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Net neutrality takes effect today. Here’s how it affects you.
It appears that you do not understand how satellite internet service works. Service goes in and out, with constant "grey outs" on both wired and wireless service. With that said I was getting tired of Comcast throttling my speeds during certain hours of the day and night, so I purchased this modem to attempt to by pass them all together. My damn bill changes each month for the worse! The service is so night and day its not even funny. Life was good until Verizon sold us to Frontier.

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Resellers don't have their own equipment, and just resell large ISPs services. Wholesale will own their own equipment, and provide their own transit out of the large ISP's network. This prevents duplication of 'last mile' infrastructure. T-Systems is the Tier 1 provider for Germany and they either manually throttle all BitTorrent characteristic traffic encrypted or not by throttling all traffic for the entire PPPoE session within 5 minutes after connections have been established or they have a constantly recurring overloading problem at their gateways and routers which according to MaxMind GeoIP are in the Netherlands, curiously , the extremes at which is throttled vary but are usually between kbps and kbps, with the effects much more severe if BitTorrent mainlineDHT is in use, IPv6 over a 6to4 tunnel is transferring data or the more active TCP connections you have or if UDP connections are used.

This is evidenced by the fact that the download speed is much higher shortly after start, than it is after said 5 minute window this includes a parallel running FTP or HTTP transfer , even though the number and bandwidth available through remote test hosts far exceeds the badwidth available for the local host.

After analysis and testing via residential DSL connections, cable connections and hosts in datacenters, it is evident that the throttling either occurs at the Tier 1 level or that all connections which run over DTAG operated lines are affected DTAG owns and maintains all physical connections in Germany and several surrounding areas.

There is currently no perfect solution to mitigate their traffic shaping effects, be they intentional or unintentional, but the fewer IP connections are active, the better the results for possible speed. Do not forward this port in your NAT device or firewall to prevent rogue clients or man in the middle devices from sending packets to it. Please be aware that this is only a temporary solution and you may get a lot of NAT errors with some of your torrents you're still reachable via the old forwarded incoming ports.

Avoid Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Co. Its cheaper but its not worth it. My WiMax are adamant they don't throttle or in any way shape, but it can't be coincidence that every time I download my connection will be cut. COM zaq start speed throttling from August They admit that P2P is blocked from now. Throttling speeds on all P2P connections only on their M plan. This is not stipulated in their contract and thus a change of ISP with an early termination of contract can be obtained without penalty as a result of their own restrictions being placed on a connection without notice.

When arranging the change of ISP, remember to argue the point that it is not stated in the contract and that you took out this connection under the belief that you were receiving and unconditional M connection. Do not budge on it. I just got off the phone with J: They have also started throttling P2P on my MB connection. It now reaches about kb not kB per second maximum. If you open Bittorent the Internet will just stop working completely.

I found that if you pause all torrents and only let one at a time go, it'll let you stay connected for about 20 minutes and then kick you. Use the Speed Limit Scheduler to set your limits. Emobile and maybe softbank, via cell phone tether, unlimited data plan Tracker comms are blocked, you need to use a proxy for at least tracker comms. Transport requires a minimum of plain encryption High port numbers don't seem to work.

This action has make all people that use this ISP in Malaysia make a protest due to this action. International group, Anonymous make respond to this block and attack some of Malaysia site and join by some of local hacker group DragonForce. After that,Anonymous release a method to all Malaysia about technique to bypass this block using method that call Google DNS.

In UPC and Ziggo have merged. This means that a quarter of the subscribers does have problems. The cable market in the Netherlands is made up for several small regional and more than 15 town based players.

If you want to subscribe to one of them, you will find a complete overview of Dutch ISPs on vergelijkexpert. Through the postcode check you can see which providers are available.

Vodafone is available via fiberglass. The availability of fiberglass in the Netherlands you can check also check on this website. Maximize your download speed, compare internet providers and packages. Only Tested on mobile Internet services. This ISP uses D. Deep Packet Inspection to avoid some tests such as Bittorrent specific test , stronger encryption levels may cause disconnections. This does not only affect p2p. Since last month, Claro has been blocking the Glasnost Test http: Fortunately, I successfully did a test and discovered the cause http: Now Claro is unfriendly with VPN services and privacy.

