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The Zen addon is in noobsandnurds repo. Later in the book, we will look into some of the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches, but for now let's just talk about two major approaches: This document is a work in progress, and is still under review. In the preceding examples, we used the event object evt to determine the current mouse coordinates. Any ideas from here? June 18, 1: This does not generalize well, however, to more complex groups for example where groups might be found inside groups.

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And if you don't know the aerodynamic characteristics of your plane, MotoCalc's lift and drag coefficient estimator will make short work of determining them. If you are a newcomer to electric flight, MotoCalc's MotoWizard will ask you a few simple questions about your model and your preferences such as brand of motor , and will then make suggestions as to the ideal power system.

You can then use the rest of MotoCalc to investigate one or more of the suggestions in detail, and then use MotoCalc's MotOpinion feature to get a plain-English analysis telling you how the power system, and your plane, will perform.

If you are a bit more experienced, and know some of the components you want to use to power your model for example, a particular motor or battery , you can tell the MotoWizard this and it will try to choose a suitable power system using those components. A copy can also be found on the MotoCalc web site at http: The manual is about pages. If you don't wish to print it on your own printer, it can be printed at most copy shops. They may ask for proof that you have the right to print it, in which case you can refer them to this sentence in the PDF file: You are hereby granted permission to print a single copy of the PDF version of this document for personal use.

This brief tutorial assumes that you have a model that you are intending to power with an electric motor or more than one , whether that be a designed-for-electric model, or a conversion of a glow model. For a more in-depth tutorial, please visit http: The following is an overview of the steps that will get you well on your way to using MotoCalc to help choose a power system for your model: Ask the MotoWizard to suggest several different power systems that meet your requirements in terms of performance and flying time, and preferences if any as to the type of equipment to use.

Save this as a project. Click the Compute Report Click the Opinion button to generate a MotOpinion report to help you interpret the in-flight analysis.

Based on the results above, either go back to step 1 and select a different suggestion, return to step 2 and modify some of the suggested components, or install the recommended power system in your plane and go fly! These five steps are described in more detail below. Ask the MotoWizard The MotoWizard is described in great detail in its own section of this manual, so we won't repeat it all here. Instead, we'll give a brief overview. The MotoWizard consists of a number of pages on which you answer some basic questions about your model, it's intended performance, information about where you fly, and any preferences you may have.

The pieces of information you need to supply are: If you already have a good idea of the power system components you want to use in your model, you may want to skip using the MotoWizard and go straight to the MotoCalc Workbench. Examine the suggestions made by the MotoWizard. If you are unhappy with them for example, suggestions involving a very large number of cells, or only brushless motors when you would prefer brushed , return to the MotoWizard's option pages and narrow your preferences.

At this point, you can also print the MotoWizard's suggestions by clicking the Print Select and Copy to the MotoCalc Workbench When you are happy with the MotoWizard's suggestions, select one click on it with the mouse , and then click the Accept button.

This will fill in the MotoCalc Workbench window with settings corresponding to the selected suggestion. At this point, you can modify any of the parameters that you wish. For example, if the MotoWizard is suggesting a 4: You may also want to specify ranges for some parameters for example, if the MotoWizard suggested 14 cells, you might want to try 12 to 16 cells.

A summary of the project motor, battery, speed control, airframe, etc. The last line of the summary, labeled "Stats", summarizes the predicted performance of the model. Below this you will see a table of predictions at different airspeeds, estimating things like current consumption, input and output power, and so on. Using color coding , the table will also indicate the model's predicted stalling speed, optimal flying speed, and hands-off flying speed these speeds are generally at less than full throttle.

Revise, Refine, or Fly Based on the information in the in-flight analysis and MotOpinion report, you may wish to revise or refine your power system. One way to do this is to return to the MotoWizard select MotoWizard Alternatively, you might just slightly revise the current suggestion by making changes in the MotoCalc Workbench window, perhaps trying different propeller sizes, more or fewer cells, or a different gear ratio step 2. Or, if you had specified any ranges in step 2, you can select a different result from the static analysis and generate a new in-flight analysis step 3.

After a few iterations, you should have narrowed down your choices to a few power systems suitable for your model and your requirements. At this point, it's time to install some equipment, and go flying. For a much more detailed tutorial, please visit http: If you purchased MotoCalc on a CD, a copy of this in-depth tutorial can be found there, in the file "Tutorial. MotoCalc 8 continues the tradition of being the most popular, capable, accurate, and easy-to-use electric flight performance prediction system for the hobbyist.

Here is a brief summary of the new features in this release: A More Versatile MotoWizard The MotoWizard, introduced in MotoCalc 6, made it easy to choose a power system starting with nothing other than some basic airframe information and the desired level of performance.

In MotoCalc 7, the MotoWizard became both smarter and faster, looking at more possibilities in less time. Now in MotoCalc 8, it has become more versatile by letting you specify specific components that you want to use to power your model. Now you can tell the MotoWizard this, and it will try to find the right propeller to use with these components in your model. Or perhaps you have just put the finishing touches on a beautiful scale model, and want to use a propeller with the correct scale diameter.

Tell the MotoWizard the desired diameter, and it will work with this restriction to find a suitable power system. The list of cell types used by the MotoWizard has also been updated to reflect the changing times. You also have the option of specifying exactly which type of cell you want to use.

This additional information is used to warn you if the predicted current is too high, and is used by the MotoWizard to avoid choosing power systems where that would be the case. Ranges for Parallel Cells and Batteries MotoCalc 7 introduced support for parallel cells, but you could only specify one number of parallel cells at a time.

Now you can specify a range for this quantity, just like you always could for series cells. So if you want to compute predictions for everything from a 2S2P to 4S3P battery, you can. Gearbox Weight A new Gearbox Weight field in the Drive System section lets MotoCalc add the weight of the gearbox to that of the model when computing the total weight, resulting in more accurate weight estimates. Flat and Curved Plate Wings Both the MotoWizard and the MotoCalc workbench's Drag and Lift Coefficient Estimator now support flat and curved plate wings such as those found in many foam park-flyers and some balsa models.

This feature requires MotoCalc 8. Direct Link to Technical Support If you are having a technical problem with MotoCalc 8, you can contact our technical support team directly from within MotoCalc.

You can also automatically attach the project that you currently have open to your support request, so that we can work with exactly the data that you are working with.

Tip of the Day Whenever MotoCalc starts, it will display a helpful tip of the day to help you learn about MotoCalc's many powerful features, and new ways to make use of this versatile tool.

Internet Proxy Support If your computer is behind a firewall, or must communicate through an Internet proxy for some other reason, you can now configure MotoCalc to direct its communications e. Improved Look and Feel No, we didn't completely change the way MotoCalc feels, but we did make a few changes to improve the way it works and looks.

The main window now known as the MotoCalc Workbench has been made slightly less cluttered. The selection of propeller versus fan drive systems is now done by selecting the appropriate tab in the Drive System section.

For mouse wheel fans, all the various windows that have scrollable areas now support the mouse wheel. The MotoWizard MotoCalc is a powerful tool for choosing an electric power system for your model. It lets you vary almost any parameter of the motor, battery, propeller and gearbox or ducted fan , speed control, and airframe, and make a detail prediction of how it will all perform.

