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Silicon Valley
Richard initially reverses the decision, but after Erlich elaborates during a meeting about Pied Piper's direction causing Peter to continue funding, Richard permanently appoints him on the board. Gavin leaves Palo Alto and goes to Tibet. Retrieved May 21, Dinesh and Gilfoyle procrastinate on new hires, and Benson hires all 63 distributed-systems developers in the valley. Richard offers Belson the whole company, saying that he is the one person with the vision and expertise to achieve a new internet. Emily Chang appears as herself, interviewing various characters. Erlich Bachman 38 episodes, Suzanne Cryer

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But the rest of his spoiled, dysfunctional family are making his job unbearable. In the high-tech gold rush of modern Silicon Valley, the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success. A comedy partially inspired by Mike Judge's own experiences as a Silicon Valley engineer in the late s. Written by Home Box Office. With the Silicon Valley now finding a Hollywood-like atmosphere in the way it's viewed, the entertainment industry's focus on Silicon Valley and it's unique lifestyle and culture is somewhat new and has yet to find it's equilibrium of representation between the reality of the innovation happening there and the bizarre, comedy ammunition that lies in some of the more eccentric aspects.

Mike Judge's Silicon Valley is a damn good start. It's witty and scathing, and takes an sarcastic approach to it with an outsider's eye. Of course, Mike Judge is no outsider, having worked in Palo Alto during the late 80's, and his disdain for it's people and culture shows. What makes the series work is that Judge is able to focus on all the small, ridiculous things that have become such an icon of the culture.

As a native, I can say that the show does exaggerate a lot of things, but it also gets a lot right. If you've seen Judge's other work, then you will quickly see how well this fits in. With Beavis and Butthead, we got a critique about the stupidity and waste of a generation, with King of the Hill, we got a look at Judge's insight into Texas culture and the ideologies of an American culture trying to cope with the changes of a modern world, and here we have a completely new sub-culture that Judges dives head first into.

The show most certainly has it's falls, but I was hard pressed to find them as I was too busy laughing most of the time throughout. I may have a skewed view of the show, with me observing this through a filter of the real Silicon Valley, in all it's great and weirdness.

But in general, this bites down hard in the most hilarious way on a truly unique and fairly bizarre place in the world.

And you don't even have to know the technobabble being spit out. I do think HBO has another winner here. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! There was an error trying to load your rating for this title.

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Follows the struggle of Richard Hendricks, a Silicon Valley engineer trying to build his own company called Pied Piper. Thomas Middleditch , T. Jack Black on Jack Black. David's films he wants to watch.

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Can't-Miss Moments From the Emmys. The Night's Biggest Snubs and Surprises. Learn more More Like This. Billions TV Series Robot TV Series Atlanta TV Series House of Cards — Westworld TV Series Barry TV Series Ballers TV Series Homeland TV Series Stranger Things TV Series Black Mirror TV Series Arrested Development TV Series Edit Cast Series cast summary: Richard Hendricks 46 episodes, Josh Brener Bertram Gilfoyle 46 episodes, Kumail Nanjiani Dinesh Chugtai 46 episodes, Amanda Crew Big Head is given a massive office and an assistant, but suspiciously no responsibilities, while Davis Bannercheck, a pioneer of robotics, is named the other Co-head Dreamer and leads operations at the lab.

Richard is suffering from night sweats , a result of stress that could lead to bedwetting. He searches for office space , to separate work and life and accommodate for growth.

The team tours an office neighboring a modeling agency , leading Dinesh to suggest leasing it. Richard asks the team to begin setting up servers , but Pied Piper has been blacklisted from major hosting providers due to pressure from Hooli.

Gilfoyle notes that the providers would eventually be unable to meet their needs and suggests building their own servers, requiring the money for the office lease, so the team stay in Bachman's house. The parts delivery draws suspicions from neighbor Noah, who threatens to report their zoning violation after a mistake by Dinesh temporarily cuts power to the neighborhood.

He backs down after Bachman and Richard discover he is illegally keeping ferrets and leases his guest house to Jared. Hooli launches Nucleus by using it to broadcast a major mixed martial arts UFC event. The demo fails miserably. Pied Piper use the opportunity to show off their technology by partnering with Homicide energy drink , owned by a former classmate of Erlich's, and broadcasting a publicity stunt.

Dinesh and Gilfoyle notice that Blaine, the stunt driver, has miscalculated his ramp speed and will likely be killed attempting the stunt. Blaine arrogantly refuses to listen to their concerns. Belson, caught short by the Nucleus failure, worries that he has surrounded himself with sycophants who only tell him what he wants to hear.

