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See our Products and Services page for a full list of our offerings. Gary Phillips, chairman of KeyTech, said: This morning, internet provider Logic reported island-wide outages as a result of power loss and downed lines, and dispatched crews to make repairs. Your own online 'sales man' done by our top gun copywriter! I want to develop these new Bermudian college and university graduates into the management and technical core of the company. Jul 11, 8: No competition, no need to make their service worthwhile.

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Easy to install and use. Last sold 21sec ago. Last sold 2min ago. Last sold 21min ago. Are you really safe online? Does a VPN help? Fighting internet fraud by VPN. Proudly raised in the Netherlands. In a statement, the company said it is the first on the island to offer a complete communications solution on one bill, namely internet service and access, local voice calls and cable TV.

The new local service offers a number of features, including voicemail, call waiting and forwarding, three-way calling and call return. Residents switching to the service can keep their existing telephone number. We know that more and more customers are looking for one telecommunications provider that can provide them with all services on one bill. Our voice service provides excellent value for money as well as convenience for our customers.

KeyTech and CellOne have created a new full-service telecommunications combination, sealing a series of linked deals involving both companies and US-based Atlantic Tele-Network. Frank Amaral will lead the combined company. For the past seven years he has been chief executive officer of CellOne. In a statement, KeyTech said combining the businesses would result in residential and business customers receiving enhanced options and value pricing, with new capital bringing accelerated investment in Bermuda and Cayman.

The transaction was announced in October, but regulatory approvals in a number of jurisdictions were needed before all the pieces of the jigsaw deal could be finalized. Together, the group will deliver mobile, fixed and international telecommunication services across Bermuda. Gary Phillips, chairman of KeyTech, said: For years, our companies were separately investing in technology and infrastructure and offering best-in-class services.

As a unified group, and with the benefit of additional capital from ATN, our investments will accelerate and lead to expanded services for customers and economic growth for Bermuda. Over the coming months, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands will begin to experience the benefits of our collective operations. Our goal is to provide very efficient service, the most innovative options and highly competitive pricing. KeyTech and CellOne have created a new full service telecommunications combination.

It will provide residential and business customers with enhanced options and pricing, while new capital means accelerated investment in Bermuda and Cayman, according to a statement. KeyTech and CellOne, a subsidiary of Atlantic Tele-Network, announced that the agreement to combine businesses has closed.

Customers will have more efficient access to a full range of services. KeyTech chairman, Gary Phillips, said: He will step down May A deal that will see Atlantic Tele-Networks, the American telecommunications company, take a controlling interest in KeyTech has passed one of its last hurdles, with the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda granting approval.

That decision now goes to Grant Gibbons, the economic development minister, for final approval. Other governmental and regulatory consents are still pending, and we look forward to closing the transaction promptly after their receipt. Digicel took over Bermuda Telephone Company last year. At its April 7 board meeting, the Regulatory Authority approved the proposed consolidation of ATN and KeyTech, and said the decision would be sent to the minister for approval.

Atlantic Tele-Networks is a trading company that invests in the communications and renewable-energy industries. It is based in Massachusetts and has a connection with Bermuda that stretches back to when it was the primary investor in CellOne, which merged with KeyTech as an affiliate in Customers can expect speedier web browsing, app use, e-mail and video downloading, together with a corresponding increase in upload speeds. CellOne expects to be the first to unveil a 4G LTE network and anticipates it could be only weeks away.

The company said the advanced network will initially be limited to Hamilton, although it will eventually become islandwide. It is five years since the company launched its original fourth generation mobile service. However, the arrival of a 4G LTE network is a big additional step. It is also used in much of the rest of the world. And when one carrier goes first everyone else will follow. We know a huge percentage of Bermudians come to town to eat out or at the weekends, so just about everyone will get to try it.

Mr Lonergan said the data speeds would be significantly faster than those available at present and would be better able to meet the demands of users seeking to watch videos, or download online movies. Until the service is up and running the exact speeds that will be achieved are hard to predict. In theory, according to Mr Lonergan, they could go up to 75 megabits a second, however, the average would be lower and depend on factors such as how many users were on the network and how close a customer was to a cell tower.

