Free Wifi Hotspot App for Android without Rooting

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Xperia/Galaxy/Optimus向け MVNOテザリング有効化ツール
November 6, at 7: You have to have a good enough connection in order to not have download errors. January 1, at 7: Learn more about Amazon Prime. Sony Xperia Z3 Review. Thank you for your time and help. After ready most all post i noticed there is still no real hotspot fix for sprint galaxy note 3 4.

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How to Get Free Wifi Tether on Rooted Android! [AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon]

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Thank you so much for reading the article. Please help us by sharing the article on social media. Please Share This On Need some help please. Is anything I need to do? Do all the steps 2.

Download App Quarentine app 3. In app settings, Filter, Turn on Advanced, 4. Block the TetheringProvision 5. Download Portable Wi-Fi hotspot app 6. I have a sprint note 3 with 4. I installed the file and when I use Wifi Tethering it still deducts from my monthly allowance.

I have the T-Mobile Galaxy S5. What we have to do in this step? Wow thanks a Milli. Just done it now. Also got to change two of my s4 screens earlier this year courtesy……… u know who.

Works like a charm. Followed steps correctly; however after a minute or two sprint msg pops up saying I need to subscribe if I want to use the hotspot. I have Sprint Galaxy Note 3. Please show me how to install custom rom or hotspot mod. Thank you very much. Completed the install and it works great. Do Need to change the name of the files? Also, How do i make the connections secure? Right now when I turn on hotspot its just open and anybody can connect.

Will this work for me?? I have been unable to get this to work on my rooted Sprint S4, exact same version as yours. Did you have to do anything special? At this point I just reinstall the whole thing followed the steps as posted and it works again. Give it time to have your phone pick up internet before turning on wifi. When I try to install framework it says could not extract xposed-disabled-recovery.

Any help would be appreciated. When turning wifi tether on it does give me the password to connect to it, making it useless. How can I get the password?

Been looking for this for a while. I got it to work but when connecting my computer or tablet I cannot get any web pages etc to work. I can find the hotspot on other devices and hook up to it, but no internet working. I was using Towelpie before I took 4. Unlocked bootloader, rooted with clockmodwork and verified. What part of the build. I have a LG Flex att unlocked, using tmobile. Galaxy s4 m Stock rom Towel root 4. Thank U again to developer. Please give your feed back!

I tried a lot to fix but this was the right solution for me. Keep up the good work guys!!! Anyone have info on this? If I do a backup, factory reset then restore from backup will that work or will that put my phone exactly how it is now rooted?

If they cancel your contract or modify it you have the right to cancel and get out of contract without paying etf, I would look into that. This wont work on rooted tmobile Galaxy S3 JB 4. I had tethering working for the last three weeks and I tried to fix another problem by entering the when I was instructed by a sprint customer care person and the code modified something on my phone.

I see that the changes by Sprint set the value back to 1 and when I set the value by to 0 and reboot the phone the value is set back to 1. I am getting this error mobile data is not available or invalid sim when i press mobile hotspot button. I got the hotspot turned on with this tutorial so thanks for that, but when I connect to my Xbox it says there is no Internet connection. Does anyone know what I need to do to fix this?

I have a T-Mobile Note 3 4. Tmobile, Galaxy S4 M Can anyone get this to work on the PS4? It works on my laptop, but not my PS4. And the show logs fail to load. It is rooted with Towel Root.

It was quirky such as it would only work if my phone was not charging — if my phone was plugged into the wall charger, it would kick the tether off. Nevertheless, it worked, and I was happy. About a month ago, it just stopped working. Probably a security update or something.

I tried the Xtether app as you suggested, and it would not work. I am desperate to get my WiFi tethering working… any suggestions? Just checking to see if anyone has made any headway on getting the WiFi tether to work on a rooted Galaxy S5? Hello I have a Note2 and its rooted already..

I accidentally deleted tethering ap and everytime I try and reinstall it.. I get a message that says this.. Im not very tech savy …Thank u. Is there a fix 4 this??? It works u guys are awesome!!!! I am not a tech expert, and was wondering is there anyway that my carrier catch me, using this method?

Hope they lose the lawsuit! Is there any solution to this???? Thank you for the guide and help. I followed the root guide for S4 4. After ready most all post i noticed there is still no real hotspot fix for sprint galaxy note 3 4. So someone needs to come out with fix, help please Justin.

I could not get it to work. I performed everything exactly but Sprint still tells me that I have not subscribed to the service. Have a fix for you with sprint and tmobile for your hot spot and 5gig limit on tmobile as well. It does cost a couple bucks unless one were to browse their way to a site that has it free.

Good luck and u must have root. Using the new galaxy avant, framework and install worked fine, even got pass the carrier mess. But it almost seems like its forwarding the message to any connected device.

Any way to make wifi work instead of using data from carrier. Trying to use phone as a repeater to laptop. Tried everything, wont work. Any help would be appreciated! So glad I found this finally! Just saying, the video should tell you that right off the bat — instead of frustrating all the T mobile users.

I turn on the hotspot and I get the no subscription popup error. Is it because I have lollipop? Its messed up they try to make us pay for wifi hotstop when its free in other countries. I am not receiving the prompt to Allow Superuser as noted in Step 5. What about lg g flex how can I get the free wifi Hotspot I pay for unlimited data only get 5gb for wifi Hotspot use please help.

If you have it rooted with a custom recovery there is a file that is flashed into the system that does the same thing typically. Still the problem remained. So I tried this Exposedinstaller. It worked well after rebooting. But this posting worked on Galaxy S4 Active I Seems to be working fine on my verizon gs4 4.

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