Google Play Store “No Internet Connection, Retry” Fix

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How to solve Error 506 in Google Play store?
Thanks for assistance whoever is concerned. Just restore Google Play, Services, etc and everything is back to normal. Google introduced in-app subscriptions to Google Play in May Worked like a charm! Click the "Try to restore account" link.

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Reza Nurbudiana February 6, Viral February 17, Thnx thnx thnx my bro you r grate my play store is running thx. Thank you very much for your guide. It solved my problem. Step 6 solve my problem, thank you! Adrian March 10, The date was somehow set to Mazhar Javed Bhatti March 13, Mohammad Yahya March 15, Awesome … thanks uh i was dead…..

Tanveer Arshad March 16, Melissa Wagers-Pennington March 17, Or download new play store replacing factory version.. Towned Tdickson March 18, Aditya March 21, Robogujarati March 23, Jade April 3, Allison Owaynat April 9, Francis April 10, Step 3 worked for my Google nexus 7 rooted, running 4.

Anonymous April 12, Step1 solved the issue. Wim Oostindier April 14, Sahil Jain April 15, BlueHazard April 16, Thank you very much.

My hosts file was the culprit but deleting it solved my problems. Malaya Das April 19, Thanks a lot for your help. J April 21, It may not work on all devices. Ken Archbold April 22, Blake April 23, Racer-X April 25, Thanks for saving me from another 6 hours of frustration! Aswathi April 28, Thank you very much It works…. I cant figure out how two to delete the files on step 6.

Chaitanya May 12, My play store keep say no connection. Arturo Guajardo May 21, Wayne Hopkins May 21, Coolpad cuatro II Still i restsrted muy phone. Master reset un rooted and still nothing…. Susana May 23, Thank you, thank you, thank you. Worked like a charm! Arslan May 23, Thank u sooo soo much. Its really help full 4 us. Chinyere May 29, Hazza May 29, Dudley June 8, Thank youu…Nw my google play is working pretty well. Perisan June 11, Ben hadj ali med June 12, Jill June 12, Sam June 15, Diwakar June 17, Thanks for the solutions, works for me..

Arm June 23, Jay Michaels June 25, Usman Butt June 25, RoyD June 26, Fouzia June 30, Uninstalling the updates worked for me. Thank God the error message is gone finally. Eva July 9, Thanks, the step 3 worked for me too… was about to go nuts. Garrie manguerra July 11, Arefin July 20, Deleting Host file solved my problem.. Delete hosts file For advanced users only. Sids August 7, Asim Qaumi August 27, Andre September 5, Just restore Google Play, Services, etc and everything is back to normal.

Marielle September 9, Brandon Kagawa September 18, Thank You very much….. Yes it s work. I did fact reset my len tab gv. Albert September 21, Thanks bro… Now I can brows. Archana September 25, Sorry it wont work, any other option plz write. I did that but no luck. For me the solution is changing router MTU from to Liam September 27, Deleted hosts file and it fixed no connection issue. Did not work on lg gpad 8. John Smith September 28, I just cleared my cache.

Joy biswas September 28, Deleting the host file helped. Nazir shan September 30, Thnks alot clearin cache worked play store up and running. Trio tablet user October 4, Umer October 5, Bushra October 7, But it was alright and I had to think about another solution and this one really helped apart from all of the above: Fahad Yousaf Mahar October 9, Sue October 13, Hamza October 22, Thanks just did the first 4 steps and Google play worked for me once again.

Jai mhalaskar October 23, Thank you so much, works like a bullet. Zahid October 25, Enable IGMP on your wifi router.

Dreamer October 27, It worked after commenting the IP address in host file. JdR November 1, Momo November 8, Riash November 16, Moon November 19, Thanks, option 7 worked for me. Kh November 20, Unfortunately non of these worked with my LG E Bipin December 2, Aman Ali December 3, Nathalia December 15, AE January 13, I tryed evrithing exept the last step cause it says you loose evry thing you did in the past.

Ramesh February 12, Mohammed Sohail February 21, Never thanked anyone before but ur suggestion delete hosts worked for me thank you very much. Williams February 25, Heartly thanks to author I had to delete host file in order to get it working. Brother i cant sign up the play store, it says username not available. Avtar March 17, Jem March 19, Un4gtble14u May 13, Greetings, I downloaded total commander.

Thanks for your time! Yies June 3, Thanks bro, you fixed my Google Play Store: Thanks bro for your help! Maureen taylor July 21, Shaukat July 27, Utkarsh August 2, I deleted the hosts file But it keeps re appearing…. Alex Fitzpatrick August 4, Thank u so much…you solved my problem so quickly again thanks. Minhaj August 17, Joe August 24, Swaraj Hegde February 20, Dima February 23, Nirav February 29, Scott Frederick March 3, Deleting the host file fixed my problem.

Nemanja March 5, Michael stell March 7, Hemanth kumar March 7, Justin can you add this also. Pady March 10, Thank so much the process worked for me too…great. Clint March 12, Paul March 17, I have restore then google play is not sign in Please solve this. Tom May 3, Al May 9, Thank you very much deleting the host file fixed my problem.

Ali May 20, DNS Worked on Note3.

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