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Check out the Android or Apple store for available network apps or access available channels through watchTVeverywhere. What a good reflection of the style between the old and new The Detective detective stories,. If you are comfortable waiting a few months for a TV series, Netflix may be all you need. Not to say that there is nothing good on TV but you can always get the one or two things you want to see off of the internet. He obviously hates soldiers, hates republicans, or anything else that is not is lockstep with far left leaning idealism. Uh, yeah - I think that that was sort of the point of the article.

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How to Watch Food Network Without Cable

No Kayla Netflix does not show the brand new shows and not all shows are on streaming. Hi Rachel, A friend just told me about http: I watch it on my computer. I just learnrd about the Roku Box today. What a timely post — We just got a Roku box last week! We were just discussing dropping our cable TV and subscribing to Netflix. So glad you blogged about this.

Unfortunately for those of us literally in the sticks, rural northwest PA picking up free channels via an antenna is not an option!!!!!: We received a Roku for Christmas…best gift ever! Between streaming and free dvds from the library we do not miss cable at all: We would love to do something like this except for one problem — live sports. If you have a sports fan in the family my husband , it is nearly impossible to get live HD quality sports any way but from cable or satellite TV.

If you have a digital TV, you just hook up the cable, and you have a live feed through a bigger screen. We are not HUGE sports fans even though we are both former college athletes , but we like to watch it this way now and then.

My husband and I are even more extreme. I listed it online, and we sold it a couple weekends ago. We are perfectly happy to watch an occasional DVD on our laptop. We got ride of cable last Feb. We also have a Playstation we bought in and we stream Netflix with that and Hulu. Many libraries now also have the newest movies for a small fee. Which is a great deal. My husband also had a very bad bout with cancer, 5 surgeries, a year of chemo, radiation…and then I got a catastrophic illness.

I have to say that when each of us was on morphine, with little energy or interest and without the attention span to read which I NEVER thought would happen to me, as I am an avid reader , it was TV that provided some comfort. I could zone in and out and still not feel as isolated or frightened; ditto for my husband. Which is to say, if your husband is in for a long haul, that you may find TV more essential than it is at other times in life.

We were pretty strapped, too, especially when I got equally ill and we had not yet finished paying off his enormous medical bills which were huge even with good medical insurance , so we asked family to pay for cable instead of giving us other birthday or Christmas gifts. We no longer have TV, due to cost, but I would reconsider if one of us became ill again. I am not writing this to criticize your decision, please understand that, and if I am somehow coming across that way please forgive me.

I am just offering our experience in case you start wondering if TV might be worth it again. Thanks Lindsey not offended at all.

Thanks again and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband Susie. We have actually been TV free for over 7 months, you can see our most recent post in our website. I decided to not watch on Memorial Day, and I am reading at night. It has been great. I will not be watching until after Labor Day. Then, I will be very careful in what I chose to watch from shows mostly news that are posted the next day on the internet. I am going to be really selective! We decided to go cable free in January Times were tough for us at the time so cable was on the second round of cuts for us.

We currently subscribe to Netflix and HuluPlus. We also use our library extensively. Does anyone know if this Roku box works in Canada? I watch netflix on my TV with my xbox. I watch way too much tv though. Not yet, but soon: We prefer our digital antenna because it is HD. That was really, really helpful. I appreciate the time you both took to write all of this down for those of us who are technically challenged! Roku does require Wifi — it does stream netflix. Thank you for explaining this!

Apparently I need more sleep. We just got a new flat screen TV quite the upgrade from our giant old box which kicked the bucket. People have told us it may not work because we live in town and our houses are too close together? Would it be a good idea to get one of those Roku boxes — or am I not getting the purpose of those things? For movies, we usually get them from Redbox or the library. Thanks for your help!

We have an antenna, too, and we have to put it in just the right spot to get a good number of channels. My question is this …. I turn on food network on Saturday morning and I watch several shows in a row… that is my time while I clean the house, fold laundry, etc… Am I able to still do this or I have to know what show I want to watch and go hunting through different websites to go and watch it? What about sports — can we watch a game live?

