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How to Set Up VPN on Your Router – Part 1
Fixed problems with 1. SecaGuy 21 March Reply. Add " MPPE required, but kernel has no support. If you want to tunnel your internet traffic through the PPTP connection you need to configure routing for it: Scroll down to United Kingdom and select. Upgrade to pptpconfig, and start it by typing pptpconfig. SecaGuy 9 April Reply.

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Install VPN PPTP Server on CentOS 6

You must add rules to your firewall to allow connections to and from this interface as well as through your existing public interface to make the PPTP connection.

The below rules open all traffic on the new pptp interface using iptables. You may need to change this once the connection has been tested to increase security. Finally you will need to start your PPTP client connection. See my script on automatically detecting a disconnect and restarting the PPTP client connection.

This guide does not work, no errors just no vpn, wget http: This guide instructs you how to access resources on a remote network. If you want to tunnel your internet traffic through the PPTP connection you need to configure routing for it:. For more advanced features our Dedicated VPN service adds increased security and anonymity on to your existing internet connection. Jack Smith 27 March Reply. Hi, what is logicial module required before installing vpn server on centos 6.

Init complete, entering main loop Apr 7 Maximum of connections reduced to 6, not enough IP addresses given Apr 7 Manager process started Apr 7 Maximum of 6 connections available Apr 7 Martin 8 April Reply. Your logs is not explaining much on pptpd: Maximum of 6 connections available. SecaGuy 9 April Reply. Hi, i have a doubt. Localip and remoteip, and eth0 my vpn has 2 ip address venet0: How do i need to setup the local y remote ip and also for this command what should i use?

Albert 10 April Reply. You may need to replace eth0 to venet0 on the iptables command. Double confirm this with your server provider if u want to proceed. SecaGuy 10 April Reply. Header V3 DSA signature: Chris 14 April Reply. SecaGuy 16 April Reply. Thanks for the great guide! I have setup a VPN server using this, but am having troubles connecting to it. Below is the print out of my log file. It looks like the issue is the read is returning zero.

What would this indicate? Using interface ppp0 Apr 16 The synchronous pptp option is NOT activated Apr 16 Received Outgoing Call Reply. Closing connection shutdown Apr 16 Closing connection call state Apr 16 Modem hangup Apr 16 Withdrawing workstation service for ppp0. Invalid argument Apr 16 Could not open control connection to 9.

Call manager exited with error Patrick 17 April Reply. SecaGuy 18 April Reply. The public network eth1 is 9. The private network eth0 is Patrick 18 April Reply.

Anup 2 May Reply. Then the system will remind your what library is lacked, e. However, I recommend you to install one complete CentOS that you will not suffer this kind of trouble. While connecting from Windows7 i get Anup 3 May Reply. SecaGuy 6 May Reply. I have done everything to the rules, I can connect to the pptpd fine, the logs look fine too. But for some reason I cannot browse, MTU has been set to and the iptables has been configured too.

The only thing I can view is the httpd client of the main ip of the server. John 9 May Reply. John 10 May Reply. Eric 8 September Reply. Can you explain me what they represent?

The LAN is set to bbb. So, in that scenario, can you explain me how to set localip and remoteip? I get this error and cannot proceed: Table does not exist do you need to insmod? Rick 18 May Reply. You can comment net. Are you using OpenVZ or virtuozzo? You might need to enable the module first as refer to here: SecaGuy 18 May Reply. This is what I have tested: He gave me a dynamic domain name like testxxxx. This is what now I want to do: Now what I want to do is setup the Centos6 server as a client to his vpn server and stay always connected.

So I need to set it up as a client and I am guessing I do not need the pptpd daemon installed or running. I have installed and verified the following:. The centos server will only allow connection from my public IP so I will add a firewall rule.

And allow all traffic between me and him. When I am offsite or traveling overseas, I will add my IP and continue to do the same. KK 21 May Reply. I need to give pptp ability too. Mihai 15 June Reply. Sam 26 July Reply. Vlad 28 July Reply. Specifically the error is: The remote connection was not made because the attempted VPN tunnels failed.

The VPN server might be unreachable. Steve Jobs 18 August Reply. Anup 13 September Reply. When I connect to CentOS pptpd server from Windows7 client, after some time it disconnects automatically. Sent bytes, received bytes. Anup 1 October Reply. You may refer this page for explanation: SecaGuy 1 October Reply. I can make a connection to the server and i registered to the network. Seems to be a DNS problem. Liam 8 October Reply. Boon 19 October Reply. Deep Saha 20 November Reply.

To open port, you may need to use iptables rules: SecaGuy 20 November Reply. I can run this command: Matt 23 November Reply. The easiest way to get router based VPN working is to use a router which already has a VPN client available as part of the firmware that came with it. If you find you need to get a new router to get VPN working, this is a solid choice. There are two setup options explained in this two part post, a basic one below and a more advanced one covered in part 2.

This is relatively easy to get working and should be accessible to most people. The advanced setup involves installing custom Tomato firmware on your router. There are two main advantages to the advanced setup. If you are using a different router or VPN provider, your setup will be different although the basic idea will be the same. The default router IP address is The remaining settings should be set as follows.

This will bring you to the PPTP setup page with your personalised login details. Note that your password for PPTP is different from your normal login password for added security.

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