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Super Bowl XLIX halftime show
In reality, if you slow the thing down, it's Justin [Timberlake] ripping off her breastplate. Four looks on one performer is really pushing it. Having spent months working on the show, Perry wanted it to be "a whole different show" from her Prismatic World Tour , which she was still embarking on. Eli Manning , who completed 30 of 40 passes for yards, one touchdown, and no interceptions, was named Super Bowl MVP for the second time in his career. When Janet Jackson achieves a hit record, it's rare that anyone else who assisted in that hit gets name-checked in casual or written discourse. The coin toss ceremony featured the recent inductees to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


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This was the first time in NFL history a 15—1 team failed to make it past the divisional round in the playoffs. The Giants then faced the No.

After a series of defensive standoffs in the fourth quarter, the game went into overtime. Both teams continued to struggle on offense, until New York linebacker Jacquian Williams stripped the ball from San Francisco wide receiver Kyle Williams after a punt return. The Giants recovered the ball at the 49ers yard line, setting up a yard field goal attempt by Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes. Unlike Cundiff earlier that day, Tynes' kick was successful, giving the Giants a 20—17 victory.

In the divisional round, the Patriots defeated the Denver Broncos 45— The Patriots dominated the game throughout, setting new franchise postseason records for total yards , points 45 , and margin of victory Tom Brady completed 18 of 25 passes for yards and a postseason record five touchdowns in the first half.

The Patriots defense had a breakout performance: Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow was held to just 9 of 26 completions and was sacked five times. Brady was out-dueled by Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco , who threw for more yards and touchdowns on the same number of completions and attempts. Nevertheless, New England managed to take a 23—20 lead in the fourth quarter on a 1-yard run by Brady. But the Patriots managed to hold them there, with cornerback Sterling Moore breaking up two consecutive Ravens pass attempts in the red zone, including one in the end zone.

Facing fourth down, Baltimore attempted a yard field goal by kicker Billy Cundiff that would tie the game and possibly bring it to overtime. Cundiff missed the kick wide left, allowing the Patriots to advance to the Super Bowl. The Patriots, as the designated home team, had a choice of wearing their home navy blue jerseys or their white away jerseys. Briefly, there was speculation that the Patriots might wear the white away jerseys in order to switch the jerseys from Super Bowl XLII , where the Patriots wore dark blue and the Giants wore white.

Also, the Giants were 4—0 in playoff games in their white away jerseys since the season. Hospitality experts speculated that "Indianapolis will have seen the most severe hotel price gouging in Super Bowl history. The room shortage and high prices caused some attendees to plan to stay in Chicago, miles away, and ride buses to events. When I got to the team, it was always Red Sox-Yankees. Michele Tafoya was the sideline reporter.

Bob Costas and Dan Patrick who also presided over the trophy presentation ceremony hosted the pregame, halftime, and postgame coverage for NBC with Football Night in America analysts Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison and special guest analysts who were seated next to Costas during the pre-game festivities , Aaron Rodgers and Hines Ward. As part of "Operation Fake Sweep", Immigration and Customs Enforcement , along with the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York , seized and shut down sixteen websites that had provided access to pirated Internet television feeds of NFL games on February 2, in an action similar to the crackdown they had implemented the previous year.

For the first time, domains in the. With the Giants' Super Bowl win, they became the first team to win Super Bowls on 4 different networks. There has also been some conjecture regarding the possible plagiarism of Australian band John Butler Trio 's song "Zebra" by Yogurt giant Dannon.

Spokesman for the band, Tom McNamara, commented that the band was currently exploring their proprietary rights with regards to the similarity of the tune to the band's hit single. Bob Papa called the game for the Giants with Carl Banks as his analyst and Howard Cross as sideline reporter, while Gil Santos was at the microphone for the Patriots with Gino Cappelletti as analyst and Scott Zolak as sideline reporter. Santos and Cappelletti returned for their sixth Super Bowl as broadcast team for the Patriots while Papa and Banks called their third and second Super Bowls, respectively, for the Giants.

This was the first Super Bowl broadcast for the Giants not to feature longtime analyst Dick Lynch , who had retired from the team's radio booth following the season and died in The Indiana University Marching Hundred performed during the pre-game show. Husband-and-wife country musicians Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert performed " America the Beautiful " as part of the ceremonies. The coin toss ceremony featured the recent inductees to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Curtis Martin , one of the inductees, was originally selected to toss the coin, [66] but in what NESN described as "a rather awkward scene", referee John Parry ended up flipping the coin himself while Martin stood beside and watched.

Word had leaked as early as October that Madonna would be the performer for the Super Bowl halftime show , [69] with M.

The gesture was given when she appeared to sing "I don't give a shit", although it was hard to hear clearly if the expletive was said, stopped short, or cut off, as the censor unsuccessfully tried to blur the screen to cover the gesture. It broke the record for the most viewed Super Bowl halftime show ever, defeating Michael Jackson's previous record, with million viewers throughout the world.

The Patriots won the coin toss and deferred. New York opened the game with a drive to the Patriots yard line, threatening to score first. After giving up a yard reception to Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks , New England's defense stepped up to prevent a score: On third down, New England defensive end Mark Anderson sacked Manning, pushing the Giants out of field goal range and forcing a Giants' punt.

