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Scroll down for the next article. The software can also predict when to insert text. The interface is very minimal and this clipboard manager is entirely free. Ditto continues its reign as a dominant clipboard manager. Have a nice day. The id of the DownloadItem that was erased.

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To get a specific DownloadItem , set only the id field. To page through a large number of items, set orderBy: This array of search terms limits results to DownloadItem whose filename or url or finalUrl contain all of the search terms that do not begin with a dash '-' and none of the search terms that do begin with a dash. Limits results to DownloadItem that started before the given ms since the epoch. Limits results to DownloadItem that started after the given ms since the epoch.

Limits results to DownloadItem that ended before the given ms since the epoch. Limits results to DownloadItem that ended after the given ms since the epoch. Limits results to DownloadItem whose totalBytes is greater than the given integer. Limits results to DownloadItem whose totalBytes is less than the given integer. Limits results to DownloadItem whose filename matches the given regular expression.

Limits results to DownloadItem whose url matches the given regular expression. Limits results to DownloadItem whose finalUrl matches the given regular expression. The maximum number of matching DownloadItem returned. Set to 0 in order to return all matching DownloadItem. See search for how to page through results. Set elements of this array to DownloadItem properties in order to sort search results. To specify descending order, prefix with a hyphen: The id of the DownloadItem to query.

The absolute URL that this download initiated from, before any redirects. Indicates whether the download is progressing, interrupted, or complete. Number of bytes in the whole file post-decompression, or -1 if unknown.

The callback parameter should be a function that looks like this:. If the request was successful the download is in a paused state.

The request will fail if the download is not active. Resume a paused download. If the request was successful the download is in progress and unpaused. When callback is run, the download is cancelled, completed, interrupted or doesn't exist anymore. Retrieve an icon for the specified download.

For new downloads, file icons are available after the onCreated event has been received. The image returned by this function while a download is in progress may be different from the image returned after the download is complete.

Icon retrieval is done by querying the underlying operating system or toolkit depending on the platform. The icon that is returned will therefore depend on a number of factors including state of the download, platform, registered file types and visual theme. If a file icon cannot be determined, runtime. The size of the returned icon. The default and largest size for the icon is 32x32 pixels.

The only supported sizes are 16 and It is an error to specify any other size. Open the downloaded file now if the DownloadItem is complete; otherwise returns an error through runtime.

An onChanged event will fire when the item is opened for the first time. Erase matching DownloadItem from history without deleting the downloaded file. An onErased event will fire for each DownloadItem that matches query , then callback will be called.

Remove the downloaded file if it exists and the DownloadItem is complete; otherwise return an error through runtime. Prompt the user to accept a dangerous download. Does not automatically accept dangerous downloads. If the download is accepted, then an onChanged event will fire, otherwise nothing will happen. When all the data is fetched into a temporary file and either the download is not dangerous or the danger has been accepted, then the temporary file is renamed to the target filename, the state changes to 'complete', and onChanged fires.

The identifier for the DownloadItem. Initiate dragging the downloaded file to another application. Call in a javascript ondragstart handler. Enable or disable the gray shelf at the bottom of every window associated with the current browser profile.

The shelf will be disabled as long as at least one extension has disabled it. Enabling the shelf while at least one other extension has disabled it will return an error through runtime. This event fires with the DownloadItem object when a download begins. Fires with the downloadId when a download is erased from history. The id of the DownloadItem that was erased. When any of a DownloadItem 's properties except bytesReceived and estimatedEndTime changes, this event fires with the downloadId and an object containing the properties that changed.

The id of the DownloadItem that changed. During the filename determination process, extensions will be given the opportunity to override the target DownloadItem. Each extension may not register more than one listener for this event. Each listener must call suggest exactly once, either synchronously or asynchronously.

If the listener calls suggest asynchronously, then it must return true. If the listener neither calls suggest synchronously nor returns true , then suggest will be called automatically. The DownloadItem will not complete until all listeners have called suggest. Listeners may call suggest without any arguments in order to allow the download to use downloadItem. If more than one extension overrides the filename, then the last extension installed whose listener passes a suggestion object to suggest wins.

In order to avoid confusion regarding which extension will win, users should not install extensions that may conflict. If the download is initiated by download and the target filename is known before the MIME type and tentative filename have been determined, pass filename to download instead. The suggest parameter should be a function that looks like this:. The DownloadItem 's new target DownloadItem.

The action to take if filename already exists. Skip to main content chrome. DangerType Enum "file" , "url" , "content" , "uncommon" , "host" , "unwanted" , "safe" , or "accepted" file The download's filename is suspicious. DownloadItem properties integer id An identifier that is persistent across browser sessions. DangerType danger Indication of whether this download is thought to be safe or known to be suspicious.

