How to share an internet connection using a wireless hotspot on Windows 10

How to use mobile hotspot on Windows 10

How to share Internet from your laptop to smartphone (and other devices)
Not Helpful 1 Helpful 0. Sometimes, you can solve the problem by assigning static IP addresses to your connecting devices. Right-click on the network icon in your System Tray. Normally, the easiest way to do this is to connect it to a local area network that is connected to the Internet. KenoshaKicker Replied on February 3, We've rounded up the best tips and tricks you have to check out.

How to check if your wireless adapter supports Hosted Networks in Windows 10

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So I knew how to bridge devices, but didn't think of that. I had this too, eventually found I had to enable it via the command prompt. If anyone has this issue, first uncheck the sharing you enabled in the first three steps and restart your pc otherwise this option still won't appear. I also had an entry just called 'wifi' - don't use this one, didn't work for me. It's actually pretty quick and easy once you've done it once. You may have to reenable if you reboot your pc.

I was setting up a pc which had an Ethernet internet access connection, then using its wifi for the new shared connection. Not all wifi cards are suitable for the above, apparently.

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KenoshaKicker Replied on February 3, In reply to Josette Sal's post on December 7, JohnRod Nav Replied on February 4, In reply to KenoshaKicker's post on February 3, Hi Kenosha, For more details about enabling Internet Connection Sharing on Windows 10, we recommend checking out this page. Let us know if you have additional questions.

AaronBertram Replied on April 30, In reply to JohnRod Nav's post on February 4, This page does not lead to anything useful for Windows Why can't Microsoft just provide clear, logical steps to perform simple setup tasks? Peterfavell Replied on June 30, KeithMcCallum Replied on September 7, The exact options or steps to get it set up vary depending on your device, but it works the same way, letting you share your cellular connection over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB.

To tweak how it works, select the Set up Wi-Fi hotspot options underneath. The settings might vary depending on your device. On a Samsung Galaxy S8, for instance, select Connections , then tap Mobile hotspot and tethering and on an older Samsung device, pictured above, the settings were under Tethering and Mobile hotspot.

There, you'll see sliders to enable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB internet sharing to turn on exactly the way you want to share your connection. If you can't find the setting on your device, check your manual or ask your carrier—you might not see the options if you don't have a plan that supports mobile hotspot.

Windows 10 comes with a Mobile Hotspot feature—much like Android—that lets you share the cellular connection from your Surface or other Windows tablet or a wired internet connection from a PC.

There, choose which network to share, and click Edit to set the Wi-Fi network name and password. Then, click the On slider near the top to enable your new Wi-Fi network.

Need to turn on or off the hotspot later? Just open your Wi-Fi network list from your system tray near the clock, and you can toggle the Mobile Hotspot in a click. Macs don't include cellular internet, but if you have a USB cellular dongle or want to share your wired Ethernet connection, macOS can turn that into a Wi-Fi hotspot, too. Open your Mac's System Preferences, and select the Sharing options.

There you'll see a list of things you can share, from printers to remote login so you can access your Mac when you're away. Near the bottom you'll see Internet Sharing. Click that, then select the network you want to share and how you'd like to share it. Set the network name and password from the Wi-Fi options button. Once you're done, click the checkmark beside Internet Sharing to turn on your new hotspot.

Want to share your internet with an iPhone or iPad, perhaps to download updates more quickly over Ethernet? There's one other option under Content Caching. Select that, then check the Share Internet connection box before checking the Content Caching box. Now that you know how to share your internet connection, here's how to solve some of your other frustrating personal IT problems:.

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Ad-Hoc Wireless Connection via Windows Menus

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