New York got a boost from punter Steve Weatherford , whose yard kick pinned the Pats back at their own 6-yard line. On the Patriots first offensive play, Tom Brady attempted a play action pass , but a heavy rush from Giants defensive lineman Justin Tuck forced a deep throw into the middle of the field, with no receiver anywhere near it. Brady was flagged for intentional grounding , and since he was in the end zone when he threw the pass the play resulted in a safety , [77] giving New York a 2—0 lead.

After receiving the free kick, New York drove 78 yards in 9 plays—including a key yard run by Ahmad Bradshaw—and increased their lead to 9—0 on Manning's 2-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Victor Cruz. New York managed to stop the drive at their own yard line, but Stephen Gostkowski kicked a yard field goal for New England's first score early in the second quarter.

The Giants punted on the next drive, then held the Patriots to a three-and-out. When New York's next drive stalled, Weatherford's yard punt gave the Patriots possession on their 4-yard line. Brady, however, completed eight consecutive passes for 71 yards, and threw a 4-yard touchdown pass to running back Danny Woodhead , giving the Patriots a 10—9 halftime lead, the same halftime deficit the Giants faced against the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXI.

The drive went for 14 plays and covered 96 yards, tying the record for the longest drive in Super Bowl history. New England took the second half kickoff and started out strong: Brady completed a yard pass to Chad Johnson his only reception of the postseason , and two rushes by Green-Ellis gained 25 yards to the New York yard line.

Brady eventually finished the 8-play, yard drive with a yard touchdown pass to second-year tight end Aaron Hernandez , increasing New England's lead to 17—9. Starting the following drive from their own yard line after Jerrel Jernigan 's yard kickoff return, New York responded with a drive to Patriots' yard line where Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes converted a yard field goal, cutting the score to 17— On the next drive, New York forced a three-and-out—including a Justin Tuck sack of Brady on third down—and Will Blackmon returned Zoltan Mesko 's yard punt 10 yards to the Patriots' yard line.

New York subsequently drove back into scoring range on a drive that utilized several different players, including a yard reception by seldom used tight end Bear Pascoe to reach the New England 9-yard line. On third down, however, a sack by New England's Anderson and Rob Ninkovich forced New York to settle for another Tynes field goal, making the score 17—15 with 35 seconds left in the third quarter.

On the second play of the fourth quarter, the first turnover of the game occurred when Giants linebacker Chase Blackburn picked off a deep Brady pass at the New York 8-yard line. New York then drove to the Patriots' yard line, but were stopped there and had to punt. New England took the ball back at their own eight-yard line with less than ten minutes in the fourth quarter.

However, Brady's pass was high and Welker was unable to reel it in while falling to the ground, crucially preventing a huge gain. The Giants took possession from their own yard line with 3: On the first play, in what would end up being one of the key plays of the game, [78] Manning completed a deep pass along the left sideline to Manningham for a yard gain to midfield. New England coach Bill Belichick challenged the catch, but the call on the field stood and it cost him his team's first timeout.

Two more completions from Manning to Manningham gained another 18 yards. Manning then completed a yard pass to Nicks on the New England yard line at the two-minute warning. Two plays later, New England called their second timeout with 1: With the Patriots down to their last timeout and ahead by two points, 17—15, the possibility existed that the Giants would run a play to stop short of the goal line, which would have forced the Patriots to use that timeout to stop the clock on any of the last two plays.

The Giants could run the clock down, allow Tynes—who had not missed under 30 yards in four years—to kick a winning field goal, and give the Patriots only about 20 seconds of play left to score again. This also meant that the Patriots could call a defensive play where they would purposely allow the Giants to score a touchdown, which despite giving up the lead would allow the Patriots to get the ball back still with that timeout and with more time remaining.

New England chose to let New York score, opening its defense to let Bradshaw enter the end zone with the ball. In what Sports Illustrated later called "perhaps the strangest play in Super Bowl history", Bradshaw attempted to stop on the 1-yard line upon realizing what the Patriots were doing, but his forward momentum caused him to fall into the end zone for a touchdown.

The game's final drive began on the New England yard line. Brady's first two passes fell incomplete and then he was sacked by Tuck on third down, leaving the Patriots 16 yards from a first down and forcing them to use their final timeout.

Facing heavy pressure in the pocket, Brady eluded linebacker Michael Boley and then threw a bullet to Deion Branch. Branch caught the ball and ran out of bounds at the yard line for a first down. Top 10 defensive player grades Week 2. Top 10 skill position player grades Week 2. Atlanta Falcons The best feats of athleticism from Week 2. Game Highlights Khalil Mack mic'd up vs. Redskins, Cowboys, 49ers made push for Gordon.

Good Morning Football Schrager: Mahomes is 'runaway' MVP so far. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fitzpatrick sports new look at Bucs postgame press conference. Game Highlights Brady screams at teammates to 'do your job'. Green Bay Packers Clay Matthews sounds off on his roughing the passer penalty.

