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These two photos clearly demonstrate just how much better the year old Pixel 2XL left is than the brand new iPhone XS right. Apple reportedly ramping up iPhone XR orders as it now forecasts higher sales. But Jobs insists there was far less drama involved than we, and some other pubs, suggested. When we put together the Distributed Web Gateway, one of the first questions we asked was: Apple's beautiful big-screen beasts exact a small ransom. First of all, if you have already installed Office , you can run two commands in the Terminal to fix the file ownership and remove the security concern see instructions below. September 19, ,

#1. Use a small, lightweight case

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A Big Deal for Our Health. Bigger display, fall detection and ECG may make it the time to upgrade. Apple Watch Series 4 Review. Apple Watch Series 4 Reviews: The Apple Watch Series 4 is a big, but expensive, upgrade.

Apple Watch Series 4 review roundup: This is the one we've been waiting for. Apple Watch 4 review. Early Apple Watch Series 4 reviews suggest this is the one to get. Apple Watch Series 4 Review Roundup: The Best Wearable Around.

It's the best smartwatch by an order of magnitude. In what world is 18 hours great battery life? To make matters worse there is no sleep tracking. The reality distortion field is alive and well today. Expand More For Next. Unexpand More For Next. Moment anamorphic lens and photo case for Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Make cool movies with your phones.

Sit Tight for the XR. Apple reportedly ramping up iPhone XR orders as it now forecasts higher sales. Bigger Is Now Definitely Better. Going for the gold. Apple shares its own iPhone XS review roundup, focusing entirely on the positives. Sell Pricier iPhones First. The reviews are in, and the iPhone Xs Max doesn't seem all that worth it. Apple's beautiful big-screen beasts exact a small ransom. The reviews are in. World's Fastest Phones Again.

What the critics are saying. Here's what real people should be thinking about. A clear step forward. Why these 3 upcoming Android phones could put the iPhone XS to shame. Apple's latest model is a worthy iPhone X replacement. These two photos clearly demonstrate just how much better the year old Pixel 2XL left is than the brand new iPhone XS right. And the Pixel 3 arrives in a couple of weeks https: Most excited for the XR battery benchmarks though.

A12 and S4 devices now: My New iPhone review: This is a good example of Smart HDR on the iPhone XS pulling everything to the same brightness level, reducing contrast and flattening the image.

One thought I cut from the review: What you really want to know from our iPhone XS review: And the company is looking for many more. It runs ads on Facebook that say, for example: Facebook faces discrimination lawsuits amid reports it allowed Uber to run job ads targeted exclusively at men. Facebook accused of job ad gender discrimination.

Looks like advertising jobs on Facebook gets around the pesky old non-discrimination thingy. Facebook and 14 other employers - including uber - are letting job advertisers target only men https: Have to wonder why Uber was specifically targeting male drivers? A review by ProPublica found that 15 employers in the past year, including Uber, have advertised jobs on Facebook exclusively to one sex, with many of the ads playing to stereotypes.

We found job ads from Uber, a sausage factory, and a police department targeted only to men. We found ads for nurses and yoga teachers targeted only to women. Serious, nuanced, loaded legal territory for Facebook: Facebook allows ads that discriminate against women, according to the ACLU.

ACLU says Facebook allows employers to post discriminatory ads. Lawsuit says Facebook lets employers exclude women in recruiting campaigns. Women accuse Facebook of illegally posting job ads that only men can see.

Facebook's approach permits it without saying so by allowing buyers to pick audiences. It's just a form of redlining, with algorithms replacing ink. LinkedIn and Google generally allow advertisers to exclude men or women from receiving ads.

LinkedIn said that it would take down job ads that exclude a gender; Google said it would remove ads that discriminated against a protected class. Employers appear to have used Facebook's targeting technology to exclude women from the users who received their advertisements, which highlighted openings for jobs like truck driver and window installer. Our reporter has more details: A group of job seekers is alleging that Facebook helps employers exclude female candidates from recruiting campaigns http: Sony unveils mini PlayStation Classic console.

Sony Announces the PlayStation Classic. Sony launching retro video game console PlayStation Classic in December. PlayStation Classic is Sony's new throwback games console.

