How to permanently delete your Facebook account

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How To Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account
It's my job to protect my password. An article about How-To delete your facebook account and it has over facebook diggs! You should be able to go through the password reset process which will send an email to your email address which is set on your facebook account. It is really disgusting. I have hired many young adults at my company and they are continuously on facebook, during work. Yes I have been bug reporting about this a couple of time but with no result.

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How to delete your Facebook account

You would think the answer would be fairly straightforward. But it took a lot of digging to come up with the solution surrounding account and profile deactivation — and full-blown account removal from the service. Because if that happened it would, of course, limit the amount of customer data they can scrub from its service.

Personally, I feel Facebook has crossed the line of unethical behavior on this. Users can deactivate their Facebook account from the user interface without too much trouble. Once you confirm you want to deactivate your account, be sure to read the fine print.

What surprised me was the fact that even after the account deactivates, you can still be tagged in photos, invited to events, etc.. So in short, deactivating your Facebook account is almost worthless.

The wrong part about this is even after your account deactivates, the license granted to Facebook in section 2. Oh, and it gets better. To re-activate your account, all you need to do is sign-in to Facebook or use your Facebook ID to sign-in to another service or post a comment on some sites and everything is right back where you left it as if you never left — pictures, friends, posts, your IP….

Deep in the bowels of the Facebook help center, you can find the URL that will permanently delete your Facebook account. Before I show you the link, however, please read the following carefully: Deleting your Facebook will delete all of your account information and remove your ability to login to the service.

No photos, friends, messages, status updates, etc. According to Facebook, once your account permanently deletes, there is no way to restore your account or your data.

With that in mind, please move forward reading all large and fine print. Click Okay to continue. Even after confirming the deletion of your account, Facebook will only deactivate it, leaving you 14 days to log back in and cancel the entire deletion. This is, however, the process that it laid out on its website if you managed to track it down. Woah, that is a little scary. I really don't like Facebook's policies, time to wait 2 weeks so I can delete my account….

I have just permanently deleted my facebook account, and the procedure is, after I have done some thinking, the best one! The thing is you should write a very complicated password, including numbers and Big letters, at least 20 letters long, and you should change the password on your facebook account, to the new, complicated one… After you have changed the password to an unmemorable and impossible one, delete your account immediately, read and type your new complicated password in the process, and, after that is done, burn the little paper or delete an SMS containing the new and impossible password… Now your account is deleted, because not in a years could you remember that complicated code, and log on to facebook again… Good luck!

And, of course, one must not be willing to retrieve the password, but have a stronger wish of quiting facebook…. I did what was suggested by making a very large password with mixed letters and numbers. But, and this is very important. You can change your name so no one can find you on FB.

I mean if they can keep your info, why not take some leniency with their rules. No one finds you and you have a fake ID and always use an email address you are willing to cancel after this. So set up with hotmail or yahoo, not your primary address. Now if they want to play games to keep you on FB, they have built a wise trap for all of us, so we have to outsmart them to win. In changing your name, go to some worthless name or pick some criminal or nut case, like the Unabomber, Osama bin Laden, or Charlie Sheen.

Once FB has enough of these useless names, they will stop the BS. One other caveat, make sure you can delete your email account after doing this name change and using the very large password. Hey what can I say, it worked for me. I cannot logon, and they cannot use my email address to find me and my name is useless. So FB, build it better and we will build it smarter.

You can send an email to privacy facebook. Everyone here is overlooking the fastest way to delete your account. All you do is edit your birthday to something below 10 years old. Maybe not as fast as changing your birthday, but how about using an obviously fake name?

My account was randomly disabled for using a fake name which included an apostrophe in it and I had to send in a clear copy of my government ID to prove it was a real account and get my account reinstated.

They promptly reinstated my account with my unchangeable real ID name assigned to it. This way, you can wipe your slate clean remove all status updates, likes, pics, posts, comments, etc. My theory on facebook page to fan page conversion no longer works.