However, for the beginning electric modeler, or for the more experienced modeler who's not interested in numbers, MotoCalc can require too many parameters, and provide too much information. The MotoWizard is there to do all of that for you. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about your model and your preferences, and the MotoWizard will provide some power system suggestions. Currently, the MotoWizard only supports propeller driven models.

A future version of MotoCalc may have a Fan Wizard as well. In order for the MotoWizard to consider using a particular motor, the weight must be known for that motor. A few of the motors in MotoCalc's motor table do not have weight information, therefore these motors will never appear in the MotoWizard's suggestions. Please see also the MotoWizard Limitations. Starting the MotoWizard When you start MotoCalc, the MotoWizard appears automatically, unless you have turned off this feature by un-checking the box in the bottom left hand corner.

To start the MotoWizard manually, select MotoWizard The MotoWizard is divided into eight pages, indicated by the tabs at the top of the MotoWizard window. You can go directly from page to page, or preferably, go through them in sequence using the Next button at the bottom of each page. The first page asks you for your model's name, and the number of motors it uses. When the MotoWizard first starts up, this will already be filled in with the information from the current project.

To work with a new plane, press the Clear button. If you start up the wizard again after starting a new project, and wish to use that project in the wizard, click the Copy Plane from MotoCalc Window button.

After filling in the plane's name and the number of motors, press the Next button to go to the Performance page Specifying the Level of Performance The performance page is where you tell the MotoWizard what you are expecting from this plane. Select which level of performance you are interested in, ranging from sedate to hotliner, and then select the approximate flying time you wish to achieve.

The different performance levels are not just a measure of required power, but imply other desirable model characteristics as well: Sedate - low power and a very low wing loading. Trainer - moderate power and a low wing loading. Sport - moderately high power, and a moderate wing loading.

Pylon - moderately high power, high wing loading, high pitch speed. Aerobatic - high power, moderately high wing loading. Sailplane - moderately high power, very low wing loading, low pitch speed. Hotliner - very high power, moderately high wing loading, high static thrust.

Click the Next button to go on to the Model page For each measurement, click the radio button next to the units you are using for that measurement. The dimensions needed are the wing span the distance from one wing tip to the other , the wing area including the area where the wing passes through, over, or under the fuselage , and the empty weight.

The empty weight includes the weight of the airframe, receiver, receiver battery if used , and servos. It does not include the weight of the motor, motor battery, and speed control. If you are thinking about converting a glow model, use the published weight, minus the weight of the recommended glow engine and a tank full of fuel.

As a rough guide, an. After filling in the measurements, press the Next button to go to the Airfoil page Airfoil Shape This page is used to tell the MotoWizard what kind of airfoil your plane has.

Click the airfoil that most closely matches the shape ignoring the thickness for the moment of your model's airfoil. Often, advertisements or catalog descriptions of models will indicate whether the airfoil is undercambered, flat bottomed, semi-symmetrical, or symmetrical.

If the wing is a simple flat or curved sheet of foam or balsa wood, select Flat Plate or Curved Plate respectively. When you've selected the airfoil shape, click the Next button to go to the Thickness page Airfoil Thickness In addition to the shape of your model's airfoil, the MotoWizard needs to know approximately how thick it is. On this page, click the airfoil that most closely matches the thickness disregard the shape of your model's airfoil.

Advertisements and catalog descriptions often draw attention to the fact that model has a particularly thick or thin airfoil. If you happen to know the actual percentage thickness of the airfoil, select the thinnest airfoil if it's less than 7. Click the Next button to go on to the Field page Flying Field Conditions The elevation above or below sea level, and optionally pressure and temperature, at the field you plan to fly from.

On this page, enter the elevation and click the radio button for the units you are using. If you leave this field blank, MotoCalc will assume sea level. Air pressure and temperature also affect performance. However, both pressure and temperature will vary from day to day, so you may not want to specify them and just use averages instead.

If you do want to specify pressure and temperature, click the Show Advanced Settings button and two additional fields will appear. Enter the appropriate values and select the units you are using, just like you did for the elevation.

The pressure must be between 28 and 32 inches of mercury inHg , or between You can leave these fields blank, in which case the MotoWizard will assume Note that the pressure should be the reported sea-level pressure, not the pressure you would read directly from a barometer.

Click the Next button to go to the Motor options page Motor Options The MotoWizard will try to find the best possible power systems for your model, which might not be ones that are readily available, are out of your desired price range, or are otherwise undesirable. There are three pages of options where you can, if you wish, force the MotoWizard to narrow down the search.

The first of these is for Motor restrictions. On the left side, click the appropriate radio button to specify which category of motors you want to use brushed, brushless, or either or indicate that you want to use a specific motor. If you select one of the three categories, then on the right side of the page you can narrow the choice down to a particular manufacturer by selecting a name from the list. If you indicated that you want to use a specific motor, then the right side of the page will change to let you choose a motor from MotoCalc's extensive database which you can add to later.

Click the Select Motor Click the Next button to go to the Gearing and Propeller options page On the left side of the page, you can narrow down the type of drive system. Normally, the MotoWizard will consider both direct drive and geared systems, but you might have a preference for one or the other. If so, select the desired type of drive system. Alternatively, you can indicate that you want to use a specific gear ratio. If you click the Specific Gear Ratio radio button, a data field will appear where you can type the gear ratio don't type the ": On the right side of the page, indicate whether you want to allow the MotoWizard to choose any size propeller, use a specific size, or be restricted to a maximum size.

If you choose Specific Size or Maximum Size , two fields appear where you can enter the diameter and pitch of the propeller. Two radio buttons to the right of these fields indicate whether the measurements are in inches or centimetres.

You can fill in one or both of these fields. If you fill in both, the MotoWizard will consider only exactly that size propeller. If you fill in only one field, that measurement will be restricted but the other will not. For example, if you select Specific Size and select a diameter of 10 inches but leave the Pitch field blank, the MotoWizard can consider various 10 inch diameter propellers such as 10x5, 10x6, 10x7, and so on this can be handy when you're trying to choose a propeller that looks right on a scale model.

Click the Next button to go to the Battery options page Battery Options On the Battery options page, you can choose the type of batteries that you want the MotoWizard to consider, or specify exactly the battery you want to use. If you select any of the first five choices in the list on the left side of the page, the MotoWizard will only consider the selected categories of batteries.

If your charger can't handle that many, select a suitable maximum number of cells. If you select Specific Battery on the left side of the page, the right side will change so you can choose exactly the type of cells, and how many you wish to use. Click the Select Cell Type You can fill in neither, one, or both of these. If you fill in neither, the MotoWizard will consider any viable combination of series and parallel wiring. If you fill in either or both of the fields, the choices will be constrained accordingly however, the MotoWizard will never choose paralleled NiCd or NiMH cells on its own.

For example, if you've selected a particular kind of LiPo cell and typed "3" in the Series field and left the Parallel field blank, the MotoWizard will consider 3S1P, 3S2P, 3S3P, and so on as possible battery configurations. When you're done setting Battery options, click the Finish button to get to the Results The Wizard Speaks When you click to go to the Results page, the MotoWizard will analyze thousands sometimes hundreds of thousands of possible power systems to come up with the best ones for your model.