Gilfoyle and Dinesh debate the morality of letting Blaine kill himself performing the stunt. Later, Blaine comes in to apologize and sees the SWOT analysis they performed posted on the wall, becoming highly offended. Richard discovers that Homicide omitted the Pied Piper logo from the broadcast and the partnership falls apart.

Already set up, Richard agrees to broadcast a live stream of a condor egg. The Homicide stunt is broadcast with the logo of End Frame, the rival company that tricked the group into revealing their algorithm. End Frame responds that since they have a finished platform and a sales team, that ultimately they will beat Pied Piper. Gavin Belson holds a board meeting to discuss the failure of the launch of their Nucleus product. He then meets with the engineers and begs them to come up with something new and radical.

Russ Hanneman informs Richard and Erlich that due to bad investments he is no longer a billionaire and now Pied Piper must come up with a way to become profitable. Gilfoyle obtains the details of End Frame's service contract with Intersite, a porn company. Big Head meets with Belson to explain some exciting new technology, but adds that it won't be available until their grandchildren's time.

The episode ends with Pied Piper and End Frame being brought to Intersite offices for a "bake off" to determine who will get the contract.

Belson urges restraint on Nucleus publicity at a board meeting, without admitting the project's difficulties. Belson realizes that he may need a scapegoat , and convinces Bannercheck to return to Hooli and head Nucleus. However, he quits as soon as he assesses the project. Richard learns that Seth Lee, End Frame's network security engineer, was fired, presumably over Gilfoyle breaching their security.

Feeling guilty, Richard tries to console Seth, who threatens to hack Pied Piper for revenge. Richard is worried and Dinesh warns that Richard has admitted to being a " black hat " and needs to be careful. Richard makes peace with Seth, but when he says Gilfoyle was unconcerned Seth feels insulted and renews his threats.

Pied Piper begins transferring data from Intersite for the bake-off. Hanneman arrives to celebrate and stressed Richard becomes angry at his interruption and shouts at him. They conclude that Seth is behind it though Gilfoyle can't figure out how; eventually they find that Hanneman had put a tequila bottle down on the delete key of a laptop. Intersite angrily dismiss Pied Piper. Big Head finds a prototype Nucleus phone left by the " brogrammers " and, stunned at how bad it is, provides it to Richard for helping him advance at Hooli.

To prevent the press from learning about the phone, Belson drops the lawsuit in favor of binding arbitration. Pied Piper are represented by Pete Monahan, who works cheap as he was disbarred due to suspected sex crimes. During discovery , Monahan learns that Richard had used a Hooli computer to run a single test of Pied Piper, and by his employment contract Hooli thus owns the rights to Pied Piper. Hooli's lawyers try to build up Big Head as the modest genius who invented Pied Piper.

However, a slip by Bachman leads Hooli to realize that the "girlfriend" Richard had "dropped off at the Apple store " was actually his laptop. Hooli calls Richard as a witness, and he admits that he used a Hooli computer.

Meanwhile, the museum providing the video of the condor egg decides to remove the camera due to low viewership, but the technician taking it down falls and becomes trapped with the camera in a ravine. Viewership of the feed spikes while the team awaits the results of the arbitration. Erlich questions the value of his incubator and considers selling until he learns the house would be demolished. The video feed of the injured technician goes viral, forcing Gilfoyle, Dinesh, Jared and Erlich to scramble; despite a fire and other setbacks, they keep the feed online until the technician is rescued.

The arbitration judge rules that per Richard's employment contract Hooli would own Pied Piper's intellectual property. Richard then instructs the team to delete Pied Piper's code before Hooli can seize it. However, the judge continues that Hooli's claim is nullified by an illegal non-compete clause and Richard, whose phone runs out of battery, races to the incubator to prevent the deletion.

He arrives too late but the deletion program crashes before any damage is done. Word spreads at Hooli, where over half of the employee contracts are invalid. Belson is called to meet with Hooli's board of directors.

Big Head's promotions lead Denpok to begin mentoring him. Meanwhile, Raviga buys out Hanneman's stake in Pied Piper, making him a billionaire again, and securing three of five board seats. After failing to convince the board of directors to keep him on as Pied Piper CEO instead of demoting him to Chief Technology Officer, Richard threatens to quit and sue to regain his intellectual property. Richard meets with a company called Flutterbeam that wants to hire him as CTO.