InterruptReason optional error Why the download was interrupted. StringDelta properties string optional previous string optional current. DoubleDelta Since Chrome BooleanDelta properties boolean optional previous boolean optional current. Parameters object options What to download and how.

FilenameConflictAction optional conflictAction The action to take if filename already exists. Parameters object query array of string optional query This array of search terms limits results to DownloadItem whose filename or url or finalUrl contain all of the search terms that do not begin with a dash '-' and none of the search terms that do begin with a dash.

DangerType optional danger Indication of whether this download is thought to be safe or known to be suspicious. State optional state Indicates whether the download is progressing, interrupted, or complete. InterruptReason optional error Why a download was interrupted.

Parameters integer downloadId The id of the download to pause. If you specify the callback parameter, it should be a function that looks like this: Parameters integer downloadId The id of the download to resume.

Parameters integer downloadId The id of the download to cancel. Parameters integer downloadId The identifier for the download. The callback parameter should be a function that looks like this: Sometimes you have got to wonder what causes mental illness-no?

Enjoy your perspective on life while you can. A little hurt is good medicine I guess. There are a million things wrong with my response here.

Were you referring to me as having a mental illness or to Noah? I guess simple comments: Not that it matters I guess but it seems an interesting idea that dialogue between perfect strangers should somehow wax informative and evolve in ways socially benevolent but that is probably a silly thought… What is the point of writing things here then? I tend to want to spend my time looking at positive things. Talk about full of shit!!

That long rambling utterance of nonsense that you just spouted. Makes about as much sense as farming for rocks. The amount of information that could be covertly gathered about individuals and the people they associate with. Could be very easily used to Blackmail anybody. This is very dangerous and I believe there should be a class action lawsuit against Google so that they have to remove any type of software like this. If I were a lawyer I would start looking to pull people in and start a class action lawsuit against Google for an invasion of privacy against Millions of people.

Google has just gotten too big for their own good and I believe needs to be brought down a peg or three. Anyone finding out about this should be outraged. Google has gotten too big and too powerful. Any company who has access to that much information about individuals needs to be scrutinized very very carefully.

I believe a audit of their informational databases should be done. Google should be fined for every individual breach of trust. A company like Google can be very dangerous to every individual.

There truly is no limit to what they can do with that kind of information. Information is a powerful thing, and information on people who are already in less power than yourself is a weapon. It means essentially, you can do whatever you want, and you have the means to stymie anyone who might disagree. Not a fucking chance. This dude is a perverted stalker gettin off on our personal life that only gets him hotter when we turn off the lights.

Our country lost its morals with Cliton the President who condones infidelity and privacy is now the normal life we share. Read my post i wrote to the joker who needs to cut his dick off with my dogs choker chain.

My countrys corruption is pure dysfunction. What else do you waste time dwelling about? You want an environment of lawlessness among the ruling elite? Let them get away with everything, including but not limited to rape, mayhem and murder. Lots of things are corporations. Most small businesses, for one and most of those are definitely NOT sociopathic. And you can buy shares in them too, if you want to own a bit of them. Oh, and did I mention that shares generally come with voting rights?

Now, you can certainly criticise the behaviour of companies like Google and Facebook with respect to user privacy. But lazily handwaving about huge evil megacorps of the kind Hollywood insists on equally lazily writing into the scripts for its blockbusters is really dumb. If anything, it causes people to disengage when really they should be making clear to their pension companies, investment fund managers and so on that they want particular issues raised with businesses whose shares they hold.

Bu Bu Bu… Us vs. Corporations themselves are not inherently bad— but when they reach a certain size, they have to play the game with governments… taxes… political donations… special favors cronyism.

Look what happened to Microsoft in the 90s. The government took them down for billions, and now? Dozens of full time lobbyists and active PACs and donating millions to those in power. It has been this way for a long, long, long… very long time. If some top executives went to jail that would be cathartic. I was kind of wondering what happened to the happy America I had left 15 months ago. Him and all the other tailored suits. Oh and how about the Evangelicals. Oh yeah, and the morons like Allastair.

Oh yeah and how about the media. I was naive enough back then to just listen to the adults. Iraq had nothing to do with our values, which in all reality are completely non existant. So its laughable that people in this country even have political opinions. If you are over the age of 40 and you let us walk into Iraq without saying a word in protest you have blood on your hands. Who cares whether a corporations are evil or not. Letting the banks merge until they are the size they are now was a regulatory failure, for sure.