Depending on the speed of your computer, the options you've selected, this can take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute. A progress indicator will show how far along the wizard is. The results are displayed in five columns, the first of which is the name of a motor. If you indicated on the MotoWizard start page that your plane is to be powered by two or more motors, the motor name will be preceded by "P", "S", or "X", indicating that the motors are to be wired in parallel, series, or series-parallel or parallel-series respectively.

The second column describes the battery, giving the number of cells, and the type of cells. Unless you specified a specific cell type, the MotoWizard will only consider about 15 different types of cells that are representative of the hundreds of types available. Thus, the cells you see in the results may not be exactly what is available to you. You can use the MotoCalc Workbench later to experiment with substitutions or go back to the Battery options page and choose the closest specific cell type and then regenerate the results for that.

The third column gives the gear ratio, which will be either a numeric ratio like "2. Please note that to keep the display readable, the numbers are rounded to the nearest tenth. If you specifed a specific gear ratio of 2. The propeller is listed in the fourth column, giving the diameter and pitch. The last column is a relative rating for this power system. The first power system in the result list will always have a rating of 1. The rating is based on a number of factors which are used to judge the suitability of the power system to your model and the desired performance.

The MotoWizard shows you only the best possible power systems, so even those with a lower rating will still be a good choice to provide the level of performance that you indicated.

In some cases, the MotoWizard cannot find a suitable power system for your model. If that happens, you will see a message indicating the reasons none were found.

Please refer to the information on limitations below. Sorting Initially, the MotoWizard results are sorted by rating, with the highest rated power system first. You can click on any of the column headings to sort by that column instead. Clicking on an already sorted column, or clicking on a column with the secondary mouse button, will sort that column in reverse order. Further Analysis To analyze a given power system further, select it from the list by clicking on it, and then click the Accept button alternatively, you can just double-click the selected power system to accomplish the same thing.

The filter will be left blank. The drive system and speed control sections will be filled in with the requirements for a generic speed control that is suitable for the predicted performance. The airframe parameters will be filled in based on the information you specified in the Model , Airfoil , and Thickness pages. The MotoWizard will also set your MotoCalc flying field options to correspond to the information you specified on the Field page.

Finally, the Performance and Options settings you specified are remembered as well, so if you re-run the MotoWizard later on the same project, your settings will still be as you left them. Once stored as a project , you can use the full power of MotoCalc to experiment with variations on the MotoWizard's suggestion and refine your power system choice.

In-flight Analysis Clicking the In-flight This button is just a short cut, and will produce the same results as clicking Accept , followed by clicking Compute Report Please refer to Examining the Output for a detailed description of the in-flight analysis. Getting an Opinion The Opinion You can also get this report by clicking the Opinion When saving, you have your choice of formats: Both the saved and printed output begin with a summary of all the settings that you specified in the MotoWizard, followed by the table of results in the order they were sorted when you clicked the Save MotoWizard Limitations The MotoWizard is designed to choose an appropriate power system for a specified model, level of performance, and flying time.

In order to analyze the millions of possible combinations, it has to take some shortcuts to narrow down the choices quickly, or you would have to wait hours for the results. For example, the MotoWizard does not try every cell type in the database. Instead, it tries a representative sample of types covering the range of cells available to the modeler. The MotoWizard also does not try every speed control. As a matter of fact, it doesn't try any speed control in particular, but rather just uses a generic one suitable for the predicted performance level.

You can then choose a speed control, either from MotoCalc's database, or from a catalog, that is similar to the generic one the MotoWizard came up with.

The MotoWizard does try every motor in the database except those for which the weight is not known. But it does not try all the drive systems. Like the speed controls, the MotoWizard tries generic drive systems, based on a range of propeller sizes and gear ratios. No particular propeller brands are considered, nor any particular gearbox. The MotoWizard merely chooses an appropriate gear ratio and propeller size, and it is up to you to choose a corresponding real-world propeller or gearbox.

Making use of the options on the options pages can speed up the search for a power system tremendously. If you know you want to use a direct-drive brushed motor and a 7-cell NiCd battery, you can save the MotoWizard and yourself a lot of time by specifying this.

When the MotoWizard simply cannot find an answer, it might be impossible to achieve the desired results i. For example, if a model is quite heavy, there may be no way to achieve "Sedate" performance; the model is simply too heavy to fly in such a manner. In such cases, choosing a higher level of performance rather than lower may yield results. Finally, the MotoWizard currently does not supported ducted fans, or power systems involving more than four motors.

Making a Performance Prediction All the data that you must supply to make a performance prediction is entered in the MotoCalc Workbench window. The first time you run MotoCalc, some sample information is already filled in.

You can modify this, select New from the File menu to clear everything, or select Open to retrieve a project. If you saved a project before last exiting MotoCalc, that project will have been automatically reloaded when you started MotoCalc. If you just came to the MotoCalc Workbench window by selecting a result from the MotoWizard , parameters from that result will be filled into the MotoCalc Workbench window.

The window is divided into six panes , each of which contains fields into which to enter data about a different component of the power system configuration which together make up a project: Motor Battery Drive System Speed Control Airframe Filter Some of the names of the data entry fields are in color, indicating certain aspects of that field: Fields labeled in blue are not part of the component whose section they appear in.

For example, the Number of ESCs field, although it appears in the Speed Control section, is an attribute of the project as a whole, instead of as part of the speed control description.

For ducted fan projects only, fields labeled in green are stored as part of the Airframe component, even though some of these fields appear in the Drive System section. For example, Intake Diameter , although relevant to a fan drive system, is an attribute of the airframe in which the fan is installed. The steps to making a performance prediction are: Specify the motor characteristics or select a motor from MotoCalc's extensive database.

Specify the cell characteristics or choose a cell type from MotoCalc's database. Indicate the range of cell counts you're interested in for instance, 7 to 10 cells. Specify the range of gear ratios you're interested in or select a drive system from MotoCalc's database. Specify the range of propeller pitches and diameters you're interested in. Specify the characteristics of the speed control or select from MotoCalc's database.

Specify the airframe characteristics or select from the database. Specify any restrictions you want such as maximum current.

Press the Compute Report This will produce a report in a new window, giving the predictions for each combination of cell count, gear ratio, propeller diameter, and propeller pitch. You can sort this report by any column just by clicking on the column heading. Each time you press the Compute Report MotoCalc can display as many simultaneous report windows as the memory on your computer will allow. This makes it easy to produce predictions for several different combinations of components, and compare them side by side assuming your screen is sufficiently large.

MotoCalc uses this information to determine how the motor will perform under different loads at various speeds. This is the core of MotoCalc's predictions, so it is important to get accurate motor information. Selecting a Motor from the Database If the motor you are interested in is a commonly available one, it is probably already included in MotoCalc's extensive database. To select a motor from the database, click the Open button in the Motor section or the Open Once you've selected a motor, the motor characteristics will automatically be filled into the appropriate fields.

Refer to Using the Database Browsers for more information. Specifying Motor Characteristics If the motor you are interested in is not in MotoCalc's database, you can enter the motor characteristics yourself. If you have this information about a motor, you can enter it directly. If you do not have this information, you can either perform some tests and enter the information into the Test Data Input window, or see if you have enough other information to fill in the Catalog Data Input window.

Motor Name The Motor field is used to give a name to a motor. This name will appear on the performance report, and this name is also used to refer to the motor in the database; no two motors can have the same name. A motor name can have up to 40 characters. This information is usually available from the manufacturer of the motor.