However, disappointed at how banal the project assigned to him would be, he rejects the offer and decides to stay with Pied Piper. Meanwhile, at Hooli, Belson discovers that the now invalid employment contracts would allow him to fire affected employees without severance and take back unvested stock options. Richard meets with the sales team at Pied Piper and realizes that plans for the platform are business-facing instead of consumer-facing. Referring to his experience of the Dot-com bubble , Jack explains to Richard that they need to make profit fast, and promises that he would never compromise the product, later explaining that by "product" he means the company's stock value.

Richard tells the sales team what he wants the platform to be, but they want to remove Richard's features so it will be easier to sell to businesses. Later, the sales team show Richard a commercial for the product, and it's exactly what Richard does not want it to be.

Meanwhile, Jared plans to move back into his condo, but the tenant refuses to leave or pay rent; as Erlich explains how difficult it is to evict a tenant, Jian-Yang decides not to accept the end of his own lease. At Hooli, Belson suggests to the engineers to alter the company's search algorithm so it doesn't display any negative stories about Nucleus, Hooli or himself.

The Nucleus team crack the middle-out compression shortly before their contracts expire, and decide to take this knowledge with them. Appalled by this prospect, Richard continues to push for a platform instead of the box appliance, but Jack refuses. Gilfoyle quits and begins to receive several job offers and gifts from recruiters. In an attempt to have Jack's decision reverted, Richard meets with Laurie who agrees with Richard's vision but is reluctant to fire a recently appointed senior CEO.

In one of his job interviews, Gilfoyle learns that Endframe has hired two of the coders from Hooli, who cracked Richard's middle-out algorithm.

Gilfoyle reports this to Pied Piper and they decide on a Skunkworks project: Jared refers to Meinertzhagen's Haversack , cautioning everyone to act inconspicuously, and to destroy all traces of their conspiracy.

However, upon entering their office space the next morning, Richard trips, and incriminating documents which he had meant to shred are spread all over the floor and brought to Jack's attention.

Jack threatens to fire the team for developing the platform, but needs them to deliver a prototype box to Maleant. The team agrees to create a basic functioning box, after which they can create the platform. However, the team are unable to deliver a lesser product and their box exceeds all competitors.

Meanwhile, Erlich searches for a new incubator prospect and discovers that Big Head has a nine-bedroom mansion where he hosts tenants for a share of their startups. Erlich talks Big Head into a partnership. In a board meeting on Maleant's box deal, Monica notices that it includes exclusive rights which would prevent launching the platform for five years. Laurie backs Jack's deal as the platform does not have proven value, but Monica votes against the deal and delays it.

However, by setting a price point on middle-out compression, Belson valued Pied Piper's platform well above the Maleant deal, and the team gain Laurie's backing. She fires Jack for undermining her and leaves the CEO position open, giving the team approval to work on the platform.

Jack spent almost all of Pied Piper's funding, and they won't get another instalment until delivering the finished platform. They close the office, fire employees, and return to Erlich's incubator. Erlich drafts a partnership agreement for Bachmanity, which gives him control of Big Head's assets while retaining his Pied Piper shares.

Cantwell, after meeting with Raviga's PR head. She will only kill the story if he brings her a better one, which he gets from Big Head: Laurie confides to Monica that she was wrong to remove Richard as CEO and plans to reinstate him after going through the motions of a search so that the decision is perceived as being well considered. Richard is reappointed CEO. The team hires an engineering team of outsourced coders working remotely from around the world, at a faction of the local cost.

Erlich throws a lavish Hawaiian-themed party at Alcatraz to launch Bachmanity while Big Head is concerned of losing his Hooli severance money for violation of his non-disclosure agreement. Meanwhile, Richard starts dating Winnie, a coder for Facebook. Gilfoyle and Dinesh notice that Winnie uses spaces instead of tabs for coding, a technique which, they tell her, Richard despises.

When she reveals this to him, Richard falsely denies it and turns the relationship sour. Dinesh flirts via video chat with Elizabet, one of Pied Piper's outsourced coders who lives in Estonia , but when he finally reveals himself she mentions her "boyfriend", while Gilfoyle mocks him.

During the party, which Erlich dubbed "Bachmanity Insanity", Sasha, the party manager, tells Bachman that the supplier's checks have bounced. Right before the big speech, Clayman informs him that Bachmanity has gone broke. Erlich and Big Head's firm, Bachmanity, is unable to pay its debtors following its million-dollar luau. Pied Piper anticipates an early launch following good rapport from their selective beta launch.

One of the beta testers is revealed to be a Hooli spy when Gilfoyle adds a "God view" allowing them to pinpoint users' geographic locations. Erlich considers selling some of his Pied Piper shares to Laurie to settle the debts. Gilfoyle sends a compressed virus that destroys Belson's phone and laptop, and he shuts down power to the Hooli campus in fear of further damage.