The dumbest part of all this is that now people can even REPLY to a message from a closed or converted page. Obviously, no one will ever get that reply. My point is Facebook is as truly anti social as a human can be. Just stop using the service U signed up for. When I logged in it was like nothing happened. The internet is getting really, really scary. The biggest necessary evil in my life besides my divorce. Hi steve, i delete my facebook account my 14 days grace period is going it going to finished on january 25th.

From my experience yes. You should be able to re-use the username however depending on how long it takes Facebook to purge the system you might need to wait longer than 14 days for that.

What about my comment on my friends photo ,wall ,vid,…ets ,is gonna be deleted or not on there wall and their photo??????????? I deleted my account details 3 to 4 years ago, but just found out it is still active in facebook.

Go to google images. Find a pic with the facebook logo with a bullet hole on it. Put it up as your profile picture. They will delete your account for hate speech. COM, contact him incase you need the services of an experienced hacker. Facebook is a joke. I have hired many young adults at my company and they are continuously on facebook, during work. Unfortunately, I have had to fire several employees for this.

Do it on your break…. Seriously, is this what our society has come to? On another note, one of my year old neices was absolutely stalked on facebook by a predator with a false identity.

It happens all the time, folks. If millions of people would do this, facebook would become obsolete and the world would be a much better and safer place. Want your identity stolen? Just open a facebook account. Except on Social Media,then Rant like an A hole.

I truly can think of no use for facebook besides the new Sell Junk option. Ebay has me covered thanks Mark. I was out year ago. Made froups,no one posted…attempting anything not argumentative on Space book is a up hill battle. Thanks for doing all the work Steve!

I would rather wait 2 weeks. I ind of screwed p my account so I decided to delleeete. That being said, if you found my article because you were looking to delete your account then hopefully it helped inform you regarding Account Deactivate vs.

Thanks for posting that link to permanently delete my account. Simon — Not only that but if you take a look at the terms of service section 2. I would assume this would include everything from access to your data marketers to photos iStockphotos. I was trying to create a page for my church and screwed it up So the? Sarah Yup after the two weeks deletion period is over you can reuse the same email address to make a new account. So will Facebook let me delete and Nuke my facebook account and then re-establish a fresh new account with the same email address or will it re-vive my old account?

Thanks for your help. Hi Katie, If you delete your account and wait the 14 days you will have no problem re-creating a NEW account with your old email address. How will I know if my facebook account is deleted already? I want to create a new account using my old e-mail address. Just discovered this article. They really are manipulative about it. It is really disgusting. I hope this does it. Dahgum, I tried leaving a comment, but somehow it got messed up.

Delete it for good. I always did hate it…now I know why. If someone else maliciously deleted your account, or you change your mind, you can recover. Also, do you think that they don't have redundancy on their systems to avoid data loss?

There are valid reasons to build a system such that bulk deletes happen on a staggered basis and not on demand. You make a good point, if someone were to steal a facebook account and delete it, this might be the grace Window Facebook offers for someone to come back from vacation and login thus aborting the delete process. In regards to data redundancy I'm not sure I follow you.

I have no issue with Facebook building redundant systems and taking backups not to lose data. That's the norm for any data center so I'm not sure I follow that part of your comment. In that case you would need to know their email address and the password. That being said, if you have their facebook account…. Of course you have full access to their account. You have to enter their password to delete the account. That way you could if you wanted but it could not accidentally or programatically be recovered.

I always thought they did the 14 Day Grace Period for the people who are quick to overreact based on emotions or do things they later regret. A lot of people delete their accounts then regret it, so I thought this is why they gave the 14 day grace period to give people a chance to reconsider. Imagine if every decision in life had a 14 day grace period. I believe they also did it this way because it not only benefits the user, but mainly benefits facebook. Am very much looking forward to reading it!

Thanks for the info MrGroove. Hmm… probably not… I think the real reason is just in case your account was stolen by someone however the primary reason is to not lose you as a customer hoping you will come back. It's my job to protect my password.

If I choose a bone head password or let my PC get hacked and they delete my facebook page, hack my gmail account or get into my banking info. I do agree with you tho regarding bulk deletes of accounts. However, you understand that removed content may persist in backup copies for a reasonable period of time but will not be available to others.

