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Apple says the pro has special features that make it the tablet line for the pencil. Let's begin with a video overview of the best iPads. It's simply a great value. The best choice for buying a new Apple iPad in depends is varied, depending on the price and size you want. It's to lure students and educators away from devices like It's a way better value for the average consumer and students who wants the basics a 9.

Why the 128GB Wi-Fi-only 9.7-inch iPad (2018) is the best

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It's the best way to get an entry-level Apple tablet — now with Apple Pencil support. It's a way better value for the average consumer and students who wants the basics a 9.

Meanwhile, the iPad Air 2 , also a 9. And the aging iPad mini 4 launched way back in is still your cheapest option, but its days are surely numbered. Whatever the case, there's an iPad for you and they'll all run iOS 12 in We created a best iPad list to help narrow down Apple's top tablet choices for you. For everyone else, you'll find a rundown of all the readily available iPads below, including the brand new iPad and second-generation iPad Pro duo. These come complete with full spec lists, their good and bad points and a look at what makes them tick, so you can make an informed purchase decision.

The iPad Pro Its bright Retina HD screen is its best selling point. The new ProMotion screen adds an impressive layer of fluidity to daily use - if not strictly necessary - and the smaller bezels means you're getting far more display in a footprint not much bigger than 's 9. It's an iPad for the professionals - but also one that media munchers will adore using.

It's Apple's flagship tablet, one that takes advantage of the Apple Pencil and several tablet-focused iOS 11 features like the new dock, Control Center and Instant Markup with the stylus. If you invest in the recommended Smart Keyboard, you can attach it to a Pro-level iPad without jumping through all of the hoops of Bluetooth.

It's a tough decision over whether the new iPad Pro is the best iPad or if the basic iPad is the better choice for its value proposition. If you have enough money, it's this one. Read the full review: Up to 10 hours Rear camera: This is the best Apple iPad for the average consumer and for education, even if it still isn't the most powerful one on sale.

It's simply a great value. The new iPad replaces the very similar model and, before that, the iPad Air 2 in Apple's lineup, slotting in below the Pro range. It works with the Apple Pencil, offering you the cheapest way to doodle on the 9. It also has the same luxurious metal unibody as the rest of Apple's iPad range, though notably it's ever-so-slightly thicker than the iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro at 7. With the Touch ID fingerprint sensor included, iOS 11 under the hood and up to 10 hours of battery life when web browsing or watching videos, the new iPad is a great media player and a strong tablet choice if you're not planning to use it heavily for productivity.

We really like the iPad Pro for its large size and it's the closest thing we have to a 2-in-1 touchscreen MacBook. It just happens to run iOS 11 instead of macOS. It's the best productivity and entertainment tablet around thanks to its Apple has redesigned its Control Center interface to make app switching even easier, and this tablet is compatible with the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard.

But If you can afford it and want the largest-sized iPad available, you're going to love this — it's a laptop-replacement for a lot people out there. Read the full iPad Pro For the average user the iPad Pro 9. And although Apple has ditched the Air moniker, at x But it lives up to the Pro name, with plenty of power afforded by its A9X chipset and 2GB of RAM, four speakers for serious media potential, a beautiful True Tone screen, which adapts the color and intensity to your environment, and of course the ability to use the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil with it, if you want to use the slate to actually get things done.

And you want it to be more like a traditional computer. Kind of the Samsung Galaxy book which has an amalet screen. And get this, Apple actually has a patent on something like this.

So maybe it's possible. Coming in at number 3 is a redesign. You guys wanna see smaller bezzles in the iPad, kind of like the iPhone X. You could cram a larger screen in the same size body if you can minimize those bezzles like the X. That could also allow Apple to change the 4: If the company wanted. Also, don't forget a redesign is really important so everyone will know, that the newest iPad is the newest iPad.

Good thing Apple has a solution of that already. In my experience, face ID is frigging fast and works very well. Considering how small the true depth camera assembly is on the ten, it could easily live within the iPad without the need for a notch.

Before we get to number one, let's take a look at some of your other suggestions. A few of you, Wanted Android on the iPad, even though it's open source, I'd imagine Apple will avoid that. Randy said free money, I always like free money. Mark Thompson said he wants four notches all the way around.

You guys are the best. And it works with the iPad Pro line only. You want that to change. Apple says the pro has special features that make it the tablet line for the pencil.

If the iPad is the at the end of the education market, maybe more iPad models need to support the pencil or something similar. Sometimes you have to draw things out in your notes when you're in school. Pencil support can be a nice new trick for the old iPad. So it looks like what people want out of a new iPad is something like the Microsoft Surface Pro, maybe.

Will you guys be getting a new iPad or maybe a Surface Pro? I'm Iyaz Akhtar and I'll see you online. The new Chrome's best features. The top 5 phones with the longest battery life edition. Top 5 iPhone rumors.

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