The principal recently re-hired developers of Nucleus resign, leaving the Hooli rebuild of Nucleus in a hiatus state. Gilfoyle decommissions "Anton", his server, while getting flak from Dinesh about his best friend being a piece of hardware.

After a meeting with Laurie, Erlich gets a call about his debts being erased. Richard and team count the seconds down to the official public launch of the Pied Piper platform.

Pied Piper reaches , downloads in just 10 days, receiving significant media coverage and being hailed as the next unicorn of the tech world. Meanwhile, Belson is transitioned from CEO for spending a third of a billion dollars on Nucleus and Endframe with nothing to show for it, and Hooli begins carrying the Pied Piper app on the Hooli Store.

Laurie hosts a cocktail party to celebrate , downloads of Pied Piper's platform. Richard reveals to Monica that the number of daily active users DAU is actually very poor, something that only he and Jared know.

Realizing that their beta version was only reviewed by fellow engineers and tech-savvy users, Richard proposes introducing a series of seminars and tutorials about how to use the platform, which, ironically, is too advanced for regular users. Confronted with this, all of Pied Piper's recently employed staff quits, including a customer service rep who heads for an interview at Hooli. Later, he summons the board to announce that his intention was never to develop a platform, introducing Jack Barker as Hooli Endframe's new director and their new product: The board reinstates Belson as CEO.

Facing Pied Piper's apparent downfall, Richard tells Jared that he will dissolve the company. The following morning, however, the number of DAUs has risen sharply. Jared secretly paid for a click farm in Bangladesh to provide DAUs to the platform.

Belson uses an elephant at a Hooli board meeting and it dies on campus. He fires his assistant Patrice for opposing its secretive disposal, and she contacts Cantwell for an expose. Richard learns of Jared's click farm operation, which Dinesh and Gilfoyle made undetectable. Erlich promotes Pied Piper and attracts a significant investment from venture capitalists Coleman Blair Partners. Jared discourages Richard from signing a deal based on fraudulent data, which Richard reveals to Erlich and Coleman Blair.

Erlich is furious that Pied Piper has lost credibility to investors. Due to the scandal, Raviga offers its interest for sale to the highest bidder. Monica, having been fired from Raviga for opposing Laurie, joins the team, which ultimately realizes that their video chat app, a side project by Dinesh, is considerably better than Hooli's.

Pied Piper officially pivots to PiperChat, a video chat app created by Dinesh, which is steadily gaining users and is superior to all competitors. However, the team is unable to gain funding due the scandal of their click farm upticks and demise of the compression platform. After clashing with Dinesh and Gilfoyle over the development of the app and attempting to gain investment from Hanneman, Richard realizes that he can't be the CEO of a project he doesn't believe in.

Just as the team prepares to replace him with Big Head, he quits his position and signs over his equity in exchange for use of his algorithm and the Pied Piper brand in the pursuit of a more ambitious goal: Belson becomes irked that Jack diverts the plane for his own convenience while lying about it, and "promotes" Jack by assigning him a position at a desk in Hooli's data center, deep underground. PiperChat gathers attention from investors and a steady stream of daily active users DAUs , while Richard keeps working on his "new internet" project.

Richard finds that Dinesh has blocked him from PiperChat's data repository, violating a verbal agreement. A sympathetic Big Head gives him his login access, and Richard learns that a third of PiperChat's users are children, since the app's terms of service never included parental permission. Meanwhile Barker has an apparent positive reaction to his demotion to the data center underground, but Belson thinks he is up to something and seeks to spy on his video chat sessions.

Since Barker uses PiperChat, with unbreakable encryption, Belson determines to acquire the company. He accuses Dinesh of stealing Hooli Chat's tech and threatens lawsuits, demanding he sign over the company — without a legal assessment.

Dinesh does so, having decided to shut it down. During Jian-Yang's pitch, venture capitalists suggest a better idea — " Shazam for food" — which Erlich seizes upon as SeeFood. He hires Dinesh and Gilfoyle to help write a demo. Monica tricks Ed Chen into making a sight-unseen offer, but she is later put in charge of the investment. Big Head applies to Stanford University ; he is rejected for enrolment, but the admissions officer invites him to be a guest lecturer based on his name recognition and executive experience.

Dinesh dates hacker Mia, who is impressed with how he unloaded a toxic company on Belson; they share a hatred for Gilfoyle. Meanwhile, Richard learns from Monica that Peter Gregory worked on a decentralized Internet, and gains access to his archives. He finds Gregory came to the same conclusions, but a patent was placed on the idea, one of the earliest owned by Hooli.