I had no interested in all that warm-and-fuzzy-human-bonding-getting-stalked-by-people-I-didn't-like-in-High-School crap but did want to use the same email and username. By Zeus they make it hard. Only 14 days to go…BTW you instructions were crystal clear and the editorial delicious. FYI — I created an anonymous account on Facebook then used that to create my facebook. Anybody knows that after you delete an account, can you register a new profile to facebook with the same email?

Second, if they truly do delete your account, I would assume you COULD register a new account with a different name, identity etc… using the same email address. I actually deleted my account with above mentioned method couple of months ago. Then waited patiently for 2 weeks. However, my account got deleted after 2 weeks.

After reading you comment, I thought why not test if I could register with same email and other information again. I tried and it allowed me to create a new profile which contained same information as previous one. Vijay — Thanks for sharing your experience. I setup a test account last year when I wrote this post and I had a similar experience.

They do let you delete the account however, with my account disabled I still was able to send friend requests to the test account I was deleting and I receive emails for those requests. Now that being said, I can also understand the 14 day waiting period. Imagine if someone figured out your password and then logged in and deleted your account… If you had hundreds of photos, friends, blog posts, business pages etc…. The 14 days is probably a reasonable period to allow a person to return from vacation, realize they have been hacked, login again and change their password.

I noticed someone said they were able to reuse their name and other info on a new account after successfully deleting the old one.

I want to delete it, create a personal account, then create a business page not account. But I am worried that I might not be able to reuse my company name. Has any one tried this with a business account? I copy and pasted the link and it just went to the help page with no cancel account option!!

I have tried to delete Facebook for ever and a day, the more i try, the more it keeps me busy trying to get read of it. Dose that make sence? I hate facebook to where i never want in my life again. Please can you help. Of course there are usually issues with application sites, forms, and web browsers. The Facebook form submit button did not work with Firefox 3.

I just deleted an account and had to go thru IE in this case. Thanks for the link. I had enough with their raping of my personal life and selling my soul to the highest bidder. I was never honest about all the demographic or personal information anyway. Other than using my real name so people could find me, I never had anything remotely accurate in there ;. My partner has tried to do this repeatedly, and all that happens is he keeps getting bounced back to his login page.

I successfully gave my FB account the flick over 6 months ago, but it seems to have a sleeper hold on my partner… Any other hints? Step 1 — Login to Facebook and verify they are fully logged in and everything works. Step 4 — If it fails, try a different browser. Could be your cookies are not enabled properly or???

My partner is very appreciative! Glad to hear IE worked out for you! Why not just delete the information manually. Just add the phrase: Make the privacy settings as strict as possible. Once you have done all this… who cares if facebook still have an account that belonged to you. Pietro Agree that this can be done. But the point is why do you have to go through this pain? I should be able to delete my account whenever I wish. In fact, my friends have sent me direct, non-FB-based emails telling me that Fb is still posting automatic updates that I updated my Flickr account yes I removed my Flickr username from my Facebook account.

Pietro I think your suggestion should be followed by everyone who wants to delete his or her profile on facebook. Combining your insight with the link posted by pk below, I would say STEP ONE is to complete bugger your account, delete photos and untag photos and revise the demographic info, change your name if it lets you. This strikes me as something similar to a naval crew scuttling the ship before surrendering. Well beyond the 14 day statement. I deleted my old account simply by clicking delete account, asked for my password, and it was deleted.

Deleted mine 10 days ago. What is most disappointing to me is that FB is no longer the same product I signed up for. I have my own damn blog where I can speak my mind and no one can shut me up. Facebook thinks they can: Can you believe this crap?!? TaosJohn — Thanks for the comments John.

I think FaceBook is great for some things, not for others as you can testify to. Good news is you have a great blog. I took a look and it looks great.

Great layout and a good read. They are a product. The way they work is multifaceted. The grace period is pretty common place and, I think, pretty fine. This is standard on most blog hosting websites and pretty much any social networking site. This is not a sign that facebook is working behind the scenes to sell all your information to the internet mafia. Stop jumping at any opportunity to be afraid of big things.

