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Improve your wi-fi signal at home: Is your router in the right place?
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Getting an Xbox One online

Troubleshoot slow game or app downloads on Xbox One

To ensure content is downloaded at the fastest possible rate, close all games and apps currently running on the console. Alternatively, if you're using the Xbox One's instant-on power mode, games can be downloaded while the console is in a sleep state. If you're often on your Xbox when you're first back from work or school, you may be experiencing lower-than-expected download speeds during peak times.

Affecting both your internet service provider and Xbox Live, downloads may simply be slower due to high demand for the service. While there isn't a huge amount you can do to resolve such issues, you can try downloading content at a quieter time of day. DNS servers are used to perform this translation and are the gateway to establishing connections to an address. While using these settings is perfectly viable, you may see increased speeds when switching to a third-party anycast solution.

While this tip is only recommended for our more advanced readers, enabling Quality of Service QoS can also bring a notable bump in the speed of your Xbox One downloads. Enabled through your router, QoS manages bandwidth depending on the current traffic on the network. This allows you to prioritize certain traffic types, to ensure bandwidth is allocated to your Xbox One when required. However, with QoS tied to your router settings, the exact method and complexities behind the feature vary from model to model.

We recommend searching online for your exact router, for further information on the feature. A near-instantaneous connection is often required for online multiplayer experiences, with even the slightest delay potentially making for game-breaking issues. While the complexities of modern networks can result in a wide range of problems, we've compiled some fixes for common issues.

Before attempting to improve multiplayer connectivity, we first recommend checking your connection via your Xbox One. This will give you an idea of various network statistics, which can be used to diagnose any potential problems with your current setup. These can all influence multiplayer performance, determining how efficiently data is transferred between your console and a server.

Speed should be as a high as possible, with lower packet loss and latency ideal. From previous experience, we recommend over 2MBps for a passable multiplayer experience, a packet loss close to zero percent, and latency under ms. Depending on the type of game you're playing, ideal conditions sometimes aren't replicable due to the nature of a game's online infrastructure. Although most of today's titles launch with stable multiplayer functionality, approaches to networking have infamously harmed certain games from the outset.

Two common approaches to online networking are often seen nowadays: Dedicated servers are becoming increasingly popular, with a central server hosted solely to accommodate multiplayer matches. Often hosted in a central location with low latency unrivaled by other solutions, this setup can reduce any form of noticeable lag within the capabilities of the host.

Provided dedicated servers are hosted across the globe, lag is less common with this type of technology. P2P networking relies solely on player networks to host multiplayer matches, using one of the player's consoles as a central server. Although this is a considerably cheaper option to develop, using a home connection to host multiplayer matches can result in undesirable latency and interruptions not seen with dedicated servers.

While dozens of hosting factors can cause multiplayer issues, users can expect better performance with dedicated servers. If you're experiencing issues with some multiplayer games, the cause may simply be linked the game's design.

Make sure to search online to see if other users are experiencing issues and whether certain titles can be improved on a per-case basis. Network Address Translation NAT allows multiple devices to map internal IP addresses to external addresses, for use when connected to the internet.

This technology plays a huge role in connectivity with multiplayer games, deciding how incoming traffic is handled. When connected to Xbox Live, you may have seen terms thrown around which indicate the leniency of NAT types. This somewhat represents your compatibility with other players, with stricter NAT types often experiencing issues with multiplayer connectivity. A good way of showing how NAT influences connectivity is through a handy grid courtesy of Xbox Support. While getting your NAT open is ultimately the end goal for the best connectivity, this has proven to be difficult for many users.

There are a few workarounds which can improve your NAT. Here are some of the most effective options you might want to consider. Make sure these are all disabled before moving between steps. Universal Plug and Play: UPnP is a set of protocols which automatically handles port mappings in an attempt to improve communication in an effective manner. Although UPnP is automatically enabled on most modern routers, enabling this for the first time can drastically improve general connectivity.

Again, the steps for checking can vary hugely between routers, so we recommend searching around online for your exact model. Port Forwarding shares its similarities with UPnP. However, it requires manual rules to forward specific ports. Opening and forwarding specific ports on a per-service or per-game basis ensures the best connectivity with certain titles. Metal objects can reflect your signal, dispersing it.

Steer clear of fish tanks: It sounds strange, but water can absorb the wi-fi signal, reducing the distance it can travel. How to connect your favourite gadgets to wi-fi]. If you own an older BT Home Hub, consider upgrading. From virus protection to safe passwords: How BT can help you stay safe online]. Order the BT Smart Hub. The system consists of three stylish discs each containing a dual-band antenna, which you place around your house.

The accompanying app lets you see what devices are connected to each disc and even pause the internet — useful for making sure your children concentrate on homework. Read more in our article: How to boost your home wi-fi. Discover your brilliant BT Extras. Our best connection in and out of the home.

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