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No discussion that violates the TOS of any service including workarounds that circumvent geographic restrictions. Was surprised more people don't use this. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit: Hey all, it seems like http: Funny, I've never had any luck with Navi-X.

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What Is Project Free TV?

Site checkers kept saying it was 'parked or for sale. Now, there's a bunch of imposter sites that don't even come close to what we had, all claiming they are the new PFTV. The shows are very limited and there is nothing archived. I just want to thank the admin of the original website for all the wonderful years I had.

They were my 'go to' website for television viewing. The new wannabe sites? Well, you have some awfully big shoes to fill. If this is forever and for permanent I will be so frickin' buuuuuuuuummmed. It was really the best thing on the internet. I watch everything on it. I spent more hours there than on other form of entertainment in my adult life combined. I don't know who you are, but have acquired a special set of skills, and when I find you I will beg you to bring project free tv back.

I just want to know what happened to it. Seems a couple of the torrent and streaming sites gave up rather than fight the powers that be. I had all my shows set up on a bookmark folder and everything. Went to catch an episode this afternoon.. I looked for Vidbux when Vodlocker stopped working. I am now heartbroken because Vidbux is hard to come by on other sites.

That place used to give crazy spyware alerts all the time - sets off all the alarm bells. It can't be taken down since it doesn't rely on servers and is built with multiple datasources: I was 5 seasons into Private Practice!!!

RIP Project free tv, you will be sadly missed: The blank screen with Goodbye was just depressing! It keeps track of which episode you've watched in a series so you don't have to remember if you've seen it or not. I sure hope they pass their data base onto someone else. First time on reddit and all, but his profile seems to only have posted to this thread. I've been lurking for a while. My house got flooded right after making the thread and I haven't cared much for tv while battling various pond-life in my home.

Actually I have watched some on tvonline. It was possibly a chortle. Hey all, it seems like http: Is it gone for good, or just down for maintenance? Also, are there any other ones that have popped-up with the 'recently aired' layout like the original Free TV Vid? Its not run by the same person, fakes have been around for a while and now they are popping up fast.

As of right now there is no official site. It uses a Divx codec for the HD videos and they load fast. I've been using it before project-free-tv and it was my go-to after Ninjavideo went bye-bye. It's a great site because it's run with a community. For now I've only found sites that stream only shows. Click the "Browse" tab then "Entertainment". Huge thanks for this -- most of the clones folks have posted so far really only cater to shows from the last 5 or 6 years; PFTV was great because it also had a good selection of classic sitcoms, etc.

Is project free tv really gone? I found this http: I''ve also used "watch Series Online" which I find pretty good http: Another site I've used in the past that is pretty good is www. It doesn't do the annoying thing that a lot of clone sites do where it actually just links you to the hosting site instead of streaming to it's own site. Even though it is not the same, you can still look at googles cached version of the site and figure out the links from there. I just found this one. The layout is gorgeous but the quality of the show I'm watching, at least isn't stellar.

It seems the site isnt responding again ; but my baby has found another free one www. I tried all of the alternatives. Very easy and works every time. Its still up, just here http: The new URL appears to be http: My peoples I come to you bearing great news.

I have found what seems to be the best clone of PFTV. Make sure to upvote so that everybody can see it. For some reason that quiet modest "Goodbye. Awww, I feel like I lost an old friend. Oh man, it hurts. Well, farewell, my dear friend, go on to new and better things in your life, I'll always have a great memory of you.

Honestly I love the downvotes. How about you grow the fuck up and post why you downvote peoples helpful comments instead being just plain waste of fucking space to society?

Links in comment section. I actually kinda like this one. The Hulu channels kinda suck because they don't let me skip ads, but overall it reminds me of having a TV. Heh, back in the day, I think I used to spend more time watching the TV guide channel than I did any actual channels.

Yeah for a cord cutter, I tend to want to try anything that mimics that of an actual TV look. I like the universal guide. TV seems like an actual channel Who knows if it's legit.

The subsequent article on this site is about how there are no good women left? That's such an outrageously ridiculous idea. The article was clearly written by a needy, insecure creep.

I run "No Script" which blocks all scripts on default then I only allow scripts that sound legitimate. If I'm using watchsnakes. I'm a bot, bleep , bloop. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:. If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. This site has both free movies and tv shows, though it doesn't have a huge selection. I live in Kuwait and I've used it for the last 5 years and I loved the daily scheduling which made it easy for me to see which shows were on in the states.

I know of other sites but none that have a daily list of shows. I didn't care for all of the porn ads lately though, it was embarrassing to watch the shows while some chicks boobs were bouncing all over. I've been using http: I have a feeling PFTV will be back though! I don't think so.

And it's eating me up. I'm not too sure what happened but if you need a good alternative cokeandpopcorn. Hi, I am new here but in addition to some of the links you have here I have another Project Free TV link and a few others that have tv shows. I also have links for movies and downloads of shows. Here are a few. I was told tvrush. I just checked to today and all i see is at the top left corner it types "Good bye" so yeah maybe its finally dead omg this is soo unfortunate man. I use it sometimes and it's pretty good: Many streaming sites here; www.

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I sure hope not. Search in google for TVMC its a new app with every "essential" addon already installed. Or if you want quality check out a private tracker. Live Streaming Services Guide. NFL Guide Updated for MLB Guide - Questions, complaints or suggestions about sub?

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I constantly use the Project Free TV website to catch up and watch shows in-season. New episodes for TV shows come out within 24 hours of the cable debut. I personally favor the Vidbux links because they buffer rather quickly and they are HD.

Dont want to negromance an old thread but thank you for linking. The real website no longer shows up on google's search engine. It just shows a bunch of shitty copy cats filled with malware. I was wondering why every first link on the episodes' lists was fucking strategytits browser game links. I watched an episode of breaking bad last night on one of the copycats do you think it was dangerous?

I've been using this awesome site for years. It's the only site I need for TV shows. It's become the fastest and most efficient way to avoid the nasty doppleganger. If you enjoy Project Free TV, the stuff on this sub should be enjoyable too: So I have adblock already and it is great, but what is an xbmc add-on and how will it help? People create add-ons for websites like Project Free TV, you can also watch movies and listen to music that is on your local drive or network.

I have it installed on my Fire TV and it works great. Yeah, it's a convenient site, but I thought we were about legal content around here? Look, if you don't approve move on.

We know it isn't legal and the mod has already said that as long as we aren't talking about hacking cable boxes it s all good. I didn't mean to come across as a dick, and sorry if I did, but we had this problem a couple weeks ago with quite a few people and the shit was very annoying because they kept harping on it. Finally a mod came and posted something to what I paraphrased earlier.

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