Virgin Media internet blackouts hit the UK until middle of January 2017
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We compare fibre broadband packages from Virgin Media

Is Virgin Media having an outage?

But prices have recently gone up, making it more important than ever to use our comparison chart to bag the best price. Prefer to order by phone?

Then call and speak to an adviser dedicated to Virgin broadband deals. Broadband deals BT broadband deals Sky broadband deals Fibre broadband deals. Virgin Fibre's USP is its super fast broadband speeds. Using only cables there's no such thing as cheap Virgin Media broadband, but even its least expensive broadband only plan gives speeds of up 50Mb - that's faster than the entry-level fibre broadband offered by the likes of Sky and Plusnet.

VIVID 50 fibre broadband Thanks to its dazzling speeds and independent cabling, Virgin Media's broadband has traditionally been more expensive than its competitors. Considering you'll be getting average speeds of 54Mb speed equivalent to 6.

But you're unlikely to feel too shortchanged with the connection speeds. The Mb average speed translates to The ultrafast Mb speed on average is a good fit if you stream 4K films and if there are 10 or so devices connected at once.

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Same with the app. Neighbours have problems too! It's been 6 days. Website says there's a known issue in Nottingham and won't be fixed until 26th Do VM fancy picking up my phone bill for having to use a hot-spot? You can dm your details and department as well as this is horrendous service. Says there are no problems at all.

Despite the fact no one around us can use virgin either. For an open complaint. Why should I spend hours trying to get hold of someone when you're promised a call back? And you're telling me you can't email the member of staff dealing with the complaint and tell them to call me? Or you could just send a new router I can try? Virgin should be a trusted brand. Promised a customer service callback from virginmedia before They tried some troubleshooting but given up.

SkyHelpTeam your messaging service is a joke, spending an hour and half trying to move services to new address and Denise in messenger just throws a booking date up, some bulllshit help links and then ends the chat as it's home time.

Bad timing and also you need to review your music playing whilst waiting , very comical lyrics about not getting what you waiting for. It's very difficult for me to call during working hours. Can I put my request to cancel my services in writing and send it to head office?

It seems bizarre that there is only one way to contact the relevant department. The way your organisation and other telecoms deal with complaints is a farce. DM me your details as I am fed up of this farce you call service.

Apart from when complaints aren't dealt with. I want the manager that was supposed to call me, to call me. You're suggesting I should chase the open complaint you've failed to deal with? I've had your engineers out and call you with issues weekly why can't you fix my problems?

Now my neighbour has the same issue - will be leaving and going to SkyUK. One that they won't just send me back an automated message? I have been a customer since and will be leaving unless you resolve this complaint quickly.

No doubt tucked up in bed not giving a crap!!!! They've had cable installed and this is what the installation team left. A cable straight across a pathway that I have to walk down daily. A neighbour tells me it was Virgin.

I'm trying to have this confirmed. No doubt tucked up in bed not given a crap!!!! Your service in our area has been terrible. Really not happy with this service.


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