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Linksys WRT54G series
After about a minute, you can browse dd-wrt on your router at http: VxWorks killer must be used prior to flashing, otherwise, it will refuse to flash. I need a chainsaw, your recommendation. It freaks out when moving large files, during UTP downloads like those used for Planetside 2 and War Thunder, or dealing with a lot of traffic. It's going out with the trash on next pick up.

Customer reviews

Now I don't know your setup so I cant say this is your problem, however in most cases that is the problem with this router. Ian1 Premium Member join: I've been reluctant to upgrade until now. DD-WRT seems to offer many additional features; is it lacking any features? How secure is it? What are the disadvantages of upgrading, if any? Can I change back to the Linksys firmware, if necessary? From scouring the DD-WRT forums, it seems as though more than a few people are having problems after replacing their v8 firmware.

I saw a few threads discussing how to revert back to the Linksys firmware, but users' success rate appears to be low. It also seems like the DD-WRT firmware is in a perpetual state of betas or release candidates; what's up with that? With all that said, I'm not sure it's worth trading one problem with my v8 P2P traffic causing lockups for the other problems users are describing.

So only the micro version of the firmware will fit in the v8? I'm not sure v2 supports WPA, however, so I might not want to use it for my live network. Or is that more of a function of the firmware?

We should almost make it a sticky to warn everyone that the WRT54G on the market are now officialy crap. Substantial price increase coming? Can XP still be activated? USB powered wall hanger [ Electronics ] by tschmidt I need a chainsaw, your recommendation.

I Need Speed Member Nov 7: Ian1 to cgwaters2 Premium Member Nov I've certainly heard a lot about the DD-WRT replacement firmware over the last few years; however, I've been reluctant to upgrade until now. Ian1 Premium Member Nov 2: Please stop reverting my edits and comments on the discussion page and stop defacing my user page. Sveasoft has paid AND free versions available.

Tomato and XWRT are new projects and can't yet be considered major. It should be noted that the vlan numbering is different from version 1 and 1. I'm pretty sure it is MIPS based. Perhaps this should be confirmed and mentioned? Should it really be noted if it's uncertain information? I'm removing this section as of now, until something certain can be reinforced. You wouldn't find uncertainty in an encyclopedia article. I feel I am too new to just edit the main page to reflect this fact, but I feel that listing the speeds haphazardly like that is counterintuitive and counterproductive.

I don't care whether it lists the firmware-upgraded speed or the stock speed of the chip, but shouldn't the article at least be consistent? I have lots of ports on my WRT54G V5 router open for numerous family software applications that are all on one computer and I would like to isolate these risky activities from the rest of my network. I recently read I could use two routers, plug one router into another, assign each a different starting IP address such as Then attach my at-risk PCs--to the router that's directly connected to my broadband modem, and all other computers to the second router.

Internet traffic to and from the unsafe PC area would then not reach my secure subnetwork at all. It sounds like a rather inexpensive way to add security to my network. I assume the second router gets connected from it's internet jack to one of the port jacks on the first router?

Is there anything else that would need to be changed or set in either router to make this work? Can I please ask if u respond to try and keep your response at a level that a non expert could understand I would really appreciate it!

Thanks for everyones advice! Part of my contribution was removed on the basis of it being link spam. As a newbie to wiki's I suppose a mistake or two is to be expected. I am however confused why external links to worldspot. Was it the location or way I did it that offended?

I was simply trying to ensure reference to all known wrt54g software projects appeared in the wiki and one I know of is missing. I am not associated with or benefit from skyrove. My addition to the page was removed, why? Why was it removed?? Is this a new model, or something else from Linksys? Recently purchased it of Komplett. As far as I can tell it's identical to the US version, probably the same is true for the European version. Clarified table, the antennas on the v8 are not "fixed" per se.

The antennas can be reoriented, they just can't be unscrewed for upgrades like older revisions the unit. I own this unit, here's a link to confirm the antennas: While this may be possible, I doubt it as that does not go with the hexidecimal numbering scheme linksys uses. Someone want to verify this either way? I have a linksys router and I found this reference book today, it has pages, looks very well researched, with lots of internal diagrams, and very technical detailed.

This is the only published book I've seen on the subject. Its very broad coverage of available firmware. This was tagged for expansion in April. As of July, it's one of the more comprehensive technical articles on Wikipedia, and has seen much editing even this month. As to original research, I would concede that much information in this article might not be found anywhere else in a single page, but that all of the information can be verified by collecting the research of others.

Nothing on this page appears "made up". This page might be an "original collection" of research, but not by any means a collection of "original research. It's a perfect example of why Wikipedia exists in the first place. This is why I've never been able to upgrade the firmware till now -- I didn't notice the model number the utility was reporting.

Is this an isolated incident, or have other people also reported mislabelled routers? Although this may be covered elsewhere, it may good to mention in the Performance section why overclocking is even done to these routers. Does it make it more responsive faster ping times and allow more simultaneous throughput? Or is it more useful when running applications such as web servers on the router?

Someone who has the answers, please drop a sentence in. I've read through the article trying to see if there's any mention about this version of the product that is sold here in Brazil named the WRT54G-LA. This nomenclature causes a lot of confusion, and the wikipedia article also does not shine any light on the subject.

In fact, not even the Linksys home page has information about this product. Does any one knows the answer to this issue? Perhaps it would be good to update the article with information regarding these locally released product versions, so that people overseas would be able to tie the local product with the "official" released products. What, exactly, is being said here? They are blocking wifitastic from being created as well.

Wiki isn't what it used to be. Well I don't live on wiki, so I'm a novice. It keeps getting nuked by this guy User talk: Well can you do it, I really think wifitastic is notable! No I'm not affliated with them at all. I dont even have an account. However their idea of using opensource wireless software openwrt for users to share their bandwidth and the cost of their internet with neighbors I believe is wiki worth. I did draft an article to the best of my ability but you said it sucked and I'm only a novice user, so I just gave up cause it took me like 45 mins to write it up with all the wiki programming language so to speak and then within minutes you come delete it.

I'll work on it one last time Ron John talk I'm sure this is considered the same family as WRT54, but it has a different name, so does it really belong in the "WRT54 series" page? I don't know how this router works for other people, but I feel it is a piece of junk, because it overheats in about 2 hours, if I actually use the wireless connection. I'm also afraid to try dd-wrt on it, because of the reports of other people bricking it, and the lack of a jtag port I have WTR54GS V2.

After adding the ram, enable it with the following lines:. Look at the device for markings or Login remotely if you have an alternate firmware and run a command shell to use the command: Full Decent talk I just wanted to say that this article is fantastic.

The amount of information included here is extremely invaluable. This article shines like a gem. Those working on this article, you deserve to know that. This is an excellent article and has a huge amount of very valuable information. I would find the addition of the Power Requirements and Power adapter information very useful as well. Could someone confirm which one is correct? That's interesting, a search for "web" yields very little See "Default settings" section , "hypertext" returns nothing.

Shouldn't this article say that its configuration is through a web server?

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