Applying a NAT policy to a Sonicwall VPN Tunnel

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Managing a FortiAnalyzer from FortiManager v5. You are relating internet speed to LAN speed? Blocking large files FD - Technical Note: Do you have CHSS or any other security licenses active? Endpoint reputation FD - Technical Note: Updating i base and handset FD - Technical Note:

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What is the policy need to create? But how about the reverse desire local server to Vendor server? Assuming that in Vendor side they allow the access on mask IP segment. The only thing you need to do is re-create an exact NAT rule, but switch the source and destination addresses, that will NAT traffic to a different IP as it leaves your network bound for the vendor.

Vendor Network — Translated destination: Original — Original Service: Any — Translated Service: But I cannot get any response. Site A all user should access have access only to site B servers server 1 , server 2 , server 3. Site B users should not have access to Site A except server1 ,server 2 ,server 3 by default these 3 will get access to site A. Your email address will not be published. How to enable debug log in FortiClient v4. How to enable debug log in FortiClient v5.

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How to configure logging to memory in FortiOS v5. Autoupdate override change from v4. Creating a customized resource profile disk quota for any group of users or for any particular user FD - Technical Note: When and how to use the option "Stop policy based routing" in FortiOS 5.

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Sessions synchronization FD - Technical Note: Enable IPsec interface Mode. Procedure for exporting and re-importing a local certificate with a private key - FortiOS 5. Zone mapping changes FD - Technical Note: FortiManager "auto-update" feature in the configuration revision history FD - Fortinet Blog website: FortiBalancer error message "Someone else is in config mode.

How to capture FortiGate and FortiOS support for Resolve the "File is not an update file" error message - Technical Note: Configure Ethernet speed, duplex and negotiation settings - Technical Note: Using multiple IP addresses or address groups to filter source or destination in a single firewall policy FD - Technical Note: Configure a FortiGate unit in Transparent mode with trunks Restoring HA master role after a failover using "diag ha reset uptime" ha "set override disable" context FD - Technical Note: How to reset FortiClient 5.

Why Firewall VIP responds to traceroute? Enabling the personal or per-recipient quarantine report FD - Technical Note: Firewall only configuration FD - Technical Note: How to view all replacement message in GUI with V5. Admin disclaimer change in V5. How to prevent the log message "reverse path check fail, drop" from being logged FD - Technical Note: Even they recommend for home use tz, lol so i would get only 20mb.

I never purchase anything at all from Dell. You have something else going on. SonicWall is right up there in speed, performance and securrity with Cisco and Fortinet. You need to understand what affects throughput. Let's pick on the option you said improved it from 65Mbps to Mbps. Sure when you disabled it you got better throughput. Because the processors in the SonicWall could devote more processing power to throughput rather then "Real-Time Data Collection".

So where did you get this TZ? Are you using UTM or other real time collection? Do you have a support contract with SonicWall? You have something set in that firewall or programmed that is murdering the throughput. It's Stateful Throughput is rated at Mbps. Eithe the unit is defective of you have it doing something it shouldn't be doing.

Call them and find out. BTW the TZ was phased out long ago. Dell hasn't recommended it in years. So who recommended it to you? Locky I have opened ticked and actually I think is something not right. This unit is second hand but it was never used and I have all security features and support for 1year. So get Dell to fix it. It is dead easy to test. It should handle your Mbps connection no problem. If you have opened up a Ticket with them keep beating on them. They know what they are doing.

I have had to open up a couple tickets with them on configuration issues and they know their product. Keep beating on them. Who is your ISP that your internet connection is Mbps and how much did that cost? Definitely make use of it. It should also include a 24 hour replacement if that is what they deem necessary. Please read what I wrote: LAN speeds not Internet speeds.

You should have said copying across the LAN I get You more or less implied that you get Mbits over the internet because that is what we are talking about in this thread. Nobus is having internet problems and I can't for the life of me figure out how copying across a LAN relates to internet speed issues. I just get numb to it. That is because you either do not understand or do not take the time to understand.

You are relating internet speed to LAN speed? Because you get good throughput on on makes it an automatic that you get good throughput on the other? I just try and stay on topic. I see a comment like that and the first thing I think is "how is that related to the question"?

To each his own Have you disabled GAV on all interfaces? Do you have CHSS or any other security licenses active? Ids, content filtering, GAV, all these security features will slow down the router. I've seen a tz run mbit internet connections without any security. A tz will only do 20mbit with all security settings enabled. Yes I disabled all security settings and same speed.

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