Change Country in Google Play Store Account

Second Method to Change Country in Google Play Store:

Changing country in Google Play Store
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How to Change Country/Region in Google Play Store

How to Change Country on Play Store: Your Complete Guide

The central concept here is to update your address so that you can be allowed to change your country. Update your Address in Google Payments. First, you need to open the Google Play Store on your device. On the following screen where you can see the Google Payment Center, sign into your original Google Account. After doing so, tap once again on the three-line icon on the top left corner of your Payments Center screen.

Once you are on the Settings screen, tap on the pencil icon right next to Country. Then choose your new country. Next, type your New Address and save this information by tapping on Save. In case it says error, then quit Google Play Store and perform the same steps all over again. Still, if there is an error, use a different device and perform the same steps.

Switching Countries, But Not Phones: If the methods above do not work, then you can still use Google Wallet. Proceed to Google Wallet. A Difference in Handling your Money. As you have removed the old address, proceed to the Address Book Tab.

You can see your old address there. When you see a prompt window that opens after you remove your old address, click on Accept when asked to accept terms and conditions which are specific for the new country. Locate the Google Play Store App. Then tap on Clear Data or Clear Cache. After doing this, you will now see Google Play Store matching your default country. Which One Is Right for You?

So, were any of the suggested ways help you change the country on Play Store? Do you want to add more suggestions? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. And share this post on social media as well so your friends can also benefit!

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Unlock Android devices with Cracked or Broken screen. Android App Store Alternatives. Follow the steps below to change country in Google Play Store account: Now, re-open the play store app. Now you will see the Google play store of your default payment billing country. You can open the Google Play Store in the browser without being logged in or with another google account. Then you can see all apps without limits.

So far this is the most convenient way to see apps normally. The only limit can be that the Go ogle Play Store sees your IP and makes country restrictions, but I am not sure if this really is the case.

If yes, you can use a tool to hide your IP. Tools like VPNs or anonymous browsing. Another one is at payments. When you have updated the addresses, go to your mobile to a paid app just before going further then click buy, exit google play, go to your android setting.

Application and search for google play. Go back to your google play store, now it should be working. If not then wait 30 minutes. Once you have changed the country on Google Play Store.

It is also important if you travel to some other country or you shift to a new country. I even got an email regarding the change of country of Google Play Services. If you are still facing any problem regarding how to change country in Google Play Store then let us know in the comments below. Also, share with us if you have any other trick regarding the guide above. Recover data from Broken Google Pixel 2 without 3rd party software.

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First Method to Change Country in Google Play Store:

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