But unlike Claro, RC4 encryption can boost up downloads in some cases. First proof about Olo's traffic shaping here in Spanish, I apologize about troll posts on it: I have a billing and a technical glitch I am trying to resolve and called this morning to talk with someone in billing and in technical support. I have now been on hold while working in my office for the past 80 minutes and still have not been connected with anyone how can assist me in solving my problem.

The technical problem is associated with my Uverse DVR. When I try to replay the recording it runs for minutes and then freezes so that I have to restart the program and advance up to where I was when the problem occurred.

While watching a replay of a football game, I had to do this about 9 times in 3 hours which became really really annoying!!!!! Basically, when I set Uverse up, they wanted a credit card for record and assured me they would never try to automatically bill on that card.

They used it to bill my service about a week ago. That problem has now been resolved. Now, I am waiting for technical support and it is minutes and counting! But, the bottom line, Comcast has been trashed for having poor customer service. I have been on hold now for minutes plus and still cannot get through to anyone who can help me resolve my technical problem.

How much worse could Comcast Customer Service actually be? I am going to try this and see if they can fix the problem. If not, Comcast, here I come!!! I currently have Uverse and am switching back to Comcast. I was promised a 12 month pricing and my bill went up after 6 months. When I called in they apologized and said they corrected it but come the next month the price shot up again and I was told I could not have what I was promised. I downgraded my plan and months later when I called in to order the sports package was once again offered a special package at a lower price.

Cable is good and Internet is fast. I think I may just cancel services and go back to a free digital reciever from the state. That will show the big cable companies ya right ….. So much for trying to get the economy back on track! After reading the comments, I have mixed feelings. Would love to hear feedback. I live in the SF Bay area. I had both and I can see benefits on both sides.

U-verse is popular for those who are more concerned with cost. But, things are very different in terms of the way we use the internet and our needs are different too. With more and more demand for data speeds i.

Look back on ATT history and see what the top brass had decided for you. They are banking on people switching because of price. That seemed to have worked. I based my choice on the overall user experience. I paid lots of money to have these and I want to get the most out of them. If you base your choices on price, go with ATT. If you want to get the most of your tech, comcast will give you the speed you need to get all of your investments.

Be honest with your comments. This is not as clear as you make it. I just signed up for Uverse from Comcast. I am pretty amazed at the different in picture quality. Comcast HD is significantly better than Uverse. I still have trouble with the Internet reception. I have a box for each of my Televisions and Voice has been much better after they exchanged my modem.

It only took them a year to find out that it was the modem, after rewiring from the pole and then telling me it was my security system that was causing the problem, which it was not I was getting music on the phone while you were trying to talk not while you were waiting. They say that I am saveing all this money even though there charges keep going up We will soon see. This is not true. I had Comcast for 7 yrs. While I had a few install problems due to our house being old, I did not have many issues after that.

I never paid for the service that covers you if a repairman comes out, because I had none. When I called customer service for any of the few issues, I received credit and understanding. When I called customer service to talk about billing and new incentives, I was always able to switch my programming or offered an incentive.

My address did not exist in the system and it took them 2 months to figure this out. The company is new—so I was patient. Due to all my problems, they gave me an awesome deal for the next 12 months—full line up for dirt cheap. To me, only a few differences.

My internet was slow. Maneuvering the grid is better on ATT and because I had a fully loaded package, there were a lot of channel choices. Comcast grid is a bit antiquated, however, On Demand is much better….

I wanted to add a TV into my line up. Comcast has a store you can go to. Overall, I was happy with ATT. I asked if there were other promos I can take advantage of just like Comcast does …and the best they would do was offer 3 months packages, but I would have to sign up for another year.

I called 3 times before my package ended, 3 different reps, even told them I was comparing with Comcast, told them what Comcast was offering—and going to cancel…. Just based on the fact that when it came down to customer service, ATT does not care. I switched back to Comcast.

I received credits and install fee waived. I have not had to call them all year. Sure, their grid is not as modern at ATT, but I rather give my money to a company that has been doing this longer and has better customer service.

