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How do I connect my Smart TV to internet connection?
Pint-size luxury and funky style Shopping for a new car this weekend? Highlight the desired network, and press Enter. I actually called their support line and eventually we got to the into the DNS - manual and it worked - thanks. The router is working fine and is providing internet access to a variety of devices. Highlight Show Keyboard and press OK to open the on-screen keyboard.

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Highlight Yes and press Enter when prompted to switch to a wireless network, using the directional buttons on your remote. Press Menu on your remote to go to the Network Settings screen. Navigate, using the arrow buttons and Enter button, to the Network screen and select Network Settings. Set Network Type to Wireless for a list of available wireless networks. Select your network name. Use the on-screen keyboard to enter your wireless network password and select Done.

If your network is not security enabled, your TV bypasses the on-screen keyboard and initiates a connection to your network. Select OK when the connection is established and a confirmation message displays on the TV.

Insert the other end into your router or modem. Turn on your TV and press the Menu button. They're usually colored red, white and yellow, just like RCA cables.

They're more common on older laptops and TVs than on newer ones. VGA ports are what most PC desktops usually use to connect the monitor to the computer. These are relatively uncommon on all but the newest and most robust Samsung HDTVs, but are quite common on Apple laptops.

Find a common port connection between the laptop and TV, and retrieve the appropriate cable. If there is no common port, find or buy an adapter; there are adapters for most combinations of plugs. Connect the TV and the laptop using the appropriate cable and, if necessary, adapters. When connecting RCA cables, be sure to connect yellow plugs to yellow jacks, white plugs to white jacks and red plugs to red jacks. All other plug types use a single jack. The specific method of switching inputs varies from one Samsung model to the next, but many newer models have a button labeled "Input" which cycles through all of the connected peripheral devices.

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