This is the kind of information I would take into account when deciding what to be afraid of. Are they actively harmful vs. I find it works well. Your opinion on any of it being bad I completely disagree with. Might want to add an update: If you log into any of the services during that 14 day waiting period, you account will not be deleted.

Like you said, using any part of Facebook at all during the 14 period will void the deletion. They really want to keep you hooked in there! Thanks for the heads up. Will update the article. Somwone more talented than me needs to help closed this F-ing-Face-book Blob creature that is devouring all our privacy, its as bad as SOPA, maybe worse! I so despise facebook, I have gone through this process including the one you just referenced 4 TIMES, hope this last one works, I am so sick of being f-booked!

I never signed up on facebook and one I received an email from them saying someone has accepted my friendship… Sorry? I didnt ask for anything! After that I tried to signup and received a message saying my email was already registered… After a password reset I logged in, and I had already a bunch of friends I didnt know!

Can someone tell what just happened?? Has anyone attempted to log in after 15 days and made sure that the 14 day deletion was actually honored? This is the 2nd time i tried to delete. Cestmoi — I would first login, delete all friends, photos, profile info etc… Once that is done, go through the deactivation process again then send the email to privacy facebook.

Let us know if that works. Facebook employees have anonymously stated that they never, ever delete anything, ever. I went through the 14 day option a few months ago and have not attempted to sign on since.

I hope my account is gone. An article about How-To delete your facebook account and it has over facebook diggs! For instance you could just put up a bunch of porn photos and copyrighted material, and wait for them to delete your stuff. Do they deactivate it or delete it then? Why would they delete a good email address which they can later sell. To test it out you could get yourself banned, wait a month then try to create another account with the same email address.

I was on facebook for a little over a month when I got friended by a very close relative of a man who molested me as a teenager.

I simply googled how do I permanently delete my facebook account and I got a wikihow which I printed out and followed the directions. It was exactly what you posted. I got nasty e-mails from people sent to my personal account which all of them had even before I joined facebook. I thought this was funny because it proved that if you really wanted me to know every single detail about your life you could just sit down and write me. But instead I was nothing but a number to you all along.

In this instant information world not everybody cares about what little Suzy did last week in gymnastics. Not everybody wants to help you find a fish for your unicorn farm or whatever stupid game you are playing. So if they decide not to participate in facebook anymore because of whatever reason please respect that. I am glad that helped you in any way. I really tried but no matter how many comments I made about their special little children or tried to have a true friendship with them using facebook as a contact they always ignored me.

I got tired of that and decided to make a stand. If you know me then you know how to get in touch with me. But if I am to get an e-mail every time you find a gold brick in your outhouse and I am supposed to be happy then I have better things to do.

Like raising 4 kids without forcing their accomplishments on you. My kids could put most parents to shame with what all they have done. I feel as if I have my life back to myself. Thank god for that. Spend time with real people face to face is my opinion….

Before I completely read through your article I passed on your page link to friend and family along with why I am sharing this with them.

I started us FB with the intentions of most other FB users — to connect with friends and family. Personally, my FB experience has detered me from ever using any social networking site of the type. Largely due in part to the fact that most of the user content is just mindless. Again, Thanks for bringing this Valuable information to light.

Keep up the good work. Chosenson — LOL I hear ya. I personally have come to enjoy StumbleUpon. It helps me find new websites but allows me to stay anonymous and only interact when I want to. I can build a network of people who like similar websites and recommend good sites as well.

Look me up if you try it out — http: FYI, I believe another trick to prevent accidentally logging in is to change your password prior to deactivation. Also, One could do any of several things that are prohibited by FB, that would get your account shut down ;. One more week and mine Should be gone for good. Although, I am still very curious about their data retention. Richard — If your using Facebook to authenticate with Pandora Facebook Connect then probably yes… You should login to Pandora and kill the connection before deleting your account.

