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Illegal downloading: Should you think twice before using torrenting websites?
I don't know why the govt. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? If you currently download movies and music without paying, your habits may need to change when new copyright rules become law. Not for downloading the torrent itself. Most people over-sea's dont get censored the living bajeebus out of, simply because a few companies decide to whine and moan!. I just downloaded all 8 seasons of US Shark Tank.

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Is downloading torrents/music illegal in Australia?

It is to note that last year Australia had abandoned its Anti-Piracy law. Historically, Australia has remained a hotbed for internet piracy. The latest decision does not exclusively mention about any punishment in case a netizen downloads a torrent file illegally.

If a netizen tries to access any of the blocked pirate website, s he will be directed to a landing page that should be placed by the rights holders and ISPs. As the situation stands, three of the pirate websites Torrentz, TorrentHound and SolarMovie are already blocked in Australia.

The same applies to dozens of affiliated and non-affiliated proxy and mirror sites. They have 15 days to ensure that the ban on torrent websites is being practiced. Are you worried about the recent ban on torrent websites?

We have got a very good solution for you. With a VPN, you can download torrents anonymously. I just downloaded all 8 seasons of US Shark Tank. I hope they don't fine me lol. Mate I have downloaded more hours of content than hours I have been alive, never had an issue, I think you will be right haha. I have no money. I have no intention of ever buying a house.

I have no intention of getting a high paying job. In fact, after crawling my way out of the gutter and basically working like a slave Not including wftd to try and stay off centrelink, I got hit with a fake Robot Debt. Since the onus of proof is on me to prove I didn't incur the debt. I will probably be forced to pay it. I have tried the system. I don't care anymore.

Sue me to oblivion and back. I will pay you in 5c installments via cheque. You do realise they will garnish your wages for the money right? Don't know why I am being downvoted. If you don't agree to pay the debt collectors they take the money from your next tax return. You crawled your way out of the gutter and the only thing you want to be when you grow up is a fucking loser?

WTF is wrong with you? Torrenting is not an illegal operation. Torrenting is just a file-transfer system. Torrenting certain things is illegal.

It's not torrenting per se that's illegal, it's the torrenting of other peoples' things like files containing the latest copyrighted GoT episodes. Like any other operation on the Internet, there is NO secrecy at all.

If the Internet doesn't know where you are, how do you think it knows where to send that file? I sometimes imagine myself in prison surrounded by murderers and rapists for watching movies I streamed off the interwebz.

With streaming you're watching a copy made by someone else. With downloading you're making your own copy. What's the difference between a TV station making a copy for me to watch and a streaming web site making a copy for me to watch?

Communication Minister Malcolm Turnbull went so far as to encourage copyright holders to take repeat offenders to court, speaking on Sky News this week. So, do you need to be worried about being punished for your downloading habits? And a consumer, who admits to downloading TV shows for free over the net, said the proposed measures would be unlikely to affect his habits. So, should you think twice next time you go to download a series of Game of Thrones or Orange is the New Black?

Popular among pirates … Orange is the New Black. The government plans to amend the Copyright Act to compel internet service providers ISPs to block websites that infringe copyright, such as The Pirate Bay and BitTorrent, but Kidman was not convinced this would be effective.

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