How to Get American Netflix in Australia – Updated for 2018

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How to get American Netflix in any country worldwide!
Why not try it out tonight? Michelle June 23, Reply. How it Works Why Sign up? Login, and you'll see a list of available countries. Your first port of call is a good VPN service. A VPN Virtual Private Network securely sends your internet communication through a different country, making it look like that's where you are.

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How to Get American Netflix in Australia

Different broadcasters sign different deals, which is why new movies and TV shows are often released on different days in different parts of the world. Germans, on the other hand, get to see it on day earlier on March 2nd. Wide open, international streaming services like Netflix make it harder to sell content licenses. Netflix is a very large and influential company, and it has enormous resources at its disposal. Not all VPN services are willing or able to do that.

There are many things that a VPN service can do to help their users get to geo-blocked content. The same principle applies to IP addresses. Fortunately, IP addresses are not hard to change. But in Thailand, you can only get around TV shows and movies. Different regions get different Netflix content. Netflix and other streaming services have helped shorten the amount of it time it takes for a movie to make its way into your living room.

Movies usually debut first in the theaters. A few weeks later, most movies make their way to pay-per-view services. Then, the DVD comes out. Finally, Netflix and other streaming services are allowed to buy up the rights. The trouble is that ever country has their own licensing players. Canada has different broadcasters than the US.

Therefore, different deals need to be worked out. The same concept applies to other countries, as well. Because different countries have different broadcasters, licensing timetables move at different speeds. It takes time for the executives involved to sort out the details of who gets to broadcast what. They make it harder to control who gets to watch what. So in order to preserve the old business model, executives have forced Netflix to implement content filters.

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How to Get American Netflix in Australia – The VPN Solution

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