Most shows are a season behind and there are tons of complete series of old shows. Right now my family has t. So when we have time to watch their is never a shortage of options. That means every time we turn it back on, we have to go through the process of getting the Roku to recognize our wireless network.

It is SO annoying. Other than that, it works well. Just play the next episode, no waiting until next week The other downside to Netflix is that they lost Starz content, so a lot of great movies and shows are now off. Or I could just choose to, you know, not watch TV.

Now THAT is the way to do it. Family discussion on the horizon. We dumped cable several years ago and purchased a HD antenna. My husband felt like he just won the lottery. I see some people mentioned Hulu. We connect our TV to a computer old tower computers work great and watch tv that way. This essentially allows access to whatever is available on the internet which also includes shows directly from tv networks like HGTV, ABC, etc.

My favorite tv tip is to talk back to commercials. I heard that in a sermon when I was younger—the pastor said that he and his wife would respond to claims in commercials, when they were watching tv with their kids. My second favorite tip is to plan what you will watch each night. I learned that one in a mass communications class in college.

We have a roku box and an antenna, and I watch a few shows on hulu. The ones I watch are usually available the day after they air. That and a couple of commercial channels are more than enough for me. I occasionally flick through the other free channels but rarely find anything of any interest. I was so sick of wasting 10 minutes or more a show just watching commercials.

I think we can stream through our Playstation a graduation present to my husband from his mom 4 years ago but we mostly use it for Netflix. Growing up I always had cable, so it was a big change when we decided to cancel it after I was laid off.

We do still watch some broadcast as well as stream Netflix through our Wii mostly for the kid. And we have been toying with the idea of Hulu Plus so that we could watch old episodes of our favorite sitcoms on demand. We had cable briefly early on in our marriage. I talked DH into getting rid of it because I really struggle with self-control when it comes to watching TV. I am, in fact, sitting on the couch about 7ft away from the screen, typing on a wireless keyboard with a tiny trackball mouse included.

A TV card in the computer. In theory, we could set the computer to record anything broadcast through the air, including most of the shows we view through Hulu, but I still find skipping through the commercials annoying, so we just opt for a few commercials through hulu. I wanted a landline for emergency purposes, since we live in an old brick house that is solidly built… and practically impervious to cell phone signals. So in order to make him happy we keep it. I really like watching movies and a few select tv shows, but I try to be intentional about my tv watching.

Pretty much every cable company offers this kind of package you just have to know what to ask for. I guess I just have to mark it on my calendar to cancel next year! We have basic cable tv. However Netflix is catching on in the UK, and I like the idea of buying just what we want to watch. Could be much higher or much lower though, hence my question.

Gotta take into account the license fee in the UK though. This will be different I am sure from state to state as well as in other countries.

I live in So. The children are selective in what they watch and actually sit and watch the programme rather than just having it as background noise. In addition to Netflix and Hulu, we also use Play On http: Then maybe I can watch Hoarders while writing my next blog post….. Thanks for all of the great information. Personally we like our satellite service from DISH. It was the cost of Netflix that increased. I made the decision for our family to find an alternative.

DISH even includes extra movie channels! I have a coworker at DISH who was going through the same Netflix price increase that I went through, I suggested the Blockbuster service and they switched that day. Thanks for the information on the Roku. We have no access to our Netflix account in the room where I do my exercises, but thanks to your post it is now possible.

We did a little extra research on our own, and are heading out today to get a Roku of our own. Watching shows and movies while I exercise is going to make an unpleasant experience so much more bearable. And the library for a lot of new release movies. I love the idea of the Roku box. And we have the Netflix streaming too.

As for movies, we use Redbox. Thanks for the ideas. We watch college football and basketball and occasionally baseball if our team is in the College World Series. Is there a solution to this? Sports was the deal breaker for us for years, too. Thank you for encouraging me to look in to it! How do you stream from your computer to your tv for ESPN? We hardly watch anything but sports on our ridiculously expensive DirecTv. I would LOVE to do away with that bill each month.