Digicel customers today benefit from our enhanced 4G network providing Those speeds were verified 24 per cent and 52 per cent faster respectively than the alternative provider by the independent speed test conducted by Yupana in December. Meanwhile, CellOne has tagged mobile phones on its website that are 4G LTE capable for easier identification by customers. The company is also encouraging customers to check that they have an LTE capable device, and that their device has an LTE sim card installed.

Matthew Copeland was appointed chief executive of the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda at the start of this month. A search for a permanent chief executive began in September, following the resignation of Robert Watson who took on the role in January At the time he was seen as an ideal choice to guide the authority into its dual-sector responsibilities due to his previous experience leading telecoms and electricity companies in Canada.

However, Mr Watson resigned for personal reasons. He led the organization for almost two years, between and late , before resigning for personal reasons and returning to Europe. Angela Berry is chairwoman of the RAB board of commissioners. She took on the role in January. The previous chairman was Carl Musson. The Royal Gazette has requested more details on the appointment of Mr Copeland, and at press time was awaiting a reply. Interested parties who wish to submit comments and observations on the proposed transaction have until February 12 to send responses to the authority.

KeyTech currently has a non-controlling interest in CellOne, the mobile services provider. KeyTech would become the sole shareholder of CellOne on completion of the deal. ATN is a trading company that invests in the communications and renewable-energy industries. It is based in Massachusetts and has a connection with Bermuda that stretches back to when it was the primary investor in CellOne, which was merged with KeyTech as an affiliate in If the proposed transaction gains all the necessary regulatory approvals, ATN will become the majority shareholder 51 per cent of KeyTech.

Last October, KeyTech shareholders voted in favour of the deal. Comments can be sent to the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda via e-mail to kmasters rab. It is the second market review of the industry. The Authority is the watchdog organization that oversees the sector.

Shortly after the RAB was created it oversaw the arrival of integrated licences that allowed providers to offer multiple telecoms services, rather than be restricted to one. That change resulted in a number of consolidations among telecommunication service providers and the introduction of bundled package deals for consumers. It is anticipated a report will be published in the second quarter of the financial year.

In a statement, the RAB said it might modify existing or develop new safeguards to address market conditions. Is the market more or less competitive as a result of liberalization? Bermuda Telephone Company BTC has introduced an international calls service that has no connection fee and no monthly service fee. The rates range from nine cents to 25 cents per minute.

Atlantic-Tele Network ATN is a trading company that invests in the communications and renewable-energy industries. It is based in Massachusetts and has a connection with Bermuda that stretches back to when it was the primary investor in CellOne. KeyTech shareholders have agreed to the move, which is now awaiting regulatory approval.

Our acquisition of a controlling interest in KeyTech Bermuda pairs our per-cent ownership of CellOne with their per-cent ownership and adds wire line voice, broadband and video services to our existing mobile services. KeyTech recently received shareholder approval for the transaction and we are now awaiting regulatory approval. After accounting for the cash outlays associated with these agreements, ATN still will have significant cash resources and debt capacity to invest in organic-growth projects and to deploy in additional acquisitions, and we are actively reviewing opportunities in both categories.

Telecoms firm LinkBermuda has joined forces with BT Ireland to provide data centre and connectivity services on a global scale. David Caldwell, chief executive officer of LinkBermuda, said the deal would increase the range of services offered by his own firm as well as BT Ireland. He explained it was an opportunity for Bermuda customers to access data centre services in other parts of the world, while BT Ireland, which does not have presence in Bermuda, could refer clients who needed a data centre in Bermuda to LinkBermuda.

Mr Caldwell was speaking after BT Ireland today announced that it has signed a major new partnership agreement with LinkBermuda, a leading provider of data centre, networking and internet provider services on the Island.

The agreement was reached after LinkBermuda carried out a comprehensive market review and selected BT on the strength of its global capability, local expertise and its range of ICT services. In addition to the provision of direct BT services, the agreement also facilitates the provision of connectivity to Microsoft Azure and Amazon cloud services via the BT global network. By teaming up with BT Ireland we are able to offer very competitive data centre and network products in several markets while maintaining central billing here in Bermuda.

