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Hover over the search results and click the X that appears. When you use Google products and services, some of your data is kept in your Google Account. What happens after you delete a message? Hello, This problem has become worse for us - this morning, multiple users reported that they can no longer delete appointments by opening it from a shared calendar, and then deleting it. The ones that are checked will be removed after following through with this method.

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The second type of history is Windows search history. It can be seen if you open the Search results window. In this window there are many fields where AutoComplete compromises your privacy. As you can see, there are four types of search that you can make - Pictures, music, or video , Documents word processing, spreadsheet, etc. In the forms for each of these types of search there are fields that show the words that have been entered in the past.

You can turn off AutoComplete for the search forms but this does not prevent someone to turn it back on and see the things that you have searched for. The only real solution to this history problem is to clean all these history records.

The next types of history are the Start menu Run history and Start menu most frequently used programs. First one shows the programs that were started by Start menu Run command see the picture below. You can use Mil Shield to delete all described types history and also the content of index.

There are other types of history but all of them are associated with specific applications. The first type of application history is called Common file dialog history. However here comes the bad news - Windows records the names of the files that you open or save.

Now, let's take a look at the Media Player history items. First, there is a list of most recently opened files in the File menu of Media Player. Second, each played file is remembered in the default playlist. For example you can see all recently played vide files in "All Video Clips" item in the Playlist drop-down list. Google Toolbar , Google Deskbar , Yahoo toolbar and ICQ toobar all have a special type of search history that records the words that you have searched for.

These words are shown when you type the first letter of the word s to be searched see the picture below. To delete the files and folders on a Windows Vista system using the Explorer, just follow these steps:. To delete the contents of the Temp folder using Command Prompt , type this command:. The steps to delete temporary files and folders in Windows 7 are similar to those of Windows Vista.

The Disk Cleanup utility removes unnecessary files from your computer, including the temporary files and folders. To delete the temporary files and folders using Command Prompt , type this command:. Before you continue with these sets of instructions, please log in as an Administrator and exit any running programs. Make sure you perform a restart of your computer before you delete the contents of the Temp folder.

To delete the temporary files and folders on a Windows 8 or Windows 8. The Temp folder holds all temporary files and folders on your computer. Read more at Windows Recovery Disks. The NeoSmart Support Forums , member-to-member technical support and troubleshooting. Get a discounted price on replacement setup and installation discs: Applicable Systems This Windows-related knowledgebase article applies to the following operating systems:. Some Google products don't save activity in My Activity.

At the top of the page, select Search To delete activity, next to the search bar, select More. To delete certain items: Choose the items you want to delete. At the top right, select Delete. To delete all items: Delete other activity saved to your account On your computer, go to My Activity. Below the activity, select Delete. Get to the right place to delete activity: Below the activity, select Visit.

Delete browser activity Your activity might be stored in your browser, even if you delete it from My Activity. Learn how to delete browsing history and other browser data from Chrome.

If you use another browser, check its instructions for how to delete this info. Stop saving activity completely You can prevent searches, browsing history, and most other activity from being saved to your account: On your computer, go to Activity controls. Stop saving activity temporarily You can search and browse the web privately.

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