Which, by the way, is what should have happened. In practice, lending anything other than very small sums they might stand a chance of paying back is a very bad thing for everyone concerned. On one side, people go bankrupt, lose their homes and their possessions, and on the other side, the lenders lose their capital, savers get less interest or potentially lose their money entirely and so on.

You might also bring in the issue of credit default swaps, which some have claimed were an important factor here and undoubtedly helped to magnify the problem. Well, I would say is that this is also your fault.

Instead of shooting at poor Iraqis, you should have turned your gun on your policy makers who had come up with the idea of waging yet another war of aggression. Granted, the people who did not protest yet another aggressive war waged by Fashington do have some blood on their hands.

But what did you do?! Did you at least try to leave the military? People did protest, but in U. If it should make a difference, one would be considered a terrorist — just like the Occupy protesters were considered by the U. I reflect this because I want an easy way to question the effect of consumption on our choices in life. Eat apples from the tree in the very middle of the garden and. Requiring voters to meet some requirement or other is not incompatible with democracy. Usually these days countries require citizenship in order to vote, for instance.

You come from an isolated island of statist, ass-kissing toadies. Somewhere there is a dirty rectom in desparate need of cleaning. Go there, pucker-up and fulfill your destiny, and leave the difficulties of self-governance to those that know and care about freedom. Thus, such a requirement is incompatible with democracy in the same way was as plutocracy is incompatible with democracy. Oh, and while we are at it… how much does citizenship cost?

I would like to buy a bulk package of citizenship…. It has its origins in ancient Greece, which was most definitely neither socialist nor communist. Just go on reading some fundamental definitions on Wikipedia to find out why your proposed system of crapitalist plutocracy is incompatible with democracy. That corporations have been established as legal persons is actually the greatest perversion of the perverse system known as capitalism.

Despite this legal fiction having no origins in rational thought or common sense, it continues to be the source of the outrageousness of crapitalism. Democracy may have its origins in ancient Greece, which need not have been socialist or communist. But all socialist and communist societies must be democratic. Oh, the fascists were surely right then.

After all, fascism was born out of the desperate need to salvage crapitalism. And the crapitalists were supporting the fascists. In spite of the crapitalist propaganda since the mid 20th century, of course.

Dude, your lack of economic understanding is enough to give a kitten cancer. The Alastair guy is way out of your league and has an idea what he is talking about, unlike you. Thomas Jefferson was right when he said the constitution should be rewritten every 6 years to make up for the unforseen changes that happen over time in a society. This stupid microphone is a perfect example of new technology being crappier than it was previously. I lived my whole life without it before this.

Any Help out there!!!!!?? I am awaiting the mass book burning. That implies we consume something. We are data, we are ad revenue, we are nothing, we are slaves to be bought and sold with no say. I agree with what you say.

In any case, saying we are ad revenue is good enough. Why speak of democracy as if it were something laudable? Its directors are obligated by law not by contract to act in the best interests of the shareholders. I wish we had a time machine and we could send you back to the early s. It would be for the best. No no, they are obligated by contract to their shareholders to pursue profit above all else. Individuals that follow that code of behavior are rightly defined as psychopaths.

Company law explicitly places a duty on directors the fiduciary duty. Share prices can change for all kinds of reasons besides profits, including publicity good or bad and the general behaviour of the company. I was just repeating what I read. A great nuanced and informative contradiction you gave. You go on lecturing people in bursts of off-topic verbiage, sending legions of straw men against their succinct arguments which you simply fail to comprehend? Does this include those corporations which call themselves governments, while too often also claiming a monopoly right upon use of violence?

I uninstalled Google just now. Please keep me advised of any class-action lawsuits against them for this. Otherwise, they belong in prison. I see that you installed wireshark, watched the activity, and analyzed it to back up your claims of google spying on you. I have Chrome on my computer and this is correct!! One important thing to say is that when I have a headset plugin one of the microphone is muted and there is no sound coming from the microphone!!

This is in Windows 7 Sp1 64 bit!! Chrome is a commercial product. This article is about Chromium, which is an opensource spin-off project. I would never use Chrome. I think this is true! I was having a conversation with a co-worker who was discussing taking a European cruise on a specific cruise line and several minutes later — even though I had never searched for ANYTHING regarding that, I was getting specific ads about that cruise line and destination.

It freaked us both out yesterday. Connect your microphone input to the aduio output of Fox News, and you watch what type of ads you would get! There need to be apps that can fill their servers will billions of terabytes of trash, which can be used by millions of people. Bought a gun the other day. Within minutes of the background check being completed, my phone beeps and I check my email.