We look forward to building on this capability in the coming years. British Telecommunications, which trades at BT, was privatized in , becoming British Telecommunications plc, with about 50 per cent of its shares sold to investors. The British government sold its remaining stake in further share sales in and The equipment is known as Cell on Wheels COW , and expands coverage and capacity to meet short term needs.

In a statement, the company said its network will handle the demands from data users under anything other than exceptional conditions. Digicel staff will be testing the equipment throughout the week to ensure it works and is optimally configured. Hopefully, this new injection of funds and the consolidation will address those issues. We do however have to rely even more on the telecoms oversight commissions to ensure there is fair play and the consumer gets competitive rates and service levels.

It will review the proposed deal. In a statement, the authority noted that the proposed move would allow KeyTech to provide mobile, fixed and international telecommunications services under one banner.

Grant Gibbons, Minister for Economic Development, whose portfolio includes telecommunications, was unable to comment on the matter yesterday due to statutory obligations. The proposed deal is the latest shake-up for the domestic market, which could once have been likened to a spaghetti plate of intertwined licensing.

Until a few years ago, Bermuda operated with three different licences for telecommunications providers; one for international service providers, one for domestic telephone providers and another for internet service providers ISPs. Moves to end the licensing regime and simplify the market by allowing providers to bundle services, in line with other countries, began three years ago.

In July , the ownership rule that restricted foreign ownership of Bermuda telecommunications companies to 40 per cent, also came to an end.

Today, KeyTech and Digicel are the overwhelming heavyweights in terms of market share when it comes to providing internet, cellphone and telephone landline services. And while it is difficult to establish definitive figures on market share, statistics gathered from annual consumer surveys suggest KeyTech has the upper hand.

In its most recent sector survey, published in January, the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda found that KeyTech-owned Logic was the dominant ISP accounting for 65 per cent of survey respondents. The survey was from a limited sampling of residents. Since that survey was released there have been further changes within the sector.

Logic already owned the majority of Bermuda CableVision, but in July it assumed per cent ownership when the two companies merged. Likewise, KeyTech has an approximate 42 per cent ownership of CellOne. In the mobile services sector, CellOne had the largest slice of the domestic market, according to the and market surveys conducted on behalf of the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda. However, the telephone company was not an ISP at the time, therefore Digicel did not immediately boost its number of internet service customers as a result of the deal.

And things are going to get busier as the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda RAB prepares for the regulation and oversight of the energy sector to come under its auspices. It is anticipated the transfer of those responsibilities from the Ministry for Economic Development and the Energy Commission, will occur shortly after a new Electricity Act goes before MPs during the next parliamentary session.

The combining of regulation for the telecoms and energy sectors under the RAB umbrella will be a pivotal moment. In preparation for that, at the beginning of this year the authority announced Robert Watson as its new CEO. With previous experience heading up telecoms and electricity companies in Canada, Mr Watson appeared to be the ideal choice to guide the authority into its dual-sector role. However, he resigned at the beginning of this month, citing personal reasons. He got a lot of things under way, such as number portability and spectrum allocation.

In the end he had personal reasons for leaving. Robert Watson was hired by the Authority. He had a background in the electricity sector as well. He said it might turn out to be an advantageous time to be going through a succession planning stage as the role of the RAB is about to change, with the imminent transfer of energy-sector oversight responsibilities.

Since it was created at the beginning of , the RAB has been overseen by three commissioners. Mr Musson was asked if the commissioners might be having too much of a bearing on the organization. The CEO is responsible for the day-to-day running of the authority and is the regulatory advisor to the board. Our intent is to leave management to the managers and not to get involved in the day-to-day management.

Mrs Berry, who is also an energy commissioner, and Mr Robinson are both attorneys, while Mr Musson has a wide-ranging background in business, including telecoms and electrical engineering. Mr Musson believed an increase in the number of commissioners was likely to happen, and added: Kyle Masters is the current interim CEO, his second stint in the role.

I would like to think he could be considered for the role. It could be that the Authority is looking to see if there is an internal candidate, or if they need an external candidate experienced in these [expanded] areas.

