20 Scariest Animated Horror Movies: From Disney Classics to Adult Anime

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Top 25 Horror Movies of All Time
And it wouldn't be much of a werewolf movie if he turned out to be wrong. Half killer doll flick, half haunted house, all carnival ride, Annabelle: It rarely hurts to merge horror with a tinge of comedy, and John Landis' An American Werewolf in London is one of the finer examples of that combination. The threat is much less tangible -— it's ambitious, pervasive, and in the final analysis, much more terrifying. Sandberg frees himself to create a singular spook story that stands entirely on its own. You can spot 'em every time a jump scare happens, or a devil-possessed girl crab walks upstairs, or an alien missiles out of some poor sucker's chest. And as much as Bram Stoker's original novel helped popularize the vampire story, it was Universal's adaptation that cemented the image of Dracula in the minds of most moviegoers.

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