25 Best Google Chrome Extensions to Change Your Internet Experience

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5 Chrome Extensions To Bypass Country Restrictions
The site uses a number of incentives to motivate users, including animal badges awarded to journalers who complete a certain number of days in a row, leader boards, and opt-in monthly challenges. The site uses a Regressive Imagery Dictionary to calculate the emotional content from your posts and provides feedback on features like your mood, and most commonly used words. Ever wondered how Anonymous stays anonymous online? They may not let you download iTunes, but this great productive Chrome Browser works so much better than Internet Explorer. Click the wrench icon in the upper right corner of Chrome and then click Settings. Evernote Clearly will change the way you see the web.

1. 750words

Change IP Address in Chrome

This page describes the problem pretty well. Evernote Clearly will change the way you see the web. With one click of its pleasant lamp icon, Clearly strips back all the clutter on a page, leaving you with just the main text and images.

But did you know that they also have a kick-ass Chrome extension letting you quickly and easily add any content to your queue? Use the Buffer Chrome extension to schedule content you find throughout the day. Use WhatFont to do exactly that: And because Chrome syncs profile data in the cloud, you can easily and immediately access mention for Chrome from any desktop, wherever you are. Have any Chrome extensions or apps that you use every day?

Did we leave a great one off our list? Feel free to tweet us mention any time! He splits his time between Paris and Brussels. Momentum We discovered this simple yet stunning app through a blog post that our friends at Zapier put together, interviewing the dev behind it.

As the Zapier post puts it: Hola Describing this extension may require a little bit of a disclaimer — something like: Evernote Clearly The web is a beautiful place, but far too often websites bombard you with increasing amounts of gratuitous information.

For "Address", enter the IP valid proxy server and its port see instructions below for where to get these settings. The "address" field requires the IP of a proxy server. You can find a free public proxy , or use a private one from our service or another. Be aware of the risks , be sure to use antivirus protection, and confirm that you're on SSL if submitting forms while using free settings.

If changing your Chrome IP address is frequently needed, then it would be safer to use paid, private, fully ssl compatible settings. How to get your original IP back. Finally, to get your regular Internet connection back at anytime, simply repeat steps , but in step 4 you simply UNcheck the box for "Use a proxy server".

A "how to" provided by iPrivacyTools. Scroll to the bottom of that page and click the Advanced link. In the "Network" area, click Change proxy settings Check the box for "Use a proxy server". Check the box "Bypass proxy server for local addresses".

STEP #2 to change your IP address in Chrome

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