I think you can also go into Facebook and kill the access for Pandora. Do they still have the option to create a private profile just to admin a page? So yea, I have a facebook page at http: What I do is each time I make a post on groovypost. They have apps which can do this for you automatically however I like to have more control over how the link is posted to the page. You can find me there at http: The only reason I have an account on facebook is to drive traffic to my site groovyPost.

Use Facebook if you want but just be educated about how the business is using your data. If enough people are educated however and demand that their user data not be shared, sold, etc… then you need to be prepared to start paying for the service.

Personally I hope they go the Apple App Store route. Some of the accidental login problem could be avoided by changing your password prior to deletion. I think cookies are still an issue though. I think a few ppl might have mentioned this in the comments. Still, thanks for the input Jonathan. I have over 2, North Korea — who cares? There is no legal comeback after all. And you can use a hotmail or gmail email address as well.

Then just add the few people who you actually want to know about, or want to make contact with you, and resist any other friend request. The public at large is not. Facebook should be stopped to protect anyone who is unaware of their shady activities. Classic that your link was deleted…what a bunch of hacks facebook is!!

Hows that for perseverance!!! Hi, many thanks for this excellent post. Hi Stefan, thanks for the mention in your blog post even if it is in HK.

Hope to see you around more in the comments here on groovyPost. Although I doubt Facebook would do anything more than to ban you, they could turn it over to law enforcement.

Just delete the account and you should be good. So, that could be even worse if you think about it. Now you could be locked out of facebook unable to delete your personal data or your account….

After all my group postings were all over Google not to long ago, I decided to deactivate and make a new account and start from scratch and not share personal info, not post in groups, etc. Has anyone seen this story http: Looks like some rogue spyware is running around Facebook. Read the story then ask yourself why Facebook is so useful. Hi — thanks for the information. Unfortunately, about 3 weeks ago, in conversation with several friends, someone asked why I didnt have a Facebook account.

Upon doing so, i felt confident all was fine. So now, here I am again, trying to delete my account and feeling like its going to be ongoing. I went back in just now, changed my password, and deactivated again.

Changing your password before deleting the account is good. If a friend tells you about spam again, tell them to quit Facebook. It may be happening from any of the so-called services that Facebook will automatically sign up their users for.

As long as you followed the account deletion process, wait a couple weeks and then see if your friends are being spammed by you. If so, tell them it is from Facebook, not you. All I can say…is…. I deleted mine back in January…. Thanks for the posting! It should be boycotted….

It has always been a choice when other websites have offered it. You crack me up, but there is a serious side to all this control…way to much control and no royalties to boot! And in the years I have been using Fb service I have never been asked to register it. Even if I were on a public computer it still insists I register it.

What has been fun, entertaining, and sociable makes me now wonder…is Big Brother watching…or is it only Little Brother, Face Book? These grown up college boys might have a rude awaking someday. Trying to control the Baby Boomers, once they realize the control, while the younger generation seems to care less at this point!

Well it just might backfire like what happened to Roman, in a sense. It is the boomers that make Fb the success it is today and we are still yet viable today. You made my day Sir! Yet, this is a security measure.

By registering your computer, they associate it to the account, meaning that if you, or anyone, tries to log into your account from another pc, you will have to anwser further verification questions before gaining admittance.

I enjoyed your comparison of Facebook and the Roman empire. This holds true; history repeats itself. I have used the same analogy in reference to Facebook over at PC World — http: I keep seeing many forum posts from people not knowing how to delete their facebook account; only deactivating.

Probably has to do with using facebook credentials to log into other connected sites. Anyways, whenever I see such posts, I respond with the address to this page on groovyPost along with advice about what to do to avoid the re-activations. If we all help others, maybe we can force facebook to go away, or change thier ways. Firing Zuckerburg would be a great start! If you dont want these networking sites to know your details. I mean come on, you dont have to smell a cake to eat it now do you?

But never the less. What people should do. Richard — I think when people originally chose to join a site like Facebook, they were doing so because it was 1: They could keep in touch with friends 3: They could find new friends and 4: Now… Do I blame them?

Facebook probably never expected the level of growth they experienced. Shop around and find one that meets both your Privacy and Social requirements.

