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XP Not 98se if its the networked PC. If you don't want the "Internet Gateway" icon to appear in your "Network Connections" folder on Windows XP, you can remove it from your computer. I am now thinking that maybe the computers are not connected at all. First of all to make things simple lets give both PC's static IP's. Many things can cause slowness in a PC I will list them at the end.


Internet Gateway won't Enable

Give the XP system an IP of Make sure both systems are on the same subnet, easist to use You may need to install a couple of other network protocols for the 98 system to share files with the XP system. Now try pinging the XP system from the 98 system, type "ping If the ping's are successful then atleast youve got a working network.

Now the Woosh internet connection should show up in your network neighbourhood on the XP machine, listed above your network connections as an internet connection. You should be able to right click on this icon and select ICS to share the internet connection.

Jump on the 98 machine and go back to where you specified the IP and tell it to automatically assign and IP, you may need to set the IP of the DCHP server before the 98 will recognise it. Restart the 98 machine, open up a DOS prompt again and type "ipconfig" hopefully your machine should still have an IP of Hi Pete, I tried everything you recommended up to the part when you ask me to ping both computers.

Ping is giving me a timeout message on both machines. I have checked the IPs of beth machines, and I still can not get a successful ping. I have changed network cards, and I get the same result. Are there any diagnosis software I could use to pinpoint the problem? If there are any firewalls on any of the PC's, disable them and try the "ping" again. Note that XP has an inbuilt firewall in case there is no icon in the tray to remind you. Pheonix, I have turned off all firewalls, made exceptions, allowed computers with certain ips There is still no ping.

How can I test the network cables? I have a feeling that the network cable is faulty. Don't want to buy another to test it. Could take advantage of DSE's 14 day money back guarantee soley to test the cable Seeing as pinging is not working, it would be a fair assumption that your network is not working.

If you dont want to buy another to test the cable then its probably easist just to return it. If you brought it sealed from DSE then its probably not the cable at fault.

Are you sure the cable is a crossover? DSE crossover cables have red plugs. Are both network cards installed properly? Pete, I've had the cable for a while. And yes the cable is crossover from DSE with red plugs. The windows device manager tells me the network card is working properly on both computers. Windows allows you to view a list of your computer's Internet connection options so that you can configure and select an ideal method of connecting to the Internet.

Windows XP displays these connections in its "Network Connections" folder. The Internet Gateway icon represents a device that acts as an intermediary between your computer and the Internet. In many cases, the icon represents your local network's router. The icon provides easier access to the router's settings and configuration utility.

You can right-click on the icon and select "Disable" to shut down the gateway. This will prevent anyone else who uses the same gateway from connecting to the Internet. Double-clicking the icon will direct you to the router's IP address via your web browser. You can access the router's configuration utility at this IP address by entering the correct log-in credentials. In the configuration utility, you will be able to change the router's SSID and security settings.

The lower half shows network statistics for the server and client computers. Click the Disable or Disconnect button to turn off the server's Internet connection. If the Status window isn't open, you can turn off the connection by right-clicking it and selecting Disable or Disconnect.

Click the Properties button to configure the Internet Gateway. To put an icon in the system tray, check Show icon in notification area when connected. Click Settings to enable other computers to access services that run on this computer. To turn on the server's Internet connection after turning it off, double click the Internet Gateway or right click it and select Enable or Connect.

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