The original PlayStation is coming back in miniature form with 20 classic games pre-loaded. Sony PlayStation Classic brings 20 retro games on Dec. Sony copies Nintendo with PlayStation Classic mini gaming console. Sony announces the PlayStation Classic, its own mini retro console.

Sony reveals Classic PlayStation to tickle nostalgia glands in time for Xmas. Sony making mini-console debut with PlayStation Classic.

Sony just launched a new console: The old PlayStation Classic. Sony announces miniature Playstation Classic, with 20 games built-in. Sony announces PlayStation Classic microconsole. PlayStation Classic Announced and Dated. Sony announces the PlayStation Classic micro console. Sony unveils PlayStation Classic with 20 games. Sony is releasing a machine that converts my nostalgia into Sony's cash.

Analyzing the gender gap in equity. Silicon Valley's Equity Gap: Silicon Valley underpays women in stock options, too, study says. Wage Gap, Meet Equity Gap: The other gender pay gap: Women at startups get far less than male counterparts.

Women in Silicon Valley own less than half the startup equity men own, a new study says. Think the pay gap is bad? Women hold only 47 cents of equity for every dollar a man holds. New BW story by me and the great ellenhuet: The financial resources from successful startup exits fund the next generation of institutions in Silicon Valley. And those startups, VC firms, products, and philanthropies shape the whole world.

Just like the pay gap, a company can remedy this by shining a light with HR reports, issuing corrective grants, establishing a better interview and offer process, and making this a topic for periodic review by an audit committee.

So arguably, the equity gap has an even bigger impact than the gender pay gap: Men in Silicon Valley have percent more power than the women do. Let that sink in. Let's break it down: Code snippets in iOS Code in iOS Evernote culls 15 percent of its staff in bid for increased efficiency. The Problem with Cloud Services Premium. Productivity app Evernote lays off 15 percent of its workforce. I need to record audio while taking notes, which Evernote does well and most alternatives don't do at all.

Things Evernote has tried in the past year: People just aren't signing up. Evernote just laid off another 15 percent of its workforce http: Mirai authors avoid the jail by helping US authorities in other investigations.

Hackers behind Mirai botnet could be sentenced to working for the FBI. Virtual Markets Integrity Initiative Report. Attorney General blasts cryptocurrency exchanges. New York AG report finds cryptocurrency exchanges are vulnerable to manipulation. Cryptocurrency exchanges lack security, fairness, and integrity. New York Attorney General: Crypto Exchanges Subject to Market Manipulation.

Cryptocurrency markets are wide open to insider trading, US regulators say. Crypto exchanges are ripe for manipulation and aren't doing much to stop it, New York AG says. The NY Attorney General's Office found that several crypto exchanges cannot monitor abusive trading activity, and referred 3 for potential legal violations. Bitfinex and Tidex do not, requiring little more than an email address": Amazon makes headway in breaking up Facebook and Google's digital ad duopoly.

Amazon Is Now the No. Amazon Forecast to Be No. Amazon is now the third-largest digital ad platform in the US, closing in on Facebook and Google. Apple released iOS 12 just yesterday ….

Google Maps is finally compatible with Apple CarPlay. The fact Google did all this special work for these APIs shows the complexity and confusion of targeting many platforms, especially when it remains unclear how much penetration Google maps can ultimately achieve on iOS. Google Maps in CarPlay is surprisingly good. Yes traffic and routing improve depending on location.

Also CarPlay has useful quality and performance fixes. Come to the conference that's like Disneyland for Java developers? Google's Work Insights helps businesses better understand how they work. Investigation tool in G Suite security center now generally available. Gain deeper organizational insights and take action with new G Suite features.

G Suite admins get new tools to track deployments and boost security. Google gives admins more insight into employees' G Suite use. Magecart claims another victim in Newegg merchant data theft. Another Victim of the Magecart Assault Emerges: Newegg in the Crosshairs. In a rural Texas county, lidar sensor technology is being tested as a way to spot illegal intruders from Mexico. That use could divide workers in Silicon Valley.

We all thought lidar would be used as the vision system for self-driving cars. But tech often gets applied in unexpected ways — in this case to achieve a virtual border wall, writes CadeMetz. Version 69 includes the Google Material Theme to coincide with the browser's 10th anniversary.

