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How to connect two Xbox 360 consoles on a network?
Thank you so much. I use a Peplink Balance 30 router, and it shows the PnP status. Restricted on both xboxes. Right now, her XBL gamertag is on my xbox so she has access to all the gold features. The most often abuse is "Dual Boxing" or "Double Stations".

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UPnP - Multiple Xbox One Gaming Consoles & NAT

Anyone interested in getting in on the lawsuit you must have more then one console and have had the issues of not being able to game with someone else on the network. I need support, my attorney needs bodies. The part about quick start. All day ive been confirming that i have what it takes. If that pary hadent been in this thread id still be checking my list pouting over my upnp ports not staying open.

I have three xbox one on the same network and we are able to join each others games, specially destiny…. The key is the router. I use the netgear nighthawk with dd-wrt.

A router that works well is the netgear nighthawk with dd-wrt. I currently have 3 xbox one running destiny on it; destiny works fine. One is wired, the other on wifi. No you do not need two copies of the games. Recover you account on your sons xbox, set it as your home xbox and then any game you buy digitally will work on both xboxes. Thanks Rabid Piglet for sharing that. I had heard it should work to share games, but didnt know the details and how.

First, thank you for the write up, I followed this a while back when I was first having issues. I am also hoping to answer a few questions for those with multiple Xbox systems and not wanting to purchase the same game over and over. Now you can play that one game at the same time on 2 Xbox consoles — this works with Xbox One and Xbox Side not for LORI — you should see if you can get your ATT modem bridged — this way it acts as a single address coming into your home and then go purchase your won router that you can manipulate to work with your situation.

This is my problem.. So I call and try to get them to fix and they say my only solution is to buy a static IP address this is after they forced me to sign up for the 12 months of tech support. Bah doublebah two hours on the phone and then transferred and of course that part is closed. Too much fluff my butt! You even provided examples that I could even understand. I called again a few days later and a woman said it does.

Any feedback out there would help. I setup yesterday the DMZ for the xbox one, and got finally open nat. Even my wife was rejected from Destiny. I still saw there when checking the port from my x, that was running yesterday! Any suggestion is welcome I tried method 1 and 3 without success, that is why I went to 2 and successful — but only yesterday.

This is a nightmare. Dont have to have 2 copies of the game if you purchase the digital copy. Have one xbox as your home xbox. Now just purchase one copy on either box under your gamertag and both boxes have access to it. I play destiny with my son doing this. You will need two lines into your house to do that. Stupid question probably but could you run two different ISP connections modems etc off one telephone line as an extreme option to resolve the problem?

I would check if there is a new firmware for the Apple Router, else look into buying another one or if you are a techie then make a virtual router as I described in my other blogpost.

Same issue — recently purchased second xbox one to play Desstiny with my son. Thanks for this article! We just bought an Xbox One for the family and I would like to have a second console so I can play with my son as well. I will follow this tutorial if needed…Would we need to own two copies of the same game to be able to play together? I appreciated the fluff. Thank you for spelling out the whole scenario. It made it easier to connect the dots. I just wanted to mention just in case others come here with issues.

This gateway has a built in router, however it does not support Upnp. It does however let you put one device in the DMZ basically removing it from the fire wall.

Thank you for your time and help and all the information provided. I hope this happens one day. The IP address should be within the range of the routers IP. If your router's IP is I have the X8 R and have the same issue. I am only using UPnP. This is the only way that can work to get open NATs with two Xbox Ones at the same time since they have to use the same port. But for some reason it will not work for both using Black Ops 3.

If anyone comes up with a solution, or if you are listening Netgear, would you please update your firmware to utilize UPnP to work with Black Ops 3. You would probably sell a lot of routers just based on this alone. It's a big issue with multiple Xbox Ones, and more and more people have multiple Xbox Ones these days. OK thanks I will try that. You're talking about NAT Filtering right?

And this will not present any security concerns? I could be mistaken, but my understanding is that Open NAT filtering will allow incoming traffic to an open port to come from any IP address. Netgear may have a different definition.

As far as security, yes, setting NAT to open could potentially increase your exposure. But the nature of peer-to-peer gaming requires it. Community Home Community Browser: Join Now Log In Help.

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Message 1 of Ya, when people start to inquire with MS, you lucky to get anything. I managed to find out that the Slim has a wireless issue with newer generation routers and will only connect at 11Mb when the adapter supports higher rates. They would connect at supported rates on older model routers but not newer ones. I managed to find out thru a 3rd party that contacted MS said it was the wireless drivers on the s and would need updating.

MS would look into it. Never saw any results. Thank you for your time and help. I hope we can continue to work on this and see if we can figure this out. Ya I know that the naming convention and meaning behind them, of there NAT status differs and not sure if they are cross comparable. Seems like maybe however for now, will keep them separate. May 7, Messages: Open is a port forwared symmetric nat or cone nat Strict is a symmetric nat Moderate is a Cone nat.

Shonk , Oct 21, Thanks for the info Shonk. Getting more info here. I found this additional info bases on your post: May 23, Messages: I have used 2 differ routers, a d-link dgl and now asus rt-ac66r. Used them for 2 s and 2 xb1 and the only time i had nat issues is on the xb1 when i used the instant on feature.

If you have that feature on , i can almost guarantee you that is the cause of your nat issues. Put both xb1 on energy saving mode. Don't use port forwarding or port triggering, just use upnp. If you have instant on, turn it off.

Reset your router and reset both your xboxes by holding down the power button on the console for 30 seconds. XSXS , Oct 25, From my experience with port usage the same xbox would always use port even if was turned 2nd. My other xb1 would always use some other random port and it would never change. I forget off the top of me head but i recall the same port usage every time i looked. If you do decide to use qos, don't just make a rule for port , instead blanket the whole port range like this 1: I suggest this because sometimes the router will not pick port , it will pick some random port for gaming traffic.

BiggShooter , Oct 25, Jan 23, Messages: Can one of the xboxs be set as dmz and the other having the ports forwarded? Did you view the NAT status from both the dashboard and in game? I know the s didn't have status on there dashboards. Please post pictures or give details. This is consistent with what we are seeing with 2 game consoles, which ever one connects first to the router, will get , the 2nd console will get a virtual port connected by uPnP.

It's not recommended to use DMZ as this would cause bad performance behavior for gaming and cause the router to incorrectly assign bandwidth where needed if two or more game consoles were to be online at the same time.

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