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Do I Need a TV Licence?
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Do you deserve a licence to drive?

How to watch BBC iPlayer abroad. The then-culture secretary John Whittingdale said of the amendment: And while the definition of television in the legislation covers live streaming, it does not require viewers to have a licence if they watch BBC programmes through iPlayer even if it is just a few minutes after transmission. Giving a free ride to those who enjoy Sherlock or Bake Off an hour, a day or a week after they are broadcast was never intended and is wrong," continued Whittingdale.

The thought of not having a TV Licence would have been laughable only a few years ago. Potentially, you could even start saving right now, and cash in what's left of your TV Licence today. If you are using some sort of time-shifting technology to pause, rewind, fast-forward and record programmes, this feed is still considered to be live and you will need a TV Licence. However, watch on-demand that content an hour or so later and it doesn't fall under this licensing requirement.

Likewise, movies and online video do not demand ownership of a TV Licence. The number of households that subscribe to broadband but do not hold a TV Licence is estimated to be very small. I took your advice and have claimed PPI from all the companies we had loans with. It used to be you only needed a TV licence if you had a telly.

Now that's changed, and if you watch BBC iPlayer, you'll need a licence — but you won't for other catch-up sites. This full guide will take you through whether you should be paying or not. If you watch or record shows as they're being shown on telly in the UK 'live TV' , you need to be covered by a TV licence.

So whether you're watching live TV on a television, computer, tablet, games console, smartphone or any other device, you'll need to pay the fee. When we talk about 'live TV', confusingly it isn't necessarily a live episode of a programme, it could be pre-recorded.

Internet-only services such as YouTube or Netflix don't count, though. The cash funds public broadcasting by the BBC, allowing it to run without the interruption of adverts. According to the BBC, the money you pay is split as follows:.

A rule that came into force in September means you need a licence to legally use BBC iPlayer, even if you're only watching catch-up TV.

You can watch almost anything on these catch-up services: How can I cancel? If you're sure you no longer need a licence, you can formally let TV Licensing know. Although there's no legal obligation to do this, it says doing so will prevent an increasing number of letters coming your way.

It makes no difference whether you're watching on a mobile, tablet, laptop or good old-fashioned telly box in the corner of your living room. TV Licensing told us its enforcement methods are much the same as they've always been, including letters to unlicensed addresses and visits from 'enquiry officers'.

Users of iPlayer are shown a message asking them if they have a licence, and are given the option to confirm that they do, to find out more or to buy a licence on the TV Licensing website. It's a good question, and there are some who believe the BBC has backed itself into a corner. If it were to start prosecuting people who watch the odd bit of iPlayer online, it would be like the record companies that take year-olds to court over a few illegally downloaded tracks.

Yes if you're watching BBC iPlayer, but technically no if you only use other catch-up services. But proving it will be nightmarish, especially if your TV is connected to an aerial or satellite dish and is capable of receiving a signal. So it's possible you could find yourself in a tricky situation.

Enquiry officers do not have any legal powers to come into your home unless they have a search warrant from a magistrate, or sheriff if you are in Scotland. They have an implied right under common law to come to your front door and let you know they are there.

If you refuse them entry they have to leave, but TV Licensing may then use other methods such as a warrant from court, or detection equipment, which can find if there is TV-receiving equipment in your home. I used the online form to cancel my licence the refund arrived back in my bank promptly. I've never had a problem with harassment, just a quick letter when I purchased a new TV and another two years later which is what they say will happen. Thanks for the heads-up about the TV licence.

This is because you're recording it as it's being shown on a TV channel. It doesn't matter when you watch it, or how it was recorded — you still need a licence. If catch-up TV isn't enough, and you want movies too, sign up for a subscription to an online film service like Netflix or watch for free on YouTube.

You also don't need a license for Amazon Prime Video, unless you choose to pay extra for its live add-on service Amazon Channels. There are lots of packages and options available, with 1,s of titles to stream.

Watching 'live TV' without a licence is against the law. TV Licensing has enforcement officers that carry out checks. You cannot be imprisoned for TV licence evasion in itself, although you can be imprisoned for non-payment of a fine imposed by the court. The BBC is still looking at the technical and legal implications of doing this and it will be dependent on what legislation comes into effect in the future. Only time will tell Many wrongly believe you need to be covered by a TV licence if you have the ability to watch 'live' TV, even if you don't watch it.

The Government sets the price of the licence. In some circumstances you won't need to get your own licence, even if you've moved into your own digs. Whether you need to get one yourself will depend on your accommodation though:. If you're in halls of residence you'll probably be covered for communal areas but not your own room.

