How to Hide Apps on the iPhone & iPad

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How to Hide Apps on iPhone
Spotlight search allows you to easily find any app on your device, so why not hide them? October 25, at 5: June 21, at 1: Not only will you understand more but others will be more inclined to listen to you. Now you need to create a folder with the apps we wish to hide. If you have more spare apps, you may even want to fill the first two or three pages with apps.

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How to Hide & Unhide Downloaded Apps from App Store on iPhone & iPad

Now you need to create a folder with the apps we wish to hide. We'll call this folder "Folder 1" for simplicity. In this example I'll be hiding the Facebook and Starbucks apps, but you can do this with absolutely any app on your phone that can be placed in a folder, including those pesky stock apps that refuse to be deleted.

Next you need to nest Folder 1 within another folder, which we'll call "Folder 2. Once you have Folder 1 nested, you must remove the apps you placed in Folder 2, leaving just Folder 1 within Folder 2. You should now have what appears to be a blank folder on your home screen. You should now have one open space on your Home screen, but we need to fill that, so drag any random app you have into that spot.

Now, go into Folder 2 and highlight Folder 1 so you can move it. Drag Folder 1 out of Folder 2 and down into the dock area. This will cause Folder 2 to disappear after a second, and as soon as it does, release Folder 1 in the dock. This way the app will no longer be visible at first glance and you can still use it.

Did you know that since iOS 10 you can delete iPhone default apps? Learn how to remove default apps from iPhone here. To hide an app on iPhone , we have to take advantage of a software bug in iOS that has been there for a while, albeit in different variations.

Please follow the below steps very carefully and in the presented order , otherwise the trick will not work at all. You will require a bit of dexterity. Keep your top hat nearby, just in case. If not, simply try again, but start at the beginning of the tutorial.

This technique may take a few tries to perfect. Once you get the hang of it, hiding an app will get easier and easier.

Plus, a lot of people want to know how to hide their apps on iPhone from themselves: And it makes sense: Spotlight search allows you to easily find any app on your device, so why not hide them? While there is no official method on iPhone for hiding apps, smart users across the web have figured out a couple different ways to hide apps on their iPhone.

Sign up to iPhone Life's Tip of the Day Newsletter and we'll send you a tip each day to save time and get the most out of your iPhone or iPad. Ideally, Apple would include a feature within its iOS for iPhone and iPad that would make it easy for us to hide our apps. I would personally love this as an official feature, because I could hide all the apps I only use every now and again, while still being able to access those apps with Spotlight search.

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