The motor constant must be specified. No-load Current The no-load current is the current, in Amps, consumed by the motor when it is free-running. The no-load current must be specified.

Resistance This is the armature resistance, in Ohms, of the motor. The armature resistance must be specified. Weight The weight of the motor, in ounces or grams. This information is used by MotoCalc when computing total aircraft weight, and in determining the ability of the motor to dissipate heat. Brushless Motor This check box indicates whether or not the motor is brushless.

The MotoWizard uses this information to narrow down motor choices, and the MotOpinion report uses this to ensure you've selected the right kind of speed control. Out-runner This check box indicates whether or not the motor is an out-runner brushless motor also known as rotating can or washing machine.

This information is relevant in the calculation of motor heating out-runner motors don't have the heat dissipation ability of ordinary brushless motors , and in limiting RPM in the MotoWizard. Clearing the Motor Fields The New button in the Motor section or the New item on the Motor menu clears all the motor information fields they're all set back to blank.

Adding a Motor to the Database Once you've computed or entered the characteristics of a motor, you may want to save it for future reference.

To do this, simply make sure that you've entered a unique name for the motor, and click the Save button in the Motor section or the Save item on the Motor menu. If you Open an existing motor, change the characteristics, and Save it again without first changing the name, the new characteristics will replace the existing ones for that motor. Don't do this unless you're sure that that's what you want to do. Measuring Motor Parameters There are number of ways to determine the parameters for a motor, including deriving them from motor tests , or computing them from values published in catalogs , or from the constants of a known motor.

However, the probably the best way is to measure the constants directly, which can be done as described below follow the instructions in the section for the appropriate type of motor: Brushed Motors Measuring the Motor Constant This can be determined by chucking the motor shaft into a drill press or some other drill with an exactly known RPM.

If the motor has adjustable timing, set it to neutral first. Connect a volt meter across the motor terminals, and run the drill while holding the motor be careful; if the motor is not chucked in straight, it will wobble violently. Measuring the No-load Current Connect the motor to a variable power supply, with an ammeter in series with one of the leads. Slowly increase the voltage. You will notice the current go up, and then start to level off at some point.

This is the no-load current. This depends on the timing of the motor, and should also be measured at neutral timing. Measuring the Armature Resistance Connect the motor to a variable voltage power supply, with an ammeter in series with one of the leads, and a voltmeter across the motor terminals.

Keep the motor shaft from turning by holding it with pliers or clamping it in a vice. Slowly increase the voltage until the current reaches 5A or so or half the rated safe operating current of the motor, whichever is less. Divide the measured motor terminal voltage by the measured current to get the armature resistance.

However, a brushless motor does not produce a DC voltage on its terminals. Instead, it produces a three-phase AC voltage. To measure this requires a three-phase full-wave rectifier, which can be constructed from six 1N diodes, a 47 kOhm resistor, and a 0. The diagram below is a schematic of such a circuit: The three input terminals of the rectifier should be connected to the motor, and the output terminals to a DC voltmeter.

Run the drill while holding the motor be careful; if the motor is not chucked in straight, it will wobble violently. Measure the voltage, and add a correction factor to account for the voltage loss in the diodes see below. To calculate the diode voltage loss, connect an approximately 3V DC power source for example, two AA alkaline cells wired in series to any two of the three input terminals of the rectifier without the motor connected.

Measure the voltage at the two input terminals, and again at the two output terminals, using a digital voltmeter. The difference between these two voltages is the required correction factor.

Measuring the No-load Current Unlike a brushed motor, a brushless motor's no-load operating current can't be measured without using a speed control. Connect a battery, appropriate brushless speed control, a receiver or a servo tester and the motor as you would in an aircraft, except connect an ammeter in series with one of the battery leads.

Do not install a propeller on the motor. Turn everything on, and slowly increase the throttle. The current will start to rise, and eventually level off. Different speed controls have different internal resistances, and operate the motor with differing timing, so if possible, test with more than one speed control and take an average of the readings.

Also, be sure the speed controls are set to their most conservative timing modes i. Do not use full throttle. Be careful not to run the motor beyond its rated maximum RPM, or you may damage the motor. Measuring the Armature Resistance Connect two terminals of the motor to a variable voltage power supply, with an ammeter in series with one of the leads, and a voltmeter across the two motor terminals.

Leave the third motor terminal unconnected. Divide the measured voltage by the measured current, and then multiply that by 0. Entering Motor Data from Tests If you have the equipment necessary to measure motor terminal voltage, current, and RPM, or you have published test data containing this information, you can use the Test Data Input window to automatically compute the motor parameters and fill them into the Motor section of the MotoCalc Workbench window.

The Test Data Input window will appear. You need to have test results from two different motor runs: One free running i. One at the best efficiency point and one other. For each run, you need the following data: Terminal Voltage - the voltage at the motor terminals. Current - the current through the motor or any part of the circuit. RPM - the rate at which the motor is turning. It is important that all three measurements for a given motor run be taken simultaneously, because they can change over time due to motor heating, the battery running down, etc.

The three measurements must correspond to one another. Once you have entered a set of measurements into the Test Data Input window, click OK to compute the motor characteristics, automatically fill them into the Motor section of the MotoCalc Workbench window, and close the Test Data Input window. If you want to experiment with different sets of measurements, you can click Apply instead.

This does the same thing, but the Test Data Input window remains open. If the message " Warning! Data Points Too Close " appears in the Test Data Input window, it means you have taken measurements that are too similar to one another to compute accurate motor characteristics from.

You may also see the message " Error! Inconsistent Data ", which indicates that the input data is implausible. This generally occurs when the test data points are too close, and the errors inherent in taking measurements throw the data off enough to result in an impossible situation such as a negative armature resistance or motor constant.

To avoid either of these messages and get meaningful results , it is best to have test data points that are widely separated in at least two of the three parameters Voltage, Current, and RPM. Entering Motor Data from a Catalog If all you have available to you is the data from a manufacturer's or mail order company's catalog, you may still have the information that MotoCalc needs to determine the motor characteristics. The Catalog Data Input window is designed to make sense of this information.

The Catalog Data Input window will appear. There are four pieces of information that you need to find out from the catalog. The first two are: Nominal Voltage - the voltage that the motor was intended for. Any two of the following are required: Current at Maximum Efficiency - the current, in Amps, at which the motor is most efficient. Stall Current - the current, in Amps, that the motor draws if the armature is prevented from turning when being fed the Nominal Voltage.

No-load Current - the current, in Amps, that the motor draws at the Nominal Voltage when there is no load on the motor shaft. As you fill in these fields, MotoCalc will calculate the motor characteristics as soon as it has enough information for each one. The grayed-out fields of the Catalog Data window show the computed characteristics as they are being calculated.

Note that as soon as you type values into two of the three current fields, the third becomes Grey, because it is now being calculated by MotoCalc instead of filled in by you.

For those of you who are mathematically inclined, the relationship between No-load Current, Maximum Efficiency Current, and Stall Current is: Note that data from a catalog can be notoriously inaccurate.

See the Caveats section for more details. This does the same thing, but the Catalog Data Input window remains open. Using the Motor Designer If you are in the habit of winding or rewinding your own motors, or you have a motor for which you don't know the motor parameters, and also have a similar motor with a different number of winds for which you do know the parameters, MotoCalc's motor designer will let you estimate the parameters based on a known motor and the change in windings.