I think this will make for a really good article! Never did I give any data other than my email address, and just having that bit of data in the Facebook database became problematic over the last several months. I essentially gave the bad guys a line in to my inbox.

Groove for the easy to follow steps to delete this security nightmare from my daily workflow. Did anyone read or see the following page link from yesterday? It is an article about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and he is explaining his intentions about Facebook privacy policy, plus there are videos also from news media. Contrite Facebook CEO promises new privacy controls: However, another issue I have is that some of my friends post photos of me.

And they never really listen when you request to have it removed! So how do I know if it is really gone? I deleted mine permanently 16 days ago. Are they going to send me an e-mail or do I have to try and log in to find out? I f-ing hate fake book and I just want it to be freakin gone!

If it will let you just abort the new account creating if you can…? Thanks for the help though: I just deleted everything, removed friends, changed a bunch of info into BS and deactivated the damn thing. Facebook is going to hell. You should be able to go through the password reset process which will send an email to your email address which is set on your facebook account.

If that is your Yahoo! Hey man I was surfing for the same and i found a link which directly deleted my profile instantly. And I was also able to make a brand new one. I just deleted my facebook account cause of old comments i wrote that i dont want people to see, i know i know i should have just deleted them but the wall stories were too long! I was wondering since i deleted it will all the wall posts, picture comments, emails i made be permanently deleted?

Hi Maria — Yikes… that is a really good question… can you ask one of your friends if the comments on the wall are gone? Hi Katie — Just go ahead and try to create a new user account with a bogus name but the same email address. If it allows you to create the account, abort the new user setup.

If it does not, then you know you need to wait longer until the account it nuked. If i attempt to make a new account with the same email address then I will have a new account.. Use bogus information or try to abort the new user login before it completes..???

Or, perhaps create a new email address using GMAIL or hotmail then try to friend your old email address?? You might try trying to reset your Yahoo email password first and get into that account. If you can, then you should be able to also reset your Facebook account password. You should try it anyway as it might have changed since the last time I tried it. It might use other info now like Birth date and other things.

I deactivated my account and of course it did nothing.. Have you read this about Zuck? I sure wish I had a million or two dollars…and that rich boy has billions! I could be his Friend…I could love him!!! On July 23, , I followed the instructions contained here to permanently delete my Facebook account. That same day, I received an email from Facebook, offering a link for me to use to undo that decision.

Today is August 12, , some three weeks after asking that my account be canceled. I attempted to sign in to my Facebook account, hoping that it would no longer be active or recognized, and was provided with a message box that informed me that my account was scheduled for deletion, and would I please either confirm the deletion or undo it.

Now I was under the impression that after two weeks my account would be deleted, based on what I read within this blog. I guess Facebook are dragging their feet, wanting to hold on to my personal info as long as possible. Thanks for this info and place to vent my dissatisfaction with that squirrely service! The two-week timing was not from your blog, it was from the email Facebook sent me: We have received a request to permanently delete your account.

Your account has been deactivated from the site and will be permanently deleted within 14 days. Oooooh, I wanna throttle someone!

They lied to me! I am so mad I could chew nails and spit out tacks! Well… it is a private business and you never actually gave them any money either. You could try to email privacy facebook. Some are saying that it actually works however I have yet to confirm that. Thnks groovypost-keep up da gud work lets not b the slave of social networking life was indeed much simpler before. A good friend of mine said she feels like a busy-body after catching up on Facebook in the morning since she feels like she knows what all her friends are doing etc….

I tried logging back on, however, the email I had used to make the account is no longer active and I could not remember my password. I found some instructions for accessing your account if your email is no longer valid.

I did so hoping they would grant me access so I could once again go in and delete it properly. Once you submit your initial request, it is placed in a queue and responded to accordingly. Who do I contact? It has been over three years since I have even looked at my account. I would really like to be done with this. You could send an email to Privacy facebook. In regards to the time it takes for them to get back to you….

Just imagine how many people a day ask them for help to delete, change, update their account etc… With that many customers it is actually amazing that they will have a human respond to you in the first place. So give it some time or send an email to the privacy facebook. Thank you so much for you article on removing a Facebook account permanently.