I have also had it in three homes. My original location is worked wonderfully and we rarely had problems. Keep in mind these places are all within 10 miles of each other in the same city. Right now I am paying for 6mbps on Comcast and my signal is consistantly below 3 for both up and down load. I am moving in a couple of days and switching to U-verse in my new location. All I want is to be able to stream via Netflix and Youtube. Not asking much, right? Not to mention the random outages.

The U-Verse internet service is intermittent and incredibly slow. We have a brand new U-Verse modem May that is supposed to be a 12 Mbps download modem. I tested it at SpeedTest. Google, Bing, Amazon, etc.! As far as customer service, it took two technicians seven hours and two days to install two modems.

Any poor suckers out there that have U-Verse and get Error Redirects, you have to clear your cache to get rid of them. Only thing is, every time the internet connection intermittently goes down i.

The system forces you to select choices that are inaccurate for what their customers need. Then, once I did got a live human, although they were friendly, they spent too much time researching an answer to my question only come to the conclusion they did not know the answer. He said that my Comcast signals were weak at best and they had wired my house all funky with all sorts of 4 way splitters in my attic. So none of the existing lines in my house could be used.

That told me right there that I made the right choice. I never had DVR before. I have noticed my internet is faster, my TV picture looks clearer, and I love the way their guide is set up so far. Even my gamer roommate notices a difference in faster internet speeds. I think I made the right choice by switching. Comcast was sneaky in the ways they kept jacking the price up.

Their customer service was never bad, but I did have multiple problems with the service over the years phone would cut out in the middle of conference calls, multiple outages, etc. Comcast needs to invest some of their millions in training their customer service teams. Stop robbing the customers with promises of better service.

The prices keep going up and the service continues to diminish. I have been a customer since their arrival in Jacksonville. I am now fed up with one way loyalty.

KISS Keep it simple stupid! The inflated cost, poor management of assets and resources in an effort to try and monopolize the market worth losing loyal customers? Set the example of how to keep customers not of how to get rid of them. AHHH, thanks for the vent relief! We have had UVerse cable and internet for a year… my bill is usually We moved out of the metro area to a suburb and transferred our service now on week 2 of the installation process with four days being stuck at the house waiting for a technician to come out and decide some set up server is down.

We have four boxes but if one or two shows are recording you have to watch them or nothing it tells you you can cancel one of your recordings to watch live tv. I have had Comcast for the past 3 months. Ever since it was installed, I have had issues. Customer Service reps are surly at best and untrained in the most general areas of keeping customers. The internet techs seem like they are reading a script.

They never can fix a issue if it is more then unplug the modem. On a scale from 1 to 5 on price, its about a 3. Speeds on internet its a 3 as well. Customer service is 0. Have Uverse internet only. Price went up after 6 mos, then again after a year. Trying to get anyone to talk to is a nightmare. If you use the chat function, they end up telling you to call some other office, which forces you thru endless menus, and then you find out the one you need is closed. Skip the promotions, just give us a good price without a contract and no increases based on length of time you have been a customer.

Seems like they are getting it backwards. The longer you stay with them, the more you get punished! When Uverse is working, it is excellent. It is far superior to Comcast DVR as far as function. Picture quality not as great as Comcast, but I could live with it. But really, having to have the unit replaced twice in two weeks?

Not saying that Comcast is great or anything. Just has att at my door. Such a great offer but like they say if it sounds to good to be true, think twice. After reading all the comments above better stay with comcast. I have a bundle with them but its already went up to a month and started out at a month.

So when does the locked in price take effect? We are due to have U-verse installed tomorrow. The guy we talked to on the phone told us there was nothing he could do for us and for us to look online for a better package deal. That was when we signed up for U-verse cause of the cheaper package and more channels. Called comcast back to cancel a few things to bring our bill down until we get U-verse installed and this guy starts offering us the same deal we already have but the kicker was we had to sign a 2 year contract and the deal was only for the first year and then it would go up.

U-verse we get the deal for a year and then go from there. Also had issues with comcast phone. My mom lives in Canada and everytime I call her i cannot hear the phone ringing from my end and either get her voice mail, a busy signal or a recording telling me my call can not go through at this time. We she hears the last few rings after i have been on the phone for 30 seconds and has to call me back and then it turns into phone tag.

