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QNAP TS-212 TurboNAS
It is recommended to upload images with resolution of x pixels. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Note that the size of display logo cannot exceed 20K. Check all the settings and join AD again. This is a limitation of MAC. Re-launch process [qthttpd]" means the system restart because of Web Server's error. Turbo Station will skip backing up the files when errors are found and cannot be fixed during replication.

QNAP TS-212 TurboNAS

NAS How To

In reply to Paulies1's post on May 27, Thanks for marking this as the answer. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.

How satisfied are you with this response? This site in other languages x. Turn on the server. Make sure no disk error message is shown on the LCD panel. Login the system as administrator. Check the disk status in disk volume configuration page. When the disk volume is configured as RAID 1, the system will rebuild upon successful restart. Make sure the system works properly and no errors are displayed after rebuilding.

If the function does not work according to your settings, you may check if the following services are running. Network Share folder mapping 7. DMZ service on your router or IP 8. Twonky Media server 9. In fact, this is related to the data writing behaviour of the embedded Linux system. The write time depends on the size of the data. Once the Shortcut icons are created on the Desktop, the Internet Firewall settings can be re-enabled.

However, a popup message will appear when running the Quick Install Wizard. Agree to the popup message to continue with the detection process. For the best result, make sure you wait until the NAS Device is fully booted. Check the QNAP download page. If you see an available firmware you may need to download it and install it. Please verify first which version you have and then compare the release date.

If you are using the zooming function of Internet Explorer 7, the page may not be displayed properly. Please click F5 to refresh the page. No, for password, only English alphabets and numbers are supported.

You can use Unicode characters for user name only. Power off the NAS. Remove the HDD s 2. Power on the NAS 3. Connect to the NAS by telnet port e. Above procedure will reset the configuration back to default and then you need to reconfigure it. But all the share should be available now. Since this will format your HDD and all your data will be lost. The server name can be 14 characters long at maximum, which can contain alphabets, numbers and hyphen -. The server does not accept names with space, period.

The user name must not exceed 32 characters. It is case-insensitive and can contain double-byte characters, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean except: The password is case-sensitive and can be 16 characters long at maximum.

It is recommended to use a password of at least 6 characters. Please configure your PC to the same IP subnet, for example, If the problem persists, please contact the Qnap tech support. When you press Reset on this page, all drive data, user accounts, network shares and system settings are cleared and restored to default. Please make sure you have backed up all the important data and system settings before resetting the NAS. The following settings are reset to default: Disable Jumbo Frame d.

Please remove your hard drives from the tray. The system will use the embedded image to boot up. Use the deault ID and password to login. Certain modesl of WD hard drive take longer time for spinng up and the NAS system detect it earlier than it spins. If TS detects the hard drive earlier than it spins up, the hard drive will be identified as absence. Pull out one of the non-detected drives carefully. Keep the NAS system turned on 2. Wait for 15 seconds, and then insert the hard drive again.

The NAS should be able to detect the hard drive. The hard drive you just pushed in should be recognized and displayed on the status page. If there is still not-recognized hard drive, please repeat step 1 and 2 above. Once all the hard drives are detected, you can continue the installation.

The Wizard will guide you through the installation step by step. After the firmware is updated, the new booting mechanism will be adopted on the system and the issue can be resolved. Warning - System Update Failure Failed to update the system. Please check the web site from where you downloaded the image file for more information or contact their technical support. This is a limitation of Windows. To solve this problem, please run Command Prompt in Windows and input the command [net use].

Check if there is connection to Turbo Station. However, NTFS support read only. You may want to do this to a folder directly in C: What you just did in step 5 is; you removed the file AND folder attributes -R readonly , -A archive , -S system file,.. This setting is particularly designed for FTP clients that do not support Unicode.

If your FTP client does not support Unicode, e. If your FTP client supports Unicode, e. Check if the files can be properly displayed in Internet Explorer. The files will be encoded as Unicode UTF-8 after the torrent files are downloaded completely. If the file names are still displayed improperly after download task completes, please select the correct encoding in IE browser in Encoding under View menu.

To delete a torrent file, please use the "Delete download task" function in Download Station page instead of using Web File Manager. You can select to retain the downloaded files and delete download task, or delete both download task and downloaded files in Download Station.

For the coexisting download, we set the limitation to 10 to ensure the stability of NAS. But we suggest to have coexisting seeds at the same time for the best download performance. Update this file with the new password and everything will work again. The green light means that they are enabled. You can use the built-in antivirus or download third-party antivirus apps to protect your PCs. Steps to enable Antivirus: You can check it using the following path. We recommend disabling unneeded services to reduce the likelihood of being attacked.

We suggest that you set the two following settings to enhance the security of your Turbo NAS. Steps to make your Turbo NAS unsearchable: If you do not need to share files with others, it is better disable this service.


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