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Accessing a Cisco Linksys Router

How to Access My Cisco Wireless Router
Click on the "Network" icon in the notification area at the bottom of the Windows 7 desktop. I am using Linksys EA router. Follow steps 1 to 3 in the preceding section if you have already installed Cisco Connect to your computer and have previously accessed your Cisco Valet wireless router from your computer. Solvusoft is recognized by Microsoft as a leading Independent Software Vendor, achieving the highest level of completence and excellence in software development. Leave this field blank. In my experience, USB-to-serial converters work just fine for this application.

Cisco connect software : main screen

Cisco connect software

Cisco connect software is necessary to setup Guest network access. In early E series routers the Guest Network is not available on the setup page. This option will let you change the wireless network name and the password.

You can also find your wireless network key on this option. If you click on Advanced settings, it will open the setup page. You can also setup your Linksys E series router without Cisco connect software. You just need to access the Linksys router setup page and change the settings manually.

Cisco Connect offers powerful tools for managing your wireless network such as security settings, Guest Access, Parental Controls and Advanced Settings. Cisco Connect is included with every Valet Hotspot.

Installed the Cisco Connect Software and the router. Router works fine, getting internet service. Tried to use Cisco Connect to change user name and password to something I could remember.

Tried un-installing the software and then re-installing. I am having issues with the latest firmware upgrade. I am really very disappointed. I am using Linksys EA router. Can not join wireless network on new laptop. Other old laptop is connected and I can access Internet on old one. But the new one has problem connecting to WiFi. I t is running on Windows 7.

When I enter the network key, it stays there and says not connected. Also want to know the guest network password? I did not install Cisco software so I am not sure where to find these settings.

When I try to open I tried default password admin, but that did not work. How do I find security key? Can not get internet with guest network.

I have a Linksys E wireless router. I can connect to the main network and I can access Internet too. But when I try to go online on guest network, it does not allow me to. I can connect but there is no option to put guest password. I have the guest password but don;t know where to enter it. I was having trouble with wireless connecting. I have Linksys E I inserted disk and it changed my network name.

I thought I had the password but it will not work to connect other computers. I wanted to change it but it will not let me join Cisco Connect. I have E and I have problem installing the installation CD on my old computer. I am able to connect 4 computers and one gaming station. But when I run the CD on the old computer, it says the operating system is not supported. I am right now connected to the guest network.

The guest network access is not working on my E I installed the installation software and I can access the main network but not the guest. It doesnot ask me for the password. This program has issues with Static IP setup. Cisco software is not useful for me. I have old computer and I cannot install this cisco software.

I will have to update the operating system. Or I will install the router without this cisco software. I have Linksys E wireless router and I can not run cisco software on my desktop computer.

The desktop is connected to the modem and I can access Internet on desktop. I am trying to run the installation CD but the operating system is old and not supported. I do not have any other computer. I netbook but it does not have CD drive. Can I install this router without cisco connect software? If yes then how? What is cisco connect default password for Linksys E? I have been trying to open the setup page of the router and it is asking me for the password. Tried many passwords but nothing is working.

I want to open some ports on my router. I have Cisco connect software installed on my main computer. Is there another way to open the setup page? What does cisco connect guest password mean. I have Linksys E router and I can see 2 different networks at home. My laptop gets connected to the unsecured automatically. But when I try to access Internet it is asking for cisco connect guest password. I am not sure about any kind of password or software either on my computer.

I can access Internet only when I set it up without installation CD. If I install it manually, I have no problem accessing Internet. Listing 1 shows the two access lists: Access list will be applied to the LAN interface.

The first line sets up the access list and places the router in access list configuration mode. The next line allows any IP traffic matching the network IOS uses inverse subnet masks in its access lists.

You can compute these manually quite easily by subtracting each octet of your standard mask from The third line denies any other traffic from entering the LAN interface.

Although all access lists have an implicit deny all at the end, including an explicit deny line is a good practice so that you know where your access list ends and to aid the readability of your configuration. The final line takes the router out of access list configuration mode. Access list will be applied to the WAN interface. However, you need these three lines to use ping and traceroute for troubleshooting. The last two lines are the same as in the LAN access list. The second is that enabling this inspection also enables Context-Based Access Control.

Although our access lists above are very generic e. For example, if you browse to Amazon. When the connection is closed, these entries are dynamically removed.

Now, apply both the access lists and the inspection rules to the appropriate interfaces in the inbound direction. Note that you use access- group , not access- list here. Then apply the inspection rule:. Some of you sharpies might be wondering if you could apply the IP inspection rule in the outbound direction as well as or in place of the inbound direction.

The answer is yes, you can. You now need to set up NAT to translate addresses between the internal First, set up an access list to be used only for NAT:. As before, the first line places the router in access list configuration mode.

Note that the access list here is standard and not extended. Standard access lists allow only traffic from specific IP addresses or networks to be permitted or denied. The second line identifies the traffic that you want to translate. The above code allows any traffic on the internal LAN to be translated for the Internet.

The third line prevents any other traffic from being translated, and the fourth line takes the router out of access list configuration mode. This command tells IOS to translate any address identified in access list 10 to the address assigned to FastEthernet4.

The overload keyword allows one public address to be shared among several internal private addresses. First, though, you need to ensure that each interface is not in a shutdown state. To do so for FastEthernet4, type:. At this point, you can disconnect the console cable and connect the PC to a LAN port on the router with an Ethernet cable. Keep the console cable handy, though, in case you make a configuration change that prohibits Telnet access. A Telnet client is included with most OSs. You can copy and paste this configuration to a text editor for later reference.

You can also edit the configuration in a text editor and paste it into a terminal session to make changes to the router. Your configuration should look similar to Listing 2 at this point. Note that Listing 2 omits many configuration lines that are automatically inserted or included by default.

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