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Man acquitted of killing Jill Dando was told 'watch your back'
Fmovies is one of the most popular sites that have been provided on this list. The Predator Full Movie From the outer reaches of space to the small-town streets of suburbia, the hunt comes home. Retrieved July 26, If the prisoner is male they are given a shirt and pants if female a dress I think that California still plans to do it this way if needed,less clothing to mess with after the execution. This would be about 95 percent to what it would actually be like, with each state being slightly different. Crazy Credits With each passing year or season the title of the show seen when the theme song is playing decays a little more.

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Hello guys your expert girl is ready for play , come to me grrrr. Ads By Traffic Junky. Suggest new pornstars x. Suggest new categories x. Suggest new Production x. Suggest new tags x. Login or Sign Up now to download this video! Login or Sign Up now to add this video! All Comments 31 Login or Sign Up now to post a comment! Popular Comments Recent Comments. I don't remember filming this episode. North Carolina placed a hood over their heads, which was not a good idea because it actually blocked the gas from getting to the condemned rather than allowing it to flow freely.

Also,North Carolina had the worse designed gas chamber of all,it was a converted freezer. My novel is being edited now and I will son be seeking an agent. If you would like to know more about gas chamber executions feel free to ask. The only exception being Raliegh NC who strips the inmate down to shorts. Heady was initially to be executed in a bathing suit,but was later allowed to wear a dress to her death.

The shoes are removed from all inmates prior to gassing due to trapped gas. One reason they wanted her shoes off is that after the execution ammonia would be sprayed on the legs and feet to neutralize any gas that collected near the floor of the chamber. Cyanide gas will settle in low places near the feet.

This is why I do not believe that she was wearing shoe sand had to remove them the rug is just to keep her comfortable. Typically prior to a gas chamber execution a prison is made to completely undress. At this time the heart monitoring devises being either a stethoscope or EKG,or both are attached. If the prisoner is male they are given a shirt and pants if female a dress I think that California still plans to do it this way if needed,less clothing to mess with after the execution.

They wear no shoes,socks or underwear,all done to keep gas from being trapped on the body. If they have long hair they have to put it in a pony tail,or put it upon their head if female. A carpeted rug is placed for them to walk on as they are led to the chamber. Gary — you really did a lot of research on this. One of the problems faced with the officials at the Missouri State Prison in was what to have Bonnie Heady wear to the gas chamber and should they cut her hair which they did not , so they contacted San Quentin since they had experience in executing women in the gas chamber.

They had at first planned to executed her in her underwear, but gave her a green prison dress to wear instead. She was a piece of work. Maybe they should have shaved her head and executed her in her underwear.

It seems like she may have deserved the indignities. The murder of a child is monstrous. Here is a youtube video where the tour guide tells what the warden of the Missouri Prison told him about Bonnie Heady.

It is in the later part of the video. One detail forgot to mention concerning the clothing given to the prisoners is that the clothing have no pockets, pocket could allow gas to be trapped in them. Hi gary thanks for the info I plan on doing a airbrushed picture of Barbra Graham in the chair and was wondering if she did in fact wear stockings I want it to be as accurate as possible I know they missed the mark completely with Lindsey Wagner as Barbra. Niale, I do believe the Barbara Graham did have nylons on,but no shoes,Bonnie Heady did not have socks on.

I am convinced that she was barefoot as this was standard in Missouri as well as California. There is a screenshot for the Italian movie I mentioned earlier that may be of help to you, it is from Spain. When the innocent girl goes to the gas chamber she is made to completely disrobe and given a plain white dress to wear and she is barefoot.

Soon after her execution evidence is found implicating the mistress who kills again to keep a man silent. How is your picture of Barbara Graham coming? I hope the link to the one picture may of been of some help to you. If you wish I can send youthe link. Once the prison enters the gas chamber they are quickly turned around, facing away from the witnesses North Carolina and Nevada were the exceptions and strapped into the specially designed chair,which is metal North Carolina used a former electric chair made from wood, not a good choice.

Straps are placed over their chest the first one tightened , stomach, elbows,wrist,knees and ankles. A total of 10 straps in all. Once heart monitoring devises are attached, the guards exit the chamber and the door is closed and sealed. For the first ten seconds the gas is weak and if the prisoner starts breathing it too early it is a slow poisoning process,but after ten seconds the gas is strong and very effective,which can cause quick unconsciousness.

That is why they tell them to slowly count to ten and take deep breaths. After the execution is complete and the witnesses are ushered out,the chamber is vented through the long pipe in the ceiling and the mixing container is flushed with fresh water. An exhaust fan helps lower the gas levels,a process which goes on for the next one to two hours until the gas levels have dropped enough for guards wearing protective gear to enter the chamber to start the process of removing the body.

