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When new versions of the client are released, the updated clients are placed on the VPNserver. Donna and Benjamin M. Campus Life Our community is a dynamic and diverse group of curious and passionate individuals who value bold ideas and time-honored traditions. Skip to main content. You can quit the AnyConnect client by clicking in the Close box of the window. Links on the library web pages including links found in the library catalog and those on the Find E-Journals page are proxied. Incoming students who have not yet checked in on campus for the first time are not eligible for VPN service.

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Using the Caltech VPN Client on Windows

The login dialog will appear on the screen. The Group drop down menu will appear. Click on it if you would like to select a different connection profile. The Username field will be filled in with your username. The Password field will be blank. After a few seconds, the connection will be established. The client window will disappear but the connection will remain active. In Windows, you will see a lock icon in the System tray in the lower right corner.

Left click on the icon to bring up the client window. Choose Open AnyConnect to bring up the client window. Chose Quit to disconnect the VPN session and stop running the client. Testing the VPN Connection. Disconnecting the AnyConnect client. If the client window is minimized, Disconnect and Quit will behave exactly the same. The VPNconnection will be terminated and the client program will quit. If the client window is not minimized, Disconnect and Quit behave differently.

Disconnect will terminate the VPNconnection, but leave the client window on the screen. When clicking on a proxied link for the first time in the session, remote users are prompted for their access. One successful login establishes access to most Caltech-licensed resources. If you're only interested in the proxy support, you might want to use the bookmarklet instead.

Caltech staff at JPL: Our proxy server will not work for you at JPL. You will need to use VPN. You are a remote user if your IP address falls outside the range Today's Hours Sherman Fairchild Library. Find books, articles, and moreā€¦. Around Caltech Featured News Caltech Celebrates the Opening of the Bechtel Residence Additional space will give all undergraduates the opportunity to live on campus throughout their academic career.

Portraits Predict Political Perfidiousness A new study shows that people can separate corrupt politicians from clean ones by simply looking at portraits of the politicians. Jet of Near Light Speed Material Observed An international team of researchers, including two Caltech scientists, observed a superfast jet of material from a neutron star collision. The Fruit Fly's Celestial Compass Fruit flies use the sun to avoid flying in circles, according to new research.

Featured Events Sep 20 A Memoir in Pieces by Dawn Davies. Video Spotlight Seismologist Zhongwen Zhan: Keeping an Ear to the Ground.

Seismologist Zhongwen Zhan: Keeping an Ear to the Ground

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