Connect a cord from your computer to your digital TV. They are not that expensive to buy. Just ask the people at the store, and they will help you. I used to teach literature classes in my home and would connect up the cords from my computer to our TV for bigger PowerPoints. So, we already had them. So what is the advantage of ROKU over just watching a show on the internet the day after it is on the network.

I can watch all the next day online. Now we are considering dropping our landline and just having cells. It was basic — about 40 channels, no premium or movie channels. I want to plop on a couch and watch on a large screen. Basically, ROKU is watching TV on the internet, only it connects the internet to your giant telly instead of your 17 inch monitor or laptop. If it was up to me I would get rid of cable but my husband is not willing to do so.

I am not sure why maybe his sports something. I notice with all the channels cable has we only watch certain shows and channels consistantly What a waste of money if you ask me. I just turned my netflix off only 8 bucks to save money yeah right, because … well long story.

Any ideas on how to convience him. Do u ever have this problem with the Roku box? This woud b a wonderful option for us. The only thing we watch on our tv is movies that we choose to watch. I think the Roku box would work great for us. Other shows still look really awful, like watching Survivor the day after on the computer at the CBS website is usually pretty awful quality. I could live without it, but can we get these without cable?

I remember all the times we had to go outside and scrape snow off the satellite to get reception, or how it would go out when it rained. Well, I have only questions. I live on the coast and presently subscribe to direct TV. I do have a Roku and subscribe to Steaming NetFlix. I would still like to watch PBS. Would this be possible without Direct TV or some other such program? Thanks for any help you can give me. I asked my husband, and he said that you can get PBS for free with an antenna!

They make nice ones these days…not those huge ugly rabbit ear things from the past. Also, check and see if your local cable company offers a VERY bare bones package. This will give you lovely, clear reception on all of your local channels.

PBS also usually runs their show the next day on the internet. So, you can watch Masterpiece the next day. You can also watch The News Hour. How do I buy and fix up an antenna that will allow me to watch cable without purchasing cable from a cable co? Maybe then I can just purchase internet and phone from them in a bundle. I only need local channels as I have two Roku boxes and could get another for the 3rd tv.

You have to pay for cable to get those channels. What are my options without an Internet connection? I just moved and have limited funds. I do have Internet at work. If I must have it for home, what are my cheapest options?

Thanks so much for the info! This is exactly what I am looking for. I am sick of paying for so many services that separate you from your money on a never ending basis. Then just before I submitted my choice and CC, I read the fine print.

It sucks the life out of you. I know an old lady with not a lot of money, so I am looking for her, into the most economical ways of watching a bit of TV. The point is, you gave me all the information I needed. Very good post, exactly what I need. Either they were clueless or had an antenna that worked, but their husbands or boyfriends set it up for them!!!

Still seems high, but need internet access for the PC. North of Boston, MA. They provide access to the internet? I checked with Mr. FG and he said yes, it can, but it depends on how good your DSL connection is.

A fast dsl connection will get you a good picture, but a slower connection can make the picture quality kind of iffy. FG says yep, that should be enough! See here for more information: It also looks like BET is available through Playon as well.

Thanks so much Mrs. The information was very clear and useful. Just what I was looking for. Sincerely, Past and Future Frugal. I am having some difficulty with determining what I want and need.

I would love to be able to use my lap top while watching TV. Also they charge way more if you are getting internet only verses internet and cable TV.

Nothing to be done about that but can they complain if they find you are using this a lot for streaming vidios and such? I had a friend that did games and got a complaint from his internet provider. Well so far no good news. Roku is pretty much just an ad machine. I am waiting for an answer. Had a quick question about streaming method. I assume you are using some sort of internet connection. What type of connection do you use, and how much does it cost?

We use cable for our internet service, and pay more to have greater download bandwidth and increased download amounts each month. Reason I ask is that in your column, the cost of internet service is not addressed. I understand that such costs will vary widely with geographic area, type of internet access used, and individual contracts, but if you could include what you are paying for internet access and what that cost gets you in terms of download speed and usage amounts, that would be helpful.