Richard sets out to meet Belson. Gavin is initially reluctant to build Richard's idea, but agrees as it will let him get revenge on Hooli and Barker. Knowing that the guys would never work for Gavin, he assembles a team from outside the incubator to build the platform, but adds Gilfoyle and Jared who admit they want to be in the team.

Jian-Yang tests his SeeFood app, but it only recognizes if something is a hot dog or not. To build a database by manually checking thousands of food pictures, Erlich convinces Big Head to make his students do it as an assignment — instead of watching technology-related movies. However, they meet with Coleman Blair Partners and create their own food-based app, beating SeeFood to market.

Considering it worthless, Erlich trades his equity for a Corvette Jian-Yang bought with the rest of Raviga's initial funding money. Dinesh is brought into Periscope where his main duty is scrubbing pictures of penises from the Internet.

Also, Gilfoyle makes Dinesh paranoid that Mia is a cyber stalker. Richard presents the business plan for the decentralized internet project, wanting a discreet launch beginning with a free compression app which will accumulate decentralized storage space on users' devices.

Bryce, a jock who regularly donates blood to Belson, influences Belson to rethink the strategy. Richard and Jared warn Bryce not to interfere with their company. Belson demands that Richard apologizes, and he visits Bryce, eventually discovering that he actually consumes marijuana and sugary snacks and is not as healthy as Belson believes.

When Monica tries to warn her, Laurie says she knew about it and rewards Monica's loyalty with an invitation to be her partner on a new VC firm, as she had planned to exit Raviga with a number of investors.

Dinesh is paranoid about Mia and doesn't have the courage to break up with her, so turns her in to the FBI for hacking access to the elevators at the Freedom Tower in New York City. Bryce gets a deal for a tell-all book about Belson who decides to leave Palo Alto, leaving Richard with ownership of the decentralized internet patent but no funding.

After a disturbing encounter with Hanneman, who urinates inside Erlich's Corvette, Richard abandons searching for investors and tries to pre-sell cloud storage from their projected service.

Meanwhile, testing a prototype app, Dinesh and Gilfoyle's personal data is swapped onto each other's phones, leading to a tense standoff. While trying to prove he is still relevant, Erlich inadvertently crashes a meeting with Keenan Feldspar, an up-and-coming VR wiz, and brings him to Laurie and Monica's new firm, Bream-Hall, as leverage to get a job.

Pied Piper's space saver app reaches the top utility apps on the Hooli store. This makes them a target for elderly lawyer Stewart Burke who lives off royalties ; he bought patents from a failed startup and is working his way up the list seeking settlements.

Hendricks turns the tables by threatening Burke's copyright claims to gain a perpetual license. Bachman returns half of his finder's-fee for Feldspar for a salaried position at Bream-Hall. To network with his rivals, he accepts an invitation to a basketball game not realizing he is expected to play; he breaks his leg while trying to install a practise hoop.

Gilfoyle uses Anton to hack Jian-Yang's annoying smart fridge. Keenan Feldspar put a rider in his contract so he can leave Breem-Hall if Erlich does.

Due to a cold snap and consequent insurance claims, FGI has unexpected data processing requirements and the team faces a huge bill from their storage provider. Needing another client, they pitch to Feldspar. Dinesh and Gilfoyle are sucked into his VR project which they improve with middle-out compression. Feldspar gets the money by pitching his improved VR to another firm, receiving triple Breem-Hall's advance, and convincing Erlich to quit.

Monica warns Richard that Feldspar's VR tech is a bloated demo that can never be fully realized, which he is hyping for quick money. She promises to fund their series A round if they can implement the decentralized internet project on a sufficient number of smartphones. Feldspar sells his company to Hooli, the only other company with middle-out compression, as Barker's box2 faced setbacks and he desperately needs something to showcase at the upcoming Hooli-Con tech conference.

Erlich is left out of Hooli deal with nothing to show for it. Needing , new users, the team head to Hooli-Con, following Mia's advice for a plan to mask their app as part of the Hooli download for free wifi at the event.

Dinesh and Gilfoyle strategically place routers for maximum interception coverage; Hoover, Hooli's head of security, is suspicious and warns Barker who rebukes him for the distraction. Richard sabotages the screen saver of Winnie's new boyfriend, who reports it and triggers a response team which discovers some of the routers.

The Pied Piper team attempt a workaround but are caught, and Jared is outraged at Richard for risking everything on something so petty. Pied Piper gain sufficient installs. However, Barker and Feldspar's keynote is a mobile demo of HooliVR, which causes a number of phones in the auditorium to explode. Erlich finds an invitation addressed to Richard and company from Belson.

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