Chrome OS 69 brings Linux support to Chromebooks. Chrome OS revamp delivers a new look and Linux app support. Chrome OS 69 is now rolling out to the Stable Channel. A familiar interface with multiple collaboration tools may make those internal decks a bit more functional. Freshsales is a faster and easy-to-use CRM that your teams will love? Introducing Quip Slides, partner apps with Box and Dropbox, and more. Salesforce fills key gap in its Quip productivity platform with Quip Slides.

Introducing Alexa Gadgets Toolkit: Amazon helps others make accessories for Echo speakers. Amazon is letting developers make their own Alexa Gadgets.

The good news is that Cloudflare thinks it can make it slightly less broken. Cloudflare teams up with US Signal for new denial-of-service protection offering.

Something cryptographers and internet security professionals have been working towards for a long time. As much fun as we had building it, we're even more excited to see what you build with it. When we put together the Distributed Web Gateway, one of the first questions we asked was: YouTube announces it will shut down its standalone Gaming app and launches a new YouTube Gaming destination at youtube.

What is Safe Sleep mode? Which Macs support it? How can you enable or disable it? Safe Sleep mode is enabled by default on modern MacBooks. How it works, and how to change how it works. The 25 most significant Macs in the first 25 years of the platform, continued. When the power goes out, a notebook computer with long-lasting batteries lets you keep working for hours and hours. Most users encounter no problems using Software Update, but some preflight work and using the Combo updater means far less chance of trouble.

Heat is the enemy of long hardware life. Two programs to keep your MacBook running cooler. VMWare Fusion 2 vs. Both programs do the same thing, but one runs Windows XP smoothly alongside Mac apps, while the other bogs down everything but Windows. Now Mac fans can try it as well. Does running OS X system maintenance routines really do any good?

A year ago, the Mac version of VirtualBox lacked some essential features. There are cheaper PC notebooks, but the Mac gains its value from increased productivity. Also whether onboard Intel graphics on the MacBook is inadequate. Three paths for integration , Jason Packer, Macs in the Enterprise, Mac users have three routes for running Windows apps: Also problems importing AppleWorks drawings and a damaged, unfixable mail database in Outlook Express 5.

Does it realy matter? Intel preps 4-core notebook CPUs, rpm 1. Also possibly replacing a 1. Solid state drive vs. A PowerBook by any other name would be as sweet, but it took a while to get comfortable with the new MacBook name. More details on integrated graphics, going G4 on the cheap, more unsupported Leopard reports, the death of DropStuff, and more.

Why you want to avoid integrated graphics , Dan Knight, Mac Musings, Today low-end Macs all suffer from those barely adequate graphics processors. The box and manual say nothing about Mac compatibility, but this 18x USB 2. Also which MacBook to buy, Battery Update 1. Also 15 years of ThinkPads, reliability and all-in-one devices, and thoughts on upgrading operating systems. Laptops trump handhelds, 1. Other World Computing has benchmarked 15 configurations with six programs and concluded that more memory is better than matched modules.

Ready to give the MacBook a second chance? After three bad experiences with the original MacBook and a subsequent switch back to Windows, this lawyer is considering the Core 2 Duo MacBook as his next computer. Geekbench scores make it possible to compare the newest 3 GHz 8-core Mac Pro with the 1.

If your Mac is getting sluggish, here are 11 tips that can help restore its original performance. If you need to run Windows apps on your Intel Mac once in a while, CrossOver may be the least expensive way to do so since it eliminates the need to buy a copy of Windows.

The benefits of external keyboards and mice, laptop stands, typing gloves, and anti-RSI software for notebook users. Some notebooks have just the right mix of design, quality, and features, while others fall short in one or more categories. A MacBook with a device bay that accepted a second battery could be a big success.

Memory, CPU, bus speed, and hard drives all impact performance and battery life. Which upgrades will give you the most up time in the field? After 2 weeks at Apple, the MacBook came back running hotter than before. The first replacement MacBook ran cooler but had its own issues. The third MacBook, however, fulfills all expectations. Is MB enough? Exploding laptops, ExpressCard 34 roll-out, 1. Also MacBook a sales success, another dead Mac,

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