As you mentioned in your article, being able to be more selective in viewing enables your usage to be much lower than it would if TV was always on. In a notable example, HBO ventured back into children's programming with its acquisition of the first-run and streaming rights to Sesame Street , a long-running children's television series that had previously aired on PBS for the vast majority of its run, in the aforementioned deal with Sesame Workshop that was announced in August In addition to maintaining rights to films from various distributors, HBO also produces its own made-for-cable movies through HBO Films ; the film division, originally named HBO Pictures, began producing original movies for the network in with the debut of The Terry Fox Story.

Unlike most television films produced for cable television, most of the original movies produced by HBO have featured major film actors over the years, ranging from James Stewart to Michael Douglas. The channel also produces stand-up comedy specials, which were formerly broadcast under the On Location , HBO Comedy Hour and HBO Comedy Half-Hour banners, which periodically premiere on certain Saturday nights when a boxing match or movie is not scheduled during the late prime time slots.

For a time in the early s, HBO produced a concert special almost every other month, featuring major music stars such as Boy George and The Who. After MTV 's successful rollout in , the Standing Room Only series began to produce fewer concerts, but focused more on "world class" music events featuring artists such as Elton John , Tina Turner and Barbra Streisand , as well as fundraisers such as Farm Aid.

As of May , [update] HBO, as well as its sister channel Cinemax, maintains exclusive first-run film licensing agreements with network sister company Warner Bros. Entertainment including content from subsidiaries Warner Bros.

The first-run film output agreement with Fox was renewed by HBO for ten years on August 15, with a provision allowing the studio to release its films through digital platforms such as iTunes and Amazon during a film's term of license with the channel for the first time , [] and the Universal output deal was renewed for ten years on January 6, with the exception of certain animated films that HBO can offer to pass over to the Netflix streaming service. Films to which HBO holds the pay cable rights will usually also run on Cinemax during their licensing term, although some feature films from the aforementioned studios that the two channels have broadcast rights to will make their premium television debut on HBO several weeks before their premiere on Cinemax and vice versa.

During the early years of premium cable, it was not uncommon for multiple pay television services, including HBO, Showtime and The Movie Channel and later, Cinemax , to hold broadcast rights to the same feature films.

HBO began purchasing exclusive rights to broadcast individual films in the late s; these gradually expanded to exclusive output deals which are commonplace with North American premium channels to this day , in which a pay service enters into a licensing agreement to broadcast movies from a particular film studio over a period of years. HBO signed its first major exclusive film output deal with Columbia Pictures in the early s.

Films released by Paramount Pictures between mid and late were broadcast on HBO; [] rival premium channel Showtime assumed pay television rights to Paramount-released films in , and held them until , with the rights being turned over to upstart pay service Epix which Paramount and its corporate parent Viacom had partially owned the following year. HBO has long been known for its telecasts of boxing matches which usually air on Saturday nights every two to three weeks on average , including those shown on its flagship sports program HBO World Championship Boxing.

On September 30, , the "Thrilla in Manila" boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier aired on HBO and was the first program on the pay cable network to be broadcast via satellite. That same year , HBO began airing coverage of Wimbledon ; it held contractual rights to coverage of the tennis tournament through , when it lost the rights to sister network TNT owned by Time Warner's Turner Broadcasting System subsidiary.

In , HBO premiered the channel's longest-running program, and its first sports-related documentary and analysis series Inside the NFL , featuring game reviews of National Football League games from the previous week of the league season as well as interviews with players, coaches and team management; HBO canceled the program in February after 30 seasons the program was later acquired by rival premium channel Showtime, which began airing the series in September HBO expanded its boxing slate in September , with the launch of Boxing After Dark , a program which showcases fights from up-and-coming boxing talents.

The network would build upon Inside the NFL with debut of additional sports talk and documentary programs: Race for the Pennant concerning the Major League Baseball season, running from to , Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel which debuted in , On the Record with Bob Costas which debuted in , and was revamped as Costas Now in , ending in , and Joe Buck Live which ran for one season in Many of HBO's documentary series appear under the America Undercover brand, the regular features of which have been Real Sex a late night magazine-formatted series of specials that ran from to , which frankly explored a variety of mainstream and non-mainstream sexual matters [25] and Autopsy.