Consultations have taken place regarding the draft legislation. The Minister said the Bill will pave the way for independent energy producers, such as those using renewable sources, LNG and others, to present options for the Island. Residents concerned they are not receiving the level of internet speed and capacity they are paying for, could have structured avenues for redress if recommendations from a new report are put into effect. The perceived slow connection speeds and high cost of internet service in Bermuda has been identified as a perennial issue in market surveys.

Now a high-level working group has delivered a report on broadband quality of service to the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda RAB , which oversees the telecommunications sector.

The report includes recommendations aimed at driving forward improvements to broadband internet service delivery and quality. The card will show the expected line quality the customer can expect. The report further recommends that providers of a service consistently below the acceptable standard of speed should lose some revenue, through a line downgrade, and potentially refund customers. However, one of the big takeaways from the report is the need to educate the public about factors outside the control of service providers that can impact their internet connection speeds and reliability.

It also noted that no regulation or standard exists, either overseas or locally, that reference availability and uptime for the consumer market. The report recommends that customers should be reimbursed on a pro-rata monthly basis for all outages that exceed the established standard for uptime per month.

The report describes that uptime standard as being 95 per cent per calendar month. Among other recommendations, it is suggested there should be a formalized process to deal with consumer complaints and issues, and where necessary ISPs and access providers communicate with each other to investigate and resolve complaints.

The working group behind the report was together for about six months. It featured a number of top-level executives and managers from various telecoms companies, together with Bermuda Government representatives. Mr Kowalski said the process had been challenging due to the differing opinions expressed and the complicated telecommunications landscape, but it had also been educational to see what other countries and jurisdictions did to address internet issues.

While there is no guarantee that anything in the report will be adopted by the RAB, Mr Kowalski said it was a starting point for addressing areas of concern. Kyle Masters, interim chief executive officer of the RAB, said: Mr Masters thanked the volunteer members of the working group for their efforts in producing the service report.

Grant Gibbons, Minister for Economic Development, said he believed efforts are under way to address concerns regarding internet service and speeds. The Act, a draft of which has been tabled in Parliament, will increase the remit of the RAB by transferring oversight responsibility for the electricity sector from the Ministry of Economic Development and the Energy Commission to the Authority.

He led the RAB for nine months and resigned for personal reasons. Responding to questions about the impact of the resignation on future developments regarding the Electricity Act, Grant Gibbons, Minister of Economic Development, said: Dr Gibbons expressed a similar view. Regulatory and legislative policy will continue to be reshaped for the benefit of the community. Robert Watson, chief executive of the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda, has resigned for personal reasons. The chairman of the Regulatory Authority, Carl Musson, said in a statement today: We have a number of irons in the fire, and will update the public as quickly as we can as to our progress.

In the meantime we will also use the opportunity to retool resources as we prepare to take over regulation of the electricity sector in Bermuda. The CableVision name will disappear as the combined company will branded as Logic. KeyTech chief executive officer Lloyd Fray said: In order for these companies to meet growing consumer demand for high bandwidth products, one bill, and to expedite capital intensive projects for network expansion and upgrades, we felt it was prudent for KeyTech to acquire per cent of the Cablevision shares and to merge these two entities.

The proposed deal envisions a merger with Connect Ltd, wholly owned by Wansunt which was made up of telecoms players North Rock and Logic, also controlled by KeyTech. A letter to Cablevision shareholders backed the takeover proposal. It said that the CableVision board had considered its position as a stand-alone company and consolidations in its telecoms industry rivals on the Island like Digicel. After due consideration of the merger and the resulting benefits to the company in terms of access to telecommunications assets, expertise and capital that might not otherwise be available to the company, we have determined that the merger is in the best interests of the company and its future survival and growth.

And it told small shareholders that if they were not satisfied with the offer, they had a month to apply for a court ruling to set a price for their shares. CableVision declined to discuss the proposal. CEO Terry Roberson said: Wansunt already owns more than 80 per cent of CableVision shares, with the rest in the hands of a group of minority shareholders.