The Motor Designer window will appear. The top left pane of the Motor Designer is where you specify the known Baseline Motor. The fields here are identical to those in the Motor section of the MotoCalc Workbench window. The Open button can be used to select a motor from the database. The lower left pane is where you specify information about the Baseline Motor Windings: Turns per Pole - the number of turns of wire around each pole of the motor's armature or stator in the case of a brushless motor.

Wire Gauge - the size of wire AWG used to wind the armature or stator. If your baseline motor is a multi-wind motor i. The lower right pane is where you specify the corresponding information about the New Motor Windings.

If you've specified a wire gauge for the baseline motor, MotoCalc will recommend a wire gauge for the new motor, based on the ratio of turns per pole. If you leave the new motor's wire gauge field blank, the recommended gauge will be used in the calculations.

The upper right pane is where the computed parameters of the Motor to Build will appear. The Motor field can be filled in with the name you wish to give the new motor. MotoCalc uses a very simple model to compute the effect of varying the number of turns in a motor. The further that the number of turns deviates from the baseline motor, the less accurate the prediction will be.

If the ratio of turns between the new motor and baseline motor is too high for the prediction to be usefully accurate, you will see the message " Warning! High Turns Ratio " in the Motor to Build pane. In order for the predictions to be valid at all, the baseline and new motors must be identical except for the number of turns and the wire gauge. They must be of the same size, shape, and construction, and have the same kind of magnets.

If you are rewinding an existing motor, this will obviously be the case. Once you have entered a set of parameters into the Motor Designer window, click OK to automatically fill them into the Motor section of the MotoCalc Workbench window, and close the Motor Designer window.

This does the same thing, but the Motor Designer window remains open. The characteristics of the cells within the battery affect the amount of current the cells can deliver, how long they can deliver it for, and how much voltage is lost internally. The number of cells in the battery defines the maximum voltage that can be delivered assumed to be 1. By experimenting with different cell types, one can see what effects the different characteristics of a cell have.

Selecting a Cell Type from the Database If the battery you are interested in is built from commonly available cells, these cells are probably already included in MotoCalc's database. To select a cell type from the database, click the Open button in the Battery section or the Open Once you've selected a cell type, the cell characteristics will automatically be filled into the appropriate fields. Specifying Cell Characteristics If your battery is composed of cells that are not in MotoCalc's database, you can enter the cell characteristics yourself.

The two pieces of information that MotoCalc needs are the cell's capacity, and the cell's internal resistance. Cell The Cell field is used to give a name to a cell type. This name will appear on the performance report, and this name is also used to refer to the cell type in the database; no two cell types can have the same name.

A cell type name can have up to 40 characters. C Rating This unlabeled field appears just to the right of the cell name field described above and specifies the cell's "C" rating if known. The "C" rating, multiplied by the cell capacity in Ah or mAh , gives the maximum current in A or mA respectively that the cell is able to deliver without damage.

For example, a mAh cell with a "C" rating of 20 can deliver mA or 46A. MotoCalc uses the "C" rating for a number of things. Filtering - if the Use Filter checkbox is checked, power system combinations that exceed the maximum current allowed by the cells are filtered out if the "C" rating is known. MotoWizard - the MotoWizard will not suggest any power system combinations that cause the "C" rating to be exceeded. If you specified a specific cell type in the MotoWizard's Battery page and the "C" rating is not known, it will estimate a "C" rating based on the cell's internal resistance and weight.

MotOpinion - the MotOpinion report will warn you if the "C" rating is exceeded if the "C" rating is known. Note that the "C" rating is not known for all types of cells the concept really only came into common use with the introduction of Lithium-Polymer cells. Cell Capacity This is the capacity of the cell, in mAh milliAmp-hours. This information is usually written on the cell, or on the battery shrink-wrap. If no cell capacity is specified, mAh is assumed.

Cell Voltage This is the voltage of the cell, in V Volts. Rechargeable Lithium cells have a nominal voltage of 3.

Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer cells are 3. If you leave this field blank, MotoCalc looks in the cell Chemistry field, and uses the appropriate voltage. In fact, if the Chemistry field is filled in, the voltage field turns gray and cannot be edited. Cell Impedance This is the internal resistance of the cell, in Ohms. This information is generally not included on either the cell or the battery shrink-wrap, and it requires rather sophisticated techniques to measure accurately.

If you do not know this value, you'll have to guess. This value is generally around 0. Generally, the fatter a cell is, the lower is its resistance. If no cell impedance is specified, 0. Cell Weight The weight of an individual cell, in ounces or grams. This information is used by MotoCalc when computing total aircraft weight. If no cell weight is specified, 1. If the cell is of some other chemistry, this field can be left blank, and the appropriate voltage should be filled into the Voltage field.

Clearing the Battery Fields The New button in the Battery section or the New item on the Battery menu clears all the battery information fields they're all set back to blank. Specifying the Cell Count There are two fields for specifying the cell count specifically, the number of cells wired in series. The first specifies the minimum number of cells, and the second specifies the maximum number of cells. When MotoCalc produces its report, it will make predictions for each cell count in the range.

If no number is specified as a minimum, 7 is assumed. If no number is specified as a maximum, the number specified for the minimum is assumed. The series cell counts are not stored in the database's cell table, since the number of cells you'll want to use is independent of the characteristics of the individual cells.

Instead, this information is stored with the project. Parallel Cells With the increasing use of Lithium-Polymer cells for electric flight, and their relatively low current capability compared to NiCd cells, the practice of wiring one or more battery packs in parallel is becoming common this is not a good idea to do with NiCd or NiMH packs. The Parallel Cells fields are used to indicate the number of paralleled battery packs or potentially, the number of paralleled cells within a pack if it is so constructed; electrically the two are equivalent.

If no numbers are specified, a single non-paralleled battery is assumed. As with the Series Cells fields, there are two fields for paralleled cells. The first specifies the minimum number, and the second specifies the maximum.

MotoCalc will make predictions for each number in the range. If no number is specified for the minimum, 1 is assumed. If the maximum is omitted, it is assumed to be the same as the minimum. If you make use of the Wiring Wizard , the Parallel Cells fields are filled in for you automatically when you exit from the Wizard window. This information is stored with the project. Adding a Cell Type to the Database Once you've entered the characteristics of a cell, you may want to save it for future reference.

To do this, simply make sure that you've entered a unique name for the cell type, and click the Save button in the Battery section or the Save item on the Battery menu. If you Open an existing cell type, change the characteristics, and Save it again without first changing the name, the new characteristics will replace the existing ones for that cell type.

Cell impedance internal resistance on the other hand is not always published. To determine the impedance of a cell, fully charge a battery pack using your normal charger.

Then, run it about half way down perhaps by flying a shorter-than-usual flight with it, or using a discharger. Next, prepare two loads with differing resistances for packs of 6 to 10 cells, three or five automotive light bulbs wired in parallel make suitable loads.

Measure both the current I1 and I2 and the voltage V1 and V2 with the battery connected to each load in turn one of the many brands of hobbyist watt-meters this easy. The battery's impedance, R, is then given by the formula: In other words, the difference in the voltages divided by the difference in the currents.

