Fixing High CPU Usage and Memory Leak Issue by Svchost.exe (wuauserv)

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In Windows 10 you're at the mercy of Microsoft's schedule unless you know hidden settings and tweaks. EXE all caps was causing me problems. Get a free antivirus if you haven't gotten one yet. The notification is always on top, so unless you put it off to the side of the screen, all apps will be under it even if the app is the current active window. On the Provisioning Services tab, click Add. We've been experimenting, and settled on the following choices: This file is safe, but there are malware that hijacks the file.


Citrix SCOM Management Packs – XenApp/XenDesktop (2017_10_27)

They are both 6 kb. It can only be in C: TechPro if found in C: I can't kill either in Task Manager, and I'm not getting any pop ups or anything. Just noticed 2 runing, and differnt sizes, then searched google and got this thread. Not sure what to think, or if I should try and delete the one in C: Nervous what would happen if I do and it needs it to run. MinorThreat Causes popup windows and cannot be deleted a "critical system process" qmastr i had two of them in task menager,and on my firewall one of them was trying to conect to internet all the time,with security task manager i mange to put it in quarantine and now nothing is trying to conect to the internet dasen Installed some freeware sry can remember what atm and started getting pop ups.

Saw 2 of this proc running. Did a system restore to a time b4 the install and got rid of the bogus one. Jim I had this file, and norton detected it. Dont delete the file, find some way to get the virus off the file or else it will run really slow DragonSix csrss. Link Bob it put a trojan on my computer that cannot be quarantined Aaron this file can be both dangerous, and un-dangerous.

The problem seems to clear for a while after rebooting, but is back again after a few days of system operation. I would suggest that you check your TEMP folder for trojans and the such every so often, since that was where all of my trojans were.

If it is in the Config file, then it is a virus. After disinfecting the virus with the proper software, you are left with a reference in registry pointing to the virused file which has now been removed by anti virus , but windows still looks for this. Windows will now reboot normally - no more "Cannot find file" Mario This is the user-mode portion of the Win32 subsystem with Win Matt activates a keylogger which was found in the documents and settings folder in the.

When i copied the system32 folder one in it,it displayed an error that it cannot run in bit environment. Devil Boy Two legit versions of this file can be running simultaneously if you run Vista. Do not be alarmed if you do, it's normal silas It's part of Windows.

Also, as said everywhere else, there is also a fake that can be a very nasty bugger of a virus. The safe one should be around k. The fake should be below that. Link Matthew The Sperm Csrss.

It's a important system file. It can infacted with a virus! Link Victor This system executable is 5mb on my machine. However, I found several "bogus" versions of this exe with names like "csrss. I found this quite bizzare Now I'm going to see if my PC crashes or not. My internet is way slower than it was two days ago. Sucks memory over time. Denis The copy of csrss. If you performa a search with hidden files, there should only be 2 hits I verified this on a number of other systems not affected buy the problem.

I had to boot safe mode and rename the file. Booted normally and then deleted the renamed file and the other instances except for the 2 that should be there. Now my system performs like normal, good internet and keyboard resonse, no loss of memory.

It is also used when you open explorer. Windows Maker found it in my win32 files and said it was a program file therfore its the true fule. But there are keyloggers named after this file check your win32 files to make sure the correct csrss. This process manages most graphical commands in Windows. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.

Chelsea This file is making my CPU near while in task manager everything is 0. Cody White Microsoft calls it a system file.

But a virus could go in and corrupt it and make it dangerous. Link taseen ali The file is fine. May block you from deleting other files though. Use an utility called unlocker. Malware often disguises itself as csrss. Link Leon This file is needed for Windows to run correctly, if you delete it you computer will be unstable and most likely not start up at all. I suggest if you think this file is infected, download HijackThis and run it as administrator, then scan the system and fix any errors that has any relation to csrss.

I'm running Windows 7 and I only found out about it because of opening msconfig. It was under the startup tab as Hotel and "Booking System" Chris csrss. If you disabled the running file, then some data will be lost Do at your own risks. Balian It dont do anything on my computer LOL Its a legit windows process from my understanding, but until quite recently since the last windows update i'd never seen it in my process tray before. Its a monster memory hog, but windows doesen't like to let you stop it.

