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It is a kind of a unique identifier that allows to identify any web user down to his or her location. Consult with employee or student services about obtaining access to such an account. At this time you can connect to Whoer VPN with the help of openvpn package. Use the pull-down menu to choose "VPN" when the window appears asking you to select an interface. Just restart the application. This is a safe operation, but some firewalls, antivirus and anti-malware software may block the requests.

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Our company is officially located and registered in Cyprus. All disputes are settled under the laws of the Cayman Islands in accordance with the User Agreement and common rules of the service. Do you keep logs? Our service policy is absolute anonymity of our users. We don not keep any logs at all, including any connection statistics and any traffic sent by you. We do not ask you to trust us, but we try to trust you.

On the other hand, in the case of your systematic violation of our rules or making troubles for other users, after receiving several complaints we will have to enable logging on an isolated server. If you continue to deliberately and systematically violate the service rules like sending spam , we will block your account. This is why we strongly recommend and ask you to be friends and equal partners.

Only by our mutual integrity to each other shall we be able to create a perfect atmosphere of understanding and trusted relationship. What is the difference between a VPN and a proxy? The main difference between a proxy server and a VPN is that all the traffic sent through a proxy is not encrypted, and the proxy keeps the history of all connected clients. It is important to note that a VPN does not prevent you from using any proxies after connecting in any way, but using alone proxy without a VPN is unwise and cannot guarantee you safety.

Will I be able to access all the sites blocked by my ISP? By connecting to us, you will be able to access all the pages blocked by your ISP or IT administrator, as well as game servers blocked by your geographical location. Besides, you will be able to switch servers across the world which guarantees you a full and free Internet access.

Are there any limitations on speed or traffic on your servers? If so, which are they? There are no limitations either on speed or traffic. The only limitations on our servers is the usage rules, and we strongly recommend you to obey them. What is prohibited to do through the VPN? We prohibit on our servers: Spam including on forums, blogs, guestbooks, etc. Hacking sites and searching for their vulnerabilities including sql-inj and port scanning.

Creating phishing sites on any port. Fraud, smear, lies, threats, slander. Spreading malware by any means. Violation of the laws of the country of the used server location.

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista Download. In this process, you may be asked to install a driver. It is done automatically, all you need to do is just click "Install". Make sure that your IP address and location that websites register are the same as in the program: Right-click on the icon W in the tray and select "Show Whoer. Here you can set up automatic start of Whoer at system startup so that you won't have to do it manually each time you switch on your Mac.

VPN from Whoer is: Can not remember the registration data? Whoer VPN has the most protected, secured communication channels all over the world. Secure usage of public Wi-Fi, digital currencies, bank transfers.

Your ISP doesn't know the sites you visit, the sites don't know who visits them. You use the Internet the way people in any other country do with access to lots of services. Nobody can link your Internet activity to your actual address. Your incognito is never revealed.

Who needs a VPN and why? Should you buy VPN or find a free one? Use only valid e-mail, you will get VPN access code to your e-mail. An account is affordable: You can check at email or log in vpntraffic. You can test our service then make order. Hide Your ip address? Bypass all blocked sites? Do you want freedom online? You might want to test it: See also other FAQs: With most of VPN gateways, this address must not belong to the remote network subnet.

For example, if you use a VPN gateway with a subnet Take the case you choose an IP address non-used in the subnet like But, this request cannot receive any answer because the client is not physically present inside the subnet. So, initial packets from the client will not be answered. It is possible to run the standard VPN Client setup in "silent" mode.

You need to download the whole procedure described is this document: Redundant Gateway can offer to remote users a highly reliable secure connection to the corporate network. Remote gateway failure is detected by "Dead Peer Detection" function. A specific IKE Port can be set. When I try to activate the software, it doesn't succeed I got an error message. You can find a complete help guide about the activation on our Online Software Activation Help Guide. You can also get your software activated at anytime, by following the procedure described on our Manual Software activation.

It enables to establish a secure connection to TheGreenBow remote gateway and demo server. Yes, license can last several weeks. For further details, contact our sales team. In the Script window, you can select the application you want to start before or after a tunnel opens or closes. TheGreenBow supports several two-factor and two-way authentication Tokens to store users, personal credentials, such as private keys, passwords and digital certificates.

Please see the Certified Token List. In some hotels, hotspots or airports, the UDP port and for outgoing traffic might be prohibited, preventing any outgoing VPN Connections to your corporate network. If you decide to use non default VPN Ports i. Here is the diagram for example above, knowing that some router models do not provide the capability to reroute ports within itself and two routers might be needed: Here is a Linux Firewall configuration file when your VPN router does not provide the capability to reroute ports within itself and you want to add a front-end firewall: MD5 is also supported.

See full list in the datasheet. There are several ways to see opened VPN connections:. It is possible to force all internet traffic in VPN tunnel. Doing so, all internet traffic is routed from the remote gateway instead of the remote user network, the remote user network IP address is virtually hidden to visited websites as it is replaced with remote gateway IP address.

Corporate network may apply some additional traffic scan to increase security. The VPN Configuration is simple and requires 3 steps:. If supported, you'll need to create a rule to authorize wan to wan traffic. WWAN connectivity allows a user with a laptop and a WWAN card to surf the web, check email, or connect to a virtual private network VPN from anywhere within the regional boundaries of cellular service. Microsoft has introduced the WWAN miniport adapter to support it.

The WWAN miniport adapter is used to manage establishment, configuration, packet transmission, packet reception and disconnection of NDIS-based data connections. If you meet this problem, disabling "Gina mode" will fix this issue.

Windows users logged simultaneously. However if you need such a configuration, don't hesitate to contact us: Those are always live and you can use it to test your network environement at any time. This makes life of IT managers easier by managing a single IP address for each remote user on multiple network simultaneously. Add also the following settings: If the home network user home and corporate network have the same subnet, and the user at home wants to print on a local printer, the VPN Client has to be configured to avoid sending traffic to corporate network when destination is local.

The feature to use is the restriction of traffic based on range of IP addresses. In the use case above assuming LAN1 Doing so, all traffic outside the range defined is routed on local network LAN1. Please contact our support if you want to configure your VPN Client this way. To force all traffic in VPN tunnel except traffic to local network, the VPN Client has to be configured to force sending traffic to corporate network when destination is not local.

Here is the configuration of the VPN Client: This feature allows managing a secure network with sensitive application within the corporate network. Users need to open a VPN tunnel to the corporate network and then open another VPN tunnel to access the second network. They are also called 'nested' VPN tunnels. We do make available for download a complete guide of messages from TheGreenBow VPN Client console with explanations and resolving hints.

Keep log levels to "0" and click on "Save file". Log file can be found in C: Take a look at remote VPN server logs and check if requests from the client are received.

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