However, I am finding that after two weeks went by, I went to try to login to make sure that my account was deleted — only to find it reset once again. This is very infuriating. One thing you can try is sending an email to privacy facebook. Apparently you can send them an email asking them to delete your account and they ill get back to you in a few days. Then again, I heard from a few people that although this worked for them, for others they just send you to the link to deactivate your account again….

So hopefully it will work for you. Thank you very much for showing me how to delete my account. At the time having facebook was just too much of a distraction and hassle for the particular work rate I was at, and I really should have temporality deactivated it.

Instead I referenced from here and thought I would be better off without facebook completely, and permanately removed my account. Now I really regret this, and with free time and friends to catch up with living far away, facebook could be quite useful. I was just wondering if anyone knew how I could possibly bring back a permanetly removed account, and if so would they be nice enough to tell me: Deactivateing facebook has been a problem before i signed up? My account information, pass word, and E-address is not working?

I like yahoo, only i will not use facebook due to faulty erroneous action. Please Lapse this facebook account. I have exhausted all extra optison to enhance improvements. It has become to illicit??? Any different available courses of action will do. Sincerely Helen Theresa Grant. You will need to follow the steps in the article to delete you account. One would think that they would modify their practices so as to appear more accomodating, at least publically, by offering more flexible and responsive options to those who want to rethink their involvement.

No, MrGroove, Facebook ARE evil, because they lie and care nothing for their subscribers, except what those subscribers give them — personal, detailed information which they can then sell for money. This opinion is personal, and may or may not reflect the views and opinions expressed by the owners or operators of GroovyPost. It is my personal opinion only, and is not shared by anyone else connected with this forum, unless they say so.

Take the million members and call it good. Why screw around with these deceptive gymnastics to leave the service???? I deactivated my account and went to log in the following day, only to find that I have been permanently deleted. They could still see those comments in their album even though I had deactivated.

Apparently those no longer exist. Even though it did the night before. Also, is there no way of actually speaking to someone from facebook? Or is it all automated these days? Although I find this highly unlikely. Say hello to the Self-Help-Forums moderated by out of country support teams. I have several facebook accounts. One is the real me with my real name and photo, age, location, etc. I have a second account, using a fake name, address, photo, etc. That account is used to admin pages and groups, and to participate in other pages and groups.

Logging on with the first account, I found that everything I had created in the second account was gone. There were gaps on pages where I remembered posting. All the groups I admin were unaccessible and did not appear when I typed their names into the search box. I wrote to disabled facebook. They actually responded and re-enabled the account, within 2 days. Everything came back — my pages and groups, previous posts in other groups, and all the other info. Then today, they disabled me again.

So I started looking into how to just shut everything down permanently and never use facebook again. And continuing to use my photos, and keeping my email on file. I insist upon destroying everything rather than letting facebook have them.

There must be a way to do this. Would they do the same thing with a full deletion? Does deletion just make you invisible? I have a much better understanding of what facebook is about than I did when I first signed up, and would like to remove permanently nearly everything I have ever posted in my personal account. Now to your question…. The Delete Account process will actually tell Facebook to go and delete all your posts, photos etc… There is an exception however as stated in the Terms of Service:.

This IP License ends when you delete your IP content or your account unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it. You see, the terms say that your IP license ends when you delete the IP content or when your account is deleted UNLESS you have shared your content with other people and they have not deleted it….

Perhaps they are talking about messages you post on other peoples WALLS or perhaps they are talking about photos you have shared with other people. My suggestion would be to try to get logged back in, delete everything possible on your account, un-friend all your friends, delete all your apps, then start the account deletion process.

Someone used my email address for facebook I managed to deactivate it but can i make a new account with the same email address??? Wait 14 days then you should be able to use your email address to create a new user ID. If I want to reuse the username I used on an account I permanently deleted on another account, do I have to wait 14 days after request to delete account was made? Is it still possible to reuse username?