Only, I had appearance gotten the same exact message dozens of times and just deleted them beforehand or they were caught by the spam filter. The only reason it registered this time is because I actually did just have a background check performed.

How exactly is Google responsible for an open-source spin-off project that was wrongly built for a platform which they have no control over? You can look at this 3 ways: The good is that many find trigger word searches very useful, and once wearable computing takes off, voice control WILL supersede typing within years.

Unless you are the rotary phone type, you will be using this in some way. So, while we should all keep on eye on this tech in the future, for now, I say Big Fucking Deal. Then the amount of data storage and analyzing power needed there goes from huge to practically pocket-sized. They are crazy and evil, not stupid.

Yes, I just called the NSA evil. No other word properly describes an organization that eavesdrops on as many they can. There is no reason to listen to everyone, but being able to listen to anyone is enough of a problem. Or Google gets interested in the technical secrets of an innovative new start-up that is planning to file a patent. With such modules downloaded silently when the browser starts, Google can essentially send any user any piece of software that will be executed by the browser.

It is basically a back door that is technically no different from a one implemented by a Trojan horse. With such functionality, Chromium is essentially acting as a node in a botnet controlled by Google.

OK Google has been around for 3 years. In times of cloud computing processing happens in the cloud. Just like the processing of your money happens on servers in the banks since a few years now. This is the least of what they are doing.

Loaded with cameras to take photos of every other car on the road, including license plate, with date, time and GPS stamp. They then route into DMV records and find out who the driver is or is most likely to be and then sell that info! It goes on and on. Only when there is a massive class action lawsuit against them, and a worldwide boycott will this end.

Chromium is not google. The fact that you all failed to note the difference makes me call bs on anything else you wrote. Maybe some conversations with myself. They can listen all they please. Lol cause this article was written with a unbiased opinion that objectively looks at the problem. Someone needs to go back to journalism No sources or anything worth reading?

This article is a damn shame. It makes you wonder if other browsers of maybe even all of them are doing this. Are there other applications also secretly spying on you?

Talk about the surveillance state a la Alex Jones. Will Chromium respect if a. I have come in contact with someone that has the kind of job that would have access to this kind of stuff I think they are spying on me.

I can see the packets going to all kinds of locations. I have disabled everything that would cause network traffic and still see all that. There are real wolves and Google is one of them. But your article helps undermine proper vigilance. The Google response does indeed give the answer: The Chromium build should be configured so that calling this module is turned off by default.

That is the responsibility of whoever makes a build of Chromium. I noticed that I have received it on my notebook also. But I am not understanding the stuffs I have pasted below. Can the thing still record my voice? Thats why I am asking.

Its not listening all the time. Hi everyone, I just wanted to report something. This is pretty scary to me, not because of the data stream which is not present — aka Google is not receiving my voice, etc… — but because I mistakenly! What about the Android behavior of waking up the phone whenever it gets jiggled?

Is there a way to turn this behavior off? Play hide and go fuck yourself. So, how do you turn off the voice search? Using the logic of this ATT and other telephone companies had the right to listen and tape all of our telephone conversations as well. In reality they had to have a warrant signed by a Judge for a specific reason before they could do that.

So why does Google or any search engine have the right to follow our private conversations in the privacy of our homes without some sort of warrant? Seems like there would be a huge market in computers and phones that have the kind of off switches this article talks about.

Does Safari do the same thing? One term you must agree to is the complete takeover and erasure of your entire system. If employed, you must sign the agreement. If someone wants to sit and analyse what gets said in my living room i feel truly sorry for them…. I dictate medical reports on my Chrome equipped computers.

This sounds almost too good to be true. While I basically agree. I realize that that makes their job harder, and maybe implies that they have to maintain a fork of Chrome but otherwise why does Chromium even exist? If we accept that Google can add black-box code to it whenever they like, why not just use Chrome? Certainly it would have been blocked by the project maintainers if they thought it was unsafe? Siri does this unplugged from iOS 8. Cortana is going to be part of Windows 10 and so in most desktop PCs.

At a very basic level Rick has either complete misunderstood, or misrepresented the information being displayed in his screenshot. Similarly Audio Capture Allowed, refers to a flag you set when a website requests access to your microphone.

Good job outing the evil fucks but TBH anybody using google software is asking for this shit. Including myself with Android. Same feature as on every smart phone. However, in light of Open Source, Chromium absolutely broke the rules. Shout out to Siri and Cortana, too. The large corporations are bad and abusive in the search for more money. The Government seeks to crush individual thoughts which is why they are insisting an banning strong encryption.

We have a democracy on paper, but since nobody reads critically anymore, we have devolved into something less. Ruled by sound-bytes from the dinosaur if-it-bleeds-it-leads press rather than reason.

