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How to Configure Windows 8 VPN
Windows 8 also comes with a new feature " File History " which automatically saves copies of your selected files so you can restore them if they're lost or damaged. DirectAccess enables your PC to remotely and seamlessly connect to your workplace network whenever your PC is connected to the Internet, no matter your location. Registration reports can include the information you provide in the Add Word dialog box about the words being reported, and the software version number for an IME. Microsoft has released Windows 8. This can include settings such as name, account picture, and browser history. Windows SmartScreen helps keep your PC safe by checking files and apps with Microsoft before you open or run them to help protect you from potentially unsafe files and apps. Once installed, the app can use your mobile broadband hardware IDs.

How to see hidden files in Windows 8

Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Privacy Statement

How to uninstall remove picture from windows 8. How to delete a administrator account on windows 8. How to active user in repair windows 8. How to add user to multiple user groups windows 8.

How to limit a user on a computer via administrator in windows8. No local users and groups in computer management in windows 8. Delete all guest users from this laptop window 8 series? How to delete windows 8. I deleted administrator account windows 8. Computer Management local users and groups missing windows 8? How to delete user account in windows 8? How to allow a program on user on windows 8. How to delete a windows 8. Local users and groups disabled in windows 8.

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No users under computer management windows 8? How to Disable and Delete User Profiles in windows 8. Users and groups in windows 8. How do i delete other user accounts on my computer using windows 8. How to activate programs for other users in Windows 8. Delete Administrator Account Windows 8. How to remove the directory of a deleted user in windows 8. How to manage users in windows 8. How do you delete an administrator on windows 8. Manage users in Windows 8. How do i delete a user on my computer windows 8.

I want to delete a user off windows 8. How to delete administrator user account on windows 8. Local user and groups file missing win 8? How to delete file as admin in windows 8. Many respondents misunderstood what I was referring to.

There are two distinct kinds of security with SQL Server. When you see uid and pwd you're seeing the latter. The uid in this case is not a Windows principal - the OS knows nothing about it. So the answer to your question is, no , you can't pass Windows user name and password in the connection string to log in to SQL Server. You mention "impersonate and then connect" - that seems to indicate ASP.

NET - that's a totally different story again. If you impersonate, then you're basically using your Windows credentials, e. The article and point in question relates to SQL security, not integrated security. If the SQL server is set up to use integrated security only then this will not work. It will also not work to allow logging in using Windows logon credentials. In our shop, we routinely use connection strings like you describe. But your sql server database must be set up to use sql security, not windows authentication.

On the other hand, the DBA guru for our shop set me up a personal database on the main server that had integrated security with my Windows logon.

Windows 8 login screen is very simple and clean. It shows a big tile containing your user avatar along with your username and password box if you have set the password:. As soon as you login, the new Start Screen is shown which contains live tiles of all installed programs along with system tools such as Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, Desktop, etc.

You can use your mouse to scroll between tiles. A scrollbar is also shown at the bottom to scroll between tiles. If you click on your username or avatar shown at the top-right corner of Start Screen, you get a few options to change user tile, lock, log off or add new user.

In Windows 8 testing versions, Start Screen was not very customizable and you had to modify system files to change its look-n-feel. You can choose Start Screen background from a given set of images. Also you can change Start Screen color by selecting a color from given list.

If you want to set your desired wallpaper as background image of Start Screen, check out following articles:. If you don't like the new Start Screen and want to skip or bypass it at startup, check out following tutorial:.

To access Desktop, you need to click on Desktop tile given in Start Screen. Windows 8 Desktop looks similar to Windows 7 Desktop. A big difference which you'll notice is the removal of good old Start button from Taskbar. Microsoft has replaced Start button with a small Start Screen thumbnail which is shown when you move your mouse cursor to bottom-left corner of screen:.