The trend towards telecoms companies offering one-stop shop residential internet services in Bermuda gathered pace this week when Bermuda Telephone Company BTC rolled out its Complete Home Internet service. In doing so it has joined a growing list of firms offering customers streamlined internet connectivity comparable with what is available in other countries.

BTC was bought by Digicel Bermuda last month and has now added internet service to the internet access it previously provided.

The shift in the internet landscape locally has gathered momentum during the past year. For many years the residential internet market place was fragmented due to regulations forcing customers to pair up an ISP internet service provider with an access provider, such as BTC or Bermuda CableVision. That meant dealing with two companies and receiving separate monthly bills for the two internet connection components.

The issuing of Integrated Communications Operating Licences in April opened things up and allowed firms to start bundling internet service and access together, giving customers the convenience of dealing with a single provider and receiving a single monthly bill.

Results from a survey published by the Bermuda Regulatory Authority in April showed that 85 per cent of respondents said they would prefer having one provider for both internet access and service.

For years, they have paid one company for access and another for service. Anyone who has ever been stuck between their access and service providers when trying to get customer support will appreciate how much easier it is to deal with one company.

LiveNet Bermuda is initially focusing on home internet and voice service for home phones and cellphones.

Lower cost long distance calls and less expensive roaming options are at the forefront of its marketing drive. Bermudians have been looking to get in to the communication business.

We wondered how we could do something in the local market. One of its services is aimed at travelers and allows them to receive free incoming calls on their cellphone, even when roaming overseas. According to the firm a customer can also make competitively priced international calls and have three phone numbers programmed into on Sim card, such as a Bermuda, US and UK combination, that allows callers to get in contact with the customer as if they were making a local call in the country where they are located.

Similarly, a customer can have a Bermuda home phone number together with virtual phone numbers for other countries, such as the US, UK and Canada, allowing callers in those countries to call the local virtual number and reach the home phone in Bermuda. Mr Symonds, who has worked with technical solutions firm Fort Knox Bermuda, said that although LiveNet did not have the infrastructure of a major cellphone and internet company, it is able to integrate with other organizations and roam on networks to provide its services.

And being a smaller firm makes it more agile and faster to react to opportunities, he said. This is an opportunity for Bermudians to invest in their country and to have shares and ownership in the company. We will grow and we are excited about bringing jobs for Bermudians who want to work in the communication industry. We are the small guys hoping to do our best. Telecoms watchdog chief Robert Watson says approval of a deal for Digicel to take over phone firm BTC will increase innovation and competition.

Mr Watson, chief executive of the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda RAB , added Digicel had agreed to conditions on the takeover designed to ensure a good deal for consumers. Digicel has proven to be an operator, operating systems around the world and we were looking for innovation and competition. We got these assurances from Digicel and we feel they are a good company to ensure a competitive, innovative choice for the people of Bermuda.

Our interest is to make sure competition remains robust on the Island and innovation is key to that, not only with Digicel, but from anyone on the Island. We took the time to review the file, consult the industry and seek the views of the people of Bermuda. We want to see competition, choice for the consumer, a competitive choice, and prices at a competitive level.

When you have strong companies like the KeyTech group of companies and the Digicel group, you have two very well-structured companies who will be very strong competitors. Another major condition of the RAB approval was the safeguarding of access to wholesale networks and services at a fair price for other companies with communications operating licences. And a key requirement for Digicel, for the present, to keep financial and product accounting separate from all other Digicel affiliates.

With the acquisition now complete, we are even further committed to delivering the best value, service and network on the island while expanding our suite of products and services to offer a larger portfolio to our customers.

We look forward to working with BTC and its employees. Another major theme of the RAB conditions was the safeguarding of access to wholesale networks and services at a fair price for other companies with communications operating licences. And a key requirement was for Digicel, for the present, to keep its financial and product accounting information systems separate from all other Digicel affiliates.

Barrie Holdings executive chairman Roy Graydon, who came from a telecoms background in Canada, said the group approached KeyTech after they learnt that the firm wanted to buy CableVision, but that the purchase, while still owning BTC, would be difficult. RAB chairman Carl Musson said: But he remained senior counsel and later a consultant to the firm.

