The Comcast techs are stumped with my connection issues

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Comcast Internet Speed Problems
Customers can choose an Internet package and add various telephone and cable services. While I have home internet now, it is generally too slow for a lot of the content from my Roku player though web surfing is OK. This can infuriate folk that want to split cable to 5 TVs. If you're asking for technical help, please be sure to include all your system info, including operating system, model number, and any other specifics related to the problem. If they did, I often find I have to roll it back to stock then it usually stabilizes. It is a stupid option.

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The ingenious way one customer got Comcast to address his slow Internet

All I'm getting are errors and call us and this and that. So basically they wrote to me this morning to let me know I should activate and then told me I can't when I called. You can now activate And that's what Xfinity has become. It's a big error leeching off its last few desperate customers because it knows its days are numbered. As soon as Google Fiber is in my area, I'll switch.

I look forward to the day this company goes under. Xfinity internet service is OK, but some of their account managers will lie through their teeth and make promises they know they can't keep.

While I have home internet now, it is generally too slow for a lot of the content from my Roku player though web surfing is OK. I haven't tried gaming yet. As the old saying goes, if his lips are moving For these years I've dealt with the worst internet I probably could ever experience.

For about 3 months, I've had an ongoing issue where the internet's ping would spike up to over I've called constantly, over and over and over again, about over 10 times if I could count, and they finally did something, not knowing what they did, to fix the issue. Then comes a day where Comcast calls us, claiming our router is damaged or broken, and they've shipped a new router to our house. The last router was working perfectly fine, and haven't experienced issues in 2 months.

For no reason at all, the internet connection drops for about 5 seconds every two minutes. I record gameplay for a YouTube channel, and it is almost impossible to get good gameplay for my audience without having Connection Timeouts. It happens three times every single day, and I have to restart my router every single time, for me to enjoy 4 to 5 hours of OK internet, then deal with this situation once again. I'm forced to use Comcast because they're the only internet provider nearby, which is the most unfortunate thing to ever happen.

I pray to God another internet provider will build a place nearby, so I can switch to them instead of this horrid excuse for "Fast, reliable internet". I recommend you never try out Comcast.

My service is always going out. They do not follow through with appointments. They ran my credit without permission. They do not care for customers at all, worse customer service. Don't get Comcast internet.

My internet is constantly going in and out in Ft Lauderdale. Comcast has no idea why. They schedule appointment to come and check the outside wiring and don't show up. I had a plan that expired, I called when I received my bill and was told my plan would be upgraded and changed. They continued to bill me and every time I tried to get it fixed I got transferred to a number that automatically disconnected. Finally after multiple attempts I got someone but then they won't backdate my plan, stating the rep didn't leave any comments.

I still haven't gotten it resolved. I was a Comcast customer for over 14 years. The customer service has always been an issue, but due to my home location Comcast was my preferred option as the competing company also had a ton complaints. Prior to moving I added Comcast home security. At the time of service I informed the rep I was moving within the year and inquired about cancellation fees if Comcast was not a service provider in the new area.

I was building at that time and there were a lot of questions regarding service providers in the area. I was informed I would not be responsible for cancellation fees if Comcast did not service the area. During that time I also learned Comcast would not be allowed to service the new development. I've been going back and forth with Comcast for a year now and finally caved in to prevent it from hitting my credit report. I do NOT recommend this company for phone, internet, cable, or home security.

During the sale of the home the alarm was triggered by maintenance and the police never showed. This time I requested it in writing prior to signing and when I moved into my home all I had to do was make a phone call. I could not believe how easy and stress free it was to cancel. Comcast has grown so large that it can no longer offer any decent service. Employees are given a script and not allowed to divert.

Upon having to move and try to transfer service only to discover there was none at the new location, they still insist on the breakage fee; never mind years of using them faithfully and paying top dollar. When turning in equipment, although told the contract was now cancelled - the only thing they cancelled was the autopay. Now the last real bill to be paid, which looks like it has been paid, has not. Be sure to look at the small print on the bill as to the exact dates that have been paid - the billing cycle is 3 weeks late and arrives at the same time as the last payment!

So now there is a late fee to pay in addition to a breakage fee, and a long wait online to correct the end of service which was never recorded. Just for all the aggravation, they should waive the breakage fee, but honestly, if they are not providing the service at the new address, they should waive this punishment.

See the original contract details - they are desperate for every dime and make their employees toe the line to get it. This unrelenting stance with clients who have been with them for years and paid faithfully will come back to bite them.

More and more customers are leaving with frustration and aggravation to choose other services; I won't come back. Let's protect the local small guys who can offer proper service with their product.

This is why I dislike Comcast so much. They are so big and they don't care about their customers. Of course, they are offering a streaming option now, that is most the same as DISH, a low charge, and a ripoff, they tell you what you will get but they don't tell you what you don't get. It is a stupid option. Like, you can stream and but you have no local channels. They tell you have 50 channels, and that is all, I tell you, they take away what you had with the bottom package, or second from the bottom package, that you had with them, no "normal" TV watching.

The chat person will order the streaming channel for you, but they won't talk to you about it, they won't tell you what the streaming channel really is, they will just send it to you via your email or text, so they don't have to explain it.

My cable went out six times for extended periods in a year's time. Internet went out several times, once for over 8 hours. I do my business online and had to go to Panera to connect to a Wi-Fi.

I can't afford that as I'm disabled. I had to go with a much less expensive carrier. I called and they told me I was being charged an early termination fee. Refused to send me proof that I signed a contract and told me I'd have to go to their ONLY office in the Orlando attractions area if I wanted to see my contract. I explained my disability in detail. They refused once again to send me proof of the contract, nor take into account my disabilities. I offered to send the Social Security documentation.

They refused to accept any correspondence from me. Moved four miles down the road. They raised my rate on my service for internet. Comcast stated that "that plan is no longer available". More than doubled my internet price. Two months later, a flyer was on my door for the same amount of my old contract that I disputed. That is available for new customers but not to existing customers. Comcast sent a data usage overage warning which we never knew we were limited.

This is our home internet that we never agreed to a limited account. This is not a cell phone with limits on data. They keep changing the rules, prices, and trying to force us to upgrade. Not great, but not enough for the Comcast Technical Support Representative to be concerned about.

I am only getting 0. My upload speed, interestingly, is not affected. Because most traffic comes to your computer via outside backbone providers!

That file is going to bounce across several backbone providers on its trip. The same is true if you are watching YouTube, playing an online game, buying or listening to music, or any other internet activity. So why now are the representative downplaying any other speed test site over their own? It seems to be concrete proof that you have a good internet connection. But the reality is your 20 Mbps service is —in the evening when everyone around you is online— running as slow as an ancient DSL connection!

Even as their bottom line is growing by leaps and bounds. With a company that big and successful, why so many angry customers? Because their basic product - sending electronic messages down wire - stinks. While Comcast could have committed to installing modern, fiber-optic cable years ago, as Verizon did, they decided to keep buying cable systems instead.

In some cases they successfully campaigned against the use of fiber optic cable by their competitors. Think of Comcast as a water company, with water as internet communications and pipes as the cable that takes the water to your home.

Comcast owns the reservoir and the pipes. The pipes are small gauge, old, rusty, and too few in number to meet customer demand. As a result, and without telling anyone, when more people want water than the pipes can handle, Comcast rations the water.

The higher the demand, the smaller the drops, and the slower they deliver to your home or modem. Then, with no hose to contain it, the water sprays in all directions, only some of which makes it into the cup. This last stage is akin to packets coming out of the modem as WIFI signals, only a small percentage of which one-tenth in my case makes it to the computer cup.

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