Divide this by the number of cells in the battery to determine the impedance for a single cell. Be sure to use high quality connectors for these tests, or the connection resistance will introduce significant errors into the result. Specifying a Drive System The choice of gear ratio and propeller size, or ducted fan unit, is probably the largest factor influencing the performance of an electric flight system. Unlike those messy glow motors, which work best with a propeller or fan of a given size, the optimal propeller or fan size for an electric motor depends on the voltage at which it is run, and the amount of current we're willing to supply.

I was only able to get Covenant working that first try but, after about a week, I have access to everything again. My Android box stopped working…so I uninstalled Kodi and reinstalled it…trying to add on Exodus and Convenant but my messages that I receive are Failed…to even download, or open in zip file Please Help.

Can anyone plz walk me thru the steps of how to fix what other people wrote about on Aug 7? Aug20, , trying to get a fix for my android box but no add ins are working. So frustrated right now. After a new install of Kodi When I try to ping the address, I get a response. I tried multiple locations with the same result. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. It worked great on Saturday and then Saturday night and Sunday, Nothing!

Thinking this is a waste of time, no one seems to know why or how to fix it or they just dont respond to help At All! Saturday, Kodi was working just fine. I tried seeing if any of my other channels were working and they blanked out on me. I tried rebooting several times, no change. I tried rebooting the modem, no change. I was running Jarvis, so I tried upgrading. I still get the same error, regardless. Can anyone tell me what is going on? What am I doing wrong? Thanks to biddynest and the earlier Anonymous for the plugins and the instructions.

I did this on a Raspberry Pi. Downloaded everything on a PC and copied to a folder on the PI. That makes it fast and error free. Then install the video plug in, that worked for me without any problems. Rabbit works like a charm for Kodi It sure is not a good sign and more providers may be targeted.

I use a paid subscription called Sastatv for Indian channels, it does stream movies and works fine. Is anyone having problems with Kodi in general? I was watching Exodus and Spent yesterday. I even watch UFC last night. Now, today nothing is working. I am having exactly the same problem as above Harold, Anonymous and Julien. Can anyone please help? Is there any other option?! I am having the same issue as harold.

Because if i click download anyway i am unable to get anything from the fusion add on. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway? Does anyone know how I can fix this? Leesstuff for exodus works fine on 17 but not on Elysium has a lot of good films in repository. I have kodi What do I need to do. After adding a source, naming it then going back to setting etc.

Anyone know why and what to do. Is it still down? Would you like to and it anyway? I was working hours on this exodus thing and I could not believe that the url worked. Easy exodus install June 28, Add source- http: Very simple and works perfect as of today June 28th, at 6: This is why everyone is having problems.

Trying to install fusion, http: Its stopping me from installing fusion. Peter, I am using my Sony smart tv. I load directly into Kodi. Would you like to try anyway???? Idk what to do. Anyone know anything about this???? My exodus still works great. I cant get any addons to download n this one i finally got to download but now all the movies and shows i try watching tells me no stream available…anyone else having problems??? This post is still valid and looks to have everything Exodus had.

Peter, how do I install Cloudword? Everything I can find on it refers to having a box with Armada. What is spector how to install that thank you I cant also to install exodus every time says failed to install no network connection but everything else is working.

But yea difficulty with finding streams. Are we still looking at some kind of alternative available on Monday? Also running Kofi on a Nvidia Shield, Kodi Thanks to everyone for the info in this thread. So interesting, went through all steps to install Specto. Not a rocket scientist but I would think its slowly slipped through the crackzzzz!!!!!!! You out there good luck and play safe ……. My exodus search is not working either, i installed specto and that one is working fine so far, it is just like exodus, but that one has lots of links that ask you to pair the device to stream.

I want to add another video, but when i click on fusion, its not working. Is there a problem with fusion?. Jack russell, I did the Newbie install last week. Worked fine all week. Then yesterday it stopped working. I re-did the Newbie install today and its still not working. My exodus and salt.. Anyone else having a similar problem? The git address to add exodus is not working anymore http: Not even from cazwall repo.

Specto to confirm still works, have also installed Elysium and Stream, thats 3 addons that are working. Both Specto and U.

Turks is down for me. Keep getting error check the log prompt. And as soon as I open Kodi I get an Indigo error. Is it just me? Anybody have any ideas, thanks. Uninstalled and installed kodi back. None of the repository is getting connected. Exodus Aftershock p2p streams and many more. Same issue as DRW. Thanks in advance for sharing the solution. Is there a good repo for sky sports? Came to this site looking for replacement addon, was highly entertained by everyone.

Not that i had such an easy task morning.. LOL … We would all know exactly what to do… grab the back up file.. RK20 I tried and downloaded that add-on and when I tried to backup Kodi it gave me an error message what am I doing wrong? I cannot unzip fusion http: Am trying to load on firestick for my Dad. Kodi loaded but that seems to be as far as I can get. So on that box I went into Kodi and downloaded a program addon called Backup.

I used it to backup my Kodi I then went to my freshly installed Kodi I used this to restore my kodi addons and it worked perfectly. Just one thing, for some reason the addons appear disabled in Kodi after the restore so you need to go to My Addons and simply enable each one manually, which takes just a few seconds.

Tried for ages to follow u tube link. So i turned on my vpn and straight away i could install the repo files no problem. Tv addons repository not working as of Keep getting dependency error when trying to install xbmchub version 2. When i click install from zip file. Then i click fusion. Nothing comes up under fusion whwn i click it.

Yes people I was just following Angela Reeves last tip to get Elysium thanx again Angela was installing that addon as well as sports devil and what not when Zen appeared in the list. Clicked install and voilla noobs and nerds repository magically installed! I clicked on noobs in the repository and there was BOB and all the rest of the gang. This truly works guys, got it from miro above, worked first time.

Thanks micro, got my exodus back at last. You need to be patient. Each step takes time. As much as ten minutes each. Also, you may need to reload once or more of the steps to get it working. I had to reinstall the url resolver three times before it worked.

At first I tried to install them all quickly, and kept failing. The last file is the only one to install multiple pieces, but eventually Exodus will pop up under video add ons.

Thanks a lot knightflt, biddynest, Angela and newbie. Your inputs and guidance helped me install Exodus again. The Elysium addon is an excellent alternative to Exodus and Specto and has lots of working HD sources. Have a look at the Ares Portal for the latest video addons and repos. Is there a new 1channel repo??

Thanks for this post. I have uninstalled kodi and tried reinstalling, thinking it was some corruption of some sort on my end. What lead me to this post is because I am unable to addon fusion once I got to begin here from zipfile.

I guess now we wait. Phoenix is already shut down as are a few others. Is the site still down? Tried everything exodus exhausted said, but video plugin 3. This debacle is getting old. I guess the firestick was good while it lasted. I had to search for it in the system. Then I saw that it was in the process of downloading. Took about 10 minutes to fully download.

Once I opened it through that the thumbnail showed up on my recents like it always does. I have had 1 or 2 older movies not work, but every one in the past 5 years or so works great. Just watched Looper in its entirety. The 64 bit encryption is incredible. Huge difference in resolution and latency! My movies are playing just fine on exodus.

On an Amazon firestick. You guys are obviously doing something wrong. Follow the instructions to a tee. But this is not ameatur stuff people. The instructions from bittynest work! It just takes a good while for it all to work. But it does work! The above steps do not work. I installed the first three and after as soon as I clicked 3. Does anyone know why? Finally get exodus and no streams available.