He was also a legal consultant to the-then Business Development Unit of Government between , which involved him in a wide range of legislative reforms to the commercial sector. A specialist in corporate and commercial law, Mr Robinson has also served on various public boards and tribunals, including the Land Valuation Appeals Tribunal and the Bermuda Housing Corporation.

He is a serving member of the Tax Appeals Tribunal. Those are two of the outcomes Digicel foresees should it move ahead with the proposed transaction that was announced in January. The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda RAB has studied the deal and last week issued its final decision, which gives a green light for the acquisition subject to Digicel agreeing to a number of conditions.

Digicel is reviewing the page decision document and is expected to respond within the next few days. In its decision document, which was made available to the public this week, the regulatory watchdog acknowledged there was a risk from Digicel and KeyTech subsequently having joint dominance in the sector. The RAB noted such a duopoly could open the door to tacit coordination on prices and division of the market. It also said it would keep a vigilant eye on developments through its market review process.

In its representations to the Authority, Digicel indicated it did not anticipate job losses at BTC as a result of the buy up, and foresees more jobs in technology, customer service, sales and marketing, with new hires being predominantly Bermudian. Digicel would be obliged to give other regulated communications companies fair access to the BTC network, and provide services and information under the same conditions and same quality as it provides to its own affiliates and partners.

A key requirement is that a Digicel-owned BTC should, for the present time, keep its existing financial and product accounting information system separate from all other Digicel affiliates. This is to aid transparency and address concerns that there might be unfair favoring of Digicel affiliates regarding advance information on fixed network plans, unfair bundling of services or unfair pricing.

There are safeguards to ensure it is not asset-stripped or transferred outside Bermuda. Four companies involved in the electronic communications sector, together with eight individuals, submitted comments to the RAB regarding the proposed deal. The fourth company, iTech, said it opposed the deal on the basis it would create a duopoly, and was concerned Digicel did not have the same interest in being a wholesale access provider as BTC stated it had in Of the individual submissions, six were opposed to the buyout, citing concerns about loss of employment, blockage of competing services, poor service quality and an anti-competitive effect.

One respondent was neutral on the deal and one was in favour. The announcement paves the way for the deal to progress if conditions attached to the written approval, which are yet to be made public, are accepted by the companies. Robert Watson, the chief executive of the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda RAB , has acknowledged that some people may have concerns about the emergence of joint dominant players in the telecoms marketplace, particularly as it relates to pricing, but he offered assurance that the authority will keep a close eye on things.

When asked about concerns regarding smaller companies being squeezed out of the market, Mr Watson said: We went to work on it and did a lot of analysis and diligence.

There was also a period of public consultation, when feedback was invited from within the industry and from residents. Improved high speed broadband internet for Bermuda is on the horizon with Bermuda Telephone Company BTC proposing to introduce access speeds of 50 Mbps megabit per second and Mbps.

Presently the best residential download internet speeds on the Island are 25 Mbps. That could change in the near future with BTC and Bermuda CableVision both indicating a desire to push forward with greater broadband offerings. CableVision struck first with a January giveaway prize promotion of 50 Mbps and Mbps for one month only, which was awarded to four customers. However, the company is still in the testing stage as it aims to provide faster residential internet services.

Now BTC has taken a firm step towards delivering a super fast option. While those speeds would not be widely available for some time, the company is seeking the green light from the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda, the telecoms watchdog, in anticipation of future capacity.

Mr Dobson said he was aware of at least one Island internet service provider ISP that is working on providing residential internet speeds of 50 and Mbps.

In other countries, speeds of Mbps are available but there is not a huge tick-up rate for it. It tends to be used by people who work at home and require a high level of bandwidth. Its a niche product. However, in the fast-moving world of online services, the demand for greater bandwidth is a clear trend. We have a 25 Mbps product and at the moment we are finding the demand for that is going up.

The next step, according to the CEO, is to put in place the last mile portion of the network to allow direct connection into homes. What we are looking at is pushing it closer to homes; taking the fiber to the curb and then we can bring it into homes.