Comcast 2 Uverse 0. Comcast On Demand had way more content the uverse while the uverse dvr service was neat, but i never use the dvr since i dont watch tv Comcast 4 Uverse 1. Comcast Internet destroys Uverse. TV wise ive had an awful experience with Uverse but that depends on your channel preferences and how much you are willing to pay for those and extra services such as HD.

I was with comcast for almost 10 years. But the quality and service is getting worse. I called for help, but the phone waiting time was too long, so I dropped the phone. Besides the customer, the connection is not stable in the past two month in Houston area. Nothing but trouble since I switched to Uverse; two remotes replaced and my email only lets me send 60 or so a day and then refuses to allow me to send more.

I have has comcast for 4 years. Both theis customers service, pricing, and potential are out of this world. I have heard so many bad things, and have experienced not one. One major difference is comcast has a coaxial come from the power line, att uses your phone line to send a signal to their modem. I compared speeds to my friend who has att and we both agreed comcast was had a faster, stronger, more stable signal. I have the 50mbps service and love it.

Comcast is about to launch a mbps service, and although its going to be pricey, it will also be worth it for some. We switched from Comcast to U-Verse because of the price. Many, many visits from technicians.

We could hardly watch TV for the first two months at all and our compensation was free HBO for three months. We never had these issues with Comcast TV and I never had to call for service.

Comcast On Demand is times or more better. U-Verse is very limited with On Demand. Our UVerse Internet is sporadic and sometimes super slow… like waiting five minutes for a new page to load. I guess good UVerse reception depends on how close you are to the hub or whatever it is called.

I also suppose it depends on where you live. Sounds like UVerse, if you need a new box, you need to ship it off. Cable tv uses a shared architecture. They have bandwith to their node, and it is shared by everyone served by the node. If everyone is on like, say, from 6pm to 9pm when everyone uses their internet connection , then your download speeds will suck.

The only factor that affects you and everyone, even ctv users , is latency and server response time. I work for a major telco, and when the local ctv company tried to provide service to a local military base, the base said no way because the shared architecture of ctv is not secure, and is NOT consistent. Do the math and use your brain. Even if I end up paying a little more to watch TV.. It really irritates me that I have to get full Digital Box at 10 dollars a month to have HD on my other rooms.

It used to be free but they found a way to charge you for that. Also, there is a 9. I would prefer marginal service at a lesser price then to continue to deal with Comcast.

Just a few weeks ago I called them to have them come out to check my signal. During the call the service rep asked to get this monthly service of a 3 plus dollars a month to protect me from being responsible for the full charge of a service technician to come out to my house, I declined. I told her that I have a newer home and I doubt that my home has any issues.

Well, the technician came out, checked the service and decided the cable needed to be replace outside of my house. I got my bill and they slapped me with a 60 dollar service charge for the technician coming to my house. I called them to dispute the charge and they immediately tried to sell me the montly maintenance protection plan that I had declined in my initiat call for the service call.

I told the lady…. I will not pay you people dime more than the already inflated bill that I pay now. It used to be service calls were free. When did this change???

Of course, she put me on hold and told me the service charge would be removed from my bill. I feel better now…. And Merry Christmas to all. It is not clear from clicking on the link how to prevent the constant barrage of increasing prices. I have had Comcast internet for 3 years years and I am very happy.

Their customer service on the phone and via chat has always been very good. It was the typical Debbie in India routine, e. We have had Dish since the analog days. Dish customer service is also good. Was told the tv comes with it or I would have to get another provider.

Customer service is very unprofessional with some of the employees and some actually have training. As I personally have had customer service training. They have way too many kid channels and not enough stuff for a person to stay interested in keeping their service.

Comcast does have a better picture then ATT, but customer service is beyond terrible. My biggest complaint is that the installers are not employees of Comcast , they are subcontracted and most of them are complete idiots. Every time I contacted customer service, I get a different story even in the same day. If you ask to speak to a supervisor, they put you on hold and then after 20 minutes they come back to the phone and say that the supervisor is not there and he or she will call you back but they never do.

So I called every hour and ask for the same person I talked to originally and ask for the supervisor. I did this for 3 days every hour of each working day and finally they realized I was not going away and I was finally able to talk to a supervisor.

I am still with Comcast only because the internet is more reliable and I need that due to my working from home job. I have a double play package right now but it does not include the equipment so that is At the end of my year, I will probably just go back to internet only. I really only watch certain programs and can log onto the network sites directly to view them anyway.