Clicking on the thumbnail lets you go to Start Screen again. If you want to get the good old Start button and Start Menu back in Windows 8, you can check out following topic:. Actually Microsoft has introduced new hot corner feature in Windows 8 which shows Start Screen thumbnail, app switch list and Charms Bar when you move your mouse cursor to bottom-left, top-left and top-right or bottom-right corner of screen respectively.

If you don't like these new hot corner features and want to disable any or all of them, check out following article:. Since Microsoft has removed Start Menu from Windows 8, you can't select power options like restart, shut down, etc from Start Menu. You can use following tutorial to add these power options in Desktop context menu for easier access:. Windows 8 Explorer is quite similar to Windows 7 Explorer. Microsoft has added the good old " Up " button and Office style Ribbon UI to Windows 8 Explorer which allows quick access to various system tasks.

Windows Explorer in Windows 8 also shows program name and icon in titlebar. Program name is shown in the middle of titlebar. Microsoft has removed Aero glass transparency from Windows 8. You can check following topics for more info:. Without Aero glass transparency, the window borders don't look nice. You can get thin window borders in Windows 8 using a simple Registry tweak as mentioned in following tutorial:.

If you don't like ribbon UI, you can minimize the ribbon. You can also put Quick Access toolbar below the ribbon to use it like a standard toolbar as mentioned in following tutorial:.

If you want, you can disable ribbon UI and get Windows Vista and 7 style command bar back in Windows 8 Explorer using simple methods given in following article:. Windows 8 Explorer also comes with new improved file management UI. If your computer doesn't support Aero interface, Windows 8 will use Aero Lite theme by default.

You can also enable Aero glass in this new "Aero Lite" theme. Actually its a glitch in Windows 8. For more information, check out following article:. Windows 8 comes with new " Aero Auto Colorization " feature which automatically configures the color of Aero elements, like Windows Explorer windows and the taskbar based on the desktop wallpaper.

This option is available in Desktop Personalization window. As you can see Microsoft has removed " Advanced appearance settings " option from Personalization window. You can access it using following tutorial:. Windows 8 comes with new " SmartScreen " feature which automatically warns you when you try to run an unrecognized program downloaded from Internet. Windows 8 comes with a highly modified Task Manager which is really an improved version of old Task Manager. New advanced Task Manager shows more details and comes with more tabs and options.

It also allows you to direct restart Windows Explorer which was not possible in earlier Windows versions. You can get a similar Task Manager in previous Windows versions with the help of our exclusive app " Windows 8 Task Manager ". In previous Windows versions, login screen and lock screen used to same but in Windows 8 both are pretty much different.

Microsoft has added a smartphone style lock screen in Windows 8. Following is the preview of Windows 8 Lock screen:. As you can see it shows the current date, time along with network and battery status. If you want, you can change lock screen background, date and time format as mentioned in following tutorials:. How to Disable Lock Screen in Windows 8?

You can access it using Settings charm present in Charms bar. The old classic Control Panel is still accessible from My Computer window. You can also launch it by typing Control in Start Screen or Run dialog box. Windows 8 comes with a new version of Internet Explorer which is version IE10 comes with many new features, improvements and a few UI updates. You can check out following exclusive IE10 review to learn more about these new features and enhancements:.

Windows 8 also comes with a new feature " File History " which automatically saves copies of your selected files so you can restore them if they're lost or damaged. You can access this feature using Control Panel. Refresh PC option reloads Windows 8 without losing your files, photos, videos, music, etc. Its like reinstalling Windows but better than it as you don't have to worry about your documents and files. Reset PC option puts your computer back to the way it was originally.

Keep in mind, it'll remove all your files. It might come handy when you want to clean your hard disk due to virus infection, etc. Now something funny and interesting about Windows 8. It seems Microsoft has replaced the classic BSOD which was full of text with a new redesigned BSOD in Windows 8 which doesn't show advanced details but shows a sad smiley face along with a line " Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn't handle, and now it needs to restart ".

The error code is also shown below the line and it suggests you to search for the error code online:.

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