BTC hopes it might be possible to push speeds up to 50 Mbps through this infrastructure, which would lessen the need for curb-to-home fiber optic connections. Price and speed comparisons have shown that internet services in Bermuda tend to be more costly than those available in a number of similar Island jurisdictions. Graham Pearson, chief executive of the Ignition Group of Technology Companies, said the prices indicated by BTC for the proposed new service were competitive when compared with Cayman but higher than the Channel Islands.

However, he pointed out that the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey put caps on data usage per month and then charge per Gb 1, megabits. BTC's Mr Dobson said that as faster speed services are purchased, the cost per megabit drops. He said that if the deal between Digicel and BTC is approved it would be able to bundle together multiple services and provide more choice.

CableVision indicated it is working on delivering higher internet speeds, but would not be drawn on when these might be offered. A prime example of this was over the Christmas season when we gave away 50 and meg broadband internet, the latter which is the fastest residential speed in Bermuda. We are not in a position to share pricing for our new services until we are ready to launch.

Digicel and BTC announced last week that they had struck a deal, without revealing terms. A spokeswoman for Digicel confirmed: Digicel believes that BTC's fixed voice and internet services will complement Digicel's mobile offerings allowing Digicel to bring better services and value to consumers. The proposed deal is subject to regulatory approvals and as such, we must hold for those before progressing with our plans. With the good of customers and employees being our main concern, our intention is to grow our business here in Bermuda and to invest in the future.

That will see us working to improve the service delivered to customers and looking to build out and enhance the products and services offered to them with an ultimate view to delivering an enhanced multimedia experience across multiple devices. But when Digicel approached us with an offer to combine the businesses, we realized that the two companies would complement each other and, working together, could substantially accelerate the pace of that build and it was clear that this would be the best and fastest way to enable us to provide the services of the future to consumers in Bermuda.

A RAB spokesman said it was aware of the proposed takeover. Take a picture, it will last longer As books become old and begin to fall apart, librarians depend on microform to preserve their content for the future. Tiny photographs on long strips of film microfilm or small cards of film microfiche are all that remain of hundreds of thousands of documents that have disintegrated over the last century.

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The United States Department of State DOS , often referred to as the State Department, is the United States federal executive department responsible for the international relations of the United States, equivalent to the foreign ministry of other countries.

The Department was created in and was the first executive department established. The Executive Branch and the U. Congress have constitutional responsibilities for U. The Department advances U. Other subject areas such as early North Carolina medical journals and North Carolina judicial materials are also represented. With the re-branding of computing power and machines as something welcome in the home and not just the workshop, a number of factors moved forth to sell these machines and their software to a growing and large group of customers.

Besides the introduction of more elegant cases and an increased presence by larger and larger firms, a strong argument can be made that one of the forces was the proliferation of computer-related magazines and newsletters that gave a central, printed home for writing Kelly Library is the largest federated college library at UofT. It is also one of more than 40 libraries at the university. Although our collections cover a wide range of subjects, we tend to focus on humanities disciplines including Catholic theology, the Middle Ages, book history and media, Celtic Studies, and English, French, Italian, Slavic and German literature.

Kelly Library's print collection of over , volumes is developed in support of undergraduate Books contributed by Getty Research Institute. The Research Library at the Getty Research Institute focuses on the history of art, architecture, and archaeology with relevant materials in the humanities and social sciences. The range of the collections begins with prehistory and extends to contemporary art.

The newspapers in this collection have been scanned as part of a pilot project using microfilm and microfiche.

For a few examples, please see: ERIC provides access to bibliographic records of journal and non-journal literature from to the present. ERIC's mission is to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use, searchable Internet-based bibliographic The Internet Archive Manual Library is a collection of manuals, instructions, walkthroughs and datasheets for a massive spectrum of items.

Manuals covering electronic and mechanical products, instructions on mixing or blending items, and instruction sets for software and computer items are all included. Having the manual for an item can mean the difference between that item being useful and therefore not immediately junked and being forgotten, or replaced with similar products. As a member of the Open Content Alliance, the library of the University of Illinois is contributing digital content to the Internet Archive in several areas:

Independently audited

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