One of the most notable America Undercover specials was 's Soldiers in Hiding , focusing on homeless veterans of the Vietnam War living in the wilderness, which won the first Academy Award for a cable television service in the Best Documentary category although HBO has had some of its documentaries enter limited theatrical release to qualify for Oscar nominations in later years.

One of its most recent documentaries was Dare to Dream , about the U. HBO's first successful documentary aired in , the six-part series Time Was , which featured host Dick Cavett being inserted into seminal events occurring between the s and the s. In , guided by human rights activist Ansar Burney , an HBO team for Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel used a hidden camera to document slavery and torture in secret desert camps where boys under the age of five were trained to race camels , a national sport in the United Arab Emirates UAE.

This half-hour investigative report exposed a carefully hidden child slavery ring that bought or kidnapped hundreds of young boys in Pakistan and Bangladesh, who were then forced to become camel jockeys in the UAE. The report also questioned the sincerity of U.

It also brought worldwide attention to the plight of child camel jockeys in the Middle East and helped the Ansar Burney Trust to convince the governments of Qatar and the UAE to end the use of children in the sport. A Requiem in Four Acts. Also in , documentary artist Lauren Greenfield directed a feature-length film about four young women struggling with eating disorders seeking treatment at the Renfrew Clinic in Florida, called Thin.

The Election of Barack Obama. The film covers Obama's trip to Africa, his presidential primary campaign, the general election and his inauguration. In November , HBO aired a four-part documentary titled Witness , each part of which is devoted to covering photojournalists in four conflict regions: The Rescue Mission of Mr.

Kraus , a documentary about the story of Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus, a Jewish couple from Philadelphia who traveled to Nazi Germany in and, with the help of the B'rith Sholom fraternal organization, saved Jewish children in Vienna from likely death in The Holocaust by finding them new homes in Philadelphia. In April , the channel aired the documentary An Apology to Elephants , about the purported abuse and brutal treatment of elephants.

Designed as a family-oriented mini-pay service, Take 2 was essentially formatted as an alternative to HBO, without any R-rated program content.

The channel was ultimately deemed a major failure due to low subscribership and limited carriage by cable providers, and ceased operations late that summer. In , [ specify ] HBO launched the premium channel Festival , [] a separate service that was distinctively programmed to provide family-friendly fare, which featured classic and recent hit movies, as well as HBO's original specials which were branded when broadcast on the channel under the banner "Centerstage", which featured stand-up comedy, concert specials and ice skating shows and documentaries.

Festival, whose on-air slogan was Quality Entertainment You Welcome Home , [] had also broadcast collections of feature films featuring a particular movie star known as "Star Salutes".

What differed Festival from HBO was that the former channel was programmed as a family-oriented service. Atypical for a premium service, Festival featured edited versions of R-rated movies that were recut in order to fit a PG rating and allowed only high-quality series, specials and movies to be broadcast on the channel's schedule. As Festival was designed as a mini-pay premium service formatted similarly to Take 2 before it , the cost of a monthly subscription of the channel was also priced lower than that of HBO and Cinemax.

Festival provided its subscribers with a color page monthly program guide. However, the channel suffered from insufficient cable carriage as only a few providers carried Festival; as such, it could not compete with then-fellow premium service The Disney Channel , which also maintained a family-oriented programming format that service would convert into a basic cable channel in April Festival would eventually shut down in late [ specify ].

In , HBO created The Comedy Channel, a basic cable channel that featured clips excerpted from stand-up comedy sets, comedic feature films and television series using a programming model similar to the original format of MTV , [36] which launched on November 15 of that year. The channel competed with another startup comedy-oriented cable channel that debuted the following year, Viacom-owned Ha!: The TV Comedy Network , which focused on reruns of older network sitcoms. Both channels suffered from insufficient cable carriage both Ha!

The Comedy Network, which debuted on April 1, ; [] the channel subsequently changed its name three months later to Comedy Central due to confusion and potential legal issues with Canadian broadcaster, the CTV Television Network. Cannon dropped out of the venture by after the studio took a financial hit following its attempt at a series of larger budget films that did not experience box office success; the unit was then renamed HBO Video.