It is supposed to be back by the government and is Switching from Comcast to ATT. My home phone constantly stopped working for no apparent reason. They refused to reimbers me for the home phone that was down for 7 days, expecting me to pay for services which were not rendered. I am earnestly hopping and praying for better service at ATT; or may drop cable altogether and get Netflix and Magic Jack.

Took Service Tech three trips to get everything working. Unbelievable they charged me a service call for all three. Contacted Customer Service and they absolutely could care less. I would note that all three service calls were within the first month as their contract says they will not charge within the first month. Comcast more expensive, Comcast terrible Customer Service, Comcast unable to setup my Netflix which worked fine with Uverse.

I would note that the Comcast picture is better. I will definitely be switching back to U-verse. The majority of Comcast services are without a minimum term agreement. The only way you would ever be locked into a contract with Comcast is if you received a Visa card. Another note to mention is that Comcast often offers the same prices for their contract and non contract promotions. The only difference is with one, you get money back and with the other, you can cancel whenever you want.

The company itself is working internally to improve the customer service. When you call into the center, request the follow up survey so that Comcast employees are accountable for their actions and words with you.

Some of the customer service is outsourced. Also know that the cable system is very large and complex. You need to have a tech come to your home and make sure the wiring in your home is fit for running a proper signal.

Know that these signals are electric currents and just like any other electric and metal system, sometimes the wiring goes bad. Yes, there are things that the company is working to improve as whole but all in all, there are many places possibly your home included that could be causing the problem.

Also, if you have home phone service through Comcast, the technicians that you schedule for repairs through the phone department can work on any service that you have through Comcast.

The phone repair technicians are the most seasoned techs. So if you are having phone and video issues, call the xfinity, go through the automated system to reach the phone repair department and mention to the representative that you would like the tech that comes out to also check on your TV issue.

There are also a lot of things you can check online and can avoid having to call the center for. It never fails every month, keeps going up until you complain almost every month. When they transfer you to someone else who maybe able to help, your either disconnected, transferred to someone in the same dept. Being on a fixed income as a senior this is very frustrating. Technology is going to fast, they forgot to fix what they failed to fix the first time, from the beginning! Comcast has terrible, awful customer service.

I mean the worst on the planet. Each call lasting 45 minutes — 2 hours with no resolution. Finally paying my fee to fire them and switch to direct tv and att internet. I signed up for a two year deal with UVerse TV a land line and and broadband. So I had to cancel the internet. Then I found out it was because they set it up incorrectly. The gateway should have been at the computer and connected with an ethernet cable.

After they set it up correctly the internet worked fine but they took away my two year deal even though it was their fault. They raised the price also. The changed the due date three times and I found I was billed late fees. Every month they were billing me a different amount. They did return all the money that was owed but every month I had to go on chat and get it straightened out so I would have proof of what was said.

This is my last month thank God and I dropped them and signed up for Comcast. They told me I had to buy to boxes when I wanted the service extended into the second bedroom and front room.

So they took the rental fees off. They are a nightmare. They wanted to give me only minutes on my phone usage and I told them that I use minutes just talking to you. So when i decided I could only use chat so I would have a record of what was said, every month when I went on chat it would take me all day just to get my bill straighten out.

It has been a total nightmare. The only way I could get out of some of the bills was because I could copy and paste the previous chat into the new chat to show them that they were wrong. It has to be illegal to be doing these things. I spoke to two other tenants where I lived and they both had the same problem. So if you get Att good luck. It has way more free movies and they charge less.

Like 2 weeks ago we were charged like to dollars from Xfinity. My cousins also had att and they were happy with what they had. Free movies alot of them.

Then watch all the movies you want to free on utube. But in my experience att has better internet and cable. Although comcast advertises faster internet speed i was unable to stream mlb tv and sunday ticket from my ipad in my small apartment, and this was even when i upgraded my router mulitple times.

Streaming to devices with uverse internet has been really great even without the higher speeds that comcast offers. As for customer service i would say att has the better customer support. I cannot tell you how many times i was on the phone with comcast support only to be on hold and then hung up on multiple times. After 2 hours on the phone and then hung up on i cancelled my services and switched to att.

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