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Sure enough, my wireless connection connects successfully and it Try it like we ask in this forum's sticky. My laptop connects with no problem. Comments Thank you so much. This is way too far for a normal user, surprisingly we the IT tech's just pass through all these steps just in a matter of seconds and the problem is solved. Yes Unicast key received: Looking for more troubleshooting tips?

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10 steps to troubleshoot wireless connection problems

All of sudden it worked the way it should. Have you tried this system at another location and it worked there but not here? And yes, continue your conversation with the network tech guys. Often if you show a sincere interest in learning yourself how this stuff works, they'll spend a little extra time and show you more about it rather than just clicking the right stuff they know about and giving it back to you with the "Here, idiot, it works now" attitude.

You connect to your wireless: It says no internet access: Where's that exclamation sign exactly? And, no, we don't communicate via mail. But now you've been so friendly to publish it here, be assured the usual spam bots will pick it up, so you might receive a lot of spam in the future.

I have had the exact same problem and I assumed it was the MAC address thing. The MAC address is a unique serial number assigned to every network adapter of any type by its manufacturer. MAC address filtering is when the owner of a wireless access point sets up a list of the MAC numbers of wireless adapters that will be authorized to use the services of that access point.

If the MAC number of your wireless card is not on the list, that access point simply won't do any business with you. Your ISP issues one to your cable modem when you turn it on.

Your router will issue one to your computer when it boots. But if the router is a secured wireless one, an unauthorized intruder will not be given an IP address and no data will be passed. The intruder will get that "no IP address assigned" message in their wireless client manager dialog. Hi, I know that this post may not be totally related to the topic. But I hava a MacBook Pro and at home I can connect to my wireless network I setup which doesn't require a password and the internet speed is exceptionally quick.

But for my work's wireless network, it's a password protected wireless network and my question is why the internet speed is noticeably slower when both use ADSL internet? Network traffice being the most likely, but there is also possibility that it is due to the type of encryption that is being used. For instance the bit WEP encryption is known to sacrifice speed.

I get a message to contact the person who manages my network Wireless network shows strong connection. Security - enabled wireless network This network requires a network key which I have.

You are currently connected to this network. This desktop computer hasn't been online for almost 2 years. My laptop connects with no problem. Okay, good info on this discussion. Very likely my situation. So, how do I add a MAC number for my wireless card to the list? Okay, I found out that the router doesn?

I think I'll try removing the security software and see if that let's me connect. Your post didn't give the exact settings so I'll leave you with this. Try it like we ask in this forum's sticky. I deleted the wireless card on my laptop, then rebooted and reinstalled the wireless card and voila, I was back on the net. Shopping for a new car this weekend? You are posting a reply to: Track this discussion and email me when there are updates. Were there any changes hardware or software made to the computer prior to the issue?

Tell us about your experience with our site. ShiroiKage Created on October 23, So the problem is that when I connect my computer to an internet-connecter router through Ethernet, it displays the error "No internet access" with that exclamation mark on the network status icon.

The problem is that the internet is working fine. Windows update, antivirus, browsing, Steam and every program I tried running seems to have no issue so far.

The only problem was with EA's Origin as it seems to try and get the connection status off of windows instead of trying it for itself and thus thinks I'm offline, and that's a pain in the back.

The really odd thing, though, is that the wireless connection has no problems whatsoever. I have a number of devices connected to the network and non of them are facing any problems at all. Another 2 devices are connected through Ethernet and have no errors one of them happens to be a windows 7 64x device, same as this one in addition to 4 devices on the wireless network. Antivirus activity interrupting connection does not seem to be the problem as it happens even when protection is turned off.

Oh and "troubleshooting couldn't identify the problem" I'm running a Windows 7 64x. If more information is needed please ask. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question 4. ShiroiKage Replied on October 23, Seems that the thing works fine with Auto-IP. Also, the connection status remains normal for a while, after assigning a new static IP, but then changes back to the exclamation mark some 10 seconds afterwards.

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