Its also something a lot of trojans love to 'clone'. Just check the file location of this "csrss. If not in C: You must immediately Delete the file and End Process this Fake csrss One is for microsoft and another one is virus. It located at C: It will create another. You also must kill it process with software security task manager and use unlocker if cannot delete it. Mohamad Afiza Legit System file Darc crsrss.

EXE the worm which can be picked up with a virus scanner if you can 2 csrss. Use freeware reg run reanimator to find it. It only seems anoying Matthew i now have about versions of this file, it keeps on getting more and half of them is in the C: Windows file Kasper if its in windows system 32 install its original n should never be deleted.. Can be a keylogger, virus, malware, etc. Check windows task manager. The keylogger will be under one of the usernames on the start menu. Can only be ended with something like security task manager.

Windows can't end because it has the name of a critical process. Tom I have two running on my computer, both the same name, both in system 32 and both 6kb in size. Which one I delete I simply do not no, and my anti virses are picking up nothing. I also found it in c: Link Sri Lankan user an integral part of all Windows operating systems.

Link shalom Can be malware or legit. The legit one is in system32, the malware one is somewhere else. When I opened the task manager, this file consumes the largest amount of CPU usage. This makes my computer hanging and some programs won't run. Link ron Depends on where it is - in Windows directory, it is a virus. Link calandale I run win 7. I have two csrss. Memory K and K with attemption of increasing. Since many viruses can copy this name, run a antivirus scan monthly to check for this virus.

Also, check for the mem usage. If it's less than k, your pc is going Wacko!!: Robot its not virus.. Just a system file that is located in System32, if it's not there and somewhere else, most probably a virus. This Virus found its way onto my computer despite having an updated McAfee and said that i couldnt do anything access denied on all my programs or i couldnt open them cuz they were infected, it was acting as an antivirus and kept taking me to a website for a british made anti virus, so after several restarts, i found how to stop it.

It helps in the critical processes with your Windows Profile and your OS. For more recent Windows OSes, the file is located in c: If it is anywhere else, then it is probably a virus. Take note that scanning the file in c: If the process for this file is taking a lot of space, then it may be time to recreate the profile as this means csrss.

Fixing this requires a new profile. David It's indeed windows component if situated in your system32 folder. If you want to see what services are running on your computer: Flup It's not a virus, people are just horrible with computers. However, Trojans and spyware sometimes use this title so that the user dons't delete it.

TechHelp Located in C: Multiple password based accounts were hacked. I performed a System Restore and changed all of my passwords system restore went back approx. I no longer have any problems regarding Keyloggers, and I only have one csrss. Though it is a longshot, it's a solution you should not overlook. EXE process that is not located in the C: Run the Security Task Manager if you are unsure.

Link Janus From what it seems if it's the legit process then it basically is what makes windows run, as it deals with the creation of Threading, which is useful for processors especially of the dual or quad core variety. I would make sure your stuff is right tho. The dangerous file is cssrs. These files are very malicious and they convert folders into executable files.

The only way i could get rid of it completely was to do a clean install of windows along with all drivers and windows updates. Bev downloaded a zip file that said it was from UPS - closes all files - run scans - says I have 38 infected files and wants me to let it fix - I rebooted - McAfee says no digital signature - the virus is trying to open another csrss. Michael found in C: A pop up occurs each time I try to delete Got it to delete one time and it showed up in Recycle bin, but then on a later restart, cssrs.

I ask McAfee to block it. Wordwaryor This virus is very annoying, it causes blue screen after blue screen. I cannot run windows seven regularily anymore, only in safe mode and I still end of with blue screens every once and a while.

In my task manager, under performance there is a buttom down low. I found two csrss. I can only locate one file in system I even ran a full scan using Avast! Pro and came up with nothing. My machine is useless with this virus. Linden It can be good and bad the one in system is usally good, but you can get one in roaming appdata which is trogen dropper gen3 lewis have both csrss and smss, can't delete.