Check with your university. If you're living out of halls in a shared house and have signed a joint tenancy agreement, you'll need only one licence for the household. However, if you have separate agreements you'll need one for your room. You may have to print the refund form and supply evidence. Take a look at the info below to see if any of these apply to you. If they do, get in touch with TV Licensing to see if you're eligible for a refund.

Overs get a free TV licence. If you're over 74 and your licence will run out before you turn 75, you're entitled to a short-term licence covering you until you reach If you've got a short-term licence, you should receive the free one automatically as soon as you reach If not, get in touch with TV Licensing. However, overs living on the Isle of Man don't automatically get a free TV licence — instead they have to apply to claim back the full cost of their licence.

Those who have reached state pension age and receive certain benefits are also eligible for refunds. If you're only partially sighted or sight-impaired, you won't qualify for the concession. Both you and your accommodation must qualify. Got a question that we haven't answered? You can pay by credit card, debit card, bank transfer, online and through TV Licensing's own savings scheme. You don't get charged extra for paying by credit card, so if you've got a cashback credit card, use it providing you pay it off in full at the end of the month to pay over the phone or online, and get a slice of your cash back.

Currently you can't pay for your licence with Amex, usually the top cashback card. You can make small weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments at PayPoint outlets usually local newsagents and shops. You can also pay over the phone. The advantage of this is you don't have to pay in one lump sum or by direct debit. But you will end up paying for the first year's licence in six months.

Once that's done meaning you're six months ahead , you will then have 12 months to pay for your next licence. You'd think a new annual licence would last a year, yet for many they won't. That's because when you get a new licence it expires the following year at the end of the month prior to the one you purchased it in, NOT exactly a year after you bought it. So if you bought a licence on 15 May , it would run for the remainder of that month and for the following 11 months, until the end of April The only way you can be sure to get the full 12 months is to buy at the start of the month, so make sure you do this or as near as you can to then so you're not without a licence when you need one to get the maximum value.

TV Licensing says setting end-of-month expiry dates keeps its costs down and means more can be invested in BBC programmes and services, though it seems a bit cheeky to us. Of course, if you're renewing, you'll be renewing at the start of the month anyway so it shouldn't be a problem. TV Licensing officers catch about people every day who have tried to avoid paying for a licence. They can't enter your home without permission, but can apply for a search warrant to do so.

They may also use detection equipment such as vans and hi-tech handheld detectors. However, TV Licensing won't go into exactly how its detection methods work. As long as the address where you live is licensed, you're also covered to watch TV outside your home using any device powered solely by its own internal batteries and not connected to an aerial or plugged into the mains.

This includes your mobile phone, laptop and tablet. Those who qualify are: What documentation must be furnished with my application for such concession? The following documents are required: Contact details — Customer Care. My tv licence was taken out on the , the layers are phonening me and say i must pay ihave been handed over. My id number is can tou please rectify it i am not gonna pay as my licemce is still valid.

Dear Hendrik Thank you for your query. Unfortunately, YEI is not at liberty to get involved in matters such as these. I would suggest that you contact the lawyers directly, and make arrangements to send them the proof of your paid-up TV licence. Could you please inform me as to what I am required to do to get my pensioners discount on my TV licence, as I ma now over 70 years of age.

Thank you for your query. Please could you contact the Customer Care Department — all the details are above — with regard to the process on how you apply for the concessionary domestic TV licence. Good day Can you please help me to get my tv liscene acc. Good Morning May I please request you send me my TV license account number as well as check my currant balance, the reason for asking is I have recently moved and all my post they have not handed or given to me. May thanks and kind regards Mrs.

I am 72 years old and would like to get a tv licence as I am getting my own TV as a gift. My ID is If you have any form I must fill in could you please email them to me.. Their contact details are as above.

I cannot pay my TV licence online, the system does not allow me in. How to i change my password to be able to pay online? Thanks for your query. Good day, Please refer to attached scanned copy of deposit slip, paid at Ottery Hyper Post office on TV license 1 — no. TV license 2- no. Please amend your records as all these TV licenses all 3 of them belongs to one 1 address.

TV license 1, under Mr. I Abrahams, as of today is paid up and should not reflect negatively on you system, see attached proof of payment. TV license 2 and 3 has huge negative amount and should be rectified as soon as possible because it has a bad effect on both, Mr MS Abrahams and Ms F Abrahams credit record. Also see attached statement whereby the statement number of Mr.

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