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Here it is in May and I never heard anything again after ignoring the letter. Shaw is unable to advise you on a course of action, but if you have questions concerning this matter, you may wish to contact the content owner directly. Its a 30 billion dollar a year industry no one uses…. April 3, at 4: Can XP still be activated? Just knowing that is depressing in itself. They said I had downloaded a certain risque movie thorough torrents at such and such a time.

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'No Obligation' For Canadians To Pay Settlements In Copyright Notices

If the Arbitrator stays on schedule, this means that payment to those claimants whose works were not objected to or whose disputed works were favorably resolved informally or through arbitration should receive their payments approximately in early We appreciate the fact that on prior occasions our predictions as to the end of this matter have been short.

As we have stated, this has been an extremely complicated and labor intensive claims administrative process. The sheer volume of data we have had to analyze and discuss with objecting publishers has been staggering. We are, however, happy to report that the light is at the end of the tunnel; the arbitrations are forthcoming and will be resolved shortly; and the payment schedule outlined above should follow several months after that.

If we anticipate another setback, we will notify you on this webpage. All unresolved disputes will go to summary binding arbitration. We estimate that we are approximately six weeks away from the arbitration stage, during which the remaining disputes will be resolved through summary telephonic arbitrations on one or two days.

Pursuant to the Court-approved Settlement, the Defense Group will be responsible for the full and final funding obligations to claimants no later than 98 days after the final report is issued.

The Claims Administrator will then prepare and process the settlement checks for distribution by first class mail. Based on the progress made during the Informal Resolution stage towards arbitration and the current number of remaining claim disputes, Class Counsel predict claims payments to be made no earlier than late Fall We are now at the stage of claims administration process where we are attempting to informally resolve disputes with those publishers whose objections we have a reasonable basis to challenge.

Because of the large number of publishers whose objections we have reason to challenge, this informal resolution process is expected to take several months. Class Counsel endeavor to complete the Informal Resolution stage as efficiently and expeditiously as is practicable. All unresolved disputes will then go to binding arbitration. We cannot estimate the length of time for arbitration until we complete the Informal Resolution process and have a final number of claims and publishers that are proceeding to binding arbitration.

As with the Informal Resolution process, Class Counsel will work in good faith to complete the Arbitration as expeditiously as possible for the claimants. Once the Arbitration process is completed, the Court-approved Settlement allows the Claims Administrator up to days to prepare and process the settlement checks for distribution by first class mail.

Please review the update immediately below this one for detail about the claims review process. The time has passed for the publications and the database defendants to object to the great majority of the claims. The remainder are being presented now. The extremely high volume of objections raised by the publications has been unexpected. C Counsel is in the process of reviewing and responding to more than 30, objections. Many of you are aware of this ongoing process, as over the past several months we have been speaking with you about specific objections to your claims.

This volume of objections has delayed and will continue inescapably to delay resolution of all the objections, either informally or by dispute resolution. The time has passed for the publications to object to claims. Now the claims administrator is preparing two reports for the parties on those objections. Both reports are expected to be ready within three weeks. One is for Class Counsel, and the other is for the Defendant Databases.

When the Defendant Databases receive their report, they will have up to 60 days to determine whether they have any objections as to the works no publication has objected to. When the Defendant Databases have completed their own review, we will repeat the same process as to the objections they make, if any.

We will attempt to informally resolve as many disputes as we can, as quickly as we can. As to any disputes the parties cannot informally resolve, those disputes will be heard and ruled on by a federal magistrate judge or neutral arbitrator. Claimants may participate by telephone. Those rulings will be binding on the parties to each dispute. In the meantime, for the few disputes about which Class Counsel are already aware, we are presently working hard to informally resolve those disputes.

Once all disputes are resolved, the claims administrator will issue checks to the claimants. Again, predicting the timing of claims payments is a very difficult endeavor. Please rest assured all parties are working diligently and efficiently toward the completion of this process and the payment of claims. At this point, Class Counsel predict payments will be issued by the end of the year. After substantial effort, the claims administrator has developed a database and software program for contacting the thousands of publications that are potentially obligated to make claim payments, and to enable those publications electronically to accept or challenge the claims attributed to them.

On November 6, , the publications were sent notification of those claims along with instructions on how to access and use the claim response system. Issuance of the notifications has started a day period during which the publications are allowed to challenge claims. After the end of that period, any timely challenges will be decided through a dispute resolution process.

Throughout the settlement administration phase, it has proven difficult to estimate when claim payments will be issued, but we are hopeful that will happen in the second or third quarter of As before, however, unforeseen issues could arise and cause further delay. We are all working diligently so that payments can begin as soon as possible.

After the last update below, the issuance of the claims report to the Defense Group and other publishers was being held up by the complexity of claims processing and related issues, including a dispute among the parties over certain points.

The parties eventually sought the court's intervention and have now resolved the dispute. We expect the claims administrator to issue the claims report over the next few weeks. Claims processing will then proceed according to the steps and schedule described in the last update below.

Our current estimate for the earliest time when payments can be expected is 6 to 9 months from now. This is an estimate only, and the actual timing may differ. Thank you for your patience. Letters notifying class members of deficiencies in their claims were sent November 8, , with a deadline of December 8 for claimants to respond.

