After upgrading to windows 10 I can't access my router page

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How to Get Into Your Router Network Settings
But it always crashes, I can't get into that crap. Message 8 of 9. Well thanks for the help by Jimbo - Twitch TV live streaming video buffering? It was giving me a Server Not Found error before the reboot.

Accessing a Cisco Linksys Router

How to Access My Cisco Wireless Router

I can't even ping it. I have tried to upluging it, reset button. Does anyone know how I can get into it? I should have said my U-Verse router. Try typing "home" without the quotation marks in your web browser. That should take you to the main page of the 2 Wire. Of course you must be at home on your network for this to work. Thanks that did it. I guess when I was working on it last night I must have hit the button to change the ip to the "10" IP's.

I have tried that, and nothing works. I have tried it from my ipad2, which is where I normally access the router login page from as well as my laptop connected by LAN cable , but neither works. I just can't get my laptop's wifi on the ACL because I can't get into the router anymore.

Every time I try to type the router's address into a browser, the browser automatically sends it to Google. Even tho I do type the address in the address field! Sign up Sign up Sign in. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Message 1 of 6. What searay is suggesting is a factory reset of the R, which will allow access to the R admin pages, but will then also require you to set up the router again. You should, even by just power cycling the R, be able to access the admin pages at its base IP address i.

In that case the advice given by searay is perfectly correct, disconnect the R from your network, factory reset it back to defaults, connect to it from a computer using Ethernet cable, and reconfigure it as required including the AP option.

Message 9 of 9. The PC should now get IP of Message 2 of 9. I disconnected the R from the network, reset the router, plugged back in. Good news is now my printer works again.

Bad news is I still can't get to admin page. IP of R is still Message 3 of 9. I checked my iPhone which is connected to the default wireless network and the IP looks like it's assigned from the cable modem IP So maybe I did set it to AP a long time ago forgot? I still can't get to the admin page and the IP of the router is still the same. Getting a DNS error when going to the routerlogin. Message 4 of 9. Have you tried just power cycling the R?

If not then do so, then check what IP it has allocated at the modem, and then attempt to connect at that IP again. Message 5 of 9. Message 6 of 9. That was the first thing I tried. It's always getting assigned the same IP. Message 7 of 9.

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