When HBO launched in , its original logo was merely consisted of the "Home Box Office" name and a ticket stub surrounded by a lighted marquee.

The original version of its current logo designed by Bemis Balkind was introduced in , using an uppercase bold "HBO" text with a circle inside the 'O', which in turn cuts into the 'B'.

The logo was modified in although it did not completely replace the original version until , with the 'B' and the 'O' becoming full letterforms, albeit continuing to be attached to each other.

The simplicity of the logo makes it fairly easy to duplicate, something HBO has taken advantage of many times over the years. The logo became iconic due to a program opening sequence produced in by New York City production firm Liberty Studios , nicknamed "HBO in Space", which was used from September 20, to September 30, A starburst—or "stargate effect"—then occurs following a pan towards a star-filled sky which begins a shorter version of the sequence , unveiling a chrome-plated HBO logo that flies and rotates into view; colored light beams encircle the side of the "O", then flash to a partially animated sequence featuring more lights racing counter-clockwise in its interior on a silver axis, revealing "HBO Feature Presentation" or another program type such as " Standing Room Only ", "HBO Special" or "On Location" in block text, before additional beams sweep across the text and shine, with more flashing into a fade to black.

Most variants of this sequence were discontinued in , except for the feature presentation which was relegated to use only for the main prime time film , " Saturday Night Movie " and "Sunday Night Movie" variants the latter two of which were discontinued in Another well-known HBO program opener, "Neon Lights", began movies airing outside of primetime from November 1, , to September 30, The sequence, set to a synth and electric guitar theme, begins with a purple HBO logo on a film strip with blue, green and pink light rays shooting through it as the strip rotates out of view; the lights shoot through several glowing CG slots until a flash of light hits a field of spheres in varying colors, which zoom out to form a light purple HBO logo overlaid by a cursive magenta "Movie" script against a black background with rows of light purple spheres.

From September to April 1, , HBO used a Pittard Sullivan-designed CGI feature presentation bumper sequence that features a flyover similar to the sequence, starting with the front of a movie theater featuring a marquee that reads "HBO Feature Presentation", and trekking through a country road, a snowy mountain road near a cliff and a desert road respectively passing under a tower, tunnel and tanker truck shaped in the individual letters of the HBO logotype ; this leads into a road in an urban neighborhood with skyscrapers visible in the background that becomes a bridge upon the city's downtown area, and lead to a slowing flyover toward and pan over an HBO logo-shaped lake that starts with several spotlights rapidly turning on and ends with a 3D animation of the "Feature Presentation" text.

The closing animation that is seen both in the full version as well as a shorter version of the sequence seen outside of weekend prime time films and Saturday film premieres, when the longer sequence was used.

The sequence was replaced on April 2, —as part of a new graphics package implemented on that date across the HBO multiplex channels—by a much shorter opening sequence designed by Jesse Vartanian who also designed CGI teaser commercials for HBO's premiere telecast of the film Avatar , consisting only of a dark background with faint light auroras around the HBO logo and a simple "Feature Presentation" text animation, accompanied by soft orchestral music. Another new opening sequence, done by Imaginary Forces, was implemented on March 4, The current intro combines live-action and CGI while also paying homage to the original sequence to the point that the latter can be seen during the new intro.

Unlike other pay television networks including the multiplex channels of sister channel Cinemax , HBO does not brand its programming with on-screen logo bugs of the main network and each respective multiplex channel—although its multiplex channels do display logo bugs during promotional breaks between programs.

As the network was launched in new markets, the HBO brand has been used in several countries. HBO also licenses its programming to air on certain other broadcast, cable channels and video on demand services outside the United States, such as:.

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Home Box Office 5 Years. Van Schoick Fall A Game of Cable Domination". Retrieved January 23, Retrieved June 3, Archived from the original on February 1, Retrieved March 26, New episodes of current series are typically available for streaming beginning at the time of their initial broadcast in the Eastern Time Zone on the linear HBO channel.

Max Go, the TV Everywhere service of sister premium service Cinemax , also does not offer streams of any of that network's linear television channels. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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