VPN Protocol Comparison: PPTP vs. L2TP vs. OpenVPN vs. SSTP vs. IKEv2

What is OpenVPN?

Difference Between OpenVPN and PPTP
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Understanding OpenVPN

Comparison of VPN protocols

Service runs default on the port but can be changed by the user if necessary. If needed LZO compression can be used to compress the stream. Currently, this is the most widely used VPN implementation both on computers as well as embedded devices.

This protocol was published by a consortium of Microsoft and initially it was used to create VPN over windows dial up networks. The protocol itself does not define any encryption and authentication procedure but instead the security depends on the tunneling of point to point protocol. Many platforms including windows has PPTP capability inbuilt into the system letting user use the service with minimal effort for configuration just by using a user name, password and a server name.

The greatest drawback in PPTP is the presence of security issues where it has several known vulnerabilities. However, OpenVPN also supports all above operating systems when installed. However, on the other hand, OpenVPN involves a bit difficult configuration where certain files must be edited and parameters must be set.

The basic advantages of PPTP is the convenience to configure and the inbuilt availability in various operating systems. However, it has various security vulnerabilities, so it is not recommended for cases that need high security.

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Understanding PPTP

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