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Experian Site Can Give Anyone Your Credit Freeze PIN

I have an ex from Colorado. September 25, at 7: This is NOT abusive. At the interview I was asked about the store I was working at: Its not a resume. Visa for example will not contest charges over days. It is NOT to prevent you from obtaining credit for yourself!

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Please tell us which questions below are the same as this one: Ask Your Question Fast! Type your question here. Congress has failed to pass any laws to limit or restrict this type of activity. Both you and I are in the minority, by the way: I removed all my information from spokeo as per above last year but when google my name I still show up with a spokeo listing on the google result that shows where I live and have lived, my age etc… When click on the link I go to the Spokeo website but my information is not there.

Just go to https: Google will approve or deny it within about 48 hours. You can also view pending, approved, and denied removal requests. I want my money back or I will post these things and proof if my credit card over several web pages that are improve along with links and contacting Google yahoo and all radio stations thank you Amy Gant.

Does anyone know what to do? Try using keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse. Using that key with X cuts the text and can only be pasted once. Added note; I managed to remove my mother from the site using only her name.

Please re-enter the code in the form below. Why would Abine delete you from their files? The company Abine is discussing how to remove yourself from another site, Spokeo. Therefore I guess I should explain , I came upon your web site and decided to check my self out.

The only thing I can honestly say you got right was , the town I live in. Sounds like a bunch of dorks to me. Deformation of character sounds like a good place to start. JR, you have some issues. Spokeo and many others are. But if you keep posting your initials and the city you live in, there is no way your personal information will ever be removed from the internet. Some woman have stalkers you are putting their lives in danger putting there addresses up like this.

Even if ONE woman is hurt by this it is one woman too many. I agred with you completely!!! This or any other companies like this should be shut down by law. Someone will get hurt. Not just women, I knew a guy who almost got killed by a crazy woman. And she named this website under oath during her testimony! Alicia, you need to realize that posting that here is not helping anybody. Within minutes I called spokeo. They gave me a cancellation conformation number and the money would be refunded in business days.

I will follow your instructions above if I find myself. Thanks for your help and advise. Hope my deleting myself works. I am outraged by this website. I tried to remove my information through the online email privacy url request, but it did not work. In spite of receiving confirmation emails from Spokeo that my data was removed, it was not. I went through the whole process twice for every address of mine listed. I had to call customer service and request removal of the data.

I strongly encourage filing a complaint against them with the FCC which I am doing. Also, I believe they are closely linked to Linked In and getting a lot of information from them. I am also going to cite Linked In in the complaint.

I have closed my Linked In account as well, which you may consider doing if you really want your information private. How many times do you have to opt out?

Plus, when you opt out the info is never complete removed, there are always residual links and such. I consider that predatory practice, and if it continues, I will report to the authorities! You told me nothing suppler to be a week free trial you charged me three times over forty dollars for nothing. I want my refund. This sight publishes incorrect information. I am listed in FL. I have a non published number and how did you get it?? Too many bogus, creepy calls because of your website. I tried for my first time and I was not able to get any info on the phone number so I would like to get a refund and I do not want to be billed again!!

I want my money back in my account asap before I call an attorney about this. I feel sad for all these people yelling at Abine because of Spokeo. COM and delete yourself like Abine.

Learn how to use the internet! Both my husband and I are being stalked online, his yahoo account was compromised and he cant even use it himself. I noticed someone had her id stolen on the same date, look at that please.

Please remove us as we are having all kinds of trouble. I am 59 years old, not computer savy and cant remove us. He is in the hospital, unable to use the email address because someone got it, we think we know who it is, please hellp us. Is this a police matter??? My husband is in Pasadena, where your headquarters are, and I am in San Francisco. Stalker may be a mentally ill fan of his, please help out.

Do I let police Know? Who takes care of these matters? I would really appreciated if you take out all the names you have in the listing of our home. Our address is Greenbelt Circle Brandon Fl First the house is not for sale, and you show like 4 or 6 people living in the house.

The only people who live here is my husband Richard Holland and myself, Patricia Holland. Please remove all these information asap. Your attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated. Is this for real? People are not really THAT clueless are they?

Nowadays searching this is nott a problem as there are several resources facilitating people to look up by puglic recorrds after paying some fees. I would like to feel a very little a lot of secufe in knowing my ads would convert to sells. Thanks to the growth iin mobile and communications technology, huge online databases store millions of numbers and related information. If you want removed followed the directions. Is it just me or should use of the Internet or smart phones only be allowed if one were to pass some sort of IQ test…?

I am 90 yrs old and have tried to do what you asked. I know how to get e-mail. Can you help me?? I appears I am not alone. Does anyone know how to remove my name from Spokeo? I followed the direction I keep getting errors. Apparently, Spokeo is not displaying the proper link! Yeah, the URL is rejected. Thank you SO much! The problem with Spokeo is they limit the number of entries you can remove, leaving at least one of my entries.

They are profiting from your personal information. I have emailed them because they refuse to give me the ability to remove all my entries and refuse to remove them for me. I am asking them to pay me as they are profiting from my personal information. I tried and tried and get the same opt out page. You can opt out of Spokeo at http: Several years ago my husband died.

He would watch her out of the windows in his house, and took pictures of her when she was in the yard. He followed her in his car several times and used to show up where she worked. I filed a complaint and spoke to my attorney about a restraining order; our houses were so close that even if we could have stopped him from following her and showing up at work he still would have been able to watch her from his house.

So we moved, and only my parents and sister knew our address, besides our utilities. I checked our address and found us on Spokeo. I had our information removed two years ago. This morning I did a search and we are listed again at our address on Spokeo. Does anyone know how to remove an address listing from this site?

I would really appreciate any information on that. I searched for myself and found multiple profiles. Additionally all the info they had was outdated and wrong. Has anyone had any luck with this site? They removed my info from their web page but the same info is still included on the link — and the link is still there.

They will not remove the link. Please delete my profile. I notice a lot of you are elderly. You people are the most gullible and easiest prey for identity theft. Stop posting your personal info here!! Learn to read And get educated about technology! Online Privacy Abine What's happening now in online privacy, from pop culture to law to personal stories. How to delete yourself from Spokeo. Will Simonds June 13, Abine background checks data brokers delete yourself from DeleteMe identity theft info brokers online privacy people search websites personal information public Spokeo Last modified: April 9, Previous Story: How to remove yourself from BeenVerified.

Your privacy on OkCupid: Since , Will has lead a team of privacy-minded individuals to help Abine's customers reach their ultimate goal: As a privacy advocate himself, Will has managed The Online Privacy Blog as its chief contributor and editor. December 1, at

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