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You appear to be currently located in: Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Once you done with the purchase, the second step is to download ExpressVPN software. These all services allow you to change your internet IP address and allow you to surf internet anonymously. Please head to the Troubleshooting Wizard and run through all the checks.

1. Web Browsers Extension to Unblock Netflix:

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No credit card required Get Started Now. No Software Required No software required to be installed. You appear to be currently located in: Easy and fast to configure in each device You need just to change your DNS address in your personal device, or if you prefer, you can change DNS address directly in the admin panel of your router.

No more restrictions wherever you are Imagine a world with no geographical boundaries between countries. Latest technologies to improve speed Our smart dns service is based on a new generation of clouds-servers which allow us to distribute and balance workload in order to have always an high efficiency.

Always in control of your privacy We don't collect any your data, just we redirect some your traffic just when you visit a website supported by our dns service through our servers before the original destination. Signup for an Account Set our dns into your device Access your favourite websites. I agree to terms of service. Already have an account?

Don't have an account? There are several ways through which you can easily unblock Netflix. These ways to unblock Netflix comes up in both free and paid ways and they both has their own disadvantages and advantages. Following I will share detail about everything including how to unblock Netflix and watch movies at high speed internet but before that, you need to know that how does this process work because this will also help you to choose the best alternative to unblock Netflix.

These all services allow you to change your internet IP address and allow you to surf internet anonymously. Using free proxy extensions to change your IP address is one of the most common way to unblock Netflix because it is free and works with different web browsers.

You can install these extension in Google chrome and Firefox browsers easily. But these extensions comes up with very limited features and also made your internet speed very slow because the same extension is shared with hundreds of other users around the world due to which you have to compromise with the downloading speed.

Although, these extensions are limited to the browsers only and you may need to do extra configuration if you want to unblock Netflix and watch movies and TV shows on your TV screen.

As compare to extensions for browser, free proxy is one of the oldest way to change your IP address. You can use web based proxy services and unblock Netflix or you can purchase premium proxy list and incorporate it within your internet connection and change IP address and unblock Netflix.

Free proxy come up with so many drawbacks like there are numerous ads open when you use proxy to unblock a website where many web languages like Java is usually blocked on proxy.

Like web extension, the internet speed is also being shared with other users which means that you may face issue of buffering while watching movie or TV show on Netflix. Paid proxy may work better sometime but there is no guarantee for downloading speed because numerous people can use the same proxy at a time due to which your internet speed could be affected.

As compare to other, VPN is the most advance technology which has replaced proxy and other ways of changing your IP address. In very short time, VPN become most famous due to high security and advance features. This mean better download speed, security and stability of internet connection. This means that you have freedom to unblock Netflix of any country with the help of VPN. So, you must be very careful when you are purchasing VPN connection.

There is not any complex steps you need to follow to unblock Netflix through ExpressVPN because the company has created their own customized VPN software which allow you to change your IP address of any specific country with one click.

There more than 97 countries available in their VPN list. You can change your IP address to any of those country.

VPN and Smart DNS Technical FAQ for Geeks

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