Also my "security center" is gone. Not in services anymore. Miyatgwapa It is located at my temp folder, when it is removed, my windows creating problems. Nokriinfo Legit windows process Wiz Khalifa This is a system file which you should not delete by any means. However it has been known, as with many file types, for viruses to disguise themselves as this. If you have two running in your task manager or if files baring this name appear where they shouldn't be then you should investigate that file as it may be harmful.

But do not listen to the alarmist comments asserting that this is definetely a virus. It provides the user mode side of the Win32 subsystem and is included in Windows , XP, , Vista, Server and 7.

It is critical to system operation; therefore, terminating this process will result in system failure. The virus will mask itself as a file in the documents folder of the primary user.

Once you remove this file you will need to disable it in your msconfig to prevent it from loading. This happens when you stop on a breakpoint. This behaviour is normal and totally innocuous. Felix Software Developer I have two of these csrss. I dont know which to delete they are both the same!! However, the virus csrss. You have to delete it permanently from your Windows file directory, then overwrite the place where it was stored. Should there be two of these Programs, one of them is most likely to be a Virus.

Meaning, ending the process through task manager is impossible. Ending it would only result in your pc being frozen, or it will automatically restart. I've tried to cure it with several programs such as registry booster, speedupmypc, etc. Therefore the best solution i had was to reformat. Do not try to remove it manually. If your updated antivirus detects the process as infected, try to disinfect it. A completely disinfected system runs csrss.

If this file is not locates in system folder otherwise you cant open the location of the folder, thne be aware. Scan your pc completly with a antivirus like eset smart security or avira, then scan it with "unhackme" It should detect it as a malware. If you use Process Explorer to terminate this critical system process, the kernel will halt the system and you will be greeted by a blue screen.

This means any unsaved work is gone. The system simply cannot function without it. TechWizard86 Not a virus if its located in windows directory Yask Srivastava From the looks of my Google searches, the actual file is a Windows process, but my problem came from a leftover incorrect registry entry pointing to it, left over after multiple virus-removal scans. Upon boot, I kept getting an error stating the file wasn't there so, the AV scans likely found and removed the trojan version of this file, leaving it's accompanying registry entry.

I removed the inappropriate registry entry that pointed to the erased folder, and things progressed well from then on--no more startup errors! Had a scam call from "Windows Support" in India insisting that my csrss. In reality it was a random cold-call the caller had no genuine information about my PC , and there is nothing untoward about that level of memory usage.

Simon If it is on Microsoft and generally a small file under 2mb it should be safe. Then you'll know if you are infected or not. Do not delete if it's "clean"!!!! Rings a windows component but will be infected and become a virus RommoR This stuff is real.

It's needed for running Windows. Arun You will see 2 instances of csrss. Datatraxx A vital way to check if it is a virus or not. Launch task manager, then view processes for all users. There you need to search for it, then click on End Process.

If the message that pops up says Ending this process will shut down the Operating System entirely, it is a real one. If it comes up with the warning box in the link, then it is a fake one. Do this will all of your csrss. If you need to shut down your computer in style and give yourself BSoD , end this process. Link Louis Hall The csrss.

Houdina if you have 2 of them, one is fake, delete one that is not "system" lol csrss. If multiple instances of this are running on your computer then check if they are in C: Anon It slows down my pc, but Panda Antivirus and others dont see a virus in the csrss.

Wesley I think is not a virus, it's just a system file, because i see it in any windows or any PC with windows It has saved me untold hours of frustration. Thanks onlyonetreetop client server runtime server subsystem. Oskar It is not allowing explorer. To remove it, restart the PC, and go into safe mode.

From there, you can show hidden and system files. However if there's 2, one of them is a virus. On Windows 7 and Windows 8 Developer Preview, Task Manager will inform the user that terminating the process will result in system failure, and prompt if they want to continue.