Did the clear providers, cache, along with a dozen other supposed fixes, but nothing. Finally got Exodus loaded.. But now nothing will play. Should I try the steps again? I was getting very frustrated trying to re-install Exodus until i found the above instructions! All working amazingly again…albeit not as many HD links as before! Where do I find that????? I followed the instructions to the T. When I get to the last step of putting plugin. Any ideas from here? It did not work for me when I installed the exodus zip 3.

It says that it failed to install add on. I have just looked I can see all the repositories in fusion. You have got Fusion? Well, I did everything slowly and accurately. Started from a fresh Kodi Downloaded the files, one at a time chose the latest version of each one when applicable , as install from zip and made sure I waited to see the notification that the one I was currently on was successfully installed before going to the next one.

Did them in the order specified on several posts here. Got to the last one and got that stupid dependency error that a lot of others seem to be getting. Everytime I try to install cartoons8 from metalkettle it just keeps saying cannot connect to repository. I really need help finding another way to install this. Matt, I had a similar problem this morning, I followed the instructions in this link: Hi Everyone, been reading this thread with interest!. Got Exodus going following the instructions here.

Have also installed 1channel from super repo not from fusion though I only succeeded after about 4 attempts. So, I got exodus to load but there are zero stress available. Is this my isp blocking things fios? After a night trying all sorts, I went to bed and found this page. The secret here is to be patient and wait for all to download. It is now working. Here are her instructions from above again. Go to file manager add source then type in this address https: Once again wait for all notifications it takes about 15 minutes from start to finish for the fix.

For anyone following the issue or searching about the repository, it still seems to be down. This is Saturday night June 10th. Tvaddons repo give error connecting message and fusion installer has empty start-here folder.

All of the steps worked fine to install exodus except the last plugin. That failed on my iMac computer and I tried other zips but they failed too. I still have exodus on my dell and hp desktops but the links are bad most of the time like the were on my iMac so when I tried to delete exodus and reinstall it on my iMac, I lost exodus for good on the re-install. I only like exodus because you can download movies. But I only have about movies on an external drive from exodus but it was my goal to have like 6 terabytes of movies on externals from exodus.

Now that exodus is failing, is there another app or another way that is good for downloading movies from Kodi on to external drives? Got it working after about 10 attempts at following same process — perhaps issues occurred because of installing zip from remote source as opposed to downloading. Thank you so much, Angela Reeves!!

Is there away to get Phoenix without tvaddons. The repository is not working for anything. I need a back door like Exodus. Forgive me if this is repetitive, I tried reading through the comments first.

I have a subscription with Real Debrid and today suddenly the links stopped appearing in Exodus. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Then you can clearly see the files and know you have them on your stick and they are there again if you need them. I was getting so irritated trying over and over again to use the repository. The steps worked perfectly. Yes it took like a hour to do but Exodus is working fine for the time being. People you need to be real patient with the steps, Plain and simple…….

Are we to follow these steps on the t. I tried following the steps on the t. Sorry if I am illiterate in this area but I am usually able to follow detailed instructions. How do you do this on the firestick 2nd generation? I get the respiratory message every time. Brand new out of the box. This does work you just need to be patient. I would say make sure you have an hour or so of time because each zip takes around 5 to 7 minutes.

After i did all the steps I went back and made sure fusion was installed correctly. After fusion was installed correctly I installed the pluggin. What do I do from here? Any help for people using Android??? Seems to be worthless now. Wont be long before it goes defunct if they dont find a better way to access this stuff.

Does anyone have what Clever Boy did on a step by step in English? Just add the Fusion source and then the Exodus zip file. This will fix the problem. Even worked for ExodusFr. Hi, another newbie desperately needs help. It just fails everytime — even tried 3.

It works now and I can finally watch the episods I want! Is there a similar way? You can clone a fire stick or amazon fire tv box with kodi and all the apps. Just keep the fire stick in your tv, go to settings on the fire tv, get the ip address, make sure your computer and fire stick is on the same network if you have multiple networks install abdfire on your computer, connect the fire stick or tv with the ipaddress, and click backup, it will back up to your pc.

Just to clarify, the destination for the the image plugins are correct and just follow the detailed instructions; just always choose the newest of all options and everything should work fine. Just followed line by line the details given my Angela on PC. The plugin is located under Plugin. Exodus not under various Plugins and once again choose the newest one, which is stated above.

Once all steps are completed I had a it notified my of an installed and fully operational Exodus!!! I am currently running Windows 7. Thank you Angela Reeves for explaining it thoroughly! Your instructions were easy to follow and it totally worked! I am running exodus again thanks to you!

I am having this problem with exodus, fists-o-fury, and ultimate whitecream. Anybody else having other addons mess up? The dependency on repository. Just tried again and it worked this time. Might be worth trying again for those that got the same error. Will that work for I used the backup app and created a backup from a fire stick with exodus already on it.

Used the es file explorer and filezilla to copy the backup to my pc using ftp. Then using the same method uploaded the backup to the new fire stick. And exodus works perfect now. I can upload my backup file for others to use if needed just ask. I got it to work. For the urlresolver had to use the next to last one.

You HAVE to do the downloads in the exact order given. The box next to it never gets checked even after waiting a long while. Is there are reason the script. This is the same for the other 2 files that Angela talks about downloading. Does this mean there is nothing in the file to download? I get an installation failure message on the urlresolver. Anyone else having this problem? Which version should I install? Just says it cannot connect to the repository.

I tried this was, due to having another firestick with Jarvis 16 on it working fine!!! I basically got superepo loaded and then went to install from repos on it. Went to add videos, then clicked on the exodus link. Tried a couple of times and it started the download. Sorry it as not worked for you. Clever boy — well named, now working a treat! Do you mind if I direct others here via FB to your post?

Angela reeeves followed your instructions when waiting for notifications at the end theres a folder that says currently downloading add-ons is this correct? Ali, Keep giving it a go. Took a couple of attempts for me. Then all of a sudden, it starting downloading. Exodus has worked but UK turk has not. I can live with this though!!! Worked perfectly for me. Just gives me path not found or invalid. Exodus can still be installed by adding all the zip files listed by newbie above.

Download and save the zip files locally on your device from here: Exodus should work after that. Was wondering if there were similar instructions for Evolve and Phoenix add-ons. Their repos seem to be down also.

It takes a little bit to fully install. Thanks to biddynest and anonymus for info. Just be patient as others have stated. When using Exodus — to play this video authorization is req — it wants you to go to olpair — is this legit? Just wondering — thanks. Thanks everyone so much for your help! I had to install both artworks to finally get the artwork to update and install and does take some time. I am getting the same issues as Drasko..

I have spent 3 days uninstalling and reinstalling Kodi thinking I was doing something wrong. I have thrown my mouse off the balcony in a melt down as well and had to dig another out of the cupboard. Even tonight I have spent 2 and half hours trying to figure out what I have done wrong.

We found this website. Thank you all so much for your help! I have the Nvidia Shield and I have tried several ways to download exodus. First, I added the http: I then tried downloading Indigo which worked. If you get the error for the dependency when installing the video add on, go to file manager, add source, new source, type in http: When it installs, then install the video zip file. Sorry, I take that back!!! I did not find the video add-ons, per the original u tube instructions that I followed, to install Exodus.