Unless Fitzpatrick throws '10 picks' next week, he'll be starting when Winston returns. As with any superstar, Janet Jackson was the face of the Janet Jackson industry. When Janet Jackson achieves a hit record, it's rare that anyone else who assisted in that hit gets name-checked in casual or written discourse. Jackson was almost unanimously blamed for Nipplegate.

And, like a star, she took the blame. Immediately after the show, Jackson issued a video apology. I am really sorry if I offended anyone. That was truly not my intention. You can imagine how easy it would have been to coerce Jackson into not just apologizing but taking all of the blame, as she does in her second statement when she starts by labeling this "my decision.

In any event, both channels and the NFL distanced themselves immediately, disavowing any culpability. Judy McGrath, president of MTV networks, went as far as to call the incident " a renegade mistake by a performer. That kind of blame contradicted the "wardrobe malfunction" story and almost always pointed at Jackson and only Jackson. Mel Karmazin, president of Viacom, claimed to be "shocked and appalled and embarrassed" by the halftime show.

We were punk'd by Janet Jackson. Paul Tagliabue, commissioner of the NFL, said, "The show was offensive, inappropriate and embarrassing to us and our fans.

Unlike Timberlake or Powell, or any of the men that can look back and laugh or sigh and only seem more likable for it, Jackson remained consistent. She squirmed through 10 minutes of grilling from Letterman without delivering any substantial answers. Nipplegate was a mistake, embarrassing, not a stunt, and that's about all she had to say about that. It's hard not to see Letterman's point. The most complete version of the story, the one about the lace bra and the wardrobe collapse, was flimsier than Jackson's costume was made out to be.

These questions were uncomfortable but not impossible. And yet they were never sufficiently answered. Not on Letterman , and not a few days later when Diane Sawyer put Jackson through a similar grilling between Good Morning America performances while her gathered fans chanted "Get over it! Nor did Jackson give much of a clearer picture of how the supposed accident happened in when she sat down with Oprah Winfrey to discuss Nipplegate for "the first and last time," according to a misinformed Winfrey.

To Winfrey, though, Jackson called the controversy "absurd," agreed that Timberlake left her hanging "to a certain degree," and said that she regretted apologizing.

If any time called for a "I'm sorry if you were offended" non-apology, certainly it was the time a woman was vilified for showing a bunch of drunk football fans what many of them wanted to see anyway. I had said before I sat down to record the apology She also agreed that the furor over a breast was hypocritical "to a certain degree," citing how permissible violence on television is.

There are more important things to focus on than a woman's body part, which is a beautiful thing. There's war, famine, homelessness, AIDS.

She also suggested that she had been a pawn, a way to divert attention from real issues, and that it was no coincidence that this all went down in an election year. If Nipplegate offered Jackson any opportunities, it was to make explicit the politics implicit in the sexual expression that had taken over her career starting with 's janet. This was a woman who, on her Damita Jo album released less than two months after the Super Bowl said, "Relax, it's just sex," and sang with a dick in her mouth at least, that's what she implied to me during the slow jam "Warmth.

I don't know if it would have helped her career, but given her platform, she could have really said something. Instead she chose a path of quiet deference, an unwillingness to renege on her original story, reminding us in a new way that she is a consummate performer, one of the greatest of her generation. YouTube was not the only direct result of Nipplegate.

The incident was heralded as " the most replayed event " of all time by TiVo and brought 35, new subscribers to the service. The term "wardrobe malfunction" immediately entered the popular American English lexicon, and entered the Chambers English Dictionary in America suddenly became a more dangerous place for public sexual expression. CBS imposed several seconds of a delay on the following week's Grammy Awards ceremony.

A promised orgy scene on America's Next Top Model was censored. ER and Without a Trace were scrubbed of stray shots of nudity. NYPD Blue , a show that existed to push boundaries, was scrutinized. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was canceled that year. The chief marketing officer lied and said it wasn't because of the Super Bowl. The conglomerate dumped him, paving the way for his Sirius show, which has been not just a personal victory but one for the medium of satellite radio.

The Super Bowl halftime show itself became more conservative. Paul McCartney headlined in , then the Rolling Stones the following year. Prince was the star performer of the Super Bowl XLI halftime show, but that was in , after he'd renounced all of that filthy sex-talking he'd done in the past. It wasn't until that a woman was even allowed to be a featured performer on that stage—it was Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, who headlined the Super Bowl XLV halftime show.

Finally in , a woman who repeatedly reveled in her ability to rile up crowds with her sexuality, Madonna, took the halftime stage. But it was the rogue middle finger of one of her guests, M. Another year, another woman of color's dangerous body part. The fear of FCC condemnation has waned over the years, thanks in part to the growing influence of cable television, over which the FCC has virtually no jurisdiction.

Looking back, it seems to have destroyed whatever was left of Jackson's commercial value at the time. Jackson was once the sort of artist who could release seven commercial singles off one album —all of them from six-time platinum Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation went Top 5 on the Billboard Hot Five out of six commercially released singles from the album that preceded that one, 's Control , went Top The six commercially released from the album that followed Rhythm Nation , the six-time platinum janet.

Jackson had hit after hit after hit after hit after

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