the family desktop, which is literally a few feet away from the router, and from there only was I getting the full speed. I just wanted to know if anyone else had this problem, and is this due to a faulty router?

My 2wire, which didn't even have wireless n, did a far better job than this. I'm heavily leaning on that this Hub probably is faulty, since other people seem to be happy with theirs.

I'll try that, but on my old 2wire, I actually changed the encryption to WPA2. I'd also like to point out that in terms of signal strength, it's actually pretty good. Ok well as for speeds over wifi, beyond changing the channels to see if that helps, there isn't much that can be done. There is always the potential of interference from things inside your home as well as other wireless networks in the area.

I was just stating that the 2 wire used WEP by default which would explain the difference of wifi with the new modem. Also as I do work in tech support with Bell, I know that if he does call in for support setting the modem to WEP will be the final step before he's told that wifi is not guaranteed. The steps we must follow will never never have the modem replaced for wifi issues. Even a modern cell phone can hack WEP in under 3 minutes, it should never be used. Agreed, never use WEP encryption.

Try changing the wireless to n-only and see. That should eliminate any older devices that are dragging down your wireless. I agree it can be hacked I'm just stating what our steps to be followed are. I don't write the steps! I actually set the HH to wireless n once I got it, since I'm pretty sure all the wireless devices in my home support it. Regardless, I'll try tweaking with those my 2wire ran wireless g.

Ok so I brought my laptop into my room and took this screenshot, since this is where I normally go on the internet I'm temporarily sitting at the dining table just to be able to open websites at least. While I originally thought that moving the HH itself would fix the issue, I only get the full speeds on wifi if I sit with my laptop right in front of the router itself which is connected to the desktop. That means that if I were to move it to a more central location such as here in the dining area, it's right in the middle of the house, both living room and my room are equally away from here , then both computers would be getting this measly speed.

The antenna is likely broken, you need the hh swapped. Try fixing the channel to channel 6. You should only use 1,6,11 nothing in the middle. Got it, I'll have my dad contact Bell for a replacement, and in the meantime I'll fix the channel. It's just that on my 2wire, channel 2 gave me the best performance rather than the default 6, so I thought that maybe for this one I should try different channels.

But I do agree on using only 1, 6, and 11 cause they don't overlap with each other. Did the install tech take the old 2wire with him? If you still have it, you can turn it into a wireless access point and have the same WiFi performance as before.

Bob Bob Sadly he took it, at this point I wish I just had the 2wire the whole time haha. I am trying to help with a recent bell upgrade from bell adsl 15 to bell vdsl I have this working right now through basic LAN pass-through to the ac router, but I am having a lot of trouble setting this up for bridge mode. This bypasses all the routing features of most bell modems.

The modem becomes invisible at that point for most purposes. This works with older bell modems and also the HH Disable DHCP, wi-fi, save and reboot Then set up your B1 credentials on your Asus. I called bell tech support and talk to the 2nd level support and they put that in bridge mode.

Once its in Bridge mode the blue lights on the power and wan connection will be RED and internet will be blue once your router do the pppeo authentication and the wireless will be off. It's been working great over a month now.

So no the guy above me correct before February and Bell implemented this from middle of February and this is only meant for business customers. This only can be done though remotely and only by bell tech support.

Bell introduced this to Business customers who require the bridge mode function but any Bell home hub modem can be put on bridge mode.

I see where some of you may have gotten side-tracked, but the "spanking-new asus ac router" was more in reference to the ancient "2. Ask in the Bell direct forum on DSLreports. Many times, it can relieve you from the fun of calling Bell and getting the runaround.

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