How To Hide Photos On Your Android Phone Or Tablet

Use Third-Party Launchers to Hide

How To Hide Apps on an Android Device
Root Sony Devices 4. Of course, the program will stop working in the background, so this method is not suitable for all users. Some users puzzle over how to hide applications on Android without disabling them. Root ZTE Zmax 2 Make sure that you have an updated version of Nova Launcher Prime installed.

Hide Applications on an Android Device

Two Ways to Hide Apps on Android without Rooting

These apps are pretty handy, because you can hide your photos and videos, and protect them with the password. Some of the most popular applications for this purpose are Hide pictures in Vaulty and Gallery Lock Hide pictures. Gallery Lock key features are: You may also read: Next, you will have to name the folder. The name of the folder must begin with a period.

You may take a look at the example below. I created a new folder, and I named it. Once the folder is created, place all your photos in that folder. Hide photos with an app The other option to hide photos on your Android is with one of the apps you can get from the Google Play Store. Private gallery, password protection, online backup, mugshot, and so on. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. In our case, this will be a numeric pin-code. Enter your email address. In the future, this will help restore access to the program if you forget the password.

You will be returned to the start screen of the program. Hold your finger on the top logo. Now you need to confirm root rights.

Click on the program you want to hide. Confirm that you want to hide the selected application. Hidden applications on Android will not be visible in the menu. But you can always find them in the corresponding tab. Clicking on its icon will make the program visible again. PrivacyHider is a multifunctional program designed to keep the confidentiality of all your data. With it, you can hide your personal photos and videos, hide your correspondence in social networks and instant messengers, hide the search history in the browser, close access to any applications, except for those permitted by you personally, as well as disguise the program itself, including the fact of its installation.

PrivacyHider creates an independent space on your device. In it, you can add files and move programs, and they can not be accessed from outside the Hider-space. Moreover, applications hidden in the Hider will no longer appear in the list of recently launched applications. Who will think that you are hiding something in the calculator? With this program, you can also clone applications. This will allow using each of the clones for different accounts and use them simultaneously. You no longer need to re-log each time.

If you want to remove the Hider, you need to move all the data from its space at first. Otherwise, the programs and files that you have hidden will be deleted along with the Hider. You can hide unnecessary applications on Android when using the Hide App utility. You can create the PIN to restrict access to the application.

Hidden applications remain functional, you can launch them from the Hide App interface. A unique feature is that after installation, it can be renamed, for example, in MyApps or MyNotes. You can change the name of the program selecting one of the options that the program offers.

You can not create a new name for yourself. We finish our review with a more specialized Smart Hide Calculator program. However, in fact, this is not entirely true. To open it, you must set a password in the form of secret arithmetic.

Then follow the instructions:. Yes, Smart Hide Calculator is able to perform arithmetic operations, but the real purpose of this program is to hide confidential files or programs from prying eyes. In addition, Smart Hide Calculator can hide itself well, for example, it will not be visible in the list of recently launched programs. Whatever method you choose, the result will be one: The choice is yours!

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How to hide apps through launchers

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