The first option: Set up a VPN at school

How to Unblock Town of Salem at School

8 Best VPN for School of 2018 to Unblock Websites at School
So, surf anything you want using IPVanish. School firewalls are pesky in blocking content and allowing only select web services. There is no denying the fact that playing games at school are the best pastime activity for many students. The way around this obstacle is to use your network data on mobile to visit a VPN website. In exchange of negligible price, a VPN for school of allows you to bypass all restrictions imposed by your school. A VPN for school not only unblocks websites, but it also keeps you anonymous so that none of your school management or IT department knows about it. Schools protect copyright material and that is the main reason why these institutions prohibit its use.

VPN App for School Wi-Fi

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