As witnessed by the new thousand page laws, turning into 10, pages of regulations, with no regard for the individual, there is no counter force to the expansion. And no measure of the quality lost to this insatiable, well-armed guns and lawyers , bureaucracy. They could care less if better jobs get chased overseas by over-regulation. Speak up and be heard for a much smaller government.

Organize peacefully, and purposefully against this Leviathan while you still can. And stop asking it to solve YOUR problems. Sounds like an illegal wiretap in the US, under both federal and state laws. They will then investigate. Is it just me and friends in my area or does this blog not work in chrome and firefox?

I can only view the content in explorer, a friend of mine who runs ubuntu can only view it in opera! The other browsers only show the top banner and the bottom, no content!!! Uh, this is no different than using Siri on an iPhone. Take off your tin foil hat and read a non fiction book. I believe if you insert an audio plug even one connected to nothing into the MIC port found in most computers, that will physically disconnect the internal microphone, thus defeating this monitoring.

I would like to thank all the techno wizards for making it easy to give up your freedoms, by spying on us. See you in the prison camps comrad. Does this mean phones android that have chrome available on them can also be listened to? Will the phone apps still work without using chrome? I mean can I disable or remove chrome from the phone without messing up anything else?

Most consumer tech has cameras and microphones that are turned on and off by software. There is no hard switch. If all that needs to be done to turn a device on or off is flip a few bits, someone will find a way. Corporations on the other hand can be trusted because they do what is good to advance their profits. Might I suggest a bit of research before posting inaccurate inflammatory fodder? Need a hacker for general hacks? Meanwhile, Murdoch press will always slag off Google products and services and Google will always return the favour, so use your own intelligence and take anything both sides of the fence say with a grain of salt.

I always wondered why MicroCrap would approve of a Linux based system when it seems to be in direct opposition to all things MicroCrap — now we know. On a Mac, if I delete Chrome by dragging the application to the trash , have I deleted everything or are there hidden files I should be looking for? This was only possible because people cannot remove the batteries from their iPhones. I wonder if the current move away from removable battery smartphones by manufacturers which make the phone last longer and is better for the environment towards unibody designed smartphones where the battery cannot be removed , is actually the result of pressure exerted on manufacturers by shady government bodies.

Supposedly every company or government has to understand the rights of every individual, if that right is violated sooner or later damage occurs. Not true if the violation was done to safeguard the public interest …. I was sent to a hospital by a judge! And this is just a fucking feature? The sheep in their comfy homes say otherwise! Of course we have another problem Mahomond. Let me put it blunt he is a peadophile he married a nine yer old!

Google should be shafted by the law for acting like a bunch of dicks. Surely I can turn up on Googles doorstep and stab someone who works there to death without consequences. If no-one is going to have the balls to enforce it then there are obviously lots of backhanders going on.

Has anyone in the UK heard of Tempora??? People are not paying attention to what is happening in this world right now. You are giving away your privacy. That is something almost impossible to regain. So much for their clause. Google is short for googleplex which is the largest sum of money in the world. Google is based around lies, seeing that is just seeing the obvious and Google and our Government go hand in hand. What country the one our country is in war with?

To a foreign porn site? Open eyes in a blind folded country. Take off your blindfolds. Google is getting very invasive: Chromium was installed by itself along with add-on Hola through IE browser on my laptop. Your informative invasion of my personal relation is none of ur buisness or infatuation to the pervert evangelist practice results from jaded ejaculation. Your a retired impotent loney whore…try to explore Rome Italy…the clergy will give you a new religous view you can ensue with a tribe of nice young alter boys raised to fornicate the way you use to do…in a dark private place with just you and a night with all those obsessive hands that found a new little friend to shake…all wittnessed and blessed by God.

Your App is your way to ignore that theres a war between your dick and ass crack that cant join in together cause its too short to explore your G-Spot. Buy a dildo you adore. To sex offenders that will listen to the evangilist thats living inside of those convicts that was born into porn before committing a crime. I really do believe they really want to give us what we want when we what it. The reality is one-day it can be used against us. Just like when your wife uses what you say against you.

If and in fact everything is recorded and stored in a mainframe is just a waste of space. Never thought what I had to say would have ever amounted to anything. Big Brother, can you hear me now. Makes the fact that most things I say and do are now being recorded ……. But anyways grab a piece of paper, pen or pencil Ticonderoga to be exact and come up with a better, effective, innovative and I forgot to mention original solution. What year is this anyways?

Maybe it should concerns you! Think about our story! We emailed this article to business from our database. Next day our website was vanished and not found on google.

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