First they unstrap the legs and pull them out, then spray the legs and feet with ammonia from a garden sprayer to neutralize the gas cyanide gas settles in low areas once it has completed its cycle. This is one reason most gas chambers are octagon in shape than square to keep the gas from settling on the corners. The hair is fluffed to release any trapped gas and the body is unstrapped.

The body is stripped naked either in the chamber or right after it is removed, all clothing is burnt due to gas being in the fabric. Well,I have given you what a typical gas chamber execution would be like due to my research. Of course there were variations from state to state. They were Ohio,Georgia,Florida ,Pennsylvania all in , Massachusetts , and Virginia , none of them proceeded with it,I would say mostly with the expense of buying a gas chamber and the training of personal to run it.

I am convinced that cyanide gas could have been the best and most human form of execution if properly developed. Temperature and humidity are the two crucial factors that must be controlled and clothing of the inmate. These baggy jumpsuits that some states use is a terrible choice to use. A simple shirt and pants or dress if female would be much better. It took me many years of pouring through books and magazine articles to find the information on gas chamber execution that I have found.

The articles were written by someone who had witnessed an execution or someone who was involved with death row in some ways such as a retired guard. Even today with the internet, there is little information out there floating around. The long absence of the executions resulted with the loss of expertise in executions,especially gas chamber execution and the equipment was allowed to deteriorate, especially the seals. The exception was California. The last gas chamber was built in , so new technology has not been incorporated into them such as newer materials and methods of construction that would make them more leak proof,and heating and moisture control systems.

I will post part of my novel here,the preparation for the execution so you can see how I done it. I took what information I gathered over the years and added it together then threw in some drama. Please let me know what you think. This would be about 95 percent to what it would actually be like, with each state being slightly different. The door to the gas chamber opened making a loud, dull, creaking sound. Jennifer jerked, making a gasp as the sound of the door being opened broke the silence.

A guard entered the gas chamber. He opened up the straps on the chair. Another guard also entered the gas chamber, carrying a small cheesecloth sack filled with cyanide pellets.

He went behind the chair, then hooked the sack to a chain that was suspended over the mixing vat in which the sulfuric acid would be drained into. They then exited the chamber, closing the door behind them. Once again the unnerving silence returned. Claudia could hear them coming, their footsteps became louder and louder as they approached her cell. The cell door then opened, allowing a nurse along with two female guards entered the cell.

The door then closed, shutting the cell off from the rest of the prison. One of the guards carried with her a clipboard, underneath the clipboard was a new dress, never worn and neatly folded.

The nurse carried a harness with a stethoscope attached along with a plastic box, which she opened. Take off your shoes. Take off your panties. List these with personal property also. She felt calm, warm, she felt at peace. Place the rest of her personal items in the box and seal it.

It is out of print if you can find a copy. It has some interesting details about the executions he witnessed at SQ. He did what was required by the job. This is a great blog and a fascinating case. How about an excerpt of the execution? But, the question I would like to ask is, besides the aforementioned films, where there any other depictions of a woman being executed in the gas chamber?

Thanks, and again, great blog! Jeff — thank you for your kind words and your readership. Jeff I would be glad to post the execution part of my novel here if it is okay with Joan. My novel is being professionally proof read now and as soon as the lady is done with it I will be submitting it to agents. Yes,there were other movies made where women went to the gas chamber, but they are hard to find. I posted a link to the gas chamber scene here a few weeks ago from youtube.

Gary, Thanks for the information. I was just curious about the portrayals after reading about the case on this blog. You did some fantastic research on this subject. I hope to be able to read your novel when it is published.

I hope you can give us an excerpt of the execution, if it is possible. This seems to be the part that is in the biggest demand. When the second hand of the death clock struck twelve the Warden Davis gave a nod to the guards standing near the cell. Everyone then exited the cell with Claudia in front of the guards, who towered over her.

With her hands grasped together in front of her, she took small steps on the carpeted rug beneath her feet. The walk to the gas chamber was only thirty feet from the cell; it took less than a minute to complete. She stopped at the edge of the carpet as a guard opened the door to the gas chamber, exposing the chair in which she would soon be strapped.

The sensation of her feet touching the cold bare floor snapped her out of her spiritual trace, bring her back to face her pending fate. She stood still for a second, giving Jennifer a smile, before the guards waiting inside of the chamber quickly turned her around, seating her in the metal chair then secured her body with nylon straps. The first strap ran under her arms, fastening across her breast, almost completely immobilizing her.

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