Guess those scripts installs everything. When I looked at my add-ons, I found the Exodus program and it works too! I made sure each module installed, oh well! Is there an easy to follow set of instructions to install exodus given the new limitations? Just wanted to say thankyou to Newbie and Angela. Can someone walk me through steps to get Indigo installed? Do the build all over again then.

The Kodi repository is what is not working. Is nobody reading the info at the top? We ALL have to wait till the Kodi servers are fixed…. I installed Kodi last night. Or get it to work. Is it just down? Or am I never able to use Kodi for anything?

Just downloaded kodi Any ideas how to fix? CUnexttuesday great name by the way — I was patient, waited for all to show installed. The mirror build up works. You have to be patient and wait till you see the notification for each individual zip install in the EXACT order as given above. Anything I can do? Sorry I have been trying to keep up but.. This worked for me about an hour ago, had to rebuild and i am now getting the Dependency error exodus 1. Please can anyone help?

Thanks everyone, you all have been great and i have my Exodus back for now. Biddynest thanks your info worked awesome to load exodis by installing the plugin zips now to you have the plugin zips for Elysium Zen? This was an awesome post. Maybe they pulled it until all this blows over witch it will. Thank you Biddynest, Newbie and Angela. With your help I got Exodus back. I lost everything when I reinstalled kodi because of the subtitles security scare.

Still not many HD streams though even using Debrids. Managed to get Specto yesterday, working fine, as for the rest I will wait until all this is over and someone finds out how to overcome it again. After I download matadata plugin it just brings to the 3. How do you click on matadata video plug in it just brings me to the 3. Thank you so much Biddynest. Been fighting with this all day!!! I am brand new to all of this and not techy at all when it comes to this but it was pretty easy. Exodus is working great again.

Newbie, Tried to follow your steps but its not doing anything. Am i doing something wrong? Installing Specto by itself gave me issues, but installing zips mentioned above as well, helped and Specto works for now. I was able to load a fire stick with a build and it worked. I lost everthing on kodi Will i be able to get it back up and running again when updates ect is fixed? K I followed the link and instructions for downloading the zip files I got the first 3 installed no problem but even though I waited for each to finish before starting new one I still got cannot install last zip file and ideas any an all are greatly appreciated.

I am very new to this and not a techy guy at all. Phoenix is down as it was one of the main addons to be targeted for a takedown. Many addons from the tvaddons site seem to be down or not working properly. With the exodus whether you get it through Indigo or the method from before, it will have much fewer sources because the addon is being moved around from creator to creator, but apparently there will either be a new version of it or it will be transferred to a different platform.

Stay tuned and look online for any updates from the community. Any directions to get Pro Sport? I tried following the same directions as Exodus post but was unable to find the same files. Any help would be appreciated. Can same thing be done for it like Exodus? Just a simple tip from a newbie…. Hi folks chi town rn here and may I suggest you check out terrarium tv for android and fire tv?

Not exactly kodi but it will suffice. Easy fix use phone as a hot spot installed no issues. I am getting failed to download add on when I try the exodus plugin.

I see there is another way to get it threw indigo if that route works how do I get to that. The channel I use every days everything works fine I only use livetv from my country everything works.

Dont forget if have trouble with scripts and repos just get the ares wizard and check out each build and run integrity test and you know what the repo devs are dealing with…. However, i did also delete my dependencies for another addon, which is probably why I got that pop up.

For now, all I can see that works for me is installing exodus through Indigo when you get that dependency pop up. If you install Indigo and through it search for exodus and install it and then close kodi and start it up again, you should be fine.

For now it looks to be running smoothly. Under the exodus artwork and urlsolver I got multiple options to I need to install all those or a certian one and it was not mention in instructions above. Angela i followed all the steps from above and still cant find exodus. Can you let me know where you found it? Does the errors only pertain to installing an addon? I already have exodus installed and it worked fine for me last night. Does it work for tvaddons as I can even get that repository to load sorry I am so not good at this stuff and no one in my area is knowledgeable about them.

First install the script. Aone installed and was functioning , spect and exds where terrible slow to populate source. But there was another add-on that was working watched part of wonder woman last night to get in touch with my manhood. By the end of the weekend supremebuilds will be up and running smooth just hang in there people it will be good by Monday he is pulling it off the host and putting it on his own host and server and it will be better then before.

They got hit for around a quarter million, the highest fine levied to date. This crap with Kodi started almost, if not exactly, the day the government prosecutor announced the verdict against them. They are barely staying afloat as it is and they blame cordcutters for the decline in business. Are you guys not aware that dishnetwork is suing add-ons devs, and they chose to pull out of the game? I even uninstalled kodi and removed it completely and reinstalled it thinking that it might solve the problem but it didnt, I dont need anything except Indigo Live Iptv and Exodus, please help me and let me know how to resolve the problem and get them back.

The Zen addon is in noobsandnurds repo. Any repo that was on TV Addons is now gone because of the lawsuit. Some may be permanent others my find new homes. Is there ANY repo that works right now? I thought it was admin settings blocking network requests but it downloads the zips just fine from Fusion. Any more info on this?

July 14th, by Admin. Crystal on March 15, at 6: Emo you are the dummy…. Bazzasaurus on January 6, at 9: Ambs on November 28, at Joe on November 26, at Habi on November 23, at 6: Shegar on November 17, at Kylie on November 17, at 8: Darby on November 15, at 3: Dyanna on November 14, at 4: November 14 and is not working.

Jay on November 4, at 7: Sadnoshows on November 1, at 5: Janet Kelly on September 30, at Im paying for ultimania but can not connect to repository? DJ on September 26, at 7: The way of explaining every little thing is awesome. Kaki on September 15, at 6: Anonymous on September 15, at 1: Anonymous on August 27, at 8: Catherine on August 22, at 1: DevilDog on August 20, at 5: Lulu on August 20, at 4: Robot on August 15, at 9: Britt on August 7, at 8: Kenny on August 7, at 5: Anonymous on July 31, at 8: Clark on July 30, at 1: Sir im in love with your post..

Anonymous on July 12, at 8: Thank for sharing this info. Urta panjab on July 11, at Artist on July 9, at 5: Keep Trying on July 9, at 4: Arnold on July 8, at Julien on July 7, at 6: Anonymous on July 6, at 6: Harold on July 6, at 8: Alexis on July 5, at 6: Jay on July 5, at 3: Any one have a working 16 kodi.

Laura on July 3, at 6: Kay on July 2, at 5: Gina on July 1, at Same problem as above. I have been trying all day and it sayd cannot connect. Simmon on July 1, at 6: Brandy Kendrick on June 30, at 8: Gb on June 30, at 4: Anyone know why and what to do Thanks.

Anonymous on June 30, at 9: Templecombe on June 30, at 5: Templecombe on June 30, at 4: DJ on June 30, at 2: Thor on June 29, at 9: Nikki Nowell on June 29, at 9: Chrisry on June 29, at 6: When will fusion be back up? BarnStuffer on June 29, at 8: Rabbit, You are an awesome human being.

Well done and thank you! Eric Boyce on June 28, at 7: Rabbit on June 28, at 4: Anonymous on June 28, at Steven Allsop on June 28, at 9: Bri on June 28, at 3:

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