This notice-and-response procedure for deficiencies had to be completed before the claims administrator can issue the claims report that must go to the Defense Group and other publishers for review and potential challenge. That report is still being finalized.

After receiving the report, each publisher will have days to object to the claims assigned to it. The Database Defendants will have an additional days beyond that to object to particular claims, because they are obligated to pay all valid claims that the assigned publishers fail to pay.

If there are objections to any claims, the resolution of such disputes will consume more time. After any and all claim disputes are resolved, the claims administrator will issue a final report to the Defense Group and other publishers.

Each publisher must deposit the dollar amount of its assigned claims within 60 days. Within 38 days after that, the sum of all outstanding unpaid amounts must be deposited by the Defense Group. The claims administrator will then issue checks to claimants, to be paid from the deposited funds. Given this timeline and current circumstances, at present, the earliest that payments can be expected is in the third quarter of this year, , especially if there are objections or disputes over claims.

The court's decision approving the revised settlement became final in July The claims administrator is now working with the parties to finalize the packages that must go to the defendant publishers for review and potential challenge e. We are hopeful that given current circumstances, the process will be completed and any challenges resolved by the end of or earlier , and the claims administrator can start preparing settlement payments in the first quarter of This is an estimate only, however, and the actual timing may differ.

On June 10, , at the hearing on final settlement approval, the District Court granted final approval of the revised proposed settlement. A copy of the Order granting final approval of the revised proposed settlement is linked below, as well as the Orders concerning attorneys' fees and reimbursement of their costs, and special awards to the Representative Plaintiffs and Former Objectors.

On June 3, , in compliance with the deadline set by the District Court's order granting preliminary approval of the revised settlement, class counsel filed their motion for final approval of the settlement and papers in support thereof.

The documents that were filed are linked below. On April 9, , in compliance with the deadline set by the District Court's order granting preliminary approval of the revised settlement, class counsel filed their applications for i attorneys' fees and reimbursement of their expenses; ii approval of service awards to the representative plaintiffs, estates of two deceased former representative plaintiffs, and former objectors; and iii approval to pay administrative costs and other settlement-related expenditures.

The applications will be heard by the District Court at the hearing on final settlement approval, currently scheduled for June 10, On February 24, , a Notice was mailed or emailed to each name and address or email address that was in the database of the Claims Administrator. Please be advised that you may have received more than one Notice, either by mail, e-mail, or both. Each Notice included an indication of the status of a claim for a particular claim number. A "No Claim" status indicated at the top of a Notice you received means that the Claims Administrator does not have a claim on file under that particular claim number.

It is possible, however, that the Claims Administrator does have a claim on file under a different claim number. Is there a remote possibility they could steal my bank account info if I pay them? Lastly, if this is indeed all very real and legit, should I pay them? I absolutely do not want it getting out that I was downloading porn, and I'd much rather settle than go to court over the matter as that will certainly out me on this dilemma.

I've heard other people got the same notice and have not paid and nothing happened. But I'm still very uneasy about the possibility.

What should I do? Well, technically, it's a legal scam sort of , but this company hasn't taken anybody to Court to date. Of course, not everything that pops up on Google is reliable, but hey I'm just guessing, but eventually, I think we may be reading about this being pursued as a RICO case.

That could take years, though. You should in no way consider what I've posted here as legal advice. If you're really concerned about this, you should probably contact an attorney. That wasn't somehow a fake made to look like that had happened?

Also, where it says cease and desist It just says "you may also be held liable". As in, if they feel like it? Or definitely I will?

Why would they say may if they're directing me to an already made up settlement offer? Because they've apparently already figured up an amount for me to pay, and the threat is "if I don't", then the claim will be referred to their attorney. Another thought I had, is there any way I could pay them without giving them my info?

Right away I'm thinking, pre-paid gift card, register it for web use under a phony name and address. I know that's shady, but their methods of entrapment are too. Anyone know if this could work? Join Date Jul Posts 7, There is no way to conceal your identity as they can sue you and serve a subpoena on your ISP for your information. The only thing you could try if they do sue you is the "It wasn't me, it was someone else on my open Wifi" defense.

This is not guaranteed to win. I believe it has gone both ways in different jurisdictions but don't have any data in front of me. They have your IP address. Join Date Mar Posts 2. I have read tons of articles to try and help educate me. Most say not to pay, some say to go ahead and settle early, almost all say that if you are real concerned, get a lawyer. I did read on one site an interesting way to stay as anonymous as possible I'd link it here but I can't remember where I found it.

I can't take any credit for this but here is what he did. First, get a web based email account you can use Hushmail for this. Only use that for any communication with the "troll". Go to a Post Office pick something far enough away that no one knows you and definitely isn't located within your own town limits , open a PO Box with them this is used to receive their release of liability which you definitely want.

After you find out the amount of money they want which it sounds like you've already done , get a Money Order from the Post Office and send that to them I don't know a lot about MO's, not sure if they are traceable or not, also don't know what happens if they claim they never received it for proof you sent it. Hopefully they get the money order, send you the release of liability and you're done.

You can then close out the PO box, cancel or close your web based email and fingers crossed you are done with them.

Obviously, don't use anymore peer to peer for any sort of downloading. Also, I am not a lawyer, don't pretend to be a lawyer and don't expect you to use anything in this message to indicate that I'm somehow giving you any sort of legal advise. What you do is strictly up to you.

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