What’s the Next Bitcoin? 5 Cryptocurrencies Which Could Unseat the King

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Will Dogecoin Replace Bitcoin?
Whatever her talents, they do not include leadership. Ethereum, which is kind of like Bitcoin but slightly nerdier and more complicated, edged up against Bitcoin in its daily volume earlier this month. Stellar is now counterparty to a currency. Karpeles rewrote the entire code, so Mr. The market mechanism will then see entrepreneurs build payment processor companies. But Kelly Sims, a spokesperson for Stripe, has since been in touch.


The Race to Replace Bitcoin

Part of every block reward released during the Dash mining process goes into a development fund for the Dash team. This dynamic earns the developers millions of dollars every year with which to better their crypto and hire a full-time staff for the purpose of doing just that. IOTA is a crypto unlike any other; literally.

Tangle is highly scalable and lets transactions be facilitated without the need for fees. The impressive possibilities of an IOTA-powered future, then, makes this idiosyncratic crypto one to keep a close on eye from here on out.

Litecoin has many of the perks of Bitcoin, while having other advantages over BTC like faster and cheaper transactions. Litecoin is also headed up by Charlie Lee; a brilliant developer in his own right who has a great deal of respect in the crypto space. If he continues to make Litecoin into an excellent all-around crypto and if other projects take hits , Litecoin become a dominant force in the market.

Obviously, a great number of things would have to happen first for LTC to hit 1. But this is life, and life can end up being stranger than fiction in many cases. But make no mistake: The coins mentioned in this piece are extremely promising crypto projects that will surely be game-changes in the years ahead. Perhaps Ethereum will be the 1 crypto one day.

But one thing is known for sure. Peaster is a cryptocurrency journalist and copy-editor based out of El Paso, Texas. He's an avid fan of Ethereum, ERC tokens, and smart contracts in general. All content on Blockonomi. The opinions expressed in this Site do not constitute investment advice and independent financial advice should be sought where appropriate.

The Tangle VS Blockchain is definitely a very interesting take. IOTA seems be tackling future problems that others are beginning to run into, and I believe this is putting them in a good position for People are starting to take notice.

Fee-less in a space where every other coin charges a transaction fee is huge. Five years ago Saint Satoshi penned a brilliant idea. This idea was given freely to us. It has since fostered an arena where programmers cooperate, collaborate and compete to build viable alternatives. The latest entrant is Dogecoin. Dogecoin began life as a sarcastic remark on Twitter: It has spread primarily through tipping on Reddit.

Dogecoin is a variation of the Bitcoin source code that, like Litecoin, uses Scrypt. However, with Dogecoin, the technical aspects are less interesting than the social. The technical aspects are familiar.

The marketing, based on a popular meme series, is novel. It has touched a nerve. Its value has soared and recently corrected. In a short space of time it has captured a large amount of value and the scenes imagination. Despite this flying start Dogecoin is still just a puppy. Its future is uncertain. Of course, the same can be said for all alts and Bitcoin too, albeit to a lesser extent.

For now Dogecoin has been most successful in holding a mirror up to the community. Dogecoin will be used as a conduit for a deeper analysis of how decentralised crypto-currency arrived at this point in history. It is the original. All others spring from it. It is the base currency on exchange, with a multi-billion dollar market cap. It is the yardstick by which we measure the overall health of the space.

Dogecoin is the newest alt on the scene. It started life as a joke on social media. It takes a light-hearted approach to otherwise serious issues of value, finance and liberty. It is an unashamedly jolly prankster.

Dogecoin is a jester. The two are seemingly worlds apart. But are they really so different? They are, after-all, the same core technology. Branding and marketing are where they diverge. Peter Schiff and Erik Voorhees debated the viability of crypto-currency this November. During the discussion Schiff questioned whether Bitcoin would endure: In response Voorhees pointed to the years and billions spent building the necessary infrastructure and architecture around Bitcoin.

A few cool ones support microfinance, build virtual worlds and prevent identity theft. No, but it's the best one. Most other cryptocurrencies provide an alternative to Bitcoin without adding any real reason to switch. Ethereum is the only one that comes with a totally different set of advantages because of its smart contract.

The cryptocurrency Zerocash is the most persuasive alternative besides Ethereum, Bunz said. Its innovation is improving the privacy of transactions, since Bitcoin transactions are public on the blockchain ledger. If something were to go wrong with Ethereum's smart contract, it could be really bad.

The program wouldn't just crash — it could wipe away money with no way to get it back, since an if: There's also the general volatility of Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. During a recent three-day stretch in March, the price of Ether doubled and has been all over the place since.

Ethereum's main quality at the moment is its potential. Cryptocurrency believers say that the technology could, well, replace Uber and, theoretically, a variety of other services. We're using cookies to improve your experience.

So what is Ethereum?

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