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Changing DNS on Android without Root

How to Change DNS on Android (3G/4G Root & Without Root Methods)
It is very simple and easy to use. May 21, at The correct syntax of setifdns is: April 23, at It seems like either DNS set elsewhere, or all are forwarded hijacked as soon the network is mobile. But, If you are a smart user of a smartphone, You probably have felt the necessity of it.

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DNS and Mobile VPNs

The reason is as described here: This thread also describes why system properties are being ignored. Sadly, it may be impossible to do as of right now, however, it is possible to try DNS Changer.

This may work if you are rooted, but there are no guarantees. It tends to work out very well for these type of issues right here. If none of this works, keep looking for answers. A good site for things like this is XDA Developers. They tend to have many answers on things for Android. I'm on KitKat Cyanogenmod 11, meaning I'm rooted by default.

Despite that I can only report failure:. I would only see what I've configured. However what getprop reports me, is still not what's truly doing the resolving. It seems like either DNS set elsewhere, or all are forwarded hijacked as soon the network is mobile. Is it another dirty way to provide carriers with a tool to demolish network neutrality? In your case your question was because of that.

I encountered the same problem today, and thanks to Transfusion. I tried to develop an app " DNS forwarde r" to work it out. It does not change dns server on system, but forward dns queries to another server. Hope it can help other as well. Currently I don't think there's any way to change your DNS on your mobile data. But if your phone is rooted you can use apps like Set DNS.

It will bring two more settings. Here, You can set any DNS server addresses you prefer. Suppose, You want to use google DNS. You can type 8. You can now reconnect to wifi This is the way to tweak DNS settings without any third-party app in your android phone.

Now, Open it and tap on the option under choose a DNS provider. You can select any of them. Usually, You can visit: There you should see the options to set DNS addresses. Now, Reconnect to the internet and visit this page: Your internet is safer, faster …..

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