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ASUS RT-AC68R User Manual
Powerful online multitasking with , data sessions Support for a massive data pipeline of up to , data sessions means the RT-AC68P has around 20 times the networking capacity of conventional routers for exceptionally smooth performance. Thanks to its Ethernet WAN option, it can also be used seamlessly with any fiber or cable-based modem with an Ethernet connection. Here's CNET's full review. Configuring the General settings 3. Slovak Republic The gigabit WiFi router gives you three times faster performance than

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Asus RT-AC68U, need to isolate one LAN port from rest of LAN

Log in with your specified login. This includes a list of commands to use in cli. Now this is as far as I have gotten, and I havent tried figuring out what commands I need for setting up vlans, but theres a starter for you. Popupkiller , Jun 18, Sep 25, Messages: Isolate LAN port for guests. Drdod , Sep 25, I'm a massive linux scrub, so tread lightly, but it looks like "vconfig" can do what you want May 18, Messages: If I go with the Merlin Firmware add-on, or one of the others, will this enable this functionality?

Aug 28, Messages: Please one of the profs here for help. Grisu , Oct 23, Mar 28, Messages: Don't go cheap or you'll end up with a router that will die out after a short time. I have had this for 6 months without a hiccup one.

Cablenetguy, March 5, This is the router that did it all for me. I had three main reasons for replacing my old router, increased bandwidth, speed and range. This router took care of all three for me, and was very easy to set up and get it running in about 10 to 15 minutes. It also comes with a set up disk that allows you to name and set the passwords for both the DN and AC networks.

I had tried another new router before this one but it still didn't have the range to cover the entire house. This router covers the entire house and can connect in some places outdoors well too. The written instructions were easy to follow. ReviewerDude, March 22, System if unstable and ASUS support is not helpful. I bought this because it had good reviews and was fast. It worked great for a week and then started to freeze daily. I had to power cycle it to get it to respond.

When I logged back into it, the date was set to Dec 30, so not only did it freeze, but it screwed up some of it's settings. I returned it for a replacement and the replacement is doing the same thing.

I've tried to contact ASUS, but once you get through their phone system to the wireless router option, it says you have entered an invalid option and hangs up on you. So I guess they don't want to support their wireless items. OhioGuy, April 21, Ensure that the devices support WPS. To enable WPS on your wireless network: It can also be considered as a wireless repeater where your ASUS wireless router communicates with another access point and other wireless devices.

In Hybrid mode, wireless devices connected to the ASUS wireless router will only receive half the connection speed of the Access Point. To set up the Wireless MAC filter: We recommend that you use the default values on this page. In the Professional Settings screen, you can configure the following: Select the frequency band that the professional settings will be applied to.

You can specify which days of the weekend wireless networking is enabled. You can specify a time range when wireless networking is enabled during the weekend. The Set AP isolated item prevents wireless devices on your network from communicating with each other. Select Enable to allow the wireless router to forward multicast traffic to other wireless devices that support multicast.

Select Disable to prevent the router from forwarding multicast transmissions. Modify the IP address and Subnet Mask. When done, click Apply. In the Domain Name text box, enter a domain name for the wireless router.

We recommend that you do not change the default route settings unless you have advanced knowledge of routing tables. To configure the LAN Routing table: Contact your ISP for specific information regarding your service.

To configure the WAN connection settings: The private IP address of each network client is saved in a NAT table and is used to route incoming data packets. Port triggering is used in the following scenarios: Specify a trigger port to open the incoming port. Forwarding on your router allows PCs outside the network to access specific services provided by a PC in your network.

When port forwarding is enabled, the ASUS router blocks unsolicited inbound traffic from the Internet and only allows replies from outbound requests from the LAN. Configure the following settings below. This client should not be connected to the ASUS router. Inbound traffic from the Internet is usually discarded and routed to a specific client only if port forwarding or a port trigger has been configured on the network.

Server and Host Name: DDNS service will not work under these conditions: This standard is not yet widely available. To set up IPv6: To set up access to a VPN server: The Firewall feature is enabled by default.

To set up a URL filter: Enter a URL and click the button. Enter a word or phrase and click the Add button. If a network client has already accessed a website such as http: To set up a Network Service filter: Select the Filter table type.

Black List blocks the specified network services. To set up the operating mode: To set up the System settings: You can configure the following settings: Download the latest firmware from the ASUS website at http: In the New Firmware File field, click Browse to locate the downloaded file. System log resets when the router is rebooted or powered off. To view your system log: You can view your network activities in any of these tabs: To launch the Device Discovery utility: It uploads the firmware that you specify.

The process takes about three to four minutes. Launch the rescue mode on the router before using the Firmware Restoration utility. This allows your network clients to print and scan files To set up the EZ Printer sharing mode: Follow the onscreen instructions to set up your hardware, then click Next. Wait a few minutes for the initial setup to finish. Click Finish to complete the installation. Follow the Windows OS instructions to install the printer driver. Select Custom then click Settings.

Set Protocol to LPR. Install the printer driver from the vendor-model list. Click Next to accept the default name for the printer. To use Download Master: Use the navigation panel to configure the advanced settings.

Select a specific port for your download task. Launch the Web GUI. Click Check to verify if the latest firmware is available. If the latest firmware is available, visit the ASUS global website at http: Check if your network settings are correct. The client cannot establish a wireless connection with the router.

If you are having issues connecting to 5Ghz network, make sure that your wireless device supports 5Ghz or features dual band capabilities. Internet is not accessible. The following are the factory default settings:

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