Some virus hoax emails claim that csrss. This, obviously, would actually lead to system failure and a blue screen of death. Also, moving mouse as fast as possible gives me 1. So, without this process You don't have a mouse or keyboard! It CAN be infected however Paul Olaru had a lot of trouble recently with my laptop crashing and the last crash said upon boot it could be malware when i finally got a succsesful boot i checked my proccesses and there is only 1 of it but it has no extra information and i cant accsses its file area via right clicking and pressing go to file location and a few minuets later i get BSOD then rince and repeat i might try a speed check of sys 32 before it crashes next time bruce system file fall Possibly dangerous Otherwise it is safe and required for system.

It goes down if you start killing the popups. It does harm the applications running, however, there are so many cmd windows popuped and you need to close them. There is sql client request that keeps on running everytime, but once a week some thing happens and multiple cmd windows pop up. There is no other csrss.

I hope there is no virus on the system if that is cause from above various discussions. If there are multiple instances of crss. Use a reputable AV to clean your computer and only delete files at the last resort.

The fastest way you can be certain if it is a virus or not is by looking where it is located. Dont touch it tough, unless you know it is a virus Jack Vital system file. Link This is completely safe!

This file will not harm your computer, because it is a windows or system file. Theres a virus that makes a copy of the the name, normaly the process shoud not be shut down. Get a free antivirus if you haven't gotten one yet. In one explorer window it is 17kb but when i open another and want to upload it to online virus check that window repport the file csrss. Christian This one, along with aticlxx. Is anyone else having trouble with their internet connection over wifi? I believe them both to be the culprits--neither can be deleted!

Amanda It's a system file, but he may be a virus in some cases. Stiverino its a system file!!!! However, due to it's importantness, lots of malware masquerade as the file in an attempt to trick you. Delete it if it is not at the directory C: EXE that came with your PC. Not one you downloaded through being an idiot and not knowing how to use a computer. One you got from trying to get free games or whatever you done, is probably a virus. Since this is about the REAL one, it's safe.

Fuf Just so you know, when you open the Task Manager in windows 7, go to Processes, and csrss. A simple restart will fix this, and when you log back in, the csrss. Also, if you get a "System32 is not responding" message, csrss.

Link Brody It's a main windows file, it is however, one of the main files that will be infected first from a trojan virus. Bob mine says it is located in C: When I open Word and click on AutoCorrect items, the csrss.

Link Jonathan System file Eli If its the virus version it will try to open dangerous links Your mom I noticed that I have 2 of these running, both are about the same file size which is k and k.

Both say they are Client Server Runtime Processes. I noticed that as soon as I turn on my wifi a black DOS box pops up for a spit second and then disapears which is what made me check what was going on behind the scenes.

Also Firefox periodically gets Highjacked by some search service and replace my start page which is Yahoo. Not sure what is going on but is starting to P me off big time! Les on task mgr if you end it your computer will crash: There is usually another file running at the same time and sometimes these are hidden from the task manager. That would mean your virus is more likely a encrypted backdoor.

I have been ratted before and that is a reason I use virtual boxes and machines. You should give it a shot. Look it up on YouTube. Link WhiteHat Wizard It's a safe file. Link Comes with windows.

The reason it's named the same as the System32 file is to fool antivirus programs however my Malwarebytes kept blocking this from opening up spam webpages on my PC. The fake file was located C: Make sure there is no trace of it. Adam Whenever I add some folder to my pendrive, this service makes that folder useless Hitansh It's fine, as long as you have the correct one. You might want to get the checksum of your csrss. Ben in Pennsylvania, USA.

I opened my windows task manager and saw that I had TWO ccsrss. This is a Windows system file, but a lot of viruses will also use this name because the WinXP task manager won't let you close it.

Can cause computer to freeze for a second or two or totally bogg down. It can be a virus, but it is also a Windows file.

This is the Windows client server run-time subsystem that handles Windows and graphics functions for all subsystems. Causes popup windows and cannot be deleted "access denied" and also a "critical system process" Daniel Price. Officially a system file - If you have 2 of this file It is suggested you use an up-to-date antivirus software to find and remove the infected file A Techy. Even the legit MS-Version of this process can lockup your machine. Winspy uses this process to keylog, never really got it out.