Yes, you can re-use usernames and passwords on facebook. You do however need to follow the steps above to deactivate and delete your account then wait the 14 days for the actual delete to take effect. Once that happens you should be able to re-use everything. Thanks for the person who helped me to delete my facebook account permanently! By posting a procedure in this site.

I dont think so. You can try the email address mentioned here in the comments but, your mileage may vary…. Because I deleted it earlier in the year and 3 weeks later it was still there. I am not happy at all. Does anyone know the reason for this? Or have had the same problem? S Yes I have followed every instruction above and everything has happened except for the actual deletion!!!

You could also try to send an email to them as I mentioned here: If we delete our facebook account, Do facebook still hold our database like photos, comments maybe for their internal research? Then delete your account. Fingers crossed I am out — or will be in 14 days My question is on false Facebook profiles.

My son got hit with a false profile. We notified Facebook and it eventually seemed to disappeared from the web. No email from Facebook — no word at all. What are the chances it has been permanently removed? Could it have been revived within the 14 day period? Can you explain what you mean by a fake facebook account? Did someone setup the account as your son or? Sorry — false profile might be local term. Then accepted friends without my son knowing — including relatives who thought it was real.

Later posted porn — racially offensive material. I sent complaint but could not discuss with Facebook. The page disappeared after a week but despite attempts by his school to track, the person who created it was never revealed. I am wondering if it was likely to have permanently deleted or just disabled and could be revived again at a later date.

After many months of having followed the advice here to remove myself from facebook I received an unsolicited, unwanted, spam email from facebook.

The email address is: This is the first time I have received an email from facebook or facebook related, but apparently they do not remove the information they collected and still make use of it. I may be wrong, but it appears that facebook will never get rid of a persons info.

I wanted to delete my account and just deactivated by mistake thank you I remember when I deleted a myspace account awhile ago that was easier then this. I had to read two to three articles before I found a link to permanently delete my account and this is the one of those articles i consulted. Even if I want to communicate with my best friend its not worth having this account to do so he has all my contact info already.

I need to delete what is in the system and start over. Do you remember your Password? Not Helpful 70 Helpful No message will be provided to any of your contacts. They just won't be able to see your profile anymore. Not Helpful 29 Helpful No, you can however deactivate your Facebook, but still be able to use messenger, which is optional. Not Helpful 27 Helpful Or, go Account Settings and press delete account.

Not Helpful 74 Helpful If you don't know the password, then you can't delete the account. Otherwise, it would be too easy to randomly delete other people's accounts.

Not Helpful 76 Helpful Go to the account page and click the ellipses button next to "Message. Facebook will remove the page shortly afterwards.

Not Helpful 14 Helpful If I delete my account, can I create a new account with the same email and phone number? No, you can't do that, if you deactivate your account. However, if you remove your phone number from that ID, then you can use it for other IDs. The same for email. However, you can also do this by permanently deleting account. Not Helpful 58 Helpful How can I retrieve pictures that were posted to Facebook before deleting my account?

You can save your pictures in any backup file offline before permanently deleting. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 4. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 3. I want to delete one of my accounts, what can I do? Answer this question Flag as How can I permanently delete it?

I will not open it again. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips You can download your account data by going to Settings , clicking General , and clicking the Download a copy link below the bottom option on this page.

Warnings You will not be able to restore your account after the 2 weeks of the permanent deletion process have passed. Facebook may still retain information from your account in their databases.

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I just want to be sure that Facebook will help me to get back my account or just let be know that my pics and videos will not be misused. CK Carla Keeter Aug 27, Somehow during the years I have created a few Facebook pages, but I only want to use 1 of them and get rid of the other ones.

I am almost 60 years of age, this is my pastime, so thanks for helping me out. A Anonymous Sep 17, I was able to accomplish my goal of deleting my account. Also helpful was the information on precautions I should consider, which was excellent. A Anonymous Jul 18, Then you put the link immediately after.

Very helpful, thank you. MT Mihajlo Tomic Jun 28, It is very detailed. Thank you for helping me with this as it is very easy to follow as you have pictures that show you everything step by step by step. It is exactly shown how it is, nothing is shown that is incorrect.

A Anonymous Jul 28,

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