Mot only system file. AdAware from Lavasoft cured this problem for me. And since spyware writters suck they screw it up so it bogs down your system CyberZilla. I am convinced I was infected by csrss. Webroot's SpySweeper occasionally wants to access this file. This is a Windows system file. In my computer, it is located in this folder: This file started poping p suddenly asking for access to internet thru my firewall and I thought it is a spyware.

Sounds like a windows subsystem that helps keep your screen cleen between window changes Jeff Painter. I only know about this file from what I saw here.

Only what I saw here. Windows calls it a system file that you cannot delete. Proceed with caution Zach. This file hosted a password stealer, I got rid of it with hostdll. It is a Windows file, but some smartass made a trojan with the exact same filename.

Is a Windows file.. It basically renders a computer, including servers, completely useless. If this file is running as a process from folder C: I only have one of the files on my Computer, however everytime I connect to the internet I get multiple popups that are caused by this file and all of time say things like critical error, Immediate attention, go the the website and install this program or it could lead to a system crash.

Maybe starting windows with anti error mode will be posibly delete it but one thing is sure: If this file is in the Windows directory and not in the System32 directory where it belongs, it is probably a virus or worm. This file is a normal windows file and is used on startup. I searched for this file with Agent Ransack and found two copies, one at c: The information that if in system32 folder was right - I could find csrss.

I recieved a mirror file from a mass mailing called csrss. This file pop up a window regulary realy often says that youa aproblem with you windows or your messenger, but isn't true in many pages sayy that is a virus, but it can't be eliminated like you usually doy whit this thing, I'm traing to take it out It doesn't redirect, however, only disappears when closed Noel.

My copy of csrss. It was manipilated by a virus on my system some kind of scanning flooding bot "chodebot" and it was able to add it self back to startup after i had removed it. I found that Google Desktop was causing this process to go through the roof. Worm which in some cases can change registry files and block some website from being used e. Mine is located in C: I had an additional csrss. This is a dangourous file. This is one bastard of a file! My laptop boots up faster due to the files disapearance.

Laptop boots mega faster. Still affected my network after re-ghosting some of the machines bandgeekmafia. Google the smart way to research. I have it in C: As many opinions above, It seems to be one of windows runtime subsystem, and mine is loacated in c: It is being used by a rouge program to produces many annoying pop-up messages from the Messanger Service to access a site because your registry could be corrupted. Great site Admin, I've checked this csrss. It made Avast antivirus program go crazy..

All that happens is it pops up when ever my computer logs on. It's just a windows file that takes up exactly 3,KB of memory. I suggest to allways have a backup ghost image of your hardisk. The only way to fix this is to uninstall and then reinstall your AV software. SAFE if in c: I had clicked on a link from an msn contact and downloaded a file, it then added a protected operating system folder in c: I can't be sure but I think this thing piggy backed in on something from emule.

I know that I just downloaded this software, and the virus just shuts it down, before it can run. I had a lot of errors with this program. I have one csrss.

I kept seeing Windows Security Center saying my firewall was shut off, as well as automatic updates. Client Server Runtime Process csrss. I went to my Program Manager and saw i have 2 processes running under the name csrss.

It's making my Photoshop Cs2 run slow as hell. This file is legit when within the system32 folder. A needed windows file that is a 2 sided blade viruses are often writen to target it and do its evil with use of this file Kris. I got this file through a MSN message saying 'hey is this your profile?

Dont accept this file and if you have it try to get rid of it ASAP. It's a system file This is a basic windows file however as noted above, duplicates can be made. I had two, both in lowercase, but a second one was in C: Im going to mac anyday now Phil. Well, i only have 1 process of csrss. Once again, like all system files, even the legitimate system file of Windows called csrss.

Running a search for csrss in files and folders on this computer located entries, maybe 2 of which could be legit Windows 4 KB files in System 32 and DLLs. First of all a windows file, but if it's direct in the windows xp root, it's a mass spam mailer, which sends mails trough yahoo!

Infection found on my machine by Acronis True Image team as Windows was spontaneously shutting down during backups. I had no Idea this was creating an havoc on my computer every time I log on to the internet. When terminated by another process not task manager the system will be rebooted kelvinboy.

Recently found i was sending a tremendous amout of packets and had no programs running, found crss in the internet explorer folder put it in the trash can and internet went back to normal willie ha. Someone please tell me how big winlogon. I now have spam coming out of my computer sending all sorts of things such as viagra advertisements thanks to this trojan.

It is a critical system file. I had to copys of csrss, one real one on system32, the second stashed somewere else as a viruse. I have two of these, but they are both in safe folders C: Never Had before and should up about a week ago. Perhaps somebody should sue the company that the pop-up is telling us to visit to cure the probelm.

This file can be a System File, which would be located in C: It removed control panel, my adminastrator access, win explorer,all administrator tools and privelages. When the virus of the same name infects yor computer it will eventually cause process failures all over the place. Every attempt has been made to provide you with the correct information for csrss.

This infected my friends laptop, and I finally figured out that it was disguising itself as a folder here: I have 2 versions of this running, one in C: Causes popup windows and cannot be deleted a "critical system process" qmastr. Installed some freeware sry can remember what atm and started getting pop ups.

I had this file, and norton detected it. The file was detected in my CPU as infected by Ad-Aware, I deleted it and it also deleted the one thats essential for my computer so i get a start up error. Dont delete the file, find some way to get the virus off the file or else it will run really slow DragonSix. One day I just booted up my computer and avast popped up with 5 or 6 different trojans, this was one of them. If the file is located in windows system file, then it is legitimate.

Windows will now reboot normally - no more "Cannot find file" Mario. My pc demands the csrss. Two legit versions of this file can be running simultaneously if you run Vista. Do not be alarmed if you do, it's normal silas. It's part of Windows. Link Matthew The Sperm. This system executable is 5mb on my machine.

This is the user-mode portion of the Win32 subsystem linuxuserfixingwindows. Check your System Eventlogs. I know that I have two of these files when I bring up the task manager. I have 10Mbs and its running now at Mbs John. The copy of csrss. This file is making my CPU near while in task manager everything is 0.

Microsoft calls it a system file. So if you keep getting popups about this, most likeley yo have a virus Andy. The file is fine. This file is needed for Windows to run correctly, if you delete it you computer will be unstable and most likely not start up at all. It was under the startup tab as Hotel and "Booking System" Chris. Its a legit windows process from my understanding, but until quite recently since the last windows update i'd never seen it in my process tray before.

Could be a virus and Could be Important system program. The file is legit, however, many viruses use this name. It only seems anoying Matthew. Use the Disable-ADAccount command to disable them. Below are some more useful examples of using the Get-ADComputer cmdlet to query computer objects in the domain.

To delete all computer accounts that have not been accessed the domain for more than 6 months, you can use the command: To select disabled computers in the specific OU use the command: To perform a specific action with all the computers in the resulting list, you must use the Foreach loop.

In this example, we want to create a list of servers in the domain and request specific information from each server the list should contain the server name, manufacturer and server model. You can use a shorter loop syntax. Suppose you need to run a specific command on all computers in a specific OU in this example, I want to run a group policy update command on all servers:.

One or more properties are invalid. You could also install KB that contains the above hotfix, and others as well. Thanks for sharing this.

You can take further action to disable or remove them: Is there a way i can import a list of computer names Desktops from a text file that I have and query againts only that list of ADcomputers to check there last logon time stamp?

When i lookup help for Get-ADcomputers , the -Identity parameter accepts pipeline binding only by value and not by Propertyname, henec i am not able to do it. Is there a way you could suggest. The computer account in AD does not store info about the current user of the system.

This can be done using additional logon script. But you can find logged user remotely using WMI in the interactive mode: Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Leave this field empty. Also you can get a list of blocked, disabled and inactive computers and domain users using a